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Emma Paige
Emma Paige - Час назад
You can barely hear his accent
JiMmYgUnZ97 - Час назад
Get Joel Embiid on this
Ed's honda si
Ed's honda si - Час назад
He's not my rookie..
Moejoe King
Moejoe King - Час назад
Ben towers over Kevin
Sebastian Zepeda
Sebastian Zepeda - Час назад
dissapointed that he didnt ask about the 3pt shooting lmao
Mika MikaJackson
Mika MikaJackson - Час назад
Cold as balls D rose🤔
Xavier Robalino
Xavier Robalino - Час назад
Bruh nothing ab his shot
Percentsteam5 - Час назад
Been waiting 4 this vid
Mika MikaJackson
Mika MikaJackson - Час назад
I died watching this 😂😂😂😂😂
Regina Rian
Regina Rian - Час назад
I love you both. 🤗😘
creed boy
creed boy - Час назад
Ryan Beihoffer
Ryan Beihoffer - Час назад
Do one with Paul Rabil!!!!
Heck David
Heck David - Час назад
Micheal Blackson and Kevin Hart 🔥
DarkDecoy - Час назад
Ben Simmons voice doesnt match him
D Pandavila
D Pandavila - Час назад
10:09 “ shoot away baby” sorry bens not about that life.
Logan Neugebauer
Logan Neugebauer - Час назад
we need kd on here😂😂
Johns Pizza Shack
Johns Pizza Shack - Час назад
Have kawhi Leonard on and he wouldn’t laugh at all lol
brittany marie
brittany marie - Час назад
This was boring AF...tea
Spooky Shaggy
Spooky Shaggy - Час назад
Who else just watched him play in the all star game
Kohl Moore
Kohl Moore - Час назад
Cold as balls nick foles
Josh Adams
Josh Adams - Час назад
I remember a while back Ben Simmons said he didn’t play NBA 2K. What changed? 🤔🤔 “His rating”
Tariq Lewis
Tariq Lewis - Час назад
No Tinashe questions?
Fabo Fredricks
Fabo Fredricks - Час назад
4:34 this mf could've literally pulled Kev's tub close to him if he wanted to
Memelordbraden - Час назад
It smells so bad in here let me spray some febreze in here 3:39
not matt
not matt - Час назад
Lowry is the real phillys finest
Carmen Harris
Carmen Harris - Час назад
Look at my baby ben Simmons 😍❤
Michael Wright
Michael Wright - Час назад
He said "We want to win a championship so we can see Kev on stage wasted!" lol Ben is lowkey funny.
Officer Zztop
Officer Zztop - Час назад
Best part of the video at 24:59:59
Alex TeeVee
Alex TeeVee - Час назад
Only thing colder than that is bens jumpshot
Shawn Demspter
Shawn Demspter - Час назад
Do a Cold As Balls Episode with Joes Embiid!
Dr. Phil-a- bag-and-flip-it
Dr. Phil-a- bag-and-flip-it - Час назад
We need Nick Foles on here
AJ Welsh
AJ Welsh - Час назад
Kevin Hart looks like a kid next to Ben Simmons.
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt - Час назад
Can he make 3 pt though ?
Frozen Banana Gaming
Frozen Banana Gaming - Час назад
2:23 that’s no joke what happened to me but I sprained it
Reece Wissell
Reece Wissell - Час назад
Also I’m Aussie so Ben Simmons is the best
SixCrimsonScales - Час назад
0:47 Fart
Reece Wissell
Reece Wissell - Час назад
I was watching this video and then when you pulled out your phone I got a tweet about Kevin Hart retweeting this video
AJ Welsh
AJ Welsh - Час назад
Keven Hart got this idea after being on Hot Ones.
Erica Camp
Erica Camp - Час назад
Only here for Bam Bam 💖
Jackson Vest
Jackson Vest - Час назад
Ben is a beast
dan_ryan - Час назад
He ain't sound Australian bro
Ty Wershay
Ty Wershay - Час назад
8:09 pause ben
GI Zoe Sports Radio
GI Zoe Sports Radio - Час назад
"Thats that half white side" lmao
Broke Boyz Revenge
Broke Boyz Revenge - Час назад
How tf did this get more views than Russ video
d chamb
d chamb - Час назад
Stephen a smith
coolmatthew213 - Час назад
When was the last time a Philly sports star was on a youtube show?
king James :/
king James :/ - Час назад
So this is what Ben Simmons is doing on all star weekend 😆
Anthony Fatoohi
Anthony Fatoohi - Час назад
Why don’t they do this with Jack Black
JRT GAKS - 2 часа назад
He's finally all the way in the tub
Prasun Guragain
Prasun Guragain - 2 часа назад
Who else likes comment that says "You are cursed, like to undo" to be safe?
