Firestorm Gameplay and Impressions Battlefield 5

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Zmachine - 50 minutes ago
i thought dis was a ww2 shooter not a fornite 2.0 game XD
Antonio CGonzález
Antonio CGonzález - 16 hours ago
Looks nice, i think its cool
Team_2stroke - Day ago
yea stokholm
Poopybutt McGregurson
He says, “It takes ages...” for ages... 😂
Babul Debnath
Babul Debnath - Day ago
There was a secret style in 1:08 of wearing armour style
Mr Kort
Mr Kort - Day ago
Just here because the game is $9.99
Alex Ilin
Alex Ilin - Day ago
Its so annoying and takes forever to find a lobby. People just camp in bushes
Lecsan Alexis Lopez Rodriguez
The vídeo would be good if you stop talking
Shazol Hussain
Shazol Hussain - 2 days ago
Why the fuck in the world with a superfast internet connection connected to my ps4 it takes an hour to load the game as soon as i hit the solo or duo mode in firestorm
Shruti Sharma
Shruti Sharma - 2 days ago
Is there any mobile version of this??
Aniket Badode
Aniket Badode - 2 days ago
Is it free game
jimmythespy - 3 days ago
Malcolm Hughes
Malcolm Hughes - 3 days ago
So its a pubg rip off because thats what games have become
Muhammad Ammar
Muhammad Ammar - 4 days ago
which battlefield should i buy?
john hunter
john hunter - 4 days ago
this game is really good i would consider gettng it
Jesse Thoreson
Jesse Thoreson - 5 days ago
Base game sux.i didn't buy bf5 to play fortnite.
Jesse Thoreson
Jesse Thoreson - 5 days ago
So I hate up before going to a real life give gig. Why would gassing up my tank make this fun?
Jesse Thoreson
Jesse Thoreson - 5 days ago
Gassing up
BOB adza
BOB adza - 5 days ago
Filip Toma
Filip Toma - 5 days ago
looks like shit
Tyllilang Mawthoh
Tyllilang Mawthoh - 6 days ago
when this game will release
noob _Bkd
noob _Bkd - 7 days ago
Link game what?
gamehighlights - 7 days ago
Love your vids Jack
Debu Lohar
Debu Lohar - 7 days ago
Its is mobile game??
Joel Bean
Joel Bean - 7 days ago
It looks like the player is squeezing out a massive shit when he parachuting.
YUNUS WAHYUADI - 8 days ago
is oke
Ashish Rawat
Ashish Rawat - 8 days ago
From where i can download this game in mobile
Teresa King
Teresa King - 8 days ago
Imagine having three snipers on the helicopter
Bandara Wasior
Bandara Wasior - 9 days ago
*online ?*
ᗩᏝᎮᏕ - 9 days ago
Still waiting for Asetto Corsa Battle Royale
Obaid Ullah Khan
Obaid Ullah Khan - 10 days ago
is it play online ?
ultimate thug
ultimate thug - 11 days ago
Imagine your teammates closing the bunker gate and you're still inside the bunker.
teddy bruckshot
teddy bruckshot - 11 days ago
are you professor brian cox?
Xein Xtet
Xein Xtet - 11 days ago
I like the tank crash the house
jordbaerdk - 12 days ago
corn flake
corn flake - 12 days ago
This is beautiful
Nurul Arifin
Nurul Arifin - 12 days ago
Is this in PC? Or still in console?
greg cooke gregy
greg cooke gregy - 13 days ago
It's a great game but it's one of those were there bullets kill you but your bullets don't kill them.
BIG BRAIN MUSIC - 13 days ago
say bye bye to PUBG😎
Step_drop_d - 13 days ago
So it's an overpriced pubg themed ww2
Step_drop_d - 10 days ago
+Vinayak Gujar same thing dude.
Vinayak Gujar
Vinayak Gujar - 10 days ago
Ww2 themed pubg*
MOHIT GAMER - 14 days ago
SoldierOFortune_PL - 14 days ago
Such a fucki bullshit non historical game .
