Kristen Stewart Brings the Angels to Eat Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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First We Feast
First We Feast - Month ago
If you were on Hot Ones, how do you think you'd do on a scale from DJ Khaled to Shia LaBeouf?
Francisco Montas
Francisco Montas - 28 days ago
I would Mr. LaBeauf the motherfucker, I have spent years destroying my taste buds for this show!
Adam B
Adam B - 29 days ago
I'd be more of a Coolio legend, drenching my wing in The Last Dab and walking away unscathed. I grow my own Carolina Reapers and eat that shit for breakfast man.
Danie Guerrero
Danie Guerrero - Month ago
@Chipotle Lime Flavored Sadness watch coolio's from 11:40ish on. That's who I'd be. Then I forget which interview it was where Sean Evans said coolio passed out in the green room for a while afterwards. Ahahaha. Dax was a G doe. Ahahaha.
Roger Barraud
Roger Barraud - Month ago
I suspect I *might* be able to kick Bill Burr's ass... but I could be *very* wrong ;-) [he's one of my heroes BTW :-) ]
love Jesus
love Jesus - 13 hours ago
Now i hate Kristin's personality 😭🤮
Justin Martin
Justin Martin - 13 hours ago
I always thought she'd be a mega bitch, but after watching this she seems super cool and down to earth.
BAYERN MUNCHEN - 15 hours ago
Irem Ilhan
Irem Ilhan - 18 hours ago
11:07 :)
Dave Hawkins
Dave Hawkins - 21 hour ago
Creepiest episode yet. What a creepy clam.
Lungile Mbangi
Lungile Mbangi - 21 hour ago
Whatever sauces get swapped out or chopped and changed, could you please have Da Bomb as a constant and never take it off the show? PLEASE. Also, Dominique is cute!
Benoit Potvin
Benoit Potvin - 23 hours ago
Wasn't planning on watching Charlies Angels. Now I'll have to it seems.
Unknown Google User
You've got to kill the stock videos/photos in these. It's not a good addition?
captmack007 - Day ago
Dresses like a dude get the f outa here. Stupid Val chick the Val sucks ass
Here's the original Angels bikini reel no comparison
J L - Day ago
Literally dressed like poochie.
Octavyan - Day ago
The look that Kristen gives after the question Sean asks at 12:27 is so genuine and refreshing. She seems comfortable and genuinely happy to answer his question. I love it
angel. bi
angel. bi - Day ago
A moment of appreciation to him , he does his research ...
Fatals StreamzZz
Fatals StreamzZz - Day ago
I am a Hot Ones Superfan. Honestly, I have tried so many hot salsas, hot sauces and peppers that I could find. I have yet to find a wing that could make me sweat or cry. Sean, it would be a legit challenge for you to find a sauce to make me sweat. I would dominate this challenge and ask for more.
Car mela
Car mela - Day ago
Su Kitil
Su Kitil - Day ago
shout out to the person who did the scoring
FarmerMiyagi - Day ago
She took it like a champ, but the whole Bieber act is a bit overblown. Play that act then eat your nuggets with a fork. ;)
Khal Drogo
Khal Drogo - Day ago
20:18 "Thats not even sauce bruv"

Candice - Day ago
Best Kristen interview ever
Fille Ètoile
Fille Ètoile - 2 days ago
that giggle and face touch at 4:20. f*ck me.
Parker t
Parker t - 2 days ago
Would be such a fun show to host, not because of the obvious fact of being popular and making a bunch of money, but being able to interview every famous person would be so interesting and get you excited to go into work every day I would think
Towkeeyoh - 2 days ago
Best effing celeb interview show on the inter webs
jeremy moviefan
jeremy moviefan - 2 days ago
Kirsten is awesome.
Big Empty
Big Empty - 2 days ago
Speed ? What? Hhmmm...
Gary Medeiros
Gary Medeiros - 2 days ago
Kristen at the end of the video! HOT tongue. But I like her way more outside of movies, seems like a fun ass down for whatever kinda girl. Another great interview.
Joonha Shcal
Joonha Shcal - 2 days ago
I never watched Charlie's Angels. I would've preferred a Totally Spies movie.
