Rebuilding A Wrecked 2013 Nissan GTR Part 7

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Yasindu Nanayakkara
Yasindu Nanayakkara - Час назад
Will you reply
Yasindu Nanayakkara
Yasindu Nanayakkara - Час назад
Pee nut butter jelly time
Yasindu Nanayakkara
Yasindu Nanayakkara - Час назад
Why don’t you let the other dude drive? LOL
Yasindu Nanayakkara
Yasindu Nanayakkara - Час назад
Yasindu Nanayakkara
Yasindu Nanayakkara - Час назад
Yasindu Nanayakkara
Yasindu Nanayakkara - Час назад
Yasindu Nanayakkara
Yasindu Nanayakkara - Час назад
Jghgmgh gu
Harshwardhan Sharma
Harshwardhan Sharma - 7 часов назад
I'm waiting for a Koenigsegg rebuild
What’s up with that shit hood fitment
XXX - 2 дня назад
dib - 4 дня назад
BisforBuild should take notes from you guys..
Nathan Holmes
Nathan Holmes - 5 дней назад
wash your cars with 3 buckets!!! one for your wheels with separate cleaning brushes. second bucket for your clean soap, and the third for rinsing your wash mit. all with grit guards, to avoid swirls on your nice new paint jobs 👌
superspit - 10 дней назад
Very polite young men, well done guys, loving your work!
TurbotoTaLL - 13 дней назад
Duuuude!!! Great work on this epic model!
WRAPSTER - 13 дней назад
JR - 14 дней назад
Wash with 2 bucket method! And use grit guards... look at obsessed garage channel
Eskil Fisk
Eskil Fisk - 17 дней назад
hi boys i would like to wrap both parts inside with carbon and not just one in carbon and one black :)
Mohsin Khan
Mohsin Khan - 17 дней назад
Hey you should build a bigger garadge and don't let the cars outside.
tizzlin87 - 18 дней назад
The skirts guys don’t forget to buff them too
Michaelbats 301
Michaelbats 301 - 19 дней назад
Maru Maru
Maru Maru - 19 дней назад
just wondering if you guys can dyno all your builds after its complete? want to see how much each one put out?
LuisFinnix Marlic
LuisFinnix Marlic - 20 дней назад
Jah Blessin
Jah Blessin - 20 дней назад
You could tell these kids can’t drive for shit buddy floors it in the rain on a turn lol
nastystang113 - 20 дней назад
Damn that liquid carnoba! lol
AbradantAsp - 21 день назад
Drop a gear and build more boost then youll feel the power
mikixP - 21 день назад
What’s the name of that lift jack
lfilson - 22 дня назад
Bro, that paint is so beautiful, you GOTS to clear bra it. Seriously, make a video about that. I know you can figure it out. If it doesn't work out, it will still be a great video.
KD SUPREME - 23 дня назад
Are yall brothers? Just curious. What I like about the show, you guys don't care how long it takes to pefect your craft. Keep it up!
Uchiha Kagami
Uchiha Kagami - 23 дня назад
Nice car bro
jase dobson
jase dobson - 23 дня назад
very nice gtr guys,dont forget new steering wheel! just subscribed from uk here, your passion for cars really shines through.great channel
Boosted Fortè
Boosted Fortè - 24 дня назад
I hope you guys are keeping this GTR
Marki7n - 24 дня назад
Japanese droooling
Ghost Jeff
Ghost Jeff - 24 дня назад
You should put a spoiler
FSRC - 25 дней назад
detroit ghetto
detroit ghetto - 25 дней назад
Must you be brothers ?
Shane Hayward
Shane Hayward - 25 дней назад
That front bumper turned out bad ass!!! The color combo looks murdered out but classy.
JAYSON ESCOBAE - 25 дней назад
The knife you use in opening the box in the philippines was that balisong
George Abrahams
George Abrahams - 26 дней назад
Is it just me or am I not finding any videos of the builds going to tracks?
bobbyhosweden - 26 дней назад
Well done again and the videos are getting better and better!
YvngKelly - 26 дней назад
Rebuild a Jeep track hawk
LSL - 26 дней назад
You boys are great people. Thanks for creating awesome content
JACK AND JILL - 26 дней назад
👍🚘. You just fixed it dont reck it.
Fluffy - 26 дней назад
Anyone wanna tell me why did they sand and buff the newly painted bumper and side doors?
Shiva's Chimera
Shiva's Chimera - 26 дней назад
I wish I was cool enough to own a car.
Elizabeth Del castillo
Elizabeth Del castillo - 26 дней назад
When your in the middle of the video and your sony WH-CH400 sony bluetooth headphone says PlEaSe ReChArge HeAdSeT aaarrrgggghhhhh!!!!
