Hi Sisters

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Kevin Choong
Kevin Choong - 11 minutes ago
Why do u say hi sisters everyintro?
Jacky Cruz
Jacky Cruz - Hour ago
James: speaks
Eminem: Am i a joke to you?
veronica guzman
veronica guzman - 2 hours ago
Lmao you're annoying asf😂🏛
JustChill - 2 hours ago
Cassie Saltsman
Cassie Saltsman - 2 hours ago
This look is soo amazing!!! Love you ❤️❤️❤️
Help Me
Help Me - 2 hours ago
Зачем я это смотрю, если нихуя не понимаю ?
Marie Paul
Marie Paul - 3 hours ago
I'm a man and I inspired me to do my makeup
eqaul water
eqaul water - 4 hours ago
Absolutely no-one:
James Charles: *HEY SISTERS.*
Tatiuna MJones
Tatiuna MJones - 4 hours ago
audi r8
audi r8 - 4 hours ago
never gave up on you
Lemon TimeYT Satisfies Ruler
Imagine James Charles and Blaze from Troydan
The.one.andonly. aa
The.one.andonly. aa - 5 hours ago
Zombie Unicorn
Zombie Unicorn - 6 hours ago
Do an area 51 alien make-up tutorial! ;D
Trisha Osburn
Trisha Osburn - 7 hours ago
So this is what boys do now.
Karlee Abrams
Karlee Abrams - 7 hours ago
I about had a sister stroke
Ida McKnight
Ida McKnight - 7 hours ago
Are u a boy or a girl just asking pls type
Natalie Chirino
Natalie Chirino - 7 hours ago
James I just want to say how happy I am to see you this happy I was in literal tears like fr I felt like you have had time to think things and now you are yourself again and I love to see a sister happy stay safe ok😘❤️
Charcol's Trash Vlogs
Charcol's Trash Vlogs - 8 hours ago
This style looks SO amazing
diga dz
diga dz - 9 hours ago
hi sisters
hi sisters
hi sisters
هانيك موك اعطاي
Annabelle Thomas
Annabelle Thomas - 9 hours ago
Literally checked whether I had it on x2 speed.
Pro Create
Pro Create - 10 hours ago
U back yasss sister
Abdabdoo- 22
Abdabdoo- 22 - 10 hours ago
How are you YOUNGER than tana???????
um jassim
um jassim - 11 hours ago
I just got your paalette
Lyla Gatcha
Lyla Gatcha - 11 hours ago
PLEASE reply sister you are so talented and beautiful I wish I was u xoxo lyla please like and reply love u sister
Minty - 13 hours ago
You look sunburnt
Emanuel Ramirez
Emanuel Ramirez - 13 hours ago
Your weird
Jc Abe
Jc Abe - 13 hours ago
Does anyone know the title of the song at 23:07?
Kimberly Alexa
Kimberly Alexa - 13 hours ago
Can u plz do a nail vid
Yariz Martinez
Yariz Martinez - 13 hours ago
Plz have lele pons and do her makeup plz😩
Oxstryke - 14 hours ago
27 minutes and 9 seconds of watching a man using makeup. God why doesn't he just delete his channel.
Maranda Richardson
Maranda Richardson - 15 hours ago
Wølfy and more
Wølfy and more - 16 hours ago
Jeff Morrison
Jeff Morrison - 16 hours ago
Plllsss don’t click
Po Jdj
Po Jdj - 17 hours ago
Cerys Whiteman
Cerys Whiteman - 17 hours ago
Why do you wear makeup for
Blank Channel
Blank Channel - 9 hours ago
Money duh!!
Bobby The Cat
Bobby The Cat - 17 hours ago
You are so talented
Remember me Im the girl from the kinder garten
HI SISTERSSSSSSS isn't you're mouth tired?
Antonman - 18 hours ago
Hey sisters
Sam1 Films
Sam1 Films - 18 hours ago
James is what I'd like to refer to as a beta male
Kacper Leboda
Kacper Leboda - 20 hours ago
Umm Charles you act like a girl or are you a girl
Nub Jenira
Nub Jenira - 21 hour ago
I really love how sweet and loving you are love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️😘
Maria Tchika
Maria Tchika - 22 hours ago
Im so damnn proud of you ❤
Kstarr ._.0616
Kstarr ._.0616 - Day ago
I would love to see you make videos that makes you happy and brings you joy 😊👌
Kstarr ._.0616
Kstarr ._.0616 - Day ago
I went there for my 12th bday and it was SO FUN and one of my grandpas helped built the Casino and a good chunk of the island
Brooklyn Mcgregor
Brooklyn Mcgregor - Day ago
Sofia Renee
Sofia Renee - Day ago
I’m getting the James Charles morphe palette tomorrow after waiting a year and I’m excited
The Thunder Gamer
The Thunder Gamer - Day ago
Cuteanimekitty YT
Cuteanimekitty YT - Day ago
Wait..how are we related..?
Aubrey Mahoney
Aubrey Mahoney - Day ago
Why r u so beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕💕😀😀
XxPastel DuckyxX
XxPastel DuckyxX - Day ago
Someone send James his correct foundation. PLEASE
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