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LOL Network
LOL Network - 3 months ago
What was your favorite moment of NBA All-Star Weekend 2019?
Martin Chairez
Martin Chairez - 20 hours ago
get wiz in a episode
Keemo Glenn
Keemo Glenn - Month ago
He need to get beast mode
Supreme Mathematics
Supreme Mathematics - Month ago
Deontae wilder
Olomalu Tausili
Olomalu Tausili - Month ago
Does Kevin know that rugby is 1 million times harder than American football? In American football they wear pads, doesn't American know that in rugby playing countries only women wear pads
Janet Baring
Janet Baring - 2 months ago
+Andre N Pitts Im ok.
Martin Chairez
Martin Chairez - 20 hours ago
get wiz in a episode
Beyond Nboy
Beyond Nboy - Day ago
Ben Simmons looked so uncomfortable
Timon Mulder
Timon Mulder - 2 days ago
When kyle kuzma coming?
Ro Barnes
Ro Barnes - 2 days ago
Omg Ben is taking the piss about cold bath , he should be working on his jumper
toobasaurus23 - 5 days ago
Ben can't manage money. Three luxury cars? All depreciating assets. You a fool!
toobasaurus23 - 5 days ago
AFL players would demolish NFL players any day of the week.
No protection, those guys can jump and take a king hit.
I'm an Australian and I love Ben, but, dude... Get a f***n jump shot!
manuel montoya
manuel montoya - 7 days ago
Kobe be funny
VIPER ZERO - 10 days ago
We need jimmy butler asap!!! It would be too funny!!!
Beast Blake86
Beast Blake86 - 10 days ago
We need Derrick Rose
Vanessa Francois
Vanessa Francois - 10 days ago
Who's here after the sixers lost the semifinals?
Ectxsi - 12 days ago
The first part Kevin acted like my grandma
Param Naik
Param Naik - 13 days ago
thats the half white side 😂😂😂😂
Kevin Alexer
Kevin Alexer - 13 days ago
Can't shoot yet
Ty Westbrook
Ty Westbrook - 15 days ago
Get kawhi leonard
CatEyesKiki - 15 days ago
Kevin's classic sound effects whilst getting into the tub!! LOL 🤭🤭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭😭😭👌🏾
Fred C
Fred C - 18 days ago
This is what he lives for he doesn't care about basketball..... dude just wants to be famous 🤦🏾‍♂️ waste of a talent
Izeahisthe2_yt 2
Izeahisthe2_yt 2 - 18 days ago
Ben-One of the most deadliest snakes in the world.
Kevin-Where was it at?
Ben-Out front.
Kevin-Out front what?
Ben-My house.
Kevin-,and y’all stayed there?!
Had my dying😂
Chilupe Ntwanga
Chilupe Ntwanga - 19 days ago
LeBron James next please
Randy Barrientes
Randy Barrientes - 22 days ago
Kevin Hart Ben Simmons, funny legendary hilarious.
hamdie tanik
hamdie tanik - 22 days ago
Anyone else see kevs robe turning from fart to hart in the first few mins.?
Tucker Rusk
Tucker Rusk - 25 days ago
Get giannis on the show
Aidan Raby
Aidan Raby - 26 days ago
I want Kevin Hart to host Kawhi Leonard.
Jye Hope
Jye Hope - 26 days ago
He bags out afl for the shorts they wear, but the NFL wears tights😂
Yo .uuk
Yo .uuk - 27 days ago
Do la melo
Leon-James Bakirie
Leon-James Bakirie - 27 days ago
Who wants to see the GREEK FREAK on this show?
Drastic Clinton
Drastic Clinton - 29 days ago
Kevin be looking like a God damn midget beside ben😂😂😂
b_whiteman - 29 days ago
So confused then I remebered he was a sixers fan
Youtube-Mysterious - Month ago
Im an aussie yeah ben simmons
Le Dan Theman Playlists
Le Dan Theman Playlists - 24 days ago
taiiye - Month ago
get kahwai or dlo
Future UFC Champ
Future UFC Champ - Month ago
Lmao now we need to get Joel Embiid or Jimmy Butler On here
Alexander Austin
Alexander Austin - Month ago
These are miracles Amen
Allen Clawson
Allen Clawson - Month ago
Get derrick rose or Michael Vick
Haids113 - Month ago
Do more aussies like patty mills
Benjamin Ennis
Benjamin Ennis - Month ago
Aussie all the way
EET FUK - Month ago
Get Devin Booker on
Tongankakarot 66
Tongankakarot 66 - Month ago
At least Kevin can shoot 3s
Supreme Mathematics
Supreme Mathematics - Month ago
Get 50 cent on the show
Yxngmxte - Month ago
Kevin it looks like blood in your water of ice
Filip Grabovac
Filip Grabovac - Month ago
He needs to bring Joel And Embiid on
Crack Nation
Crack Nation - Month ago
Bens arms so damn long , kevin barely moved to dab him up LOLOLOL
ULTRA MEGA ASS - Month ago
Samuel Rowden
Samuel Rowden - Month ago
we want jojo
Milwaukee Bucks
Milwaukee Bucks - Month ago
U need JR smith on the show
mill'swrld - Month ago
That's none of your business🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Epic Savage
Epic Savage - Month ago
Kevin’s nipples look lob sided
Arj Vithiy
Arj Vithiy - Month ago
Suck it Donovan Mitchell, lol
green nuggets
green nuggets - 2 months ago
Ay im a Australia Bens my guy
Zac Man
Zac Man - 2 months ago
Lol Ben goes for the bombers ahahahaha
lil car Crash
lil car Crash - 2 months ago
Anyone else taking a cold bath!!! No.. just me ok......
