Solving The LEVEL 10 Packman Cube Puzzle!!

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Chris Ramsay
Chris Ramsay - Month ago
Hanayama Top 5's?
cleveage - 3 days ago
I figured out the answer to the end part like straight away
BJM Vlogs
BJM Vlogs - 18 days ago
Chris Ramsay representing the Houston Astros 🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽 GO H-TOWN
Valerie Levandoski
Valerie Levandoski - 25 days ago
Just started watching your videos, going on a binge, have you ever did a live solving a puzzle? If not you totally should, just sayen
Raging Rage
Raging Rage - 29 days ago
Dang that looks dope
Will Bill
Will Bill - Month ago
Cuz FPV Probably, it was a long time ago that I really took that puzzle head on, and maybe it took less force than I remembered. Or maybe the tutorial I saw was rubbish, either way, it is not a straightforward puzzle, which personally I do not enjoy: I like difficult yet simple puzzles.
EPIC Daycard
EPIC Daycard - 8 hours ago
MaMoNiTe - 22 hours ago
So like not to be rude...but everytime you grunt you sound like a villiger or a Ravanger from Minecraft.
Milly Ryan
Milly Ryan - 23 hours ago
“Today we’re talking about a puzzle.”
👏👏👏 we had nooooooo idea Chris
Jasmine Stather
Jasmine Stather - Day ago
I aspire to have resilience the same as you
Jacob Stumpf
Jacob Stumpf - Day ago
What the fuck since when was the sack purple
a64750 - Day ago
Band Saw solves a Headache
Imen Hashim
Imen Hashim - 2 days ago
John Geary
John Geary - 2 days ago
7:12 he makes villager noises
Quasar Corps
Quasar Corps - 2 days ago
You, my friend are colorblind
HELP ME - 2 days ago
Yes Chris Astro’s woohoo
Blaxtopolition - 2 days ago
You put it up your ass
Zelotic - 3 days ago
wow so cool
Tiadiad - 4 days ago
Melt it.
Oliver boii
Oliver boii - 4 days ago
It starts 2:00
Doge Lover
Doge Lover - 4 days ago
Talpa 1987
Talpa 1987 - 5 days ago
I don't like that puzzle, because I would have taken it out of the bag, put the bag away somewhere in a shelf or box in my house and had never found the hidden tool. I think, they should tell people that there is a hidden tool.
H.A.M.R - 5 days ago
THE COORDINATES LOCATION -°27'30.8"N+121°59'11.4"W/@47.4585556,-121.9865,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d47.4585556!4d-121.9865
Matt B
Matt B - 5 days ago
Patrick Star: Seeeeeeeeeeecreeeeeeeet box.
jejje33 - 6 days ago
the cordinates is the REAL puzzle :O the box is the big bait
Devin Peninger
Devin Peninger - 6 days ago
That's a dirty trick hiding that tool in the bag 🤣
Bradford Neilson
Bradford Neilson - 6 days ago
2asumDolfins - 7 days ago
3:37 looks like some drugs
Ben Plus!
Ben Plus! - 7 days ago
that’s not pacman
Kermit The frog
Kermit The frog - 6 days ago
I like turtles
Demonic Akumi
Demonic Akumi - 7 days ago
Don't know if it's all left handed people, but for me... this screwing/unscrewing puzzle would've had me lost for days as my brain tend to screw the inverted way to a right handed person.
KILIK GARCIA - 7 days ago
H town
V. Adams
V. Adams - 7 days ago
I actually watched the whole damn video. I am surprised cuz i got a low attention span lol
Beez Saz
Beez Saz - 7 days ago
that's a pretty stupid puzzle, it's like i'm going to write out a hundred digit number and you have to best guess your way through the puzzle to guess all 100 digits of the number, pointless and accomplishes nothing
Carl Alvaro
Carl Alvaro - 8 days ago
Him: "Sometimes it's more of the tool than meets the eye"
Also Him: "Definitely not, aww!"
😂 I like this guy hahahaha
Anthony Provencio
Anthony Provencio - 8 days ago
Seth Rogan's Brother🤔
Landen Gaming
Landen Gaming - 8 days ago
Go stros
ok cool
ok cool - 8 days ago
I think the coordinates were the location that the puzzle was made at but idk ;)
Jose Rivera
Jose Rivera - 8 days ago
Blue btw
MrNategeo - 8 days ago
It looks like ed hardy and sailor jerry had an idiot puzzle collector kid. And stupid YouTube suggestions is broken now...
-Malakrux- - 8 days ago
U asked what would u do in this situation... im answer will be an angel grinder ;)
ROBØJAK - 8 days ago
I can’t believe this puzzle is almost 20 years old! Dang!
Nobody You Know
Nobody You Know - 9 days ago
What if you needed to pack the screwdriver?
