[Comeback Stage] BTS - Boy With Luv , 방탄소년단 - 작은 것들을 위한 시 Show Music core 20190420

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Harsh Jatav
Harsh Jatav - Day ago
I love j hope s oh yeah oh yeah move 😘😘😘😘
Creativity at it’s finest
*Namjoon’s voice at the start was too much for my tiny young fanboy body!*
ROWAN SP ESTRELLA - 2 days ago
Dont go in military 😭😭😭
Gatcha Hxpe
Gatcha Hxpe - 2 days ago
Beautiful boys! ❤️ I love them! ☺️ I liked my own comment.. : edit Also I love their personalities they are funny kind and caring sweet 🥰! That’s all I’ve got, love you Bts! Your making me a (Girl With Luv! ;).)
Romenta Khuyenthem
Romenta Khuyenthem - 2 days ago
Y there is no v in the comments
Ladybaba - 3 days ago
Vocal king Jungkook ♥
sleep like a baby bear
sleep like a baby bear - 3 days ago
every one of them looks so handsome in this performance. hair, outfit, face, PERFECT!!! OT7!!!
sleep like a baby bear
sleep like a baby bear - 3 days ago
if anybody watched Jimin's bangtan bomb where he lays on the couch singing to the camera and telling them to stay and keep filming... notice his shirt and hair? this was the same day!
The Bored Life
The Bored Life - 4 days ago
Army sound so good with Yoongi😍
I love you Jimin
I love you Jimin - 5 days ago
jungkook vocals at the end make me cry😭 i love them so much💜💜armyyy
Glowing Chim
Glowing Chim - 5 days ago
0:12 did jimin just literally made an entrance in exit? My pabo ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ🤣💜
Glowing Chim
Glowing Chim - 5 days ago
0:12 did jimin just literally made an entrance in exit? My pabo ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ🤣💜
Min Suga
Min Suga - 6 days ago
0:12 Jimin, why did you entered through an exit? lol
Zephyris Grace Flores
Zephyris Grace Flores - 6 days ago
trinidad luque
trinidad luque - 6 days ago
Te amo jimin
Bianca sabel
Bianca sabel - 7 days ago
Water will dry,
Flowers will die,
But a true army will never say goodbye💜💜
Tria Sari
Tria Sari - 7 days ago
Dude right now in the comment there is 99% that everyone in talking about kook
Tria Sari
Tria Sari - 7 days ago
Well for me my fav is V
Арина м
Арина м - 7 days ago
Голос изменился толко у джина
Fleur Hubers
Fleur Hubers - 8 days ago
2:48 VMin yaaass 💜🙏🏻 CUTE
Fleur Hubers
Fleur Hubers - 8 days ago
Novi Hadianty
Novi Hadianty - 8 days ago
Elizabeth Malsawmtluangi
The stage is sooo beautiful
Ratna Wati
Ratna Wati - 9 days ago
Yg kngen sm bts like ya
Am I the only who is here because the stage is so colorful and beautiful?
sharissa kim
sharissa kim - 12 days ago
I prefer this version
Wawa TV
Wawa TV - 13 days ago
Berliana Damara
Berliana Damara - 13 days ago
August? I'm not alone right 😂
Ariel Cabezas
Ariel Cabezas - 13 days ago
09 DE AGOSTO 2019 ???
Cxistiano Junior X
Cxistiano Junior X - 14 days ago
I miss the subtitles so much. They were making me laugh so hard
Namjun Yunki
Namjun Yunki - 15 days ago
I honestly love listening to army and BTS together when they perform like everyone sounds so good when Yoongi's part came up
zyaa - 15 days ago
woah v that hair is illegal
Christopher Ha-os
Christopher Ha-os - 16 days ago
Jungkook & Suga: Bias and Bias Wreaker
Dannia Manoban
Dannia Manoban - 17 days ago
Liberty Mccrary
Liberty Mccrary - 17 days ago
I love that when they do "Comebacks" for Kpop artist, they try to resemble the music video or actually get the set perfect👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Shingara Singh
Shingara Singh - 18 days ago
Hang Nguyen
Hang Nguyen - 19 days ago
J - hope
Bts army 🐰🐝🌱🐻💕🐥🐴
Cho 1 like
jack pie411
jack pie411 - 20 days ago
Bts là nhất, i love you😁
Nabila Azmini
Nabila Azmini - 22 days ago
Kim taehyung
sn0wflake - 23 days ago
Who else is here again after Jimin's recent selfie cam?
bpxl53yewz - 24 days ago
They look happier and more comfortable performing on their home turf compared to their performances in the U.S. (although they were still amazing). Understandable tho.
