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Ankit Chaubey
Ankit Chaubey - 3 days ago
indian version of shark tank
aniket undre
aniket undre - 6 days ago
Sir plz our business ideas batao ki hum bhi business start Kar sake.
Akil Saherwala
Akil Saherwala - 7 days ago
Sandeep sir, paise se paisa kaise kamaya jaaye (investing), uspe bhi ek video banaiye na..
Bhavik JN
Bhavik JN - 10 days ago
Vegan means a person who does not eat or use animal product.
Using or containing no animal products
dinesh kumar pradhan
dinesh kumar pradhan - 13 days ago
I was thinking on this idea since 1 yr,socked to see it on my notification.
Priyanka Das
Priyanka Das - 13 days ago
Very clear concept .. Thank u so much sandeep sir ... And lot of thanks to @Sukdeb das for sharing me this vedio
Zishan Haider
Zishan Haider - 17 days ago
brilliant program to make understand business ideas
You Can Trust
You Can Trust - 19 days ago
Hats off sir, you are awesome.
Fy food
Fy food - 20 days ago
Sir Mujhe corporate catering Karna hai
SYED JAFFER IMAM - 21 day ago
This is absolute master class from Sandeep sir.
I hope this Assamese guy is doing great now. All the best brother.
This is a very exciting business model.
Priyadarshi Sharma
Priyadarshi Sharma - 22 days ago
Loved this video....
Vipul vasava
Vipul vasava - 25 days ago
I have business idea pls help me.!
Great idea sir...ji
sanjay kumar
sanjay kumar - 26 days ago
Aap ki thinking level bahut hi bahut bahut hi refined hai........awesome boss....hats off to you.🙏🙏🙏
MAHIS COLLECTION - 28 days ago
what is the addrsss and contact number of the person because we need to start up
Satendra Yadavjee
Satendra Yadavjee - Month ago
Community guideline....Lots of curiosity in India..MARKETING strgetic.....concept....Smart meal..domain...
Smart meal..faculty..Start from Delhi...Metro city
Satendra Yadavjee
Satendra Yadavjee - Month ago
Assam main paida liya hoon.....4 se 5 lakh.......Lots of curiosity. Love hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......1000 people...question mark pura masti. Lots of opportunity
saurabh srivastava
saurabh srivastava - Month ago
Dietcian ke Pas jata hi kaun hai
D-Gurukul - Month ago
Very good topic
Deep Chouxan
Deep Chouxan - Month ago
Baba sandip maharaj🤣🤣🤣😎gyan de rahe he
Sakina Junagadh
Sakina Junagadh - Month ago
Sir koi house wife ke liye kuch idea de ke vo Ghar me se hi koi bahut achha business Kar sake ...plss i m big fan of your ..or muje kuch bahut bada kaam karna hai but Thora ideas chahiye ..pls sir its humble request 🙏
Mansukh Hadiyal
Mansukh Hadiyal - Month ago
Patel Faiyaz0707
Patel Faiyaz0707 - Month ago
Hello Sandeep Sir.
It’s been long time been watching your videos and trying to understanding the thoughts process and mindset you have developed. It’s really great thing you doing for new business models and Indian youth. How can I share my business idea with you and get some guidance. I will really appreciate if I can reach to you and share my idea.
Gaurav Pandey
Gaurav Pandey - Month ago
Sir I want to meet you!
Rushab Dave
Rushab Dave - Month ago
#Businessideas ke videos upload nhi ho Rahe hai,
Iss session kaa kya hua
VARUN VERMA - Month ago
Dear sir, I have seen you both videos on business model, what you have explained them, in free, that is extraordinary, consultant would have charged thousands of rupee to them for these simplified process of business, but what you did to them is just killed their business model, I am very sure both guys will not be able to come up and make their company as big as you projected to them or even they will shut their shops soon, why am I saying this, because you have made stand 11 million competitors to them. Their business idea which is just baby stage, somebody big fish will steal and will start before they will think. So many people watched the discussion of a great business model, revenue model, marketing strategy, those who have prior experience in these relevant field will come with modification and will beat both of them before they incorporated, people are waiting for a good business model, keeping hefty money in hands, the entrepreneur has only an idea, and that idea also you have revealed to World, many will take benefit of it but those who came up with these ideas will shut their shop soon, i am telling this with my own experience. Sir, I request you, not to discuss any specific idea of someone who has done a a rigerious amount of research, invested his valuable time to grow that idea, to protect the idea and you have revealed it in front of 11 million people. You know, many big fishes also watch your videos, and if they come up with these ideas with truckloaded money, are these guys going to survive in this do or die competition. Think again sir. You know better than me, sorry, if I had said any wrong word.
