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SpongeBob SquarePants Official
Where would YOU rather eat: KRUSTY KRAB or TRUSTY SLAB? 🍔
OceanWaVe :3
OceanWaVe :3 - 8 days ago
Krusty krab!
Sophie Cole
Sophie Cole - 18 days ago
Jake _Devilgamer Xx
Jake _Devilgamer Xx - 29 days ago
of course KRUSTY KRAB
Max Lgh
Max Lgh - 29 days ago
Scepter Star
Scepter Star - Month ago
trusty slab cuz its fo hoomans and the krusty krab is for fishies but i would like to go with both becauseiknow they had yummy patties :P
PhoenixNovaTube! X3
PhoenixNovaTube! X3 - 47 minutes ago
I mean we would actually have to eat at the trusty slab or we would drown lol this is for the pinned question🥳
Dawn's Buneary
Dawn's Buneary - 2 hours ago
SpongeBob's big birthday blowout was the apology for Truth or Square we deserved.
Andrew Pawlack
Andrew Pawlack - 4 hours ago
The fact that this is really the first time they've done this is so weird, it looks like voice overs since we've adjusted to the cartoon fitting the voice and not thinking that there's an actual person making the voice
Gamerman Greene29
Gamerman Greene29 - 4 hours ago
Well. Now we know what Spongebob would look like if it were about real people.
You guys should do something like that; I would definitly watch it.
Andrei Cretu
Andrei Cretu - 4 hours ago
You all nick guests are in real life the trusty slab
leon jason
leon jason - 6 hours ago
Wolfqueen 041602
Wolfqueen 041602 - 6 hours ago
My sister and I laughed so hard seeing this the first time
Morgan Keziah
Morgan Keziah - 7 hours ago
0:40 "hungry beach giraffes"
I like to play Video games
Happy birthday spongebob
Jordan Barclay
Jordan Barclay - 9 hours ago
Pulp Fiction: we have the best food robbery in all of cinematic history
Spongebob: 3:47
Aiidan - 17 hours ago
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)A M A Z I N G ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Ocean man take me by the hand
Not until 4
Bobby Burgess
Bobby Burgess - 19 hours ago
This was the ultimate tribute to SpongeBob Square Pants: having the voice actors play their characters in a real life version of the Krusty Krab
STUPID IDIOT thats my name1
R.i.p 😢😢
eat rotten tomatoes
eat rotten tomatoes - 21 hour ago
Why am I literally 17 but spongebob is my literal everything
Mediocre Metallix
Mediocre Metallix - 23 hours ago
The crumb basket XD
Hunter Wilder
Hunter Wilder - Day ago
Is it me, or do the voice actors kinda look like their characters?
sor cream
sor cream - Day ago
finaly something great from nick
GoofySuperEDI - Day ago
i don’t like how they change the animation of spongebob I miss the old animation 🤗
Benjamin Durmic
Benjamin Durmic - Day ago
Ειρηνη Πολυχρονοπουλου
Tom Kenny is playing alsow Hank from my Talking Tom and friends
احمد عزيزاحمد عزيز
U and then we could get a chance and a half day city tour and I have been working in my
ivan el dios # dios
Jackie Mcdonald
Jackie Mcdonald - Day ago
🍔+👦=1$ 🍔+👨=5$
👕 👔
Sherwin Casusian
Sherwin Casusian - Day ago
Opkhgds day
L G - Day ago
Hey Slab
Samcast Prime
Samcast Prime - Day ago

Timothy Noah
Timothy Noah - Day ago
Timothy Noah
Timothy Noah - Day ago
Marco Andrade
Marco Andrade - Day ago
This should have been the plot of Sponge Out Of Water.
X X - 2 days ago
This is literally the best thing i have ever seen on nick in years
Cecil Pantall
Cecil Pantall - 2 days ago
Sheldon says three but he put up four fingers 4:21
Loli Girl
Loli Girl - 2 days ago
Who else broke out in tears when at the end of this episode had "Thank you Stephen Hillinberg!"?
