Season 3 Bloopers - The Good Place (Digital Exclusive)

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pHD77 - 17 hours ago
4:05 gotta love Kristen's "Oh no you didn't"-face 😄
Olive McCabe
Olive McCabe - Day ago
i cant stop picturing sean as kevin -_-

(brooklyn 99 fans anyone??)
jessica straub
jessica straub - 2 days ago
Where was the book Ted lost in the library? Did they find it? I Need to know!!!
Marlow Mellquist
Marlow Mellquist - 4 days ago
fav show
Chaos & Min Joon
Chaos & Min Joon - 4 days ago
Kristen, after kissing D'arcy: You're a really good _kisser!_
D'arcy: You _too!_
Me: This is all gay yet not gay yet gay
George Valentin
George Valentin - 4 days ago
For all the Romanians people 😂 care au văzut si ei acest serial, cât si acest comentariu.
Elizabeth Buckout
Elizabeth Buckout - 6 days ago
Why is good place music sims 4 music
Daniel Evans
Daniel Evans - 6 days ago
"...anyway, here's eight minutes of Gag Reel."
Taylor Kay
Taylor Kay - 8 days ago
Chidi saying "oh hell yeah" after kissing Kirsten is 🔥🔥🔥
Dominique - 8 days ago
I mean... 7:15 look at Jameela Jamil's face lmaoo 😂😂
Ebony Helen
Ebony Helen - 9 days ago
Demonminer - 9 days ago
i swear half of these mess ups by jason are just jason being too good at jason
Remco F. Gerritsen
Remco F. Gerritsen - 11 days ago
I really like Michael (Ted Dawson) the most, he was the reason I started watching.
Z B - 13 days ago
Eleanor: “You’re a really nice kisser”
Janet: “You Too!” 😁 5:50
pixel girl
pixel girl - 13 days ago
Oh _I_ get it! The YouTube comments section - _this_ is the Bad Place!
Castle - 14 days ago
*Does anybody know when episode 10 is gonna air?*
Nienke M.
Nienke M. - 9 days ago
January 2020
Mariana P.
Mariana P. - 15 days ago
Chidi at 5:57 saying "hell yeah" after kissing with Kristen is the sexiest cutiest* thing. 🔥 I would say the same, she's so hot.
Emylisis - 16 days ago
"100 bored crewmembers were either staring into the middle distance or silently texting their families that they would be home late, yet again." as someone who works as crew this is what made me laugh the most lmao
jodie k
jodie k - 16 days ago
“Look, there’s a kangaroo!”
“Woof woof”
treesure !
treesure ! - 17 days ago
i havent finished season 3 but holly forking shirt balls did janet and elionor just kiss!
SugarPixii - 18 days ago
Daniel Raitt
Daniel Raitt - 18 days ago
I'm getting this tattooed
X MAN - 19 days ago
Just do a whole compilation of Eleanor kissing everybody
Julia’s Channel
Julia’s Channel - 19 days ago
Okay but Kevin should get back to holt now
Meena K
Meena K - 22 days ago’s a shirt...when they’re saying shirt...dang it! I meant “shirt”...argh! You know what I mean
Yunjie Zhao
Yunjie Zhao - 23 days ago
Get up
Get hard
Get Cash
Wrong competition
Ethan - 23 days ago
I hardly see Marc Evan Jackson smile on Michael Schur’s shows.
Joe Vu Comedy
Joe Vu Comedy - 26 days ago
the writing on this show is so good that it's been the only time where I've laughed harder at the show than the bloopers.
Dan - 26 days ago
Couldn't help but think Manny's perfectly casted for the role of Jason. His improv is spot on
Joonha Shcal
Joonha Shcal - 27 days ago
I saw Kevin and I clicked the video.
Clare Weitzel
Clare Weitzel - 27 days ago
Jameela at 3:14
Béndek Botond
Béndek Botond - 28 days ago
I saw that in the scene between 3:00 and 3:17 the writing, on the trophies that Jason is holding, is written in Hungarian. I am just curious to know why?
Also the show has many Hungarian references also would like to know why?
Btw great show, I love it. 🇭🇺🇭🇺
vanillall1 - 28 days ago
The Jamaican accent was maybe more racist than cringe.
upthebracket26 - 29 days ago
Kevin? WTF
Maya Tamika
Maya Tamika - 29 days ago
"Chris, Liam, and... who the fork is the other one?"
Sonia B
Sonia B - Month ago
I can only see him as KEVIN not Shawn
FTWGaming - Month ago
Accountant thing sounds like Wheatley from Portal 2.
Mitchell Ries
Mitchell Ries - Month ago
5:51. What is it about girls kissing each other that I find so hot? Every time I see that picture or seen of Kristen kissing D'Arcy, she always gets me a little engorged. Imagine if that was Tahani she was kissing. That would be the best. D'Arcy described it as a little awkward but you could tell she enjoyed it. They both did. I'd laugh if Kristen enjoyed kissing her more than Dax.
Boy, I really need to kiss a girl soon.
Leslie Grossman
Leslie Grossman - Month ago
Omg Leslie looking scared when Kristin said Sh$& is my favorite thing ever
cannoli327 - Month ago
"Oh, look! There's a kangaroo!"
"Woof, woof!"
God I love Jason
anonymous _boi
anonymous _boi - Month ago
Kevin??? Why are you here?
Where is Captain Holt???
Lauren Van Ryck deGroot
Shawn at the beginning is the best part of this video.
Abdel-samad Mohammad
Abdel-samad Mohammad - Month ago
7:16 Tahani killed me
Casey Gallagher Silver
I love evil Kevin
Anis Edits
Anis Edits - Month ago
d’arcy and kristen kissing and then hugging each other? unproblematic gfs👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩
Sam Holder
Sam Holder - Month ago
love bloopers, but why o why are they always packaged like this? bookended with weird, scripted, self-referentiality, and laced with music-supported montages of non-bloopers. Just give us a full cut of hilarious mistakes and reactions.
JayBeh Kay
JayBeh Kay - Month ago
If season 4 does end with Shaun becoming the embodiment of Marc running in like that I’m done
JayBeh Kay
JayBeh Kay - Month ago
I love the background actor who just circles around will and Kristin when she hears will screw up 😂
Megan Ripley
Megan Ripley - Month ago
Manny is such a trooper trying to stay in character when he messes up.
TheOddKris - Month ago
5:44 Ted Danson laugh is so geniune there!
DeezNutz - Month ago
1:33 , That is a good "Michael Scott" accent
Kendra Johnson
Kendra Johnson - Month ago
They should have kept in the ‘get hard’ part.
micaelazz - Month ago
5:50 honestly the best part
Finoshka Rodrigues
Finoshka Rodrigues - Month ago
I actually want to see Eleanor kiss Tahani. They are so forking hot!! ❤🌸
Mr. Male 2007
Mr. Male 2007 - Month ago
It never occurred to me that janet’s and Eleanor’s actors would have to kiss but hearing them say “youre a really good kisser” freaked me out a bit too much
Zachary DeWael
Zachary DeWael - Month ago
4:55 “get up, get hard, get cash”
squishy paws
squishy paws - Month ago
*”OHh hElL yEaH”*
Michael Watkins
Michael Watkins - Month ago
Petition for a spin-off where Shawn and the Judge just sit in a restaurant and insult each other for 20 mins at a time...
wiyafey - Month ago
Askmee2013 - Month ago
Plot twist: the bad place made the show so that they all become incapable to get any more points so even if they fix the system, everyone will still go to to the bad place.
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