So I Played The Very First Build Of Yandere Simulator...(OH MAN)

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Jay! u actually did your first vid from Yandere Sim 6 days before my Birthday~!
Ayano Aishi
Ayano Aishi - 6 hours ago
Hi Jay :)
Anime ayano yandere sim
Anime ayano yandere sim - 13 hours ago
Welp i sucribed to you in 2018😂
Nathally Morada
Nathally Morada - 15 hours ago
Oh Bro that's hard work
Samuel Blades
Samuel Blades - 20 hours ago
Did anyone catch that Black Sun symbol at the start, who's @plaape? What's with that?
Dog Lover
Dog Lover - 20 hours ago
Am I the one who forgot that the senpai shrine was even a thing after all these years?
TheLegend Gamer
TheLegend Gamer - 20 hours ago
I think the first yandere simulator video is......
its_crystal lake
its_crystal lake - Day ago
how do you write in the book in the easter egg life note pls answer
amira hamdan
amira hamdan - Day ago
Hey jay can you snatch to of students in the same day??
Quesly Ruiz
Quesly Ruiz - Day ago
I was done seeing the first vid that you did in yandere sim. It was funny
Slaty marshmellow
Slaty marshmellow - Day ago
If you kill the bully’s then post something about anyone will the bully’s still comment on the post???
~3~ oh well
HELENA - Day ago
My birthday is May 8 😂
Octoling Stuff
Octoling Stuff - Day ago
you made that vid on my 5th birthday
Scaena Nigra
Scaena Nigra - Day ago
Man, I miss when YanSim actually had a future and wasn't just about making money.
Celine Thomas
Celine Thomas - Day ago
Ya th era
Luna Grey
Luna Grey - Day ago
The throwbaaaack
Unicorn Panda
Unicorn Panda - 2 days ago
Wait didn't info chan used to walk around the school with green spiral eyes
Jezabel Lopez-Pedroza
Jezabel Lopez-Pedroza - 2 days ago
Can you please play school simulator.PLEASE!!!!!
deadwith baguetteat-3-am
2:28 Look at the teacher -OOO SHE THICCCC!-
SkyDiamond_ gamer
SkyDiamond_ gamer - 2 days ago
Emi - 2 days ago
Oh my goodness!! I remember first watching you back in 2015 because of Yandere Simulation and seeing these clips brought me back...Keep up the great work Jay!
Bryce Sneed do Morphin afro play
Dank memes dabs on you
Ur Mom
Ur Mom - 3 days ago
He uploaded his first video on my birthday

Raul Dela Cruz
Raul Dela Cruz - 22 hours ago
Happy late B- day!
Famous TV
Famous TV - 3 days ago
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Gaming Glitter
Gaming Glitter - 3 days ago
1. Wait Till Lunch
2. Get The Headache Poison And Poison Someone
3. Get The Syringe And Trankquilizer
4. Make Someone Go Asleep In The Room In The Gym
5. Wait Till Classtime
6. Go And Bury The Body In The Gardening Club
What Will The Police Say?
Things Needed: Join The Gardening Club Before You Do Everything
Ayden Simpson
Ayden Simpson - 3 days ago
That video was running 0.1 fbs
Kaneshah Grandberry
Kaneshah Grandberry - 4 days ago
Lol you don't know how to brnesx
Stacy Timp
Stacy Timp - 4 days ago
I know its been a while since u did the myths but i was always wondering......... What happens when u get an end screen and u click SNAP what happens next?
Annmarie Mc
Annmarie Mc - 4 days ago
You posted your first vid on my birthday but idc
Anna Burandt
Anna Burandt - 4 days ago
I have birthday soon
Midnight Wolfie ùwú
Midnight Wolfie ùwú - 4 days ago
Kubz scouts was the guy that got me into yandere simulator
HH33LL0 YT - 4 days ago
EvPlayzFBR Hutton
EvPlayzFBR Hutton - 4 days ago
I got a perfect timing he pressed the quit option a software thing came up
Where is LaMb SaUcE?
Where is LaMb SaUcE? - 4 days ago
10:49 is that Zen from Mystic Messenger in female and emo version? XD
HorrorTale Toriel Dreemurr
Oh my god, I remember I thought this was cool when watching you glitch the vending machine by the gym! IT'S ALL COMING BACK, HAHA!
Nicole Lam
Nicole Lam - 5 days ago
i have a neww idea 1 wait tell purple chan goes to the bathroom 2 turn off the lights 3 pour water on her and you'll see what will happen
Glaze {•læzį •}
Glaze {•læzį •} - 5 days ago
Its 9:35 and my battery is at 35%..
X-RHODEN-X - 5 days ago
I kind of miss the old classroom floor textures.

It'd be nice if there was an option to add those back in.
Riley Speedy
Riley Speedy - 5 days ago
I'm so proud of how Yandere Dev improved, and who knows when he'll stop updating?! I love your game Yandere Dev! ♡
Simple Kid
Simple Kid - 5 days ago
This is a random comment.