Alfredo Greco
Alfredo Greco - 2 days ago
Wow Hi
Susan Aprilia
Susan Aprilia - 2 days ago
latoya thomas
latoya thomas - 2 days ago
My brother loves spongebob
V piben
V piben - 2 days ago
Rhoda Bernardo
Rhoda Bernardo - 2 days ago
this was also played by the same characters but in human version
Random Clips
Random Clips - 2 days ago
Even this episode was more out of water than the movie
THE JACK HQ - 2 days ago
Tom Kenny and Rodger Bumpass fit their characters best. 😃
Ricardo Rivera
Ricardo Rivera - 2 days ago
#Happybirthday SponegeBob
Nieves Zapanta
Nieves Zapanta - 2 days ago
Sponge bob is a sponge da
truc Loan nguyen
truc Loan nguyen - 2 days ago
Jenipapinde - 2 days ago
**happy confused screaming**
GodzillaMaster3838 - 2 days ago
Why didn’t you let sandy yell in this vid
Video: Yourr welcome!
Michael Rodriguez
Michael Rodriguez - 2 days ago
Trusty slab were are u
Minecraft Fan
Minecraft Fan - 2 days ago
Can I have a slabby patty and a slabby soda and some slabby fries
Plush Vlogs
Plush Vlogs - 3 days ago
Best plankton ever lol
Rod Zimmer
Rod Zimmer - 3 days ago
Man-Ward: "Don't you have somewhere else to be a nitwit?"
Patrick: "Not until 4"
Mac And Chez :3
Mac And Chez :3 - 3 days ago
"Haha! That guy so dumb! - Patrick Star
Ryan Dalton
Ryan Dalton - Day ago
Speak 4 yourself, Patrick.
Tiare Mohi
Tiare Mohi - 3 days ago
Londons Land
Londons Land - 3 days ago
My grandfather acts like squidward even kinda looks like him
Chris6d - 3 days ago
1:45 It’s Hank and Connor
Muhammad Arrasyi Sapari
The Costumers!
Eman Hashim
Eman Hashim - 3 days ago
Feeling sad? Well watch a spongebob video. Your welcome.
Final Crusader
Final Crusader - 3 days ago
2:30 General Kenobi
Justin Davis
Justin Davis - 3 days ago
Krusty crab :D
Cup Head
Cup Head - 3 days ago
L Iovensponge bob
jerry shook
jerry shook - 3 days ago
Sharon Saludo
Sharon Saludo - 3 days ago
Londons Land
Londons Land - 3 days ago
2:45 this cracked me up
Celia Zarate
Celia Zarate - 3 days ago
Krusty krab
Stephanie McLaughlin
Stephanie McLaughlin - 3 days ago
Hahahaha sooooooooo funny 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆
Dorothy Roventini
Dorothy Roventini - 4 days ago
This episode This is funny even though I’ve seen it
Mikel Juneau-Phillips
Mikel Juneau-Phillips - 4 days ago
ill go to both restruant
Seledka Pod shuboy
Seledka Pod shuboy - 4 days ago
Hank? ;–;
Francesco Muccio
Francesco Muccio - 4 days ago
You know what. If Rodger Bumpass wore a brown shirt it would be More Perfect xD
Enesi Bose
Enesi Bose - 4 days ago
Wolfyuwu - 4 days ago
Hand over the slabby patty secret saUCE recipe!
PinkGoldPeach23 - 4 days ago
1:29 I'll have two number forty-fives, one with cheese
Iatic Damir
Iatic Damir - 4 days ago
2:31 10 characters, who can beat Thanos!
DIKA GAMING - 4 days ago
Itz_wolfie playz
Itz_wolfie playz - 4 days ago
“Some of us have life’s”
Squidward 2019
Jack Hyde
Jack Hyde - 4 days ago
Man, this is amazing! Much better than that live action Lion King movie that I watched! Stephen Hillenburg would be proud!
Matissstuff anims gurkey
If the animated spongebob is gonna end then make it real life series
Hari K
Hari K - 4 days ago
am i the only one that those are the voice lines of the show
Anna Tankersley
Anna Tankersley - 4 days ago
I like how it shows the real people
Angela Raker
Angela Raker - 4 days ago
I loved seeing the cast doing live action versions of their characters, it is awesome sauce and Stephen Hillenburg would be proud of his cast.
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