What Would You Do with Unlimited Cotton Candy? • This Could Be Awesome #3

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Vat19 - Month ago
Watch until the end to see how we cleaned all of the cotton candy up!
Wolfy gacha Life lover
And also make toys but ...... But made out cotton candy!
Wolfy gacha Life lover
Next vid making a house made out of cotton candy and lollipops!!!
Mark Talbot
Mark Talbot - 2 days ago
It reminds me of the wicked wich of the west Oh noooo immmm mmmmeeeellltttiiing😭
breann thomas
breann thomas - 4 days ago
I did and I really hope no 5 yr olds see this bc a melting unicorn is kinda terrifying lol
Emily Duncan
Emily Duncan - 6 days ago
You should make a life sized gingerbread man using actual cookie
Gaming Newt
Gaming Newt - 10 hours ago
Vat19: *Exists*
Original candy: Am I still relevant?
Andrew Williams
Andrew Williams - 17 hours ago
I would have named it diabetes
John Heffernan
John Heffernan - 17 hours ago
Did anybody else reads that guys shirts at the beginning
Grace Boyle
Grace Boyle - 18 hours ago
Love your videos.
Vayda Favela
Vayda Favela - 18 hours ago
low key i was so sad when they dissolved the unicorn lmoa
Blade VR
Blade VR - 19 hours ago
I came here for candy..

Then ended up watching grown men eat my childhood......
Giblets I Am
Giblets I Am - 20 hours ago
11:40 Vat19 version of The walking dead in ATL
Shadow_Sasuke - 21 hour ago
You guys could’ve put a skewer on a drill it would’ve been way faster
Lillian House (Student)
Lillian House (Student) - 22 hours ago
like to save the unicorn!!!

:( poor dissolved unicorn...
Jessica Jenson
Jessica Jenson - 22 hours ago
They killed it. 😭
Rokas Miniotas
Rokas Miniotas - 23 hours ago
I would call it candycorn
I Luv To Grub
I Luv To Grub - Day ago
1:24 so sad he passed away :’(
macadoodle !
macadoodle ! - Day ago
"Did you just eat sugar!" Nope..yes
Joelle and Jath
Joelle and Jath - Day ago
Vat19 can you finish the Cotton candy One minute
Carollene Sum
Carollene Sum - Day ago
Why doesint Jamie work on anything
Noah Holland
Noah Holland - Day ago
did you just eat sugar
Danny: No ,, uhh. Yes
ilikecheese7 - Day ago
wait so do unicorns turn to rainbow glue?
Gracen Pitts
Gracen Pitts - Day ago
You could make a person out of gummy but the hair cotton candy
Gracen Pitts
Gracen Pitts - Day ago
Cardboard Doughnut
Cardboard Doughnut - Day ago
I wannna eat it
Lola Mouzay
Lola Mouzay - Day ago
Why is literally nobody talking about the fact that we need to figure out who it is with the unicorn head on
JDUBS 100 - Day ago
50c is sooooo hot for me
mightymarshadow7 - Day ago
6:40 you’re eating the unicorns skin
sape616 - Day ago
when are u gonna sponsor tkor
first destroyer
first destroyer - Day ago
Unicorns are real they are the main animal in Scotland
Jack ky
Jack ky - Day ago
Vegans: *I N T E N S I F I E S* 😧
arsyfa channel
arsyfa channel - Day ago
Nooooo the poor unicorn!!!!
Elva Lalita
Elva Lalita - Day ago
You should do a colab with tkor
Garcia Aurora
Garcia Aurora - Day ago
Can you do a bed made of cotten candy pleas
Ryan Yang
Ryan Yang - Day ago
0:09 4 Year olds be like: *cries*
Fluffy Onions
Fluffy Onions - Day ago
More like

Kylie J
Kylie J - Day ago
All of that hard work, wasted. 😥
Rylie Greggo
Rylie Greggo - Day ago
At 5:45 that noise
dt shadow
dt shadow - Day ago
You wasted so much
Coco 2280
Coco 2280 - Day ago
11:54 looks like zombies eat the horse seen XD
Samantha Weber
Samantha Weber - Day ago
You just created, consumed, and melted a unicorn
Samantha Weber
Samantha Weber - Day ago
Did you just eat sugar?
No....... yes
Samantha Weber
Samantha Weber - Day ago
Hardware store:
Oh crap these guys again
Alina Bishop
Alina Bishop - Day ago
Now it just looks like the Trojan horse lol
Owen's Everyday Life Videos
Next time, just give the leftovers to me!
Laura Sletmoen
Laura Sletmoen - Day ago
Me:are you eating the candy
John:no im puting it on the horse
Unipug Team
Unipug Team - Day ago
Mine craft endermen are made from cotton candy!!!!
Laura Sletmoen
Laura Sletmoen - Day ago
Me:did you just eat sugar
Me:i knew it
Carolina Ambrosio
Carolina Ambrosio - 2 days ago
At the end that was a watse of cotten 😪 so many homeless died because of that 😭
MmeganN Space Unicorns!
All that hard work went straight down the drain.

Haley Kuebbeler
Haley Kuebbeler - 2 days ago
Olivia .B.
Olivia .B. - 2 days ago
Emily Ayala
Emily Ayala - 2 days ago
7:10 is so adorable 😊😊😊☺️☺️☺️
Skillet_NORA_Tfk M
Skillet_NORA_Tfk M - 2 days ago
10:18 love your shirt I'm a WA Capitals fan cause I'm I'm Maryland but I still really likedl the blues. Especially when they made history by even just making it to the playoffs then winning it against the Bruins.
D e e p e s t S e c r e t s
Hey! Can fill a whole pool of gummy that would be so cool!!
Claudia Gtz
Claudia Gtz - 2 days ago
walking dead11:35
Atlas the corgi
Atlas the corgi - 2 days ago
What would Gordon Ramsay say
Ivy Zheng
Ivy Zheng - 2 days ago
Who was the dancing unicorn?
bob plasticwrap
bob plasticwrap - 2 days ago
Wally Worm
Wally Worm - 2 days ago
If we were in Saint Louis could we visit you?
creeperking 101
creeperking 101 - 2 days ago
11:40 new AMC series The Walking Vat
Clubby Kitty
Clubby Kitty - 2 days ago
Øcëån S
Øcëån S - 2 days ago
Me: skips the short adds
Me after watching these : WAIT THIS IS A 13 MINUTE ADD TECHNICALLY
Kha0sV4ktor - 2 days ago
i want to work there
kc army
kc army - 2 days ago
Next videos