Zeff Constance
Zeff Constance - Month ago
Ths guy realy need some business,data and tech knwldg or else lack of knwlg gona cost him.
Musically made Singh
Musically made Singh - Month ago
Sir bussiness model was too good but 1 meal k liye 250 rupay kaun dega
Piyush Tank
Piyush Tank - Month ago
Sir wo domain name to gaya
Koi bhi khareed lega ab to
Yash Aggarwal
Yash Aggarwal - Month ago
Amazing, Firm and wide vision of the future, I admire you alot Sir. Your videos helped me not only emotionally but in every single aspect of my life, but to be honest, the more clear my vision became, the more i realized how unclear and short it is, before i was carefree and didn't bother much about things, but now after going through the process of self reflection, self motivation, and watching the world from different perspectives, it has hit me hard, I'll try my best for my coming future, i am absolutely forever thankful for your advice, and for sharing your perspective of life, thank you very much. I hope you keep growing and keep helping, motivating people all over India.
Madhu gurjar
Madhu gurjar - Month ago
Mungeri lal ke hasheen sapne dikhaty hain
Vaishnav valsan
Vaishnav valsan - Month ago
Great idea👏👏👏
Himanshi Soolanki Ashokbhai Solanki
Far thinking 🙏
suraj samant
suraj samant - Month ago
sir me ak restaurant kholna chata hu im chef 10 years working experience Pelze sir reply pelze im confused
rishi pal
rishi pal - Month ago
GuruG GaminG
GuruG GaminG - Month ago
Sir ... You doing great job..
Shoaib Siddiqui
Shoaib Siddiqui - Month ago
Sir plz plz plz I want to meet you
Hello world
Hello world - Month ago
Hello sir . Same Aisa hi ek start up do sal pahle Suru ho chuki hai. Uska valuation aaj 95 crores hai.
" Food darzee"
the johny blogger
the johny blogger - Month ago
Chinche Originals
Chinche Originals - Month ago
Yeah india banega bussines Man
Ritesh Shimpanekar
Ritesh Shimpanekar - Month ago
Hats off to you sir.
rohit bk
rohit bk - Month ago
rohit bk
rohit bk - Month ago
DJ VARA - 2 months ago
Not reach even 1 million viewers .. it is unexpected for Sandeep
Mukesh Kumar
Mukesh Kumar - 2 months ago
Sir I am inoveter I have new technologys but I have no any platforme please help me sir 8368624834 sir I can changed the world
Vijayant Singh Sambyal
Vijayant Singh Sambyal - 2 months ago
Agar sandeep sir ko modern day krishana kahae to galat nahi hoga
Rohan Sharma
Rohan Sharma - 2 months ago
He should tie up with gym's
Yougander Tomar
Yougander Tomar - 2 months ago
my name is .
Yougandar Singh TOMAR
Hme bhi kuch bta do 5yer se
Komont kr rha hu
allrounder tech for u
allrounder tech for u - Month ago
tum ek katora lelo wo bhut kam ayega.
Umang Khanna
Umang Khanna - 2 months ago
Hey brother.
Implement this idea as soon as possible, because now whole India is watching this Business Model, even those Nutritionists 😁😉
purvesh goyal
purvesh goyal - 2 months ago
Sandeep sir mere pass kafi ideas h zero business idea ke pr m unn ke apply nahi KR paa raha hu sir mujhe aap ki help ki requirement h
Ashwanity Prime
Ashwanity Prime - 2 months ago
Pls do such, for business.
Preethi Chopra
Preethi Chopra - 2 months ago
I guess eat.fit is the same thing
gyan point 00
gyan point 00 - 2 months ago
Want great level of successful/happy life
WhatsApp at 8375998817 I have solid business plan
gyan point 00
gyan point 00 - 2 months ago
Fantastic vedio
TheSaif - 2 months ago
Hello everyone🖐🏻
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Now read carefully, life changing comment
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But because I'm student I cant!!