Keep scrolling :)
Jana Jovanovic
Jana Jovanovic - 5 days ago
Mey secend 7.19....😮😮😮
Padraig O'Farrell
Padraig O'Farrell - 5 days ago
hey jay
i was wondering if yandery chan was able to get bullied thats all
hope u have a great day
Stephanie _Playz
Stephanie _Playz - 5 days ago
I have an idea.
1.wait untill the student council come to Info chan's room.
2.Get close to her, she will Push you In her room
3.Take a piscture with Info Chan
4.Send it to her and see what Will she say
Jaylin Duarte
Jaylin Duarte - 5 days ago
4:16 my bday ;))
Otter Butter
Otter Butter - 5 days ago
Im 10 and i know what a Anime😂
Sushi Kat
Sushi Kat - 5 days ago
I have something you could do in yandere sim!
1) kill someone with any weapon.
2) clean your self and get rid of the weapon.
3) leave one limb there.
What is everyone’s reaction
Olalo cababo
Olalo cababo - 5 days ago
I have a myth
1) Kill a student
2) Make one of the student council members see the corpse
3) hide the body
4) Don’t let the teacher see the body
5) Congrats the student council member is now depressed
Dexpresso Gun
Dexpresso Gun - 5 days ago
school corridor and I was born in the same Day
Jule Rolka
Jule Rolka - 5 days ago
♡♡♡ 😍😇😽👍👍👍👍👍👍💜
Cornelius Fitzgerald
Cornelius Fitzgerald - 5 days ago
Ok jay i have one
What happends if you gossip with someone about themselves?
ᄌŠåšhåMĕøw - 5 days ago
Omg ur first vid was on my bday!
Emily Swanson
Emily Swanson - 6 days ago
Roses are red violets are blue thank you God for giving us that dude😎
Lyndsey Lamb
Lyndsey Lamb - 6 days ago
He used the word "Nudity"
It sounds like a name of a wrestler.
Eclipse The Twilight Fury
Ee sh
skater noobs
skater noobs - 6 days ago
Jay I got a myth. Can the teacher still apprehend you in Ebola mode?
Captain Moz
Captain Moz - 6 days ago
Leah - 6 days ago
Guys. I just freaking found out how to watch videos without adds. Just skip the adds by skipping through the video then just watch the video from beginning to end with no adds c:
• Cream And Flare•
• Cream And Flare• - 7 days ago
Jay: Yan- dE- re? Yandere? *tries to pronounce* Oh, I really don’t know, forget it.
AyyyItz Kiwi
AyyyItz Kiwi - 7 days ago
*Hacking 100*
Potatoe Gurl
Potatoe Gurl - 7 days ago
10:20 - 10:22 dont know why but it made me laugh 🤣😂 Also keep pressing 10:22 its also funny XD 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😆😆😆😁😁😁😊😊😊
edgy kiddos
edgy kiddos - Day ago
Aki - 7 days ago
Which build was the one with the Persona 3 music? I remember it being in the game but I don't remember when it was.
khant oke soe san
khant oke soe san - 7 days ago
worst to best
Matashi NeKoru
Matashi NeKoru - 7 days ago
So jay. Can ya make 2 students kill each other?
Oh yeah yeah
Oh yeah yeah - 7 days ago
what if you take a selfie save it and show to bullied girl?Will she kill you?
OR try to?
Bunnytelle 9
Bunnytelle 9 - 7 days ago
(Watching at night) *L A U G H I N G T R Y I N G T O K E E P Q U I T E*
ronda kviesone
ronda kviesone - 7 days ago
hey i tink it whot work
1.go in play Time mode
2.take eny mode
3.can you kill Play Time
sorry fore spelling wrong
Kittinia Fantasiia YT
Kittinia Fantasiia YT - 7 days ago
Jay, theres a new easter egg that when you go near someone it will suck the person into you.... BECAUSE UR LIKE A BLACK HOLE
Princess ziva
Princess ziva - 7 days ago
There's new Easter eggs on menu 👌
i̥ͦd̥ͦi̥ͦo̥ͦt̥ͦ D̥ͦe̥ͦg̥ͦḁͦs̥ͦ
5:42 stay out of the house
jxh_well _
jxh_well _ - 7 days ago
His first yandere video was on my birthday. Odd.
Victorine Harrington
Victorine Harrington - 8 days ago
Hey I have an idea!!!
1.) Take the key-card from ghe teachers lounge thingy 🙂
2.) Put a weapon, not a something a student can pick up, inside the metal detector
3.) Have a student tell the teacher
4.) If the teacher doesnt have the card, will they get peppa sprayed or no?
(Do they have personal I.D's???)
5.) You're THAT dude!!!
Kristen Boyer
Kristen Boyer - 8 days ago
It was on my birthday
Cappuccino .C
Cappuccino .C - 8 days ago
I have one:
1. become flame demon
2. Get the smiling student council member to push through the wall of Info chan's room
3. try to burn info chan alive
Will it work?
Thismemeisdead - 8 days ago
Jackie Luhman
Jackie Luhman - 8 days ago
What does the end screen say when you kill senpai? Will it say,”The police find the body of Senpai” or something different?
Twilight Gacha
Twilight Gacha - 8 days ago
Okay the next time you play the good builds I have something for you to try.
1. Kill a random student
2. Don’t get rid of anything except the blood on your uniform
3.kill another student and get rid of every thing but blood on your uniform
4.end the day
Will you still get arrested for killing the first student you killed. By the way YOU’RE THAT DUDE
Famous TV
Famous TV - 9 days ago
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Peyton Murphy
Peyton Murphy - 9 days ago
2:27 DAYUM that teacher looking nice
KitKat_ dweeb
KitKat_ dweeb - 9 days ago
Could u get two end screens like heart broken or apprehended something like that
NyaKittenKatYT - 9 days ago
May 2nd is my birthday
Thor Gustav Eriksen
Thor Gustav Eriksen - 9 days ago
THAT DUDE JAY PLEASE DO THIS PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE the girl that u can kidnapp and record in basement here how go step1: put a mineslave to kill her step 2: trank the girl that u can record step 3: put her in the black box|will the mineslave kill her in the box oh and fast forward time i beg u do this
Mohammad Eskandari
Mohammad Eskandari - 9 days ago
Jay:oh no! No new easter eggs!
Jay:its rewind time!
Maya Phillips
Maya Phillips - 9 days ago
If you put a mask on and laugh near senpai do you get a game over?
Jack Smith
Jack Smith - 9 days ago
i got a myth if you use a easter egg and kill some one in the pool will water splash or just do nothing?
- s a r a h b -
- s a r a h b - - 9 days ago
jay indirectly admitting to a hand fetish for a full 30 seconds
Lizeth Aquino
Lizeth Aquino - 10 days ago
Wait, you said your 1st video was 5:49 minutes long....WHY DOES MY SCREEN SHOW 5:50??!!?!??
Famous TV
Famous TV - 10 days ago
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Amelia GODDESS - 10 days ago
Here's a challenge
KILL EVERY STUDENT EXCEPT senpai, student council, teachers or delinquents
Doctor Wither
Doctor Wither - 10 days ago
Jay I have a myth (Maybe you had already done it idk)

