5 384
PoeBoys - Month ago
This one took so many people to make, so thank you to all the ones who helped me with this build! 
SLOWED_DOWN PLUG - 10 days ago
Wish i had some friends like you guys
Blaze Taco4
Blaze Taco4 - Month ago
When you cant do donuts in the v6stang so u gotta get other people to do it for you
Gerlad George
Gerlad George - Month ago
Poe you need a black duckbill wing
Im Joshh
Im Joshh - Month ago
Poe is it going to be a drift car or a drag car
Vt3z Yt
Vt3z Yt - Month ago
wshultz74 - 3 days ago
The color is amazing! Good choice Poe. That car is going to be an eye catcher.
Jstall7543 - 5 days ago
Really Nice Poe!
savii Nicole
savii Nicole - 10 days ago
14:40 all I could focus on was that auburn tigers shirt..
Make Alabama great again, build a wall around auburn. Tuscaloosa all day.
13ullet - 11 days ago
Did they sand everything down? Paint looks amazing I'm trying to find someone to fix some paint on my 2003 Cobra
damin decker
damin decker - 24 days ago
Beautiful car now @Poeboys
Gavin Clatye
Gavin Clatye - 24 days ago
Bro power coated white rims on that would be fire
Jules_Swage - 25 days ago
make your mustang widebody it will look sooooo good!!!!
Jayden Sparks
Jayden Sparks - 25 days ago
Swap 3.7 procharged?
the woodsplitter
the woodsplitter - 26 days ago
Roll tide
John Henry
John Henry - 26 days ago
At the end of the day it’s still a V6 lmao nothing special AT ALL LMAO
Durango Life
Durango Life - 28 days ago
How much do these guys charge?
nuckleheadz garage
nuckleheadz garage - 28 days ago
6 should give you his engine
stlmikie - 28 days ago
Is there still a big dinger around the left front wheel well?
HouseOfRandom - 29 days ago
Poe should buy Gavin’s cyote
country boy
country boy - 29 days ago
Start posting more often I love your videos
ray jay
ray jay - 29 days ago
Why that color 🤔🤦‍♂️
1k subs with no vids
1k subs with no vids - 29 days ago
Marshmallows are yummy.
Mr Tygold
Mr Tygold - Month ago
1:38 Look like a breaking bad episode
camren camren
camren camren - Month ago
What about the truck
Tee Kae
Tee Kae - Month ago
you should powdercoat those wheels black
Caleb Starr
Caleb Starr - Month ago
Yo Poe with all your hard work on YouTube. You definitely deserve to be this blessed to have a car that looks that AMAZING!!! Congrats on all of your successes.
Southern Coalminer
Southern Coalminer - Month ago
Were that next upload? LoL
ANYTHING 23 - Month ago
There’s a dude in a red mustang who went to my school and he’s missing the grille too, is that some style thing
Jacob Godfrey
Jacob Godfrey - Month ago
You should try to fit like a 428 cobra jet in it it’s a huge engine
4pf 6abyy
4pf 6abyy - Month ago
I remember when you first got this car... you’ve transformed the looks of this car a ton... now it’s time for performance... I’m expecting this car to be a consistent 7.4
Noah Leeman
Noah Leeman - Month ago
Where's the Suzuki
Alissa Lynn
Alissa Lynn - Month ago
Where is crack rock want to see more videos
Lane Frazier
Lane Frazier - Month ago
How much did it cost to do it
lorenzo rios
lorenzo rios - Month ago
You seriously didn’t know about the inertia switch?? You can not call your self a mustang owner lol 🤦🏻‍♂️
CreedK123 - Month ago
You need to get one of those big drag wings
Slow Speeds
Slow Speeds - Month ago
Amazing video man, might have to pick some up and make a video of transforming my stangs ;)
evan henson
evan henson - Month ago
What was the reveal song?
Dr Buffed
Dr Buffed - Month ago
The mustang looks riced with the color
Austin Johnson
Austin Johnson - Month ago
This is why I love your channel you show this stuff other channels just surprise you with the color
understood cdp11
understood cdp11 - Month ago
This is like a message don't bully people because of their looks. Wait in Forza horizon 4 I made a v8gt 1999 to look like yours I have to make a new skin for it
Riley Prosser
Riley Prosser - Month ago
No please cep making video
Jason TruckinAround
Jason TruckinAround - Month ago
A 5.0 engine swap and a sunroof would be awesome in my opinion!
