I Made a DEFAULT DEATHRUN in Fortnite Creative!

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JDuth - Month ago
Updated Map with NO CHECKPOINTS HERE: 3326-8735-0779
Faze DefaultBTW
Faze DefaultBTW - 3 hours ago
CheatCodeYT - Day ago
Where are the 100 dollar in prizes
CheatCodeYT - Day ago
I made it
100 subs with no videos challenge
Frick no lol
Jake Talbot
Jake Talbot - 4 days ago
this course is literally impossible and not for defaults at all
With people1v1
With people1v1 - 8 minutes ago
I hate you so much Make more easy stupid
STC_jack - 3 hours ago
I win the death run
Stephanie Gil
Stephanie Gil - 8 hours ago
You made me cry
Helen Ortega
Helen Ortega - 9 hours ago
I played this with my friend and we beat it all
Helen Ortega
Helen Ortega - 9 hours ago
And we touched the llama
Dragon Star
Dragon Star - 11 hours ago
Playing death run while watching πŸ€“
Dicky Delpa
Dicky Delpa - 12 hours ago
I made a really easy dethrun and was wondering if anyone would like to try it and u Judith
luca pellegrino
luca pellegrino - Day ago
I finish
Luis Wagner
Luis Wagner - Day ago
Inplayed it it cool
Stef Bazuin
Stef Bazuin - Day ago
Jordan Dicks
Jordan Dicks - Day ago
DJ Dunford
DJ Dunford - Day ago
Code = 7939-0906-0616. Thank me with a like
Focused Vandan07
Focused Vandan07 - Day ago
How do I get my prize I did it
XsiFlury - Day ago
Well u got 3k likes
AuZZie DrDerpFace
AuZZie DrDerpFace - 2 days ago
Who else high 5 the screen
Oisin Quigley
Oisin Quigley - 2 days ago
I hate ur corse
Jimbo - 2 days ago
This is not easy, he lied, I tried it and it was literally dumb and I wanted to kmsπŸ˜”
Fiskarnas ArmΓ©
Fiskarnas ArmΓ© - 2 days ago
Your are a ass hole
gigitv 2910
gigitv 2910 - 2 days ago
You are shit
XxGachaCatxX - 2 days ago
I couldn’t get past level 8
Lucas Bennettpulu
Lucas Bennettpulu - 3 days ago
Lucas Bennettpulu
Lucas Bennettpulu - 3 days ago
Lucas Bennettpulu
Lucas Bennettpulu - 3 days ago
BL4K3 - 3 days ago
What the song called
Toxic Toes
Toxic Toes - 3 days ago
Ur fucking mental
A Hussain
A Hussain - 3 days ago
How u do the glitch
mr bhavzz
mr bhavzz - 3 days ago
I rage quit this map
Mx Assassin
Mx Assassin - 3 days ago
Whats the background music named
Eric Kell
Eric Kell - 3 days ago
Surcharge up Judith deathlike beat and it’s by Erickell
Tyren Brabson
Tyren Brabson - 4 days ago
Your lieing you said easy but it was not
GuyWithAMintStuckInHisThroat 69
Hey I beat the first one what do I do
GuyWithAMintStuckInHisThroat 69
Pls help
Kaiden Cummings
Kaiden Cummings - 4 days ago
I bet the super easy deathrun 1.0
Arham Syed Time
Arham Syed Time - 4 days ago
Vortex - 4 days ago
Liam Brister
Liam Brister - 4 days ago
Stop being a cizzorz wannabe with your death runs 😑🀬🀬
alfie manachine
alfie manachine - 4 days ago
It's 22:43 where I live so may I have my prizes
alfie manachine
alfie manachine - 4 days ago
I've completed the course at 22:39
Zyco killer
Zyco killer - 4 days ago
I beat the 100 level default run im going to make a youtube video so you can see me beat it
Jacqueline Herschbach
Jacqueline Herschbach - 4 days ago
I played it and it is garbage
Unfazed Elf
Unfazed Elf - 4 days ago
I hate you Jduth
Markkai! - 4 days ago
Only people who remember 5’7 white boy dunks can like this
ttv_exotix - 4 days ago
Your death run is soooooo hard 😩
XxGachaCatxX - 4 days ago
I’ve never been able to do a death run before thank you
Nitro Nick
Nitro Nick - 4 days ago
The one when there are two traps and you have to jump over is broken
Drop ZONE - 4 days ago
This shit made me break my tv and controller and I finish fuzzies death run
Fodi_ Gamer
Fodi_ Gamer - 4 days ago
I finished the parkour I want $ 100
Quantum Venom
Quantum Venom - 21 hour ago
he said no
michael sutter
michael sutter - 4 days ago
Where's your mom
antel 06
antel 06 - 4 days ago
You stupid guy ure map is so shitie your bastardart go to die
Wylx shine
Wylx shine - 4 days ago
Do another one
Maybe Corey
Maybe Corey - 4 days ago
FΓ‘bio Silva
FΓ‘bio Silva - 4 days ago
I won how do I claim the money????