Good Germans Nazis ????? Who the fuck stared IIWW and killing other nations in concentration camp . Who made SOAP FROM HUMAN FAT ???
What a shitty game
Yesi Aristia
Yesi Aristia - 14 days ago
Better than pubg like
FF entertainment
FF entertainment - 15 days ago
It going to beat pubg
Waves -Fortnite
Waves -Fortnite - 15 days ago
Wanna hear a joke

ForlRtniTe BaTtLe RoyalE
Yubraj Dihidar
Yubraj Dihidar - 15 days ago
I am unable to download the game . Can you please tell me how to download the game
Wonder Lamb
Wonder Lamb - 15 days ago
Jeez firestorm looks so boring
I Am Not Your Son
I Am Not Your Son - 16 days ago
Literally haven’t played BFV since this came out. I despise battle royale in all forms.
Oh yeah yeah
Oh yeah yeah - 15 days ago
NarutoNextHokage221 - 16 days ago
It looks amazing but looks rather boring as well
Hammad Ali
Hammad Ali - 17 days ago
Is this game is available on mobiles?
Sterben1942 - 17 days ago
But there were no helicopters during the 40s
Farhan Rizki Ahnafa
Farhan Rizki Ahnafa - 16 days ago
Germany made it at 1945, but it was never used.
Davian Lomboan
Davian Lomboan - 17 days ago
Should i buy this game?
Zombie Gaming
Zombie Gaming - 18 days ago
17:00 *That Enemy Scream Tho* XD
DarkWiz888 - 18 days ago
A tank plus a tractor going together.... sounds like an ester egg for BFV new Tank The T-34! Bulit by tractor company....
bizzy da capo
bizzy da capo - 18 days ago
I stopped playing bF5 to many snipers for me un realistic people getting shot from 500 yards out with a pistol lol
Oh yeah yeah
Oh yeah yeah - 15 days ago
So basicly you just salty that u got owned?
LoneBerseker - 18 days ago
COLOR SATURATION HOLY SHIT.....makes my eyes bleed, i bet its realistic.
cobra Scorpio
cobra Scorpio - 19 days ago
I dont know much but that map and animation looks better than pubg
00000 00001
00000 00001 - 19 days ago
I like this one
Luani_ Madh
Luani_ Madh - 19 days ago
"Schwimmwagen" is a grman word and it sounds weird if you say it...
Brag Saint
Brag Saint - 19 days ago
Damn battlefield of all games having a small amount of players in BR
Christian V.
Christian V. - 19 days ago
So, basically, its thanks.
Powder Hungry
Powder Hungry - 19 days ago
Battlefield has officially cucked out to Battle Royale. Great... nothing original anymore.
Clarencee Dsilva
Clarencee Dsilva - 20 days ago
1945: 2019 will have flying cars 2019: people playing battle royale games
DannyP - 19 days ago
funniest comment i’ve seen today
TTchannel - 20 days ago
64 people is a great thing I think. It means there are more games in play for a given number of overall players. Matchmaking you can literally jump into the next game immediately after.
Plus games are more open to roam and also shorter to finish. I'm loving this so far.
FAN ARTS - 20 days ago
i think ready player one is going to be real in future. compete againsts everyone. battle royale!!
vvlmm - 20 days ago
You can destroy buildings and thats fucking amazing.
Paco Perez
Paco Perez - 20 days ago
BF1 has best graphics?
RORAMVS3 - 21 day ago
if you get blown up in any vehicle you should be killed instantly.
saad siddiqui
saad siddiqui - 21 day ago
Its a good game i don't why people saying battlefield v is not good game but actually good
pogo thebyrd
pogo thebyrd - 20 days ago
Nope it boring copycat
AsthenicRhyme 22
AsthenicRhyme 22 - 21 day ago
3:37 he was on the tower
c carville
c carville - 21 day ago
People still play this game LMAO
Dan Man
Dan Man - 22 days ago
If they are going for realism they should make the parachute not auto deploy and if you hit the ground without deploying instant death.
