Hi Sisters

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Devin Fujikawa
Devin Fujikawa - 15 minutes ago
Legend says if you say “hi sisters” 3 times James Charles will pin this comment...

Hi sisters
Hi sisters
Hi sisters
CallMeRokaleta - 15 minutes ago
Thanos snapped but James Charles snapped harder
Frid Knapp
Frid Knapp - 15 minutes ago
Sierra & Lenard
Sierra & Lenard - 15 minutes ago
Any small Youtubers wanna support eachother?
Arttzi X
Arttzi X - 15 minutes ago
Oml y’all act like y’all haven’t seen him before sksks
Monet Lucero
Monet Lucero - 15 minutes ago
*Sees that James posted*
*feels head*
Rip wig 💀☕️😂
Laila Brum
Laila Brum - 15 minutes ago
#1 ON TRENDING YEAH YOU DESERVE ALL THE LOVE YOU CAN GET we all love you James so excited you are back giving you all the love ❤️💚💙💜
Bo2 Gamer
Bo2 Gamer - 15 minutes ago
No stop no brothers
Daviana Sánchez
Daviana Sánchez - 15 minutes ago
Lauren Hardy
Lauren Hardy - 15 minutes ago
Bells - 16 minutes ago
Qué bueno que volviste James!!Estrañava tus vídeos!😁😁😁💜
Jolene Jolene
Jolene Jolene - 16 minutes ago
That doesn't look good.
Fen Batt
Fen Batt - 16 minutes ago
Shut up. Please
Owl Little Videos
Owl Little Videos - 16 minutes ago
My friend lives in Catalina island
Hammond Dio
Hammond Dio - 16 minutes ago
who are you
Boe Sweuis
Boe Sweuis - 16 minutes ago
My mom just said why he has a paper clip on his ear 😭
Chris - 17 minutes ago
#1 on trending people bored, including me
ober filliare
ober filliare - 17 minutes ago
my brain: that is fantastic,i can do it
my eyes: seems so easy ,i can get a shot
my hands: what the hell ?!
Raven Gamer256
Raven Gamer256 - 17 minutes ago
YAY!!!! He’s Back
Diksha Bhujel
Diksha Bhujel - 17 minutes ago
We missed you sis!🍍🎐🎈(some random emoji)
B u t i t i
B u t i t i - 17 minutes ago
Imagine james charles playing call of duty
Cavanady pip
Cavanady pip - 17 minutes ago
Aquí está su comentario en español kakskajajaja
Bells - 15 minutes ago
Stevy Garcia
Stevy Garcia - 17 minutes ago
Hey James! I’m a stay at home mom. Really love to watch you always!!
Maram Sameh
Maram Sameh - 17 minutes ago
i just came to dislike the video bye
Victor Pope
Victor Pope - 17 minutes ago
glad I never unsubbed love you
Floofy The Floof
Floofy The Floof - 18 minutes ago
This shouldn’t be #1 trending
Lolo Bear cub
Lolo Bear cub - 18 minutes ago
James- “Omg I never thought I’d say that a highlight is too bright but-“
Beauty community- “YOU HAVE COMMITTED A SIN”
Yumioka Senpai
Yumioka Senpai - 18 minutes ago
**clicks video** hmm ok "hEy sIsTers" oOh sHet iMmA kMs
Siena Pecora
Siena Pecora - 18 minutes ago
No one:
James: EeEeEeEe
Taylyn Maurer
Taylyn Maurer - 18 minutes ago
Don't worry all the haters know that when they hate they had childhood issues. Love ya james
kerlyn miranda miranda
kerlyn miranda miranda - 18 minutes ago
No entiendo ni una wea🤣🤣
Hailey - 18 minutes ago
The Biggest yEET
The Biggest yEET - 18 minutes ago
Silence, queer!