HA HA LAND - 23 hours ago
Amen to that brother!✊
Giovanni Penate
Giovanni Penate - 2 days ago
She don’t look 29 she look she’s 17
Lester Gomez
Lester Gomez - 2 days ago
This is what happens when you take drugs
Alexander Lacaden
Alexander Lacaden - 2 days ago
Wth happened to her
Bcat BB
Bcat BB - 2 days ago
Oh damn, she completely crushed my impression of her image from the movies lol.
Eiman Fatemi
Eiman Fatemi - 3 days ago
She's hot
gscotty2 - 3 days ago
im sorry but im not even halfway through this video right now and this girl is totally drugged out... i hope she gets the help she deserves. really awesome unique person but she isn't any different than the average person... everyone has a skeleton or two in their closet... i hope she gets the help she deep down wants.
abby c
abby c - 3 days ago
she’s hotter than the wings tho 👀
Josh Braun
Josh Braun - 3 days ago
Still think Kristen's hot as fuck
Nightmare - 3 days ago
She look like a woman before but now she looks like a Tomboy type of woman
So Far Gone
So Far Gone - 3 days ago
That fork teeth scrape...........*shutters*
CaptainHorn - 3 days ago
7:17 Kristen’s compliment about Sean’s eyes!!! Most earnest smile from her. Loved it
Brenda Rodriguez
Brenda Rodriguez - 3 days ago
She drank no water or milk
Emmanuel - 3 days ago
can Ella be back next season?
OJ McClanahan
OJ McClanahan - 3 days ago
She gets a lot of shit from people, and I don't get why? I think Kristen Stewart is a solid actress. Her performance as Joan Jet in The Runaways was spot on. She's hardcore gorgeous too.
Daniela Rivera
Daniela Rivera - 3 days ago
You need rob dyrdek on this show
ichdichhasserwasser - 3 days ago
Why is Justin Bieber wearing makeup?
Amberly love
Amberly love - 3 days ago
Why is she dressing like a guy?
LB - 3 days ago
who is here after the Charlies Angles train wreck? 😂😂😂😂
angelbeats3333 - 3 days ago
Honestly I want a compilation of everyone saying "what the fuck is wrong with you" to Sean 😂😂😂
BountyHunterAZ - 3 days ago
11:14 - 11:58 is great and explains a lot about her personality, which, I love. Bravo, Kristen!
BountyHunterAZ - 3 days ago
I'm looking forward to Seberg. Looks killer.
Julya Billhymer
Julya Billhymer - 3 days ago
Jim Carrey, pullllleeeeeezeeeee!!
Fifi W.
Fifi W. - 3 days ago
Why doesnt she use this much personality when she's acting?
Alex Hernandez
Alex Hernandez - 4 days ago
Kirsten Stewart is so damn hot. She awesome !
Hezar5166 - 4 days ago
Are loquats like peaches?
Matthew Mayhem
Matthew Mayhem - 4 days ago
Charlie's Angels flopped hard. I knew it would before it hit production.
LaneyDTTV - 4 days ago
Dara Mariani
Dara Mariani - 4 days ago
Was no one else available to interview? How disappointing and not fun to watch. 👎🏼
navypapercut - 3 days ago
143 THOUSAND people disagree with you.
Tina H
Tina H - 4 days ago
I cant imagine bts being here, v wold not enjoy this hahaha
John Stratton
John Stratton - 4 days ago
It's saucey down here and then it's like cl cl cl clclcl clogged up there... hahahahah
jack bran
jack bran - 4 days ago
And the movie still flopped.
Zackaria_s - 4 days ago
Why does she look like a lesbian version of Justin Bieber? Or is it just me?
Fifi W.
Fifi W. - 3 days ago
Yeah. She does lol
HuginAndMunin - 4 days ago
19:30 is this what heaven looks like?
Chen Turgeman
Chen Turgeman - 4 days ago
Naomi yes
eagletmars - 4 days ago
I LOVE the echoed Kristin grunt sound effects at 11:58. Literally kept rewinding it because she is so real even in her pain😭😂😂😂😂😂🥊💯🔥💕
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