1.Kill Senpai with one of your easter eggs
2.Wait until week ends.
3.Will the rival still befriend Senpai in Friday?
so no one's laughing abt this? 10:20
Yami Cake
Yami Cake - 10 days ago
A small challenge I came up with:
1. Look away and change Yandere-chan's hairtsyles from the debug menu. Press the hutton repeatedly a few times
2. When you stop pressing the button look at the screen and see which random hairstyle Yandere-chan has
3. Proceed to kill all students and teachers with the same hair colour as the hairtsyle Ayano has
4. To make it kore interesting please write down all the killing methods we know and use a dice or a coin to decide which one to use. (it will be more interesting with a dice / or phone app dice).
5.Kill the students from step 3 in a different way each time
6. Do not talk to any students to lure them far away. Also do not get caught.
7. Good luck. You are That Dude!
Perla Martinez
Perla Martinez - 10 days ago
“Stay out the house”💀
Angel Navarro
Angel Navarro - 10 days ago
Pls do mine I have one!
So you know kokana and her bf when kokana gonna eat her sushi or whatever she eats when she goes by the tree and says something about Senpai and love. Take a pic of her stalking senpai and riku if you could
MariAna ZelAma
MariAna ZelAma - 11 days ago
Try this glitch when kokona takes her calls drop weights on her and kidnap her how will senpai react to her killing someone
Nephrite Thegem
Nephrite Thegem - 11 days ago
Jay, your THAT DUDE! ((I love your vids!))
Katie Pinchen
Katie Pinchen - 11 days ago
JAY heres a myth
1 get the cameras in the school
2 kill someone dispose of the weapon and clothes leave the body
3 get a new weapon and show it to the camera
Will it incimanate you because you had a weapon?
Xxjameshughes xX
Xxjameshughes xX - 11 days ago
Well I haves u challenge
1. Kill 2 random people
2. Get the blood from the gardening club and drag 1 people
3. Pour blood on Kokona
4. Get the dead body near the people where kokona is
Will the students notice her? Notice me Lol XD
Rosełła - 11 days ago
May 2nd? owo
Jayda Armijo
Jayda Armijo - 11 days ago
HEY JAY!!!!!!!! I got one
1.kill a student council member
2.go to the next day
3.spawn a mind slave
4.give mind slave orders to kill midori when she is on the roof
5.QUESTION:Will mind slave pass the detectors or will she get pepper sprayed??
ps.........ik that you know this but I'm saying it ,YOU'RE THAT DUDE!!!!!
Famous TV
Famous TV - 11 days ago
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