Tortoise Trooper Of Terror
Dan Man. Just like me sir, I once wished for realism, I've given up now
The only true Xbox player
That’s the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard
Jacob Williams Casiño
Jacob Williams Casiño - 22 days ago
What specs did you use to play this game @jackfrags ?
Segen - 22 days ago
PUBG has more only in battlefield moments than battlefield.
louie beatz
louie beatz - 22 days ago
they should have hospital spawn locations for our team mate u can take the dead body their in vehicles or just walk him 🤔
kus setyo nugroho putro
kus setyo nugroho putro - 22 days ago
omg why all game now battle royale
Frxstyy .-
Frxstyy .- - 22 days ago
can we please have another modern day bf game like bf3 or bf4
O R - 22 days ago
Firestorm is worse than Battlefield 4’s launch
Nico Granados-Penza
Nico Granados-Penza - 22 days ago
A helicopter in WW2. BF used to at least try to be somewhat realistic. I guess they gave up.
Nico Granados-Penza
Nico Granados-Penza - 21 day ago
+Intelligen Im sure it was. I think I'm just falling in to the milsim crowd lol. I'm really wanna play post scriptum.
Intelligen - 22 days ago
Nico Granados-Penza actually that’s a real helix that the Germans used but it wasn’t very famous because of how vulnerable to regular guns it was.
redfactionELITE - 22 days ago
lol battle royale in a battlefield game, this is fucking stupid. just another cash grab. boring. shame.
Matt Bubbles
Matt Bubbles - 22 days ago
Call of duty players I think its time you stepped onto the battlefield
psycho maniac
psycho maniac - 22 days ago
17:08 im laughing way to much at that scream😂
matthew forrest
matthew forrest - 22 days ago
Anyone else notice how at least on ps4 the graphics for firestorm look better than the base games
Anubhav Singh
Anubhav Singh - 22 days ago
pubg fans like here ❤
frank thomas
frank thomas - 23 days ago
what happened to chat in game?
Jeh Jeh
Jeh Jeh - 23 days ago
"You Came 1st"......?
Morgan S
Morgan S - 23 days ago
So tanks still win every battle lol
Zim O.E
Zim O.E - 23 days ago
Have to admit, BF5 is a beautiful looking game.
I have never seen a naked mexican
I wish they would sort out the inventory system and the looting dead bodies.
RX-93 akhrouk
RX-93 akhrouk - 23 days ago
Battle royal style is not my teste(not good surviver tho ).,
I just need new maps and bolt action rifles, I do want Dice to do decent BF stuff which no other can not do.
wacky 101
wacky 101 - 23 days ago
At this rate we will see talking Tom battle royale soon
Moazzam Anis
Moazzam Anis - 24 days ago
Bye bye PUBG
Mr_sandman10 - 24 days ago
wait... is firestorm not free? i mean if u already have bf5
Mr_sandman10 - 22 days ago
+Tommy Brown oh ok thx
Tommy Brown
Tommy Brown - 23 days ago
Mikkel Baarts Mortensen if you own the game you can play
Rod Munch
Rod Munch - 24 days ago
I don't know, Cuckstorm looks kinda lame.
Novi - 24 days ago
The outro/victory needs to be amped up. It feels underwhelming
Albert V. Troutman
Albert V. Troutman - 24 days ago
I've just come out of Run 3 unblocked at 88kgames and I gotta say that this is truly amazing game!
Salty_Bravo - 24 days ago
I've always loved the look of Battlefield more than Call of Duty, but gameplay wise I've usually preferred COD. But the visuals of Firestorm are Gorgeous.
Syno OG
Syno OG - 24 days ago
2k dub😂
Martin Cobb
Martin Cobb - 24 days ago
A load of bollox imo.
Gamblor - 24 days ago
Firestorm perfect camoflauge for ranga's.
TheDevXen - 25 days ago
World War 3 should be in game
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