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Lauren Robinson
Lauren Robinson - 3 days ago
where did you get your mirrors i need them
Oh Maryam
Oh Maryam - 4 days ago
Hair goals Tati. I wonder if that how we will be in the future. My sisters and I
Raya Olson
Raya Olson - 7 days ago
holy crap girl you and sabrina are so lucky with those cheek bones and anyways you are both so great love you
Brenda Visser
Brenda Visser - 7 days ago
Does tati have like a whole Disney princesses mirror collection or something?
carmen chavez
carmen chavez - 8 days ago
Love these videos!!
Wilde Jakobsen
Wilde Jakobsen - 8 days ago
Where do you guys get your mirrors from?? They are so freakin cute🤠
Ginny Rose
Ginny Rose - 9 days ago
Sabrina went to makeup school...I want to hear some of her tips and tricks, too!
Srabanti melody
Srabanti melody - 11 days ago
You two looks like Twins...😍🥰
Maricela Cads
Maricela Cads - 14 days ago
Silvia Maia Holanda
Silvia Maia Holanda - 15 days ago
I loved it!!
sunshine leah
sunshine leah - 16 days ago
are you guys twins?
Ena Roos
Ena Roos - 16 days ago
it's crazy how much you all look alike 😍
Cassandra Alba
Cassandra Alba - 16 days ago
All her family’s skin is 🤯😍
Demi & Haylee
Demi & Haylee - 16 days ago
Y’all look so much alike and so different at the same time
I only Stan a queen like fei
6:15" here at sm we got it all for you"
Mauris Canaan
Mauris Canaan - 17 days ago
You guys look like twins
vic - 18 days ago
edith mojica
edith mojica - 18 days ago
can you make a video on how you take care of your hair its so healthy !
Amy K
Amy K - 19 days ago
Oh my God I absolutely love your videos with your siblings you are all so beautiful!
Ami unlimited
Ami unlimited - 19 days ago
Tati do her makeup and hairstyling so that she looks exactly like you 💄😂💄💄😍😍😍
sofia amaya
sofia amaya - 19 days ago
wait i’m new. are they twins or do they just look really really alike
Martina Albornoz
Martina Albornoz - 17 days ago
sofia amaya they just look really alike, sabrina has a twin though
McKenna Dyer
McKenna Dyer - 19 days ago
what is up with this family’s cheekbones!!!!!
Mak Angeline
Mak Angeline - 19 days ago
sabrina’s jawline said: “|___|” and i heard it
Monica Potter
Monica Potter - 19 days ago
I love when the sisters come on ! And her mom. How cute is she with the purple?
Alivia Small.
Alivia Small. - 19 days ago
Woah is it just me or does she kinda look like Nancy from weeds
Daniela Silva
Daniela Silva - 19 days ago
I felt that when Tati’s sisters jawline went 🔪
Noah gilbert
Noah gilbert - 19 days ago
In the beginning I was very very confused for a second.
Yee Yee
Yee Yee - 19 days ago
Are they twins?
Monica Hanson
Monica Hanson - 20 days ago
You girls are beautifullllll
Lauren Agnes
Lauren Agnes - 20 days ago
I don’t like the brushed up wild eyebrow trend either.
Amber Jackson
Amber Jackson - 20 days ago
You two are hilarious together!
Kate Ballew
Kate Ballew - 20 days ago
You should do one of your sister’s makeup really badly.. as a prank
aliasMiya - 20 days ago
👏👏👏 now I want to do this withmy my brother 😂
Alaa Atari
Alaa Atari - 20 days ago
Ugh yes that lashes trend looks horrendous!!!
Mezmerized4Life Jay
Mezmerized4Life Jay - 20 days ago
You pranked her with Jaclyn Hill products 🤣
MysteriousMeila Tv
MysteriousMeila Tv - 20 days ago
In the thumbnail I couldn’t tell the difference
Chiara Assalve
Chiara Assalve - 20 days ago
Tati:” omg... I just saw the future”😂😂😂
Tizzy Lizzy
Tizzy Lizzy - 21 day ago
I can hardly tell the difference between you two 😂
Jess Page
Jess Page - 21 day ago
If this is supposed to be bad, I shouldn’t be doing the makeup I do on myself
Orah Soller
Orah Soller - 21 day ago
I’ve gone down memory lane watching this video. Looking back I realised what fun I had doing my makeup with my big sis.
Mia - 21 day ago
she sounds so much like you !!!
Heidi Weller
Heidi Weller - 21 day ago
Tati what shade of Tom Ford Lipstick did you use!? It is so pretty
Brieanna Star
Brieanna Star - 22 days ago
Heather Hernandez
Heather Hernandez - 22 days ago
Turned out beautiful
Kristin Lynn
Kristin Lynn - 22 days ago
I mean is Tati’s entire family just genetically blessed? All naturally gorgeous! And have the same noses!
Roxy and Matilda
Roxy and Matilda - 22 days ago
You gyes are literally 1 person
Agnes Kostet
Agnes Kostet - 23 days ago
Good genes hello!?!?
Chance Devine
Chance Devine - 23 days ago
Do anyone know the drink that Tati have ? I think would be nice to keep some at home
Aanya - 22 days ago
I think it is premier protein
Kims_Quest - 23 days ago
I am dying. I thought I was the only one who fell off top bunk, passed the rail, while sleeping. I hit the floor and went back to sleep. I remember my parents running up my bedroom stairs like, “What happened?” I said, “I guess I fell. Let me sleep!” Lol
Carey Lowther
Carey Lowther - 23 days ago
What are these wellness shots I see you take all the time?!?!
TheONly _ khadi
TheONly _ khadi - 23 days ago
Who else thought tati cloned herself?
Melissa Melissa
Melissa Melissa - 24 days ago
HeyyitzAlyssa - 24 days ago
Omg plot twist, Sabrina went to makeup school and you didn’t?? Also I have a feeling everything’s gonna look great on Sabrina😂
ur mom SKSKSKSKSKSKS - 24 days ago
lol her face made me laugh 9:03 😂🤣
Nelmarie Villegas
Nelmarie Villegas - 24 days ago
Bro they are twins 👯
Fatema Alkamzari
Fatema Alkamzari - 24 days ago
I don't get it?
Ziyantherubyminer Fire
Ziyantherubyminer Fire - 25 days ago
too loud
Nataly Garcia
Nataly Garcia - 25 days ago
Subscribe to my channel! 💓
Riosmonserrat21 - 25 days ago
Omg more videos with Sabrina she’s adorable! Who else agrees Sabrina needs her own YouTube Chanel 😍😭😍😭😍😭
Hbgfub - 25 days ago
Is tati the youngest ?
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