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murugesan krishnan
murugesan krishnan - 2 months ago
Hello sir
Yash Lokhande
Yash Lokhande - 2 months ago
Sir when tie up with delivery app, I think it's very costly ?
Raaj Gawde
Raaj Gawde - 2 months ago
sir future मे kon sa स्टार्ट up शुरू करे ya kon sa कारोबार pe ध्यान दे. मेरे को samjh nhi a raha hai. Mai life मे business karna chahta hu
Rahul jain
Rahul jain - 2 months ago
This was even my idea ! 🤨🙄
Suneel Jain
Suneel Jain - 2 months ago
Healthy food joint in Gurgaon, i commit to start
Royal Photography Bokakhat
Sir humble request sir please Photography business ke upar ak video banaya na please 🙏🏻sir
Math solve class 10th BBSEB schhol
Sir m biklang hu Mae koe bhai padhai karna chahta hu to fir sochta hu kya yar muzhe company wale job denge example, sir me management karna chahta hu jaise ki mba to Mae fir sochta hu kya mba karne k baad muzhe job milega are yaar muzhe job ni milega mera pair thik ni ha personally ty achha ni lag Raha hai . Sir aap batao muzhe job milegi ya ni . Sir please batana jarur.
Sumit Kumar Rajak
Sumit Kumar Rajak - 2 months ago
Sir, please make a video on the topic of apps for small startup mean that what type of app should we make that helps the users because in every sector every app is available and to make new app.. I m a student of class 7 thinking of making app but I'm not able to decide what type of app should I make
VenuGopal Chouhan
VenuGopal Chouhan - 3 months ago
Hello sir gud evening
Mera planing hai tent and dj bussiness ka gao se but financial problm ki wajah se start ni ho pa rha h plzzz ! Koi ideas de.
khursid khan
khursid khan - 3 months ago
Wah sir i got a idea i will start soon
Lifetime Arabic & Islamic
Lifetime Arabic & Islamic - 3 months ago
Wow, wonderful and amazing idea! I'm very much impressed. If this person will not open his business in Bangalore...Then I'm ready to do it! Wow amazing business idea #SmartMeal
Ujjal Chakrabarty
Ujjal Chakrabarty - 3 months ago
Sir, bohat kuch sikhna hai sir iss program se.
#business ideas ki aur bhi videos upload jarur karna, these are really extraordinary .
Some of us actually wants to learn the way you think so relevantly and smartly. That is the real gift in these videos.
Sumanta Biswas
Sumanta Biswas - 3 months ago
Whener u will start m ready to take franchise in kolkata.. cntct on 8918504974
Niraj Borah
Niraj Borah - 3 months ago
joi ai assam..
ABINASH DEKA - 3 months ago
what's his name ? ye Larke ka Nam Kiya he
Abdulkadir Khan
Abdulkadir Khan - 3 months ago
Everything Is Alright.But You Only Calculated The Commision Of Nutritionist.What About The Commision Of Online Delivery Portals?After Deducting 20% For Nutritionist And 20% For Delivery Portal What Is Going To Remain In Our Hand?Also We Have Costing Of Making Meal.Kindly Explain Me This.
Adi BU
Adi BU - 3 months ago
A page which can help you become an entrepreneur without any as such money investment. Do give it a look and connect with us.
Sourabh Kumar
Sourabh Kumar - 3 months ago
Sir apki #businessideas pe nxt video kb aayegi...?? Please is topics pe video bnana bnd na kre....
Azgor Yash Ahmed
Azgor Yash Ahmed - 3 months ago
kushagra bainsla
kushagra bainsla - 3 months ago
Sir , please upload more videos like this🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏.
AJAY SHARMA - 3 months ago
Sir ab business wali koi video kyu nahi aarahi hai? 3 month hogaye,, kya ab nahi aegi.
Satyajit Vala
Satyajit Vala - 3 months ago
ronak jain
ronak jain - 3 months ago
sir scene yeh h ki agar food return aaya toh kya karna h? koe bata do bhai
CreativeMinds - 3 months ago
Sir ye meal ko delivery kerne k liye inko tie up kerna padega na food delivery app se ? Ye samj me nahi aya plz explain kero
Fact Books
Fact Books - 3 months ago
Hahaaha...😆 same Business 6 Years Kaar chuka Hu...B2B & B2C ..Karkey Dekho 😉
reality bolunga
reality bolunga - 20 days ago
Phir kesa experiance rha.
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