18 Funny Teacher Pranks On Students! / School Pranks!

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Vicky Astudillo
Vicky Astudillo - 4 hours ago
That is cool!!!
Tindra Frid
Tindra Frid - 9 hours ago
Aida Kheireddine
Aida Kheireddine - 18 hours ago
Hi baby girl who are you
Doreen Sawyer
Doreen Sawyer - 20 hours ago
AquaGiga Leopard
AquaGiga Leopard - Day ago
The answer to the impossible question was 13
GachaSparkle LOL
GachaSparkle LOL - Day ago
instead of making a fake ruler just get a flex ruler
kevin curran
kevin curran - Day ago
Noobeh - Day ago
The chalk prank is weird just eating infront of the students is not nice but so weird and cool for teachers or for people who want to trick people lol
Piggy Genie
Piggy Genie - Day ago
Len Cogdon
Len Cogdon - 2 days ago
I'll eat your programs from maisie
AntonK101710 - 2 days ago
This is not school they’re not kids' or teens' adults
Levi Ortega
Levi Ortega - 2 days ago
Let these people
gerardo carballo
gerardo carballo - 2 days ago
Why are the teacher's pranking instead the students
Horses 4 live!
Horses 4 live! - 2 days ago
Who likes miss smith :P
Sinead Munro
Sinead Munro - 3 days ago
My teacher told me too go to the office to collect a letter when got back he said thanks so I sat down and my bottom got wet because he poured water on my seat lol 😂😂
Andrew Lennon
Andrew Lennon - 3 days ago
Faxee Faxeela
Faxee Faxeela - 3 days ago
I now the drill

Blue wide girl
That is what i only now
Faxee Faxeela
Faxee Faxeela - 3 days ago
I now the drill
Andile Mayisela
Andile Mayisela - 3 days ago
Pubg Boys
Pubg Boys - 3 days ago
I love these tips of videos please make some more
Harlann Burklow
Harlann Burklow - 3 days ago
Here favorite students more like her only students
Ayan Hassan
Ayan Hassan - 3 days ago
Merisse TR
Merisse TR - 3 days ago
I love it
Neld - 3 days ago
Imagine they didn’t clean the glue bottle well😈
ABeliever Macdonaldkdie
👍🏻 ok
Isaiah Gonzalez
Isaiah Gonzalez - 4 days ago
No and never will and do not be rude to teachers
Lilly Cotton
Lilly Cotton - 4 days ago
No a teacher didn’t prank us we pranked her.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Katherine Mitchell-Colozza
Yes my grade two teacher pranked me
Alina Sabau
Alina Sabau - 5 days ago
Wow that’s so exciting. Bbbooooooooooooo👊😡😑😡🥵👿
Alina Sabau
Alina Sabau - 5 days ago
Wow that’s so exciting. Bbbooooooooooooo👊😡😑😡🥵👿
Lacy Anderson
Lacy Anderson - 5 days ago
EVA palacios
EVA palacios - 5 days ago
erold theodore
erold theodore - 6 days ago
Not wily
Andrea Peters
Andrea Peters - 6 days ago
its old people
it Guilianna Zenga
it Guilianna Zenga - 6 days ago
Yuri Collin Pineda
Yuri Collin Pineda - 6 days ago
Eva Calanog
Eva Calanog - 6 days ago
You are eating in class🤫🤭😇
Jody-anne Danne
Jody-anne Danne - 7 days ago
I hate that
Irines Rosario
Irines Rosario - 7 days ago
simon hardman
simon hardman - 7 days ago
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