18 Funny Teacher Pranks On Students! / School Pranks!

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Sunny Sunday
Sunny Sunday - 16 hours ago
If a teacher tells only two students to wart trash bags that’s just mean like if a teacher does that that’s like!!! Idk they should have a talk with the principal or say sorry to the parents for embarrassing their kids.
Abel Stobbs
Abel Stobbs - 23 hours ago
Benjamin Riley
Benjamin Riley - Day ago
5:46 man looks like a nonce
D O R K - 2 days ago
All these teachers would be fired on the spot
Que Qaseh
Que Qaseh - 2 days ago
Bad video
Mustapha MOHAMOUD - 3 days ago
Playstation and I have 885inches on the 9PM in 568inches and to go
Donna Cloud
Donna Cloud - 4 days ago
so cool
Fish Power
Fish Power - 5 days ago
Cause every prank wars starts with someone slipping on a bananan peal.
Maria Vlogz
Maria Vlogz - 5 days ago
What’s a blog and what’s a pipette
Natasha Milanovich
Natasha Milanovich - 6 days ago
Umm... these teachers are way to comfortable
Ravi shanker Sigh
Ravi shanker Sigh - 6 days ago
🖌️➕🖌️ ✖️🎨=11
Lillie Jelly beans
Lillie Jelly beans - 8 days ago
Bullying this is bullying
Shiva gaming
Shiva gaming - 8 days ago
Make hindi video
tikuna tika
tikuna tika - 9 days ago
Excuse me! The real answer is 16!
🖌+🖌+🖌=6 and 🗒+🗒=14 now watch me.🖌+🖌×🖌🗒=36
Theterrible Two
Theterrible Two - 10 days ago
Please give me a like if u love u mum 👍🏻
Monalisa Lisa
Monalisa Lisa - 11 days ago
Our teacher will not do that
Monalisa Lisa
Monalisa Lisa - 11 days ago
Our teacher will not do that
Dude Gigil
Dude Gigil - 11 days ago
DBZ Master
DBZ Master - 11 days ago
is this for autistic people or something
Wilma Germany
Wilma Germany - 11 days ago
No teacher ever prank
A. Me
CC Kelley
CC Kelley - 13 days ago
Why put glitter into your fake glue when the container's label says "CLEAR glue"
Safiyyah Ali
Safiyyah Ali - 13 days ago
Love it
Glazonis X
Glazonis X - 14 days ago
You need help troom troom. Guys these are not ways to prank your students these are ways to get yourself fired!
Glazonis X
Glazonis X - 11 days ago
@Steven Wood Pranking, wow lighting fires inside the school is a prank. Im not going to write anything anymore because I have made my point.
Steven Wood
Steven Wood - 11 days ago
Glazonis X You are so dumb, yes you will get fired but you are still pranking them.
Johnston Steiner
Johnston Steiner - 14 days ago
Ms Elizabeth, we sorry to let you go but the amount of complaint is through the roof: both from students and parents
Johnston Steiner
Johnston Steiner - 14 days ago
I don't know about you guys but when I ask for a tool I like actually need to use it and I won't be happy when I've been pranked
Bendy Brofit
Bendy Brofit - 15 days ago
1:50 just tell them to focus
Theresa Soko
Theresa Soko - 15 days ago
I hate👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎💔💔💔💔💔
Juliet Antonio
Juliet Antonio - 16 days ago
Hahahahahaha earth 🌏 day thats my favorite one ☝️
caleb shipley
caleb shipley - 16 days ago
2:04-2:05 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Burmese Cat
Burmese Cat - 17 days ago
Well, in this video we saw a lot of teens wich will struggle to find a job because of this vandalism.
Zoë Nightshade
Zoë Nightshade - 18 days ago
*How To Get Fired From Your Job 101!*
I like Cats
I like Cats - 11 days ago
How do you write dark
Rayvon Howard
Rayvon Howard - 12 days ago
Yaritza Sanchez
Yaritza Sanchez - 18 days ago
your vidios are stuped
Mar Xia
Mar Xia - 18 days ago
I don't even like to say this but this channel is the worst because of the narrator
Ashley Bowman
Ashley Bowman - 19 days ago
Just testing kids ⌚
Karina Teodora Bejan
Karina Teodora Bejan - 19 days ago
The teacher never pranck me !