Wilmarie Colon
Wilmarie Colon - 18 minutes ago
Fluffy Cat
Fluffy Cat - 18 minutes ago
3:22 EnDeAvOr Is ThAt YoU
Augustus Chavis
Augustus Chavis - 18 minutes ago
You suck
EL - 18 minutes ago
You an never trust someone that Denies their commitment to live as God made them. If they can’t commit to what God made them - and they deny their own sexuality,they are godless. I feel sorry for this guy. I’ve seen interviews with other Transexuals who went through the full surgery and homosexuals and after about age 50- they have such regrets about their denial of self. So sad 😞🙏🏻
Pooping melvine
Pooping melvine - 18 minutes ago
meanwhile in a diffrent reality
james charles : *hi brothers*
jpop _203
jpop _203 - 18 minutes ago
HHHHAA!!🙀💖 hey sister welcome back 🔥🔥 and your look at sooo good 😍👌🏻
Ogmudbone 6969
Ogmudbone 6969 - 19 minutes ago
I don’t hate James Charles but the way he acts and dresses makes me not like him
hypeuziplayz - 19 minutes ago
James has kissed you

Sub to hypeuziplayz to undo
klinefelterfam 123
klinefelterfam 123 - 19 minutes ago
Are you and Joey still friends?
uncreative name man
uncreative name man - 19 minutes ago
Megan Shenold
Megan Shenold - 19 minutes ago
When he talks about having young viewers... me here 25 married and old 🙈
patra G
patra G - 19 minutes ago
I love the makeup i have the palet and i dont do that he is so talented omg
Swihart Squad!
Swihart Squad! - 19 minutes ago
JAMES!!!!!!!! Your back!!!!!!! I missed you!!!
Sydney&Rosie Boots
Sydney&Rosie Boots - 19 minutes ago
I'm so happy Our booming sister is backkkkk! YASSSS QUEEEEEENNNNN!!!!!!! please reply I LOVE you!!❤
Soi Soz
Soi Soz - 19 minutes ago
Every day, we stray further from god.
Fucka You
Fucka You - 20 minutes ago
Why do you have to tag yourself?
originalnilson - 20 minutes ago
Yaaaay! Welcome back!
0786RICARDO - 20 minutes ago
Vans For life
Vans For life - 20 minutes ago
I bought my James Charles palette finally I saved enough to get it!!🤗🤗❤️❤️🤗🥰
Yajaira Lopez
Yajaira Lopez - 20 minutes ago
#1 trending what!!!
patra G
patra G - 20 minutes ago
I love the song never enough love it ❤❤❤❤❤😘😘😘😋😋
nukeman 96
nukeman 96 - 20 minutes ago
shut up james go say the n word again
Jacob Markovich
Jacob Markovich - 21 minute ago
you tube stop recommending me this shit
Gabrielle Dickerson
Gabrielle Dickerson - 21 minute ago
yea i still don’t like him and i am not watching the whole video 💀
Georgia Fitzsimons
Georgia Fitzsimons - 21 minute ago
Istan_noahschnapp _
Istan_noahschnapp _ - 21 minute ago
I’ve missed you!
Amber Lynn
Amber Lynn - 21 minute ago
no. Fuck this. Can’t stand you. You haven’t learned shit.
PlEaSe EnTeR a NaMe
PlEaSe EnTeR a NaMe - 21 minute ago
Y’all all SISTER SCANDALS acting like you didn’t attack him a month ago 😂😂😂👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼
*anyone who resubbed ur moms a hoe*
Shelby S
Shelby S - 21 minute ago
Jamessss sister I’ve missed you. THAT BLONDE DIPBROW GEL trick!!!!! Amazing. 😍😍
XxReyes KingxX
XxReyes KingxX - 21 minute ago
Bin here since 18 mill now congrats on just hitting 15 mill. 🤗🤞👌👍
Mia Varteresian
Mia Varteresian - 22 minutes ago
we love and missed you sister
LiL RUSS - 22 minutes ago
I come on his videos just to dislike it...
