Strongest Men VS Strongest Fish

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Russell Anderson
Russell Anderson - Month ago
I watch all kinda things here on youtube and rarely share anything but going to share this one LOL
Enjoyed your video and gave it a Thumbs Up
adek tian dan daffa ara
adek tian dan daffa ara - 11 days ago
Elegant Libya
Elegant Libya - 11 days ago
سهيل الع
เป้ อิกึ
เป้ อิกึ - 12 days ago
Derek Döring
Derek Döring - 4 hours ago
Wie schwer war der Fisch
Machine GunDavid
Machine GunDavid - 5 hours ago
thats intresting ! number1 and number 2 strong man has same fish :'D
kadian genas
kadian genas - 14 hours ago
That was hard
Angela Silva
Angela Silva - 14 hours ago
Moharramil Darih
Moharramil Darih - 15 hours ago
that's was awesome 😍
اسماعيل الحدي
اسماعيل الحدي - 17 hours ago
في قمه الروعه
HorrorMaster - 18 hours ago
Badass !!
fish hunting
fish hunting - Day ago
3 strong man. and 1 strong fish woww..
ByGabriel :3
ByGabriel :3 - Day ago
Like si ese hombre está mamadisimo
Hands - Day ago
How about a sperm whale?
Hongly Solo
Hongly Solo - Day ago
Nice videos
Nhung Nguyen
Nhung Nguyen - Day ago
ok nô
Samuel Neuin
Samuel Neuin - Day ago
I'd like to see how WSM competitors Brian Shaw, Eddie Hall and Robert Oberst handle those fish. Classic beasts vs. giants battles
elie stark
elie stark - Day ago
This is awesome. Looks so much fun. Was smiling and laughing the whole time. 😃
Tamarra Smith
Tamarra Smith - Day ago
Second dude went from sweet to demonic in 2.2 secs lol
ender Lopez
ender Lopez - Day ago
Holi udbuhnug2ñosjjw
Impress Arish33
Impress Arish33 - Day ago
Green shirt handsome boy only like here
DucRider - Day ago
Saw the ads. Clicked off..
K1ll3rfr3ak1 - Day ago
I Literally Felt Like My Monitor Was Sucking Me In Just Watching This.
soares. jorge
soares. jorge - Day ago
10:19 viadage da porra, o cara segurando por trás, sai pra lá baitola
nezzツ - 2 days ago
The strongest man in the wordl is Mariusz Pudzianowski liar robocop
Hakim Mutshail
Hakim Mutshail - 2 days ago
It was the graetest video
Hakim Mutshail
Hakim Mutshail - 2 days ago
So cool
Hussain Ahmad
Hussain Ahmad - 2 days ago
What kind of demons play with fish while fish trying to escape death. These alpha males of feminist civilized world fight with fish as she struggles and once succeeded they throw her again in sea and the game restarts. Quite civilized and exemplary.
mark gerarcas
mark gerarcas - 2 days ago
wow hahahaha nc
Luis Blanco
Luis Blanco - 2 days ago
A los fortachones se les sale los hu...por la boca y al final el flaco de remera azul saca el más grande!!!! Jajajaja
abi abishek
abi abishek - 2 days ago
The fish is strongest
rings of pain
rings of pain - 2 days ago
u gonna have to grab thor hafthor to do thew strongest men
Ka BroSis
Ka BroSis - 2 days ago
Nice bro
Brian D. Pratama
Brian D. Pratama - 2 days ago
the title should be strongest group of men vs Strongest Fish
Dosmal Ginting
Dosmal Ginting - 2 days ago
Orville Sicat
Orville Sicat - 2 days ago
Challenge that gets you intimidated
Immi xx45
Immi xx45 - 2 days ago
Andrew Marshall
Andrew Marshall - 2 days ago
I love the pinheads in the back with the look of disgust
GetDoobiefied - 2 days ago
That was awesome!!
VERYRAREJAY - 2 days ago
@ 4:50 and 5:09 you would’ve know how swole he was until he took his jacket off😂
Tien Nguyen
Tien Nguyen - 3 days ago
Việt nam không có ai xem va coment
Dalton TriHard
Dalton TriHard - 3 days ago
What about Eddie Hall vs Goliath Grouper
Steffanie Hojilla
Steffanie Hojilla - 3 days ago
Omggg,like its true the fish is the most strongest animal in all..i mean like fishes live underwater if they dont live underwater they could really gotten catched
PN Adventure Fishing
PN Adventure Fishing - 3 days ago
wow 30M just a month it is awesome video fishing
Samidi Rahim
Samidi Rahim - 3 days ago
Cool guys..
Joachim Angelo Hezekiah B. Arceo
Wow they all fight the most strongest goliath
Mithoon Kumar
Mithoon Kumar - 3 days ago
Mithoon Kumar
Mithoon Kumar - 3 days ago
Very nice
Toto Bornok
Toto Bornok - 3 days ago
The same fish getting caught over and over again
Fish: what the fuuuuuu, here we go again
Jase stevens Carwile
Jase stevens Carwile - 3 days ago
Get Brian Shaw...
MARCOS RTZ mtvc - 3 days ago
Vcs são bruto na pesca
Dison Arnibal
Dison Arnibal - 3 days ago
Are humans allowed to dive into these seas? I'm curious coz those are big damn mfs.
Todd Meyer
Todd Meyer - Day ago
Dison Arnibal why wouldn’t they be allowed to dive in?
Nganba Singh
Nganba Singh - 3 days ago
U guys very funny. Nice 😩😡😂😁
Neto Nogueira
Neto Nogueira - 3 days ago
Essa isca eu como
Ace Ghosts
Ace Ghosts - 3 days ago
Please make another one of these
abram chavis
abram chavis - 3 days ago
ive watched this video like 2o times.where his leg is bleeding he should get a tatt of the fish. also this is like a roller coaster every man should try it.
Smule hit Show
Smule hit Show - 3 days ago
rhogie bernaga
rhogie bernaga - 4 days ago
the guy fisherman use 2 hands and devon and jon use 1 hand hehe,, thats tactics!
Gen Vines
Gen Vines - 4 days ago
After watching this video am like having heavy work out.
Purwanti Nanda
Purwanti Nanda - 4 days ago
jacob david tv
jacob david tv - 4 days ago
That guy is so buff
harmy assai
harmy assai - 4 days ago
What are great video look Devon Larrat fight with that monster fish...😂😂😂
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