Taylan -
Taylan - - 4 days ago
jay_ YT
jay_ YT - 4 days ago
I finished the death run in 2h
Jackfortnite God
Jackfortnite God - 4 days ago
I completed it bro it’s a really good map can I please have my 100 dollars thx
Itz Mortality
Itz Mortality - 4 days ago
i have done it but it brought me back to the start tho so i missed to got a picture and ermm i took 1 hour hope i win
yellowpanda gaming
yellowpanda gaming - 4 days ago
But how do I win the 100 dollars in prizes
Nick's schnitzel
Nick's schnitzel - 4 days ago
Ahmad daad
Ahmad daad - 4 days ago
Or 5$
Ahmad daad
Ahmad daad - 4 days ago
Give 50$ or 20$
Ahmad daad
Ahmad daad - 4 days ago
This is not fear ):
Ahmad daad
Ahmad daad - 4 days ago
I wanna get my 100$ because i won
HTA Foi Choo
HTA Foi Choo - 4 days ago
Your death run is amazing
toxic god
toxic god - 4 days ago
I finished
THAT_0DD_GUY - 4 days ago
How can I get my money
Jonathan Carpenter
Jonathan Carpenter - 4 days ago
I finished his new mapπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺ
Harry K
Harry K - 5 days ago
Make another map please
Collin Rodrigues
Collin Rodrigues - 5 days ago
The inpollse level was hard so i hive your parkarπŸ‘Ž so you are calling me a bot
KickerPlays YT
KickerPlays YT - 5 days ago
You doodoo kid
JordanBell Gaming
JordanBell Gaming - 5 days ago
Death run sucks ass
David Pranevicius
David Pranevicius - 5 days ago
Your map is bad lol
Ninja 2.0
Ninja 2.0 - 5 days ago
Kut mens kanker kak stront
Joel Alex Krise
Joel Alex Krise - 5 days ago
Your default deathrun is for pros
ADS315 /gaming
ADS315 /gaming - 6 days ago
Oh yea I'm going to do this death run for one of my video
Matthew L
Matthew L - 6 days ago
Eddie gillilan
Eddie gillilan - 6 days ago
I did it
OwlKadabra 321
OwlKadabra 321 - 6 days ago
This deathrun is so hard you liar
Odalis Ovalles
Odalis Ovalles - 6 days ago
It’s too hard
Timothyaka cake130tame
Timothyaka cake130tame - 6 days ago
I just completed ur 100 default level death run for $100 in prizes. So what does this mean? I don’t want the money I just wanna say I completed it
HMMM Kirby
HMMM Kirby - 6 days ago
In the code it says 0616 and that’s my friends birthday but my birthday is 0615
Mix Mocs Matt
Mix Mocs Matt - 6 days ago
Brennan Stewart
Brennan Stewart - 6 days ago
HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
L1lla G4mern
L1lla G4mern - 6 days ago
you need to build some roofs and higher walls. I fly out and needed to nrestart yhe game. please fix this!
trajan ruesch
trajan ruesch - 6 days ago
i beat the whole deathrun
lets go
this is how much money you will win from the next deathrun you play
trajan ruesch
trajan ruesch - 6 days ago
i hop i get likes
Dylan Cantrell
Dylan Cantrell - 6 days ago
I played you map just now
dark hound
dark hound - 6 days ago
Its not default u dipshit
TacoBird76 - 7 days ago
This is not EZ
Nick Eh 30
Nick Eh 30 - 7 days ago
So bad
Veylon - 7 days ago
Anyone can help me grow my channel pls
paulieallen1 - 8 days ago
Someonee06 - 8 days ago
This supposed to be to default !!

I can not do this
ItsMe Super
ItsMe Super - 8 days ago
I did it
Beau Perkins
Beau Perkins - 8 days ago
morgan_clarke - 9 days ago
This is not easy
jamie monkeygamer
jamie monkeygamer - 9 days ago
Linards Pinnis
Linards Pinnis - 9 days ago
Finaly somethink for me
Taran Raj
Taran Raj - 9 days ago
how did you publish the island
Fornite Gang
Fornite Gang - 10 days ago
Sure super easy deathrun I tried it out I'll cut even past the second level more like cizzorz deathrun
Luis Alvarado
Luis Alvarado - 10 days ago
At 4:45 I never beat can u plz make it easier because it's impossible and I never made it
Legend Time
Legend Time - 10 days ago
Just an FYI I was eating a banana while watching this
Xander Geesman
Xander Geesman - 10 days ago
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