Why Are 96,000,000 Black Balls on This Reservoir?

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EXILE MEDIA - 4 hours ago
I didn’t know nature can loiter in nature lol.. I guess my human a$ is loitering in my house watching this... 🤔
Felhek Lehrian
Felhek Lehrian - 10 hours ago
23k dislikes
Hot Cheetos
Hot Cheetos - 19 hours ago
The Reservoir: "You can eat shadeballs"
Eating Challenge Youtubers: Are you challenging me?
D4RK-Th3 B0T B0t
D4RK-Th3 B0T B0t - 19 hours ago
I read this in a magazine after a class test
Keneth García
Keneth García - 23 hours ago
Tahir Khan
Tahir Khan - Day ago
Don't know y i am watching this video on 2am ? with a accounting book in one hand and mobile in other.
unbalance water?
Xrobo12 - Day ago
5:52 poor bird
Ms. Lazy
Ms. Lazy - Day ago
Was it just me or did someone see that bird in 5:53 get sucked into the plane thing 😪😂
Rook_Gacha *
Rook_Gacha * - 2 days ago
What is a shade ball-
Ilias 12
Ilias 12 - 2 days ago
Is this plastic!!
Eddie_ swag
Eddie_ swag - 2 days ago
Daniel Chiasson
Daniel Chiasson - 2 days ago
Bird going through the plane at 5:53
Chanderdat Laltoo
Chanderdat Laltoo - 2 days ago
hi...im interested in knowing more about these balls. can you indicate me to the company that manusfactures it. Thank you.
Black Man
Black Man - 3 days ago
Sellur raju ta pesureya ... manda bathram ....
Kamar Deen
Kamar Deen - 3 days ago
Any sellur raju fans😜✌🏻
Karma Tv
Karma Tv - 4 days ago
Yapacağınız alt yazıya sokam aq
Wesley Lecler
Wesley Lecler - 4 days ago
Surely boats waste petrol oil which wouldn't be good for drinking water
Spider 2.0
Spider 2.0 - 5 days ago
Looks like those slime balls from the incredibles
Natu Davis
Natu Davis - 5 days ago
They're black becasue if they were clear/white they wouldn't last in the sun...
Hence the reason black people have high heat tolerances and we don't suffer from sunburn...
BLACK is amazing✊🏾
yurik unt
yurik unt - 5 days ago
Don't drink LA water!
Titanic - 6 days ago
So how well would the Titanic move through shade balls?
Princess Azarcon
Princess Azarcon - 6 days ago
Youtube: ohhh great darling you're one of the 39M viewers of this video.
me: dude did you see the bird? (._.")
Fais kareem
Fais kareem - 6 days ago
Luhong Zhang
Luhong Zhang - 6 days ago
Hi Veritasium, thanks very much for providing excellent videos for us, I have subscribe your channel for years. I have learned a lot from watching your videos. Moreover I was inspired by this video at this time. Instead of reducing the evaporation of water or preventing the generation of bromate, I really intend to accelerate the evaperation of the water by improving the balls into solid ones with mesoporous characteristic. As you know, Australia is a country surrounded by sea, but you cannot image how could it be a droughty continent with surrounding water. Australia has a dry climate, and forest/bush fires are easily triggered, especially in winter. However, with the deterioration of the global environment, the fires are more frequent and out of control in AU right now. So may I have the official website for the producer of the shade ball? If feasible, I really want to discuss with them about some technical issues. And the purpose for the improved balls is supposed to be used into accellerating the evaporation of water and regulating the climate in Australia and finally reducing the bushfires.
Oh Ngonoo
Oh Ngonoo - 6 days ago
What a genius Mr. Beast!
dustiest spade
dustiest spade - 6 days ago
Bro I'm not like that bro.
jackie b
jackie b - 6 days ago
WoW !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jane Bravo
Jane Bravo - 6 days ago
I don't know why, but this video make me nervous, I'm the only one?
땡이 - 7 days ago
그래서 저걸 왜 부은거죠..? 뭔가 의미있는 일인거 같은데 뭔소리를 하는지 모르겠네
Gina Editz
Gina Editz - 7 days ago
5: 52 who sat the bird fly into the jet?
Emir Aydoğmuş
Emir Aydoğmuş - 7 days ago
vay amk
jrml7 - 7 days ago
Every penalty failed by Ramos is there
Alp Eren Gül
Alp Eren Gül - 8 days ago
No one cares about fishes?
Nick Scheidt
Nick Scheidt - 8 days ago
Jesus loves you
Mark Russell
Mark Russell - 8 days ago
How long do they last before you need to replace the balls?
c3t - 8 days ago
if anyone was wondering they spent like 3.2 million dollars on all those balls
Ian Mar
Ian Mar - 9 days ago
Just passed by this 😂
Mi MIC Tv 76
Mi MIC Tv 76 - 9 days ago
Noel Schaban
Noel Schaban - 9 days ago
Also wenn die Dinger aus Kunststoff bestehen dann chiou
Creeper 900
Creeper 900 - 11 days ago
Greta thumberg wants to kill you
THESOOTAY..We Are dancers in vibration
I wonder how much of the water supplies there messing up with chlorine... so the water supplies are that bad we need to block out the sunlight from the chemicals that man's pumping into the water to stop the procedure from happening that's poisonous to us anyway 👊🤐👍. . You might as well start up a project to block out the sun's rays/ sunlight..O.. silly me, i forgot, that's the chemtrail program that Harvard and Oxford universities are performing 🤐👍.
THESOOTAY..We Are dancers in vibration
Looks like you could walk over the flat surface of the lake/reservoir. Madness,💚
Pasquale Gelardi
Pasquale Gelardi - 11 days ago
Trash to energy plants and salt to fresh water plants will solve the lack .
Jonathan - 12 days ago
Praveen Devkota
Praveen Devkota - 12 days ago
Reaching 10000 subs without videos before 2020
Soon this will reach 96 Million Views to match the shade balls
Nguyễn Thanh Thùy
Nguyễn Thanh Thùy - 12 days ago
Go down there and not be afraid to die
Sum_Man69 - 12 days ago
ÖMER YASER Çelik - 13 days ago
Yorumlara türk varmı diye bakanlar

F4B - 13 days ago
YouTube wanted me to see this so here I am
Santosh Thapa
Santosh Thapa - 13 days ago
MUSTANG @2:24 😊😊
sʀ,ᴇғᴇ xᴅ
sʀ,ᴇғᴇ xᴅ - 13 days ago
Comentario en español

Ps si ahuevo perro jajaja
Esteban Pacheco
Esteban Pacheco - 13 days ago
No deberían ser blancas ?
Sswwaaggyy Zadar
Sswwaaggyy Zadar - 13 days ago
5:52 rip bird strike of A380
Егор Анищик
Егор Анищик - 14 days ago
RED FLAG - 14 days ago
Adamlar her şeyi düsununmüs
LockDoPop - 14 days ago
Purpose is to hide underground military base with aliens n stuff
Dylan Paterson
Dylan Paterson - 14 days ago
Is... are... why are they driving a gas operated boat in drinking water
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