Andy Adams
Andy Adams - 26 дней назад
Y’all will have your own show on The Discovery Channel before long. Awesome work. It’s good to see young guys getting out there and putting in hard work. You have inspired many other youtubers to do the same type of content. Keep it up boys
TheAngryGamerTAG - 26 дней назад
watching from bigscreen vr this is doap love the videos
Linus Petersson
Linus Petersson - 27 дней назад
7:08 she looks hella mad bro
bmwmentus - 27 дней назад
more driving please.
Carlos Márquez
Carlos Márquez - 27 дней назад
So close to the million
Bost2301 - 27 дней назад
That's a classic... start washing your car and it will start raining on you... :D
Ardis Levkos
Ardis Levkos - 27 дней назад
How much you guys going to ask for it
Marcus Yeung
Marcus Yeung - 27 дней назад
Man that GTR looks sick I really want to get hands on it
Nathaniel Mathies
Nathaniel Mathies - 27 дней назад
So far I've seen you wash this car 4 times.
Chris from B is for Build has washed his GT-R..... never!
Nathaniel Mathies
Nathaniel Mathies - 27 дней назад
Some people get so disheartened when they screw up and have to redo something.
The way I look at, if you weren't fixing the burn through in the guard (I.e. working on a car) what else would you be doing? Um.... working on a car.
You're going to be doing something anyway whether it be redoing something you messed up or doing a new job.
You're not in the clock or the customer dollar.
I love your positive attitude to screw ups. You're not always going to win right up. People see won videos on YouTube and think that if they don't do amazing things every day that they are inferior.
I work 12 hour days for 14 days straight. Bit I win on race day!
哥程 - 27 дней назад
I wish i could get that gtr .my favourite car
nichomas - 27 дней назад
Anyone know what carbon fiber wrap they are using?
Lawrenz - 27 дней назад
Toyota Supra for your next build
Heid Gandreiter
Heid Gandreiter - 27 дней назад
I like cars - and the paranormal. Spirit activity caught, please freeze the video at 17:30 and observe how several spirits are manifesting in the portal eye of the camera - on the floor we can see images, silhouettes; manifestations of this sort a well known paranormal phenomenon called ITC - Instrumental Trans-dimensional Communication, meaning faces and figures becoming visible in the light and dark areas of abstract materials. This one depicts a symbolic ceremony, it seems - misty spirits appear to be rising from the sitting medicine man's bowl. Top right a distinctive Native American spirit (the laid out tools, observed at a 90 degree left angle, appear as a tribal motif, a dancing shaman).
Remember do not fear the spirits of the ancestors, simply respect them, they are all around us, normally hidden. Your area looked very different a few centuries ago, before migration from Europe became dominant and created America.
The Internet is a dimension in itself, a parallel to our concrete reality, the web actually not 'real', as it's consisting of electromagnetic energy only, nothing tangible, just like a spirit. Spiritual messages can relate to the personal and to the collective unconscious.
Thank you from Asatru shaman The Völve in Denmark. PS fine video work too, always good editing, respect to you guys. But I sure would like to see more drone shots : )
The only AJW
The only AJW - 27 дней назад
Jackson Thorpe
Jackson Thorpe - 27 дней назад
I just wanna know where you get all the money for this?
monkey 15
monkey 15 - 27 дней назад
Do another truck build
Iron Hawk
Iron Hawk - 27 дней назад
Great fuckin jobs guys
Martin Erpen
Martin Erpen - 28 дней назад
Por favor limpien las piezas antes de volver a colocarlas, tienen polvo y restos de pasta!! Muy buenos videos.
(Please clean the parts before replacing them, they have dust and polish residues !! Very good videos.
Defaulty_ Boi gone sexual
Defaulty_ Boi gone sexual - 28 дней назад
Do y’all keep these cars?
Al-BuraaQ News
Al-BuraaQ News - 28 дней назад
Hi there ,Very nice video and I like it very much .Please watch my Channel and also visit my News blog
I hope you will like it .Thanks
Nana /Yoongi
Nana /Yoongi - 28 дней назад
Just asking how much was it to buy tha car and rebuild it? Cause im rly wanting a GT-R 😍and i wanna know the best option
Knightmare Original
Knightmare Original - 26 дней назад
Army 💜 💜 💜
Kayne Brabant - Weitkamp
Kayne Brabant - Weitkamp - 28 дней назад
Wait what !? Last time i checked you guys were working on the corvete now you have a GTR and a viper daymmmmm
Exclusive How
Exclusive How - 28 дней назад
New to your channel Its addictive I watch for hours at a time. Started with Z06. VIPER ZL1 Yall hit gold with that GTR. Alot of talent in tenn you guys r going places
Joe Metzger
Joe Metzger - 28 дней назад
21:36 the face of “oh shit this is faster than I thought it was”
Joe Metzger
Joe Metzger - 28 дней назад
Almost 1 million guys! Keep working hard!