U`ll NVR KNO DABB - 9 days ago
0:30 *_Wakka wakka_*
General Boom
General Boom - 9 days ago
How many peaple ask if you're related to gordan ramsay
EcnalKcin - 9 days ago
Ummm, anyone else have 21 minutes of ads before the actual video started?
Tina Fluhart
Tina Fluhart - 7 days ago
EcnalKcin it really sucked
WreaKY Blob
WreaKY Blob - 9 days ago
It wasn’t a hard puzzle I knew how to do it before but good time!
acalthu - 9 days ago
They didn't have satellite view maps available online in 2000.
over00lord Unknown
over00lord Unknown - 10 days ago
OH MY GOD I WISH I HAD THAT PUZZLE WHILE I WAS STILL IN HIGH SCHOOL! XD People would’ve struggled for so many days trying to figure it out (until someone looked it up, which is why I would’ve hidden the tag).
over00lord Unknown
over00lord Unknown - 10 days ago
One of my favorite riddles to tell people in high school was: A group of people are found dead in the woods inside of a metal cabin. They didn’t intentionally kill each other, and they didn’t die of natural causes or an “act of god”/weather events. How did they die? The answer? A plane crash. My other favorite to tell people was: You are trapped in a room with 2 doors, one door leads to freedom, and the other kills you instantly without any way to avoid it. There are two guards who won’t stop you, and they answer yes or no questions. One guard always tells the truth, and the other guard always lies, but you don’t know which is truthful and which lies. What do you ask them? The answer? Well, there are multiple answers, but one is: “If I ask the other guard if the left door leads me to freedom, will they say yes?” If the left door does lead to freedom, then the guard that always lies knows the other is truthful, thus the other guard will say “yes” so the lying guard says “no” If you ask the truthful guard, they know the lying guard will say “no” so they will say “no” So now you know the left door is the door that leads to freedom. (But if the left door is the door that would kill you, then both guards would say “yes”) I miss Renaissance so much... :( But Dr. Seuss said “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happed.” And ever since I learned that wisdom, I’m no longer sad that it’s over, now I’m glad it happened. :)
Jacob Diller
Jacob Diller - 10 days ago
Chris, you need a better camera we can see what is going on...
Aishaaa YaDigg
Aishaaa YaDigg - 10 days ago
It made my day seeing the Harry Potter tatto😊
Y A S H_ __Y A D A V
Y A S H_ __Y A D A V - 10 days ago
I pee pee too
Overlord Standard
Overlord Standard - 11 days ago
666 dislikes
narutoroxanne22 - 11 days ago
When he said purple and it's blue ⭕
ryuzakilawlight - 11 days ago
Why others watch: puzzle solvers loving this
Why I watch: extremely relaxing and interesting while i do my gel nails at home :D
AceSpaceQueen - Day ago
DUDE SAME I'm horrible at puzzles but it's weirdly fun watching these
AnBlonde - 11 days ago
The coordinates is probably where the puzzle was made.
Paul Nieuwkamp
Paul Nieuwkamp - 11 days ago
"Repack all parts of the cube into the cube" That's genius. Innocent enough on its own so it doesn't clue you in on the tool, yet specific enough to tell you the tool doesn't have to be part of the finished cube.
Bokocop - 11 days ago
not gonna lie, these hidden extra parts in the containers just seem like very cheap and bad ways to implement a puzzle. That's not a puzzle, it's just to see who can find this cheat tool that's not supposed to even exist.
Last Chance Gaming
Last Chance Gaming - 11 days ago
I cant be the only person who saw a blue satchel
Abram Toy
Abram Toy - 11 days ago
Nick King Televised
Nick King Televised - 12 days ago
These puzzles are a tweakers wet dream
Youssef Ben younes
Youssef Ben younes - 12 days ago
hey i took the coordinates that you found and did a bit of cryptography wile i didn't get anything out of the
second line i think the first refer to a french musical festival i think the second line is in french
Youssef Ben younes
Youssef Ben younes - 12 days ago
nope i solved it !!!!! it's referring to the Musée Basque et de l'histoire de Bayonne more to how did i get that if i get a responce
Orlando Fig
Orlando Fig - 12 days ago
I love your 🧢. I subscribed to your channel because of your 🧢.
samuel figueredo
samuel figueredo - 12 days ago
i love how he says he spend hours and the timer says has been 7 minutes
Brandon Wood
Brandon Wood - 11 days ago
samuel figueredo he didn’t say he has been doing it for hours he says he doesn’t want to be there for hours wipe your ears out
Jasmine Benavides
Jasmine Benavides - 12 days ago
The astros cap tho 💯
Mickey Romeo
Mickey Romeo - 13 days ago
How come you don't tuck your ears under your hat? you look like a slob.