Vanesa Martinez
Vanesa Martinez - 22 minutes ago
Me: stopped eating 5 times a day
Also me: eats ice cream
Its still progress
Marissa Anthony
Marissa Anthony - 22 minutes ago
Happy 20th sister!! I'm so glad you had alot of fun with your friends for this special event!!
P.S. You👏are👏not👏old! You're a good and fresh sister! Love u!💕
Isabella Vargas
Isabella Vargas - 22 minutes ago
I bet James will bin me
Nélla S.
Nélla S. - 22 minutes ago
Omg he has a lisp
Astra Baker
Astra Baker - 22 minutes ago
Lovatic Sweetener
Lovatic Sweetener - 22 minutes ago
Miss u sister 💗💗💗💗
badkarma - 22 minutes ago
It’s funny watching sheep in their natural habitat
Music Dood
Music Dood - 22 minutes ago
Why isn't he banned off YouTube yet??
B c
B c - 23 minutes ago
The nigga has a diaper pin on his left ear
Cintia Vizgarra
Cintia Vizgarra - 23 minutes ago
I love youuu James☺❤🇦🇷
Japneet Kaur Puri - Britannia PS (1543)
Congrats on being #1 on TRENDING!!!
Halaya - 23 minutes ago
I’ve missed the notification on my phone.
Its Mamasita
Its Mamasita - 23 minutes ago
Lets help each other to grow our YouTube Chanel suscribe for suscribe 💕💕
April Aviles
April Aviles - 23 minutes ago
i’m soo soo glad you’re happy, you deserved it so much, keep your head up and stay positive please! 💓
Lolo Bear cub
Lolo Bear cub - 23 minutes ago
20:32 no James that was beautiful
PyroStudios - 23 minutes ago
Behold Le Homo Erectus, Observe
fløøfÿ_cupcakes :3
fløøfÿ_cupcakes :3 - 23 minutes ago
James seems so much happier! literally sis, teach me you ways I need to know how to help myself with my ‘happiness’
Imani Brooks
Imani Brooks - 23 minutes ago
I’m glad your back and recoup! That’s good that you are in a better state of mind ! I’m happy and proud of you James!
DaPotatoPlays 123
DaPotatoPlays 123 - 23 minutes ago
Sad... POTATO!!!!!!!
Ashley Perdion
Ashley Perdion - 24 minutes ago
Our queen is back! I sister support you James!❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
DaPotatoPlays 123
DaPotatoPlays 123 - 24 minutes ago
DaPotatoPlays 123
DaPotatoPlays 123 - 24 minutes ago
Hither miss,potato don't miss.
Autumn Wilson
Autumn Wilson - 24 minutes ago
Omg I love this look so much sister James looks amazing!!!!!❤️❤️❤️
Amanda Quirós
Amanda Quirós - 24 minutes ago
It’s simply perfection, i love you
alan castellanos
alan castellanos - 24 minutes ago
U guy
DaPotatoPlays 123
DaPotatoPlays 123 - 24 minutes ago
•SugaCherrios• - 24 minutes ago
Welcome back James. I know I’m late but still 💛
jacklyn cockren
jacklyn cockren - 24 minutes ago
You got the makup on point
SapphireKay - 24 minutes ago
*Sees title.*
*flashbacks to incident*
Kaya Miles
Kaya Miles - 25 minutes ago
All these people out here saying “omg we missed you so much” like they weren’t starting literal hate groups about Him like 2 months ago. 🙄
Allie Cheyenne
Allie Cheyenne - 25 minutes ago
DaPotatoPlays 123
DaPotatoPlays 123 - 25 minutes ago
DaPotatoPlays 123
DaPotatoPlays 123 - 25 minutes ago
The next French frie you eat could be me
plague doctor
plague doctor - 25 minutes ago
NO NO NO NOOOOOO (sob) noooooooo........
Nicole shaniya
Nicole shaniya - 25 minutes ago
First time watching james Charles
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