Season 3 Bloopers - The Good Place (Digital Exclusive)

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8pagesofalex - 6 hours ago
I am so excited
Héloïse Capaldwi
Héloïse Capaldwi - Day ago
I love them so much
Jung Eunbi
Jung Eunbi - 2 days ago
"oh hey a kangaroo"
"Woof woof"
Thais Da Silva Oliveira
ichimokuryouzen - 3 days ago
No Simone bloopers? :(
pro Sonic
pro Sonic - 3 days ago
0:31 please
sleepynomi - 5 days ago
jameela going 'sh*t f*ck sorry, sorry, SORRY, sorry Sorry, H e lP' what a mood
Jitka Manová
Jitka Manová - 7 days ago
Mark is so good in this show, I laughing hard every scene
Flying Chandelier
Flying Chandelier - 7 days ago
Cant wait for season 4 😆
Giovanna Pedroso
Giovanna Pedroso - 8 days ago
"I'm sked, Elnoor!" killed me
AnnLynnxX - 9 days ago
*_"Oh dip, YOU'RE Donkey Doug!"_*
David Tu
David Tu - 11 days ago
Hehe....I'm waiting for Netflix
Jode G
Jode G - 12 days ago
I like the good place season 1. Season 2 seems to have gone down hill. Seems like they ran out of good material.
Anna Lynn
Anna Lynn - 14 days ago
*just realized that by watching this show, it’s impossible to get into the good place*
Mace Parker
Mace Parker - 14 days ago
7:40 - 7:52 is the best AND hottest part of this gag reel 😂
PJPF - 14 days ago
5:12 Swanson Safe Company.
jennie bergman
jennie bergman - 16 days ago
what song /musicis it? its good
Dorrit - 17 days ago
Del - 17 days ago
“look there’s a kangaroo”
“woof woof”
Sophie Hewlett
Sophie Hewlett - 17 days ago
I would happily watch two hours worth of bloopers
dustyb58 - 17 days ago
I'd ask for a blooper reel on the blooper reel but we all know Marc did it in one take.
SweetAngel8642 - 18 days ago
Can we appreciate the attention to detail on the profanity sensors though?
Ceyda Güzel
Ceyda Güzel - 18 days ago
You are amazing i lovee youuuu and miss you so much 💕
Lily Bennett
Lily Bennett - 18 days ago
Elena_Felicioli - 19 days ago
I just want season 4 to be here tbh
Andrey Nguyen
Andrey Nguyen - 19 days ago
"Get up, get hard, get cash. Wrong competition"
This is hilarious!!!
tremorsfan - 19 days ago
4:50 is a reference to Mary Steenburgen
Otterinmywater - 20 days ago
Kristen Bell and Ted Danson have such great chemistry together ☺️
Jo Smith
Jo Smith - 21 day ago
3:48? 😂
YouTube Fan
YouTube Fan - 21 day ago
When is season 3 coming to Netflix?
Hilary Gonçalves
Hilary Gonçalves - 21 day ago
Aaaaaah que saudade Kqjsejekewi eu amo demaaais
Eric Warren
Eric Warren - 21 day ago
This is great. The only thing is, the forking show is so forking funny, already, that the Gag Reel almost seems tame by comparison. Almost.
caitlin -
caitlin - - 21 day ago
thank you for providing us with visuals on all the shirt we heard about in the podcast
Splox5 - 21 day ago
This video suggests that Manny either: A) Caught that lollipop in his mouth on his first try or B) None of the times he missed were funny enough for the blooper reel. And since B seems far less likely than A, I am both disappointed and impressed.
Grunthos The Flatulent
Grunthos The Flatulent - 21 day ago
The near certain torment that certainly awaits you? Hmmmm
Grunthos The Flatulent
Grunthos The Flatulent - 21 day ago
Wasp nostrils
Spectacular Sceptile
Spectacular Sceptile - 21 day ago
wow i love how Elanor killed the floss!
EllieIsADragon - 21 day ago
omfg 2:18 is killin me
Sophia Castle
Sophia Castle - 21 day ago
4:47 lady: and mr danson don't forget, you're driving
Ted danson: Well- *wiggles the wheel indignantly*
That's how I drive too
Jhjh Bhbh
Jhjh Bhbh - 21 day ago
am i the only one who is deeply confused with eleanor having anna's voice
kijah Hunter
kijah Hunter - 20 days ago
Jhjh Bhbh same actor
Lily Jade
Lily Jade - 21 day ago
Please, my history teacher in HS has called us worse than that, Devil.
mrnobuddy3 - 22 days ago
Ted Danson is god's gift to humanity, but MEJ is a close second.