Daniel - Month ago
I know its your car and all , but in my opinion silver wouldve looked amazing with the wheels and the black accents
Spec Agent 6
Spec Agent 6 - Month ago
It would’ve looked really mean if it was all black
Oh I bet you won't put a gigantic MINT sticker on the it no balls
Damn she lookin MINT asf👌👌👌 @haggard garage but not onion...he's life OD now can't go back....send it poeboy!!!!
Peter Corona
Peter Corona - Month ago
too much for a v6
Chris B
Chris B - Month ago
Honestly not a huge mustang fan but damn poe that things fire love the color and the cutscene keep up the good work 🤙
matt ober
matt ober - Month ago
And it’s still a 3.8L
D0z3rD04 - Month ago
not a fan of the light blue, i would have picked a darker color, because it reminds me of tooth paste
ErikTheWhite1 - Month ago
17:44 Shifter Delete!
[HUN]AntaresSQ01 - Month ago
I personally hate that specific colour, but the paintjob itself is amazing, wish they did bikes with stuff like this.
[HUN]AntaresSQ01 - 29 days ago
@Jarrid Scroggins I live in the UK but what would I need to do it? I feel like this is one of those setups would cost about as much as for me to get a new fairing set, then again if i get everything i could repaint my bike weekly since it's pretty easy , only a couple big fairings :P
Jarrid Scroggins
Jarrid Scroggins - Month ago
[HUN]AntaresSQ01 so why not try it yourself? It’s really not hard to spray. And we offer product lines from DIY all the way up to professional.
[HUN]AntaresSQ01 - Month ago
@Jarrid Scroggins Let me rephrase that then, I wish I lived within 1000 miles of someone who does this :P Great stuff but every painter here either uses plastidipping or just regular paint which is more expensive than a whole set of OEM fairings for my bike
Jarrid Scroggins
Jarrid Scroggins - Month ago
[HUN]AntaresSQ01 we do
Just Awesome ::
Just Awesome :: - Month ago
Wow I love the color😍
Bobby Joe
Bobby Joe - Month ago
Poe is officially a ricer
Colby Bogolin
Colby Bogolin - Month ago
imagine the old wheels on it with this paint
Jarrid Scroggins
Jarrid Scroggins - Month ago
For all the ones asking why the door jams weren’t done, there are a couple of reasons why.
1. Shooting door jams requires a serious amount of taping off to prevent over spray on the interior. With the time crunch we had to complete the process the time just didn’t allow for it.
2. In some states, spraying the jams requires a change of registration due to the fact no original color is visible.
3. Older cars have issues with doors/panels being out of alignment causing contact on certain surfaces. This causes tears and scratches that honestly look worse than just leaving it body color.
3. Remember this is a removable coating and not a permanent paint job so extra effort of removal down the road just isn’t worth it.
4. Last but not least it’s a good marketing scheme for a sponsored car to show what it was before vs what it is now.
I know it’s not to certain people’s liking and some don’t agree with it, but ultimately it’s what we decided to go with and Poe was happy.....a lot of time went into filming and completing the project so you would as fans have something to watch.
Brad Tatum
Brad Tatum - Month ago
Oh and rolllll tide!!!!!
Brad Tatum
Brad Tatum - Month ago
That color is absolutely beautiful the car looks amazing Poe hope the truck gets black base with the teal accents
Lj Castillo
Lj Castillo - Month ago
She’s beautiful bro
Caleb Thompson
Caleb Thompson - Month ago
Congrats man!! Looks sooooo amazing! You deserve this man!!
Dhatdude TV
Dhatdude TV - Month ago
Poe it’s time to put a junk yard 2valve 4.6 in the the mustang
『 Ṩinister』
『 Ṩinister』 - Month ago
Never thought that color would look good on a mustang it looks badass Poe
Fms Watchdo
Fms Watchdo - Month ago
Copying TurdZilla?
VoiDD - Month ago
All you need now is black rims 🤟🏽
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