Nice Boobs
Nice Boobs - 2 months ago
"I'm drowning"😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
nir brown21
nir brown21 - 2 months ago
Get lebron on the show
nir brown21
nir brown21 - 2 months ago
Get lebron on the show
SippingSomeTea - 2 months ago
The height difference tho 😂😂
Nipsey Hussle
Nipsey Hussle - 2 months ago
Performed in some slacks 💀
Le Dan Theman Playlists
Le Dan Theman Playlists - 24 days ago
they weren't having it lol
martravious smith
martravious smith - 2 months ago
You gohdamn swerve It😂📍
Ashawn Savage
Ashawn Savage - 2 months ago
Get Patrick Beverly on here
Dee - 2 months ago
I’m ctfu yo 😩😩😩😩😩
Tarrion Wilkins
Tarrion Wilkins - 2 months ago
Kevin Hart will put Lebron on this show mark my words
Eric Samayoa-Ortiz
Eric Samayoa-Ortiz - 2 months ago
Imagine Marshawn Lynch on this!
Zay Barz
Zay Barz - 2 months ago
This like the first time i seen Kevin go deep in the tub.
Latrell Hassell
Latrell Hassell - 2 months ago
Bam Bam is hands down my favorite on this show
Ryan Wooley
Ryan Wooley - 2 months ago
KD on here please!!
Nicholas Morici
Nicholas Morici - 2 months ago
i live south Philly and i am a huge sixers fan.
Beau Leury
Beau Leury - 2 months ago
Ben why the bombers 🤦🏽‍♂️
king greco
king greco - 2 months ago
Bring Eminem or 50 cent
Alex McMullen
Alex McMullen - 2 months ago
ben simmons faking that american accent af
Ayden Brooks
Ayden Brooks - 2 months ago
That’s what Ben Simmons dropped off in my house in 2K19 a savanna cat?
Great Lover
Great Lover - 2 months ago
Kevin: get... get his arms! 🤣
Buster Dingle
Buster Dingle - 2 months ago
Get blue face on here
Sarah Evans
Sarah Evans - 2 months ago
Those ppl need a raise
Marcus the Darkness
Marcus the Darkness - 2 months ago
I didn't have high expectations for this episode, but it was surprisingly very funny.
Samtimus Prime
Samtimus Prime - 2 months ago
Kendall better not lure Ben out to the Lakers/Clippers
G Dove
G Dove - 2 months ago
Get ROTY Trae Young on this please
Anne Joseph
Anne Joseph - 2 months ago
At the start Kev behavin like that auntie when her favourite nephew come to visit
Linda Reavis
Linda Reavis - 2 months ago
Kevin’s laugh is contagious!!
E'lexis Morgan
E'lexis Morgan - 2 months ago
Idk how they can sit in ice water and not eat the ice I would be munching hard on the ice I swear
aa cc
aa cc - 2 months ago
Ben simmons seems like a really nice person
Doug the Dunker
Doug the Dunker - 2 months ago
😂 8:22 Ben Simmons "F you mate" is the best thing in this video
Karisa Moore
Karisa Moore - 2 months ago
Bambam 😭😭😭😂💕
Freshfromthemob _
Freshfromthemob _ - 2 months ago
“And y’all stayed there?” I felt that one 😂😂
Jalil Woolf
Jalil Woolf - 2 months ago
Jalil Woolf
Jalil Woolf - 2 months ago
Ben Simmons
Ben Simmons - 2 months ago
Go Philly - go #25
Ashley Cooper
Ashley Cooper - 2 months ago
“Cus you thought that was appropriate “ 😂😂
Mirmoney Bryant14
Mirmoney Bryant14 - 2 months ago
LAMALOVA 123 - 2 months ago
Really Essendon
Duke Mcbeth
Duke Mcbeth - 2 months ago
ben is like a freakin giant next to kevin lmao
Standard Gauge Railroader
Standard Gauge Railroader - 2 months ago
Yoooo Kevin, bring Joel Embiid to Cold As Balls!!
solomon aiken
solomon aiken - 2 months ago
John cena
solomon aiken
solomon aiken - 2 months ago
Get my cousin Roddy white on da show
SouthSideChicago - 2 months ago
dude is so awkward lol
2k19 and live 19 Content
2k19 and live 19 Content - 2 months ago
Justin Haws
Justin Haws - 2 months ago
Ben is the fuggin man!! Philly's Finest
cotto miguel
cotto miguel - 2 months ago
He don't sound australian
Baschdi97 - 2 months ago
Kevin bring Lebron James
Poetic Haze
Poetic Haze - 2 months ago
1st purchase- a car
2nd- a car
3rd- a car....
Wth he living in em??? No house??? Isn't that a big purchase...
David De la garza
David De la garza - 2 months ago
Do cold as balls with James harden
Jim Hamberg
Jim Hamberg - 2 months ago
Jim Hamberg
Jim Hamberg - 2 months ago
ThePinkPig - 2 months ago
Who has the best jump shot in this vid ❓
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