Beary Cherry
Beary Cherry - 19 days ago
Why would a teacher have a lighter
Burmese Cat
Burmese Cat - 17 days ago
cuz the teacher is smoking XD
Diane Escasa
Diane Escasa - 19 days ago
If our teacher does'nt notice us, we our going for a party! In short, no class!
Nichola Sansavior
Nichola Sansavior - 19 days ago
No never 🙄
Lisa Hawes
Lisa Hawes - 20 days ago
you make no sins
Afoma Anyaene -Onyeanusi
Afoma Anyaene -Onyeanusi - 20 days ago
Please bring back miss Elizebeth
angelix pers
angelix pers - 20 days ago
Leah Jensen
Leah Jensen - 20 days ago
I just LOVE your vids! :)
tUrTLe p0wEr
tUrTLe p0wEr - 21 day ago
what if she turned too quicky and the fire got her haiir
coolcat23 - 21 day ago
i watch troom troom to fall asleep at night
Dietitian Ny Fahaverezan' Ny Vesatra
hi im early so like this comment
renee joy gamboa
renee joy gamboa - 23 days ago
my students I prank it
Lylah Bestgen
Lylah Bestgen - 23 days ago
I love you 💕😘❤️
Thats not how gravity works
Funny prank! Stab your teachers phone
Adria anida anida
Adria anida anida - 23 days ago
I love all of the videos. And. The. Pranks. Are awesome and so. Much cool👍💯👊✌👌
emmanuella serwah
emmanuella serwah - 22 days ago
Ronnie Felton Jr
Ronnie Felton Jr - 23 days ago
shibli khanom
shibli khanom - 24 days ago
♡ i♡you
Omaria Evans
Omaria Evans - 24 days ago
Yes my teacher pranked me on April fools day
Bartosz Pierzchala
Bartosz Pierzchala - 23 days ago
Not true 😑😑😑😑😑😑
Wytasha Allen
Wytasha Allen - 24 days ago
kamiayah allen i `m a big fan
Noor Hamdouneh
Noor Hamdouneh - 24 days ago
Hi, Lovely Cats! 🐱♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
This channel is from Troom Troom.
From: Crafty Cat
chloe - 24 days ago
Ahmed Matter
Ahmed Matter - 24 days ago
asrar shaliya
asrar shaliya - 25 days ago
Patricia James
Patricia James - 25 days ago
I love you a troom troom💕
Evangelina T.
Evangelina T. - 25 days ago
I feel like these pranks are way to much effort
Jenefer Palomar
Jenefer Palomar - 26 days ago
Shur i love your mom
Lola N13
Lola N13 - 26 days ago
It'S jUsT a PrAnK
Moh’d bin guro
Moh’d bin guro - 27 days ago
Vy day
minu jacob
minu jacob - 27 days ago
i love my mom too
she is the best
Sian Cox
Sian Cox - 25 days ago
Me to
Andrea Manzano
Andrea Manzano - 27 days ago
oh my gosh you are so smart but sadly i can’t do that in school because there are cameras in the classroom so i can’t do those pranks sorry but they are very cool pranks
Aasiya Kashif
Aasiya Kashif - 27 days ago
Do you do this in real life ???
Izzy Dixon
Izzy Dixon - 27 days ago
Angelina Rezk
Angelina Rezk - 27 days ago
Erlinda Laurino
Erlinda Laurino - 28 days ago
Mrs.Smith is so Funny and Kind
Shadow Senpai
Shadow Senpai - 28 days ago
XD as if a teacher would actually slap someone's phone
Roseanne Park
Roseanne Park - 28 days ago
Troom troom go'n get u diabetes from all the sugaar
Laurine Cielos
Laurine Cielos - 29 days ago
My teacher prank me by locking the door then I got stuck outside hahahaah
Afoma Anyaene -Onyeanusi
Afoma Anyaene -Onyeanusi - 20 days ago
Good for you
Louisa Knapp
Louisa Knapp - 29 days ago
So cool ♥️
Baylie C
Baylie C - 29 days ago
Adel Ceniza
Adel Ceniza - 29 days ago
the girls are like what never mind
Abigail_catsgymnastics - 29 days ago
Hi bob
Sam khalid77
Sam khalid77 - 29 days ago
east far
east far - 29 days ago
Thank you
Esely Locklear
Esely Locklear - 29 days ago
MARSHA THACKER - 29 days ago
Or use a cheese stick and cut it
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