4 True Creepy Gas Station Horror Stories

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Nathalie Elesia - 4 months ago
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Nathalie Elesia
Nathalie Elesia - 4 months ago
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David Frehlini - 3 months ago
Mr. Haunted. Ciao from Palermo Sicily. Have you ever heard of the Goat Man? Or how about the Lady Ghost of Santa Helena Cemetery in Bagheria? I live right down the Street from Santa Helena Cemetery. Oh. And there is also a story of the Goat Man of Corleone. ( Il Capra Uomo di Corleone Sicilia ). The Goat Man of Corleone Sicily.
Loretta - 3 months ago
Maybe get a vehicle with better gas mileage then?
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Siteseer2 - 4 months ago
Ok so this is more of a dream i had than a story so....
My sister,babysitter and i where talking in our hallway and for some reason the bathroom lights wouldn’t turn on so for some reason i started yelling at an American girl doll i had and its eye started moving then an arm then then the other arm then it stood up and looked at me and my sister ( and for some reason my baby sister was not there) and it started walking to us. So as a normal person would do we ran as fast as we could to the door and we opened it and there it was.... the mailman. So we told him what happened and that we couldn’t find our babysitter and a creepy doll was after us and he just left. So we ran down the block and the doll was RIGHT behind us and my sister was SO scared and so we ran to a subway and sat down at a chair and for some reason there was a table ( don’t saying anything it was a dream) and i think we were watching some sort on movie because in movie was happening to us in my dream so in the movie the doll (how do i say this) kind zaps the boy’s leg and that what happened to me. So i think i was the boy and my sister was a girl so I believe i was stepping on the doll because i got zapped to. And then i woke up sweating and a weird vibrating feeling in my leg were i got zapped in my dream, and i didn’t go back to bed that night.
THE END ( oh, and this was a dream i had witch i call the “AMERICAN GIRL DOLL”
Raymond J Blaze
Raymond J Blaze - 4 months ago
Good stories!!!! Deep voice, cool accent and an amazing narration. I hope these pyschos get arrested. These evil psychos are a danger to society
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Isaac Anderson - 4 months ago
looks like u and ur channel are doing well mr.haunted keep up the awesome content and uploads :)
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EPIC stories. AWESOME job
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Dingle Berry - 4 months ago
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Mr. Haunted
Mr. Haunted - 4 months ago
Dingle Berry yes. It certainly would! :)
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Ken Hollis - 4 months ago
You're really great at adapting your voice to what you're reading.
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York Desmond Edison - 4 months ago
Creepy stories !😨
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4 great🎖🏅🥇🏆 stories!!
Mr. Haunted
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Patrik Diaz Sima thank you!!!
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Mahadev Tarigopula
Mahadev Tarigopula - 4 months ago
Get any Chucky Horror stories is your inbox? Just asking.
Mr. Haunted
Mr. Haunted - 4 months ago
Mahadev Tarigopula coming soon!
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David Sallade - 4 months ago
Excellent! Nice job narrating
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Karla Kirkpatrick - 4 months ago
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JaQuille Sanders - 4 months ago
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Love these stories bro
Mr. Haunted
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JaQuille Sanders thanks dude!
Perforator - 4 months ago
Mr. Random
Mr. Random - 4 months ago
I loved them, also it was perfect cuz I just came from a party. So I could just go to sleep with ya great story’s!
Mr. Haunted
Mr. Haunted - 4 months ago
Mr. Random thank you!
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L Omar - 4 months ago
Nice video
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Thanks Mr haunted your stories are the best me and my son look forward to listening to them before bed keep up the awesome work !!
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Quocthai Nguyen
Quocthai Nguyen - 4 months ago
I walk to the gas station just for the food (qt)
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Aaron Luttrell - 4 months ago
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Lord Sunking - 4 months ago
"Welcome back Mr Haunted" how was your fourth of July Weekend' awesome video' i like it another great killer story:) keep up the good work and have an amazing day'
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Lord Sunking 4th of July was great!
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Yaboi JJS - 4 months ago
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Mr. Haunted
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codyful! squirrel! 96! Anytime!
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Watching this while eating a warm meal, yet I’m still getting chills from these stories
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Once it’s nighttime here in the Bay Area your boi gonna watch the full thing
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Best creepy pasta youtuber ever
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Mr. Haunted
Mr. Haunted - 4 months ago
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Creepy Clown Girl - 4 months ago
These stories were creepy and scary, I enjoyed them and well done.
Creepy Clown Girl
Creepy Clown Girl - 4 months ago
@Mr. Haunted your welcome Haunted 😊
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Mr. Haunted - 4 months ago
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I am ZIM!!
I am ZIM!! - 4 months ago
you and Mr nightmare should do a collab sometime
I am ZIM!!
I am ZIM!! - 4 months ago
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Mr. Haunted
Mr. Haunted - 4 months ago
Benjamin Baka maybe one day ;)
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Hell yeah!
Maia Jones
Maia Jones - 4 months ago
The women in the 3rd story sounds like a meth head and a whore.
Nightmare Files
Nightmare Files - 4 months ago
Congrats. Your channel is doing well.
Mr. Haunted
Mr. Haunted - 4 months ago
Nightmare Files thanks brother!
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Panda Blaze 👍👊
jonathan aguilar
jonathan aguilar - 4 months ago
I'm waiting til dark to watch this
P.S. can you do scary high school stalker stories?
Mr. Haunted
Mr. Haunted - 4 months ago
jonathan aguilar I will definitely work on that!
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Mr Mysteriousgamer101 - 4 months ago
You deserve more subs
Maia Jones
Maia Jones - 4 months ago
Mace,pepper spray and a swiss army knife are really good tools to have.
Mr. Haunted
Mr. Haunted - 4 months ago
Maia Jones very true
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Yogi Jorgovanka - 4 months ago
Jordan Roby
Jordan Roby - 4 months ago
You tell great stories
Maia Jones
Maia Jones - 4 months ago
How about scary funeral home stories.
Mr. Haunted
Mr. Haunted - 4 months ago
Maia Jones sounds good!
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Smashbrawlgamer 456 - 4 months ago
This is why don’t work the night shift
Maia Jones
Maia Jones - 4 months ago
You would if you had no choice.
Wølfina Pawz
Wølfina Pawz - 4 months ago
Perfect! I needed this, thanks so much for this video 💖
Mr. Haunted
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Wølfina Pawz anytime :)
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