Didine Charles
Didine Charles - 25 days ago
3:28 ♥️♥️
Gina Zitlal
Gina Zitlal - 25 days ago
Awwww BTS they all did amazing 💜💜👏🏻❤️
Isma Putri
Isma Putri - 25 days ago
They can sing while dancing it's a though challenge for me and and it's really hard what a great talent
A cup of bangtan bts
A cup of bangtan bts - 26 days ago
No sabía que los ángeles existían hasta que vi a taehyung🖤🖤😍
jeoncrystl - 28 days ago
*98% Of the comments is all about jungkook and none of you are talking about jimin entering in the exit door*
أميره زماني
أميره زماني - 29 days ago
صورك احلى من اريانا😘😘 ونتي احلى
Jrll J
Jrll J - Month ago
Jin & V the best..
Susan como duele no tener alguien k ames. Rios Ore
Es la cancion preferida de mi hija la escucha acada rato es muy hermoso me gusto la escucha cuando esta triste 💖💖💖💖
Nurdin Maulana
Nurdin Maulana - Month ago
I ❤️bts
BTSARMY yk - Month ago
Jungkook eats CDs and he proved it
A normal Fan
A normal Fan - Month ago
3:35 jk sounds like Shawn Mendez 🥰
Vivo Y53
Vivo Y53 - Month ago
Jin : Come Be My Teacher
Me : Okay❤
Ura Huynh
Ura Huynh - Month ago
Jimin sweet voice...OMg...
Manuel Barrientos
Manuel Barrientos - Month ago
This is my favorite concept
Aida Torres
Aida Torres - Month ago
BTS are cute , tender , beautiful and good singing I am zarela daughter of aida I am ARMY💘💘😍😍
Thu Đào lisa đẹp nhất nhóm Đỗ
BTS x EXO x GOT7 are Kings
Jimin is hot, cute, handsome, the thing is he entered in an exit😂
Liliana Wu
Liliana Wu - Month ago
Taehyung 🙏🏻💖💖💖💖
Carol Brito
Carol Brito - Month ago
amo vcs ati malia kkkk lindos fofos
JUNGKOOK AH marry me
JUNGKOOK AH marry me - Month ago
Jungkook is unbelievable
thy oanh
thy oanh - Month ago
Cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ❤❤❤💋💋💋💖💖💖💖☺☺☺☺☺😍😍😍😍😍😍😊😊😊😀😀😀😆😆😆😙😙😙
Jennie the chanel bag
Jennie the chanel bag - Month ago
Suga my sugabear💎💕
ᎠᎷ』乃ฮฐฐ༒ 乂Ꭷคς
Salwa Aprilia
Salwa Aprilia - Month ago
Nabila Regina
Nabila Regina - Month ago
Al ❤️you bts (army) ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ good bts jimin and jin
Frazine Jaffri
Frazine Jaffri - Month ago
At 0:04 V'S expression was amazing. I loved it
bilqhis fitria ramadani
Jungkok 😘😘
bilqhis fitria ramadani
Samury Paradise
Samury Paradise - Month ago
Jungkook the best 😍
Hoang Ngoc
Hoang Ngoc - Month ago
Let'go 40m. Fancam jungkook bwl. Best fc 2019
Rizwar Siregar
Rizwar Siregar - Month ago
0m9 wow bts 😙
Choiron Havid
Choiron Havid - Month ago
girlwithserendipity •
I love yoongi outift😻
Haya Qahtani
Haya Qahtani - Month ago
Dhajfuskciskua omggggg there making meeee dyingggggggg 💕💕💕💕🙄💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕😍😍😍😍 sugaaaaaa is so fucking cuteeeeeee fnsjfjsudhsjddss
Mundo da Simonny
Mundo da Simonny - Month ago
Jimin cute
Saidatul Najihah
Saidatul Najihah - 2 months ago
omo!😉 Kim taehyung my only oppa
Afensia Sesa
Afensia Sesa - 2 months ago
Jungkook dan Jimin alepu
Xd_Faye Btw
Xd_Faye Btw - 2 months ago
Did suga dab at 0:44
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