Khumanshu - 2 часа назад
Am I the only one who thinks that "Kevin" is "drunk" in this episode 😂🤣
THE BIG C 5000
THE BIG C 5000 - 2 часа назад
Man! His screen name should be Kevin Fart! 😂
mariachi Walter
mariachi Walter - 2 часа назад
Alv no se inglés
LIL YEE - 2 часа назад
Plz get Jason Tatum who agrees
Casper The Fox
Casper The Fox - 2 часа назад
Don't press readmore...

Asad Abdulkhaliq
Asad Abdulkhaliq - 2 часа назад
SleMith •
SleMith • - 2 часа назад
Do it with Shaq 🤣
Stephen Price
Stephen Price - 2 часа назад
Tom Brady On Cold As Balls
Hakeem Harris
Hakeem Harris - 2 часа назад
Am I the only one who thinks that Ice is fake 🤔😂
123kid73 - 2 часа назад
That head nod at 8:07 😂😂
Zachary Walsh
Zachary Walsh - 2 часа назад
get kawaih on this
Kenny Byler
Kenny Byler - 2 часа назад
Baker Mayfield
The Old Kanye
The Old Kanye - 2 часа назад
Lebron needs to be on here.
Finn Casperson
Finn Casperson - 2 часа назад
You support essendon? Really my guy😂😂Hawthorn’s where it’s at
Kondrez Brown
Kondrez Brown - 2 часа назад
Need lebron james next and dewayne wade and kevin Durant
Brandon B
Brandon B - 2 часа назад
If he said his screen name was Black Hammer I would have died
eloy h
eloy h - 2 часа назад
Jayson Tatum should have been Rookie of the Year
My Tiny Beast
My Tiny Beast - 2 часа назад
LBJ please
Jd Cox
Jd Cox - 2 часа назад
lolololololol I know he a comedian but I'll be dam if I let that pipsqueak mf hit me on the back like that
Tia Michael
Tia Michael - 2 часа назад
Kevin always struggles to get in and look comfortable 😂
tanya.clark.113 - 2 часа назад
He is putty in the Kardashian-Jenner hands! Watch your back Ben, watch....yo....back!
pillsbury doughboy
pillsbury doughboy - 2 часа назад
Are we just gonna ignore the fact that this is the deepest Kevin Hart has been in the tub since episode 1?
BigBodyZ - 2 часа назад
we neeeeeed james harden
LikeJones - 2 часа назад
We want Kelly oubre
Yager - 2 часа назад
It's funny seeing Kevin Hart next to a basketball player 😂
Antaun Hill
Antaun Hill - 2 часа назад
Put Marshawn lynch On The Show
Hafsa Said
Hafsa Said - 2 часа назад
Dang how tall is this guy like jesus Christ kendall is real lucky .....
Jeffrey Grissom
Jeffrey Grissom - 2 часа назад
Put Deadpool on the show
Andrew Ke
Andrew Ke - 2 часа назад
get joel on the show
Anthony Nero
Anthony Nero - 2 часа назад
Why Kevin ain’t talk about his 3 point shooting
Kingbj - 2 часа назад
This is the furthest Kevin has ever gotten in the tub
InFaMOus187NYC - 2 часа назад
Kurt Rambis lmaoooo 😭
Troll King
Troll King - 2 часа назад
I want Kyrie on thia, but I feel like it would be weird.
TC - 2 часа назад
Dang. He is big af and beautiful 😍
Brook G
Brook G - 2 часа назад
I'm dying! 😂🤣
Ricardo Francisco Jacob
Ricardo Francisco Jacob - 2 часа назад
Kevin the opposite of funny... its incredible
Maeji Monteza
Maeji Monteza - 2 часа назад
kalalu koalas :D :D
yo-gurl- riley
yo-gurl- riley - 2 часа назад
Like if Tiffany haddish should be on this show
NJgamer - 2 часа назад
He got blue balls
Jesse Alexander
Jesse Alexander - 2 часа назад
Cold Flame
Cold Flame - 2 часа назад
Lowkey want lamelo on this show because i know he'll be clowning kevin the whole time.
Outdoor Eddie
Outdoor Eddie - 2 часа назад
Why do they use fake ice?
Daniel Guillaume
Daniel Guillaume - 2 часа назад
Please bring Steph !!
Doc - 2 часа назад
Get jimmy butler
Cold Flame
Cold Flame - 2 часа назад
Like for lebron to get on this show
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman - 2 часа назад
#1 on trending
Derrick Mason
Derrick Mason - 2 часа назад
That's the Half white Side !! 💀
Alphamikee - 2 часа назад
Cold as Balls Luka Doncic
NickFoles IsGoat
NickFoles IsGoat - 2 часа назад
Shoulda talked about his jumper
YUNGHENNYPIPEGOD ** - 2 часа назад
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