Joe Fernandez
Joe Fernandez - 22 days ago
The fact that we only get one more season of this brilliance before it ends only proves that we are in fact in the Bad Place.
Nothing Good Starts In A Getaway Car
hmmm... captain holt? what the fork i think kevin is torturing people again
Hayley Stafford
Hayley Stafford - 23 days ago
Arcelis Soto
Arcelis Soto - 23 days ago
Chidis face at 3:04 is priceless 🤣🤣
jakomean - 23 days ago
Maya Rudolph is a national treasure, and at this point so is the rest of this cast
socrappyicoulddie - 23 days ago
Laughed way to hard at the iguana stepping on on Kristen's face
The Dude Abides
The Dude Abides - 23 days ago
Not as good as the Seinfeld outtakes.
Jen Kelley
Jen Kelley - 23 days ago
So sad and so excited for season 4!!!
Lady Coralia
Lady Coralia - 23 days ago
Janet and the Judge are my favourite. Also, technically, the Judge *is* Janet’s mother.
HayHay - 23 days ago
Brooklyn Nine-Nine & Good place Crossover when?
V J - 23 days ago
It is still good but 1st series still best with a …… that is so ……. (non spoiler content), keep with it as it is a fun good place.
Midnight Fandoms
Midnight Fandoms - 23 days ago
i love how tahani swears least in the show but most behind the scenes 😂
Sam Ealy
Sam Ealy - 23 days ago
Jameela swearing a bunch, apologizing, and then going help is me
Gregory Gold
Gregory Gold - 23 days ago
I've never heard of this show. What's it about?
retrotastix - 23 days ago
It's about the afterlife. Eleanor Shellstrop dies and mistakenly ends up in the Good Place (heaven) and has to blend in by trying to become a better person or else she'll end up in the Bad Place (hell).
Galev - 23 days ago
They had Hungraian trophies? huh
Marina K
Marina K - 23 days ago
I forking love this cast
Knona Akumia
Knona Akumia - 23 days ago
You're welcome
nostalgia yo
nostalgia yo - 24 days ago
When does season4 come? ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Yos Ortiz
Yos Ortiz - 24 days ago
Oh wow, I am gonna cry my eyes out when they have the season 4 bloopers
Octodaddy - 24 days ago
The dogs yelling at D'Arcy had me wheezing
Levi Nunya
Levi Nunya - 24 days ago
I like how they cover people’s mouth with the good place version of the curse word they used. That’s some good shirt right there 👕
Andre Bulacan
Andre Bulacan - 24 days ago
YES!! When is it coming to netflix!!
hyperbunny - 24 days ago
The overlay censors of forks, shrimps and shirts are amazing 👌🏼
tampajohn - 24 days ago
Kristen is my next ex-wife. ❤️
Sam Williams
Sam Williams - 24 days ago
When will season 3 be on Netflix?
Shyam - 24 days ago
"woof woof"
mattyguitar22 - 24 days ago
I need to start watching this, it looks funny
Also the guy who says hello is Captain Holt's husband yay
Robert Colontonio
Robert Colontonio - 24 days ago
Nasty little friggin puppies.
Gizmo - 24 days ago
Sooooo true, poor guys behind the scenes texting their spouses letting them know its gonna be another late night. Teds drinking again lol
ᄒᄒ고은 - 24 days ago
i’m so sad the show is ending :( seriously i’ll cry
Minnie - 24 days ago
Vienna banana
Vienna banana - 24 days ago
Ok am I the only one in love with them putting emojis of shirts and forks while they are cussing?
Guilherme - 24 days ago
"Let's get ready to provide an arena for human beings to experience..."
Is that scene on the show?
Jizzle Cizzle
Jizzle Cizzle - 24 days ago
Bleeping 'penis' is peak Hollywood.
David T
David T - 24 days ago
My favorite was the "She sounds just like Mary..."
chocjane08 - 24 days ago
Why can’t this be my job? Hanging out with funny people I like all day and trying to make people laugh. Lucky folks!
MisturBanana - 24 days ago
i cant see season 2 or 3 cause im in sweden. pls help
hans kline
hans kline - 24 days ago
Woof woof!!
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