Neo Rain
Neo Rain - 28 дней назад
That so sick dude
Austin Mcmillan
Austin Mcmillan - 28 дней назад
Seem like the other guy dose all the work he is the star of the channel. The other dude just holds the camera. Pretty corny.
Corey Perkins
Corey Perkins - 28 дней назад
Should have washed those fender liners while they were off the car. Also you can use aftermarket air filters you can buy at auto zone or pep boys for about 15-20$ each. The red filters are what I use there good for the money.
Roo H
Roo H - 28 дней назад
It's no where near as nice as the Viper, but you guys did a good job putting this together.
Abishan jegatheeshan
Abishan jegatheeshan - 28 дней назад
Why not paint the whole car red like the front bumper !!!
Sammy D
Sammy D - 29 дней назад
You should put a Liberty Walk kit on it
Totaled2rebuilT - 29 дней назад
Great looking car guys! If you want to improve your buffing and polishing try switching from wool pad to foam pad and also see if you want to switch to Cordless Milwaukee buffer. I did that and my buffing and polishing jobs are so much better.
Rj the Gaming jr
Rj the Gaming jr - 29 дней назад
How much for your gtr
Lilybet1975 Mells
Lilybet1975 Mells - 29 дней назад
Amazing work guys and I really love your channel and Thomas is ace. Also are you twins??
News Flash
News Flash - 29 дней назад
Guys I was owning such a car in the past! You did a great job! When I just saw your guys faces testing the car at the end of the video I felt like back in 2009 :) The only difference we could hit the 190 mph max legally (in 🇩🇪) 😜
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf - 29 дней назад
How to remove swirl marks??
Michael Sullivan
Michael Sullivan - 29 дней назад
Super o.e.m man
Peter S
Peter S - 29 дней назад
Stop saying SUCKER ... plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Willie Dirrell
Willie Dirrell - 29 дней назад
Is it necessary to do the clear coat after the paint if your just going to sand it down and buff it? I was just wondering @goonzquad
Vedant x Beast
Vedant x Beast - 29 дней назад
Please give the song name started from 6:18
Jiten Malviya
Jiten Malviya - 29 дней назад
Please buy chevrolet cruze plsssssss
Highwayman1974 - 29 дней назад
DANG! You Guys, Love the Cars, Please do a Lamborghini rebuild, any Lambo will do :)
Ron Van
Ron Van - 29 дней назад
Hey guys, great job on the GTR. Looks totally amazing. Who is the blonde gal helping you? Ya gotta introduce.
Fan MarioGamingAudi
Fan MarioGamingAudi - 29 дней назад
Wow , great gt-r ! Like that gt-r 😍
John Acosta
John Acosta - 29 дней назад
Did you use mcquires for final polish?
Besuyi Nienu
Besuyi Nienu - 29 дней назад
Thomas has grown to a beautiful woman 😀😀😀😀
Χρηστος Παπαδημητριου
@δημητρης καλογερης!!!!!!
Aswin Nath
Aswin Nath - 29 дней назад
who is she?
Rickard Säll
Rickard Säll - 29 дней назад
the best on youtube !!
Bud Doge
Bud Doge - 29 дней назад
The drag strip is cool, but take the gtr to a real track.. what it’s made for. As well as the other cars???
Irvin Montelongo
Irvin Montelongo - 29 дней назад
Fix a truck next video
rainbowexhaust - 29 дней назад
Shouldn’t this be the dudesquad
uf28denied - 29 дней назад
Nice to see you young guys workin hard and learning trades and not sittin in your parents basements playin video games!!
Anri White
Anri White - 29 дней назад
Поддержите парня подпишитесь на канал ( Support the kid subscribe to the channel) -
Robbie Kroepel
Robbie Kroepel - 29 дней назад
What car is the armytrix going on 🙄
Jake VA
Jake VA - 29 дней назад
20 minutes of car Wash
Brad Makes
Brad Makes - 29 дней назад
Good to see you two getting some help. It's too easy to get burnt out doing it all on your own. I have seen hints of the crew behind the scenes helping in the background, stepping off screen, and on Instagram. Cheers to squad! Much respect for them being there to help this business succeed.
Nicholas Olson
Nicholas Olson - 29 дней назад
I don't know if you will see this or not, but instead of wrapping complex parts like that, you can probably use a carbon fiber dip on the part. It shouldn't be that hard for learning how to dip small parts.
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