zad boi
zad boi - 13 days ago

mY dUDeS
Rylan Pape
Rylan Pape - 14 days ago
Im just waiting for him to solve a puzzle and pinhead is summoned
Iker Sánchez
Iker Sánchez - 14 days ago
I didn't get what did you have to do to solve it
Guitar Daniel
Guitar Daniel - 14 days ago
Ruben Kamel
Ruben Kamel - 14 days ago
Puzzle solving life would drive me insane lol
Fizzy Pup
Fizzy Pup - 15 days ago
You would have to be in a good mood to do these puzzles
Joshua Towns
Joshua Towns - 15 days ago
6:49 I would look up the solution
constant upstairs
constant upstairs - 16 days ago
I see Houston Astros and i click "like"
Aidan Crow
Aidan Crow - 16 days ago
Do a level 1 puzzle
Darin K.
Darin K. - 17 days ago
He said the sack was purple.... Umm I think your color blind sir.
sunnyztmoney - 17 days ago
Man you were cheating on Google don't lie
PUG Pug - 17 days ago
person someone
person someone - 17 days ago
Gordon Ramsay long lost son
Ktran3 2 3
Ktran3 2 3 - 17 days ago
narp goldstein
narp goldstein - 18 days ago
That's blue...
Chase Morgan
Chase Morgan - 18 days ago
Why wouldn’t you look up the coordinates right when you saw them?
musk - 18 days ago
fucking HATE you
snowdog RL and vloging and gaming and reactons
is your dad Gordan Ramsay
Vyse Arcadia
Vyse Arcadia - 19 days ago
coordinates to the craftsmen. :O
jk Idek what it meant.
Joshua Cronin
Joshua Cronin - 19 days ago
tbh. that puzzle looked ezpz
Zelmel - 19 days ago
Random question: do you comment as you go on all these puzzle videos, overdub them later, or a combination?
sunnyztmoney - 17 days ago
You have to figure it out for yourself, that's the puzzle of the videos
Ben Fletcher
Ben Fletcher - 19 days ago
So do you do birthday parties? 😂 I wonder how many times you’ve been asked that in the comments
PUG Pug - 17 days ago
I've never seen anyone ask that?
Alec Fotakis
Alec Fotakis - 20 days ago
The pilot came in a drawstring pouch
Alec Fotakis
Alec Fotakis - 20 days ago
Typo I meant puzzle
Cyrax559 - 20 days ago
You're Just Gordon Ramsay but with Puzzles instead
Marty.R Woodcock
Marty.R Woodcock - 21 day ago
When I typed the coordinates into Google Maps, I got Zalantun, Hulun Buir, Inner Mongolia, China
Sebastian Kuc
Sebastian Kuc - 21 day ago
Well you did it wrong then
Ashley - 21 day ago
That puzzle was made/released the year I was born (2000) 😱 I need one 😂
Edit: actually 1 month prior 😂
Miss. Stainer
Miss. Stainer - 21 day ago
You’re parents mis-named you.

Miss. Stainer
Miss. Stainer - 18 days ago
Hi Hello Sorry 😂
Hi Hello
Hi Hello - 19 days ago
Miss. Stainer you mean Gordon
Cosylover Pups
Cosylover Pups - 21 day ago
I was watching the pieces when he looked up the coordinates and I was waiting for all the pieces to all of the sudden put themselves together :)
Aphilack cube
Aphilack cube - 21 day ago
what ever the flick
what ever the flick - 21 day ago
He Googled how to do it lol
GothLoliOVA - 22 days ago
thats fucking sick
Annabel Duross
Annabel Duross - 22 days ago
hee hee
Zinnia Henjum
Zinnia Henjum - 22 days ago
No one:
Me: well if he can solve anything.... bet he could solve my problems
GreenBee44 - 22 days ago
Where do you get these puzzles?
The Brutu
The Brutu - 22 days ago
Your torture is my amusement so i subscribe lol
Undead- Kun
Undead- Kun - 22 days ago
Okay so I paused the video right after he took the screw/bolt thing and thought what if you put the screw/bolt upside down on the big hole with a smaller hole in the middle? Nevermind, got to 4:54 and noticed nahhh, I'm wrong
RussellNYX - 22 days ago
That satchel is totally purple
And this is how you make people rage
Anime Sans
Anime Sans - 23 days ago
This puzzle was presented in 2 thousand and California? What?!?
Little Misty-eyed
Little Misty-eyed - 23 days ago
Dude sounds like Sully from monsters inc and that makes me happy
Brad Stream
Brad Stream - 23 days ago
you forgot 2 pieces
I’m Bored
I’m Bored - 23 days ago
‘Purple satchel’, you mean blue right? Is this going to turn out like the black/blue vs white/gold dress or the yanny/laurel thing again?
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