Do Dogs Like Bones or Rawhide Bones?

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Maximum Limit Videos
Maximum Limit Videos - 13 days ago
I'm eat fried pork skins!!! CHAO SIAM
Shikhar Dixit
Shikhar Dixit - 20 days ago
You know what.... That's my femur your dog is relishing...
Bossturnaut - 24 days ago
The bone in the thumbnail to the right looked like a do do bird
SuzyQthatsME - 28 days ago
Cutie Puppies! I Love Luke's fur, he's so Beautiful! 👍😊💕
Eric Kort
Eric Kort - Month ago
he says "its funny" in every video
kingdry3 - Month ago
Bro I once just for tests I bought one of those real bones and tasted it. Bruh it was so good tasted like a smoked chicken bone but bigger
Crystal Phillips
Crystal Phillips - Month ago
They are treated so good it always makes me happy to you with your animals.
Jennifer WhiteWolf
Jennifer WhiteWolf - Month ago
Processed rawhide is very toxic and should never be given to animals.
G.M. Danielson
G.M. Danielson - 2 months ago
Luke - real bone
Hugo - real bone
Gus - real bone
Gemma....does she also like bones? :D
Lusci Nia
Lusci Nia - 2 months ago
Bones has been marked with the sent of the first dog. That's why other dogs hesitate. They think the first dog owns the bone and they're messing with his property.
Angel Harvey
Angel Harvey - 2 months ago
Every dog I have likes raw bones or antlers and I have 16 dogs.
Blood Bath and Beyond - Pop Goes Metal Covers
I want to see which one George will choose! They're bigger than him!
It's a joke
It's a joke - 2 months ago
*hes* *so* *excited* *about* *this* *giant* *bone*
A A - 2 months ago
Ranjit Bhardwaj
Ranjit Bhardwaj - 2 months ago
These dogs are so beautiful and treated like dogs should be treated. Love your videos keep them coming.
mslilialis - 2 months ago
Maybe Hugo is looking for the rest of the carcas? The smoked bone is just a small piece. Where's the beef?
1angelofthelight2 - 2 months ago
That was smashing! My dog and I really enjoyed watching your boys demolishing those bones.
The53732 - 3 months ago
I hope to one day be as happy as the Russian man playing with his dogs.
mark Bohamed
mark Bohamed - 3 months ago
Like someone said, go to the butcher and get those bones. Some of the real bones in those packages actually smell like chemicals. There is one that is really good but there is one company that puts the real bone in a VERY pungent chemical.......IT STINKS!!!!!
FADLY GAMING - 3 months ago
Taras cool
Juan Carlos
Juan Carlos - 3 months ago
Honey 87
Honey 87 - 3 months ago
Did he just called Gus as pashtet😉
Agnes Aquino
Agnes Aquino - 3 months ago
Daddy can i have hold things say gus okey
Daddy i will eat hold
For my dinner and lunch belong too daddy thank you giving me good food
Agnes Aquino
Agnes Aquino - 3 months ago
Gus is puppy dog first
Time to have something to eat if you are good to your dog ,he will safe you
Drownning in swimming pool
Mantikoo Wasap
Mantikoo Wasap - 3 months ago
Jordyn Miller-Horne
Jordyn Miller-Horne - 3 months ago
was that a grave stone at 5:19
MARLO - 4 months ago
Great video! You're so good with your dogs!😍🐾🐾🐶
SleepLess - 4 months ago
0:52 ghost eating the corpse of his enemies
Kristina Ott
Kristina Ott - 4 months ago
what about the flavored rawhide? or raw marrow bones from butcher?
CarolinaGirl - 4 months ago
Amazing what I’ll watch if the Crazy Russian Hacker makes a video of it. Taras and his dogs are so entertaining. ❤️🐶🐾
Kay love
Kay love - 4 months ago
His accent is amazing 😩😩😩💜
Kelshtein Dana
Kelshtein Dana - 4 months ago
This video made me so happy
Tara Stephen
Tara Stephen - 4 months ago
Pashtet is my favorite
Labra Kadabra
Labra Kadabra - 4 months ago
I give my dog raw beef bones!
James - 4 months ago
Love your accent.
TheAVJ2 - 4 months ago
My aunt bought the small rawhide ones for her chihuahua he didnt like em
Empress Dee
Empress Dee - 4 months ago
The way he talks (his accent) is so cute
Justin Urhead
Justin Urhead - 5 months ago
Taras is such a genuine animal lover, its great.
A No
A No - 5 months ago
Hugo wants your bones
Dominick John
Dominick John - 5 months ago
I'm glad he has the doggos around to keep him happy lol.
Cristian Mancillas
Cristian Mancillas - 5 months ago
This is amazing
prukutkin - 5 months ago
Look, Luk?
Hyuga, Hugo?
Gus, Gas, Ghost, Pashtiet?
The real bone is of which animal?
Soul of GAMING
Soul of GAMING - 6 months ago
Gus is the cutest puppy
Jeff Anders
Jeff Anders - 6 months ago
Insinktly nature, what else!
I love how you tread yor animals!!!
ktran - 6 months ago
3:15 “let’s find out what pashtet will like”
Iziah’s eyez Cabral
Iziah’s eyez Cabral - 7 months ago
Gus🐶 funny 😆 my bone 🍖 bye 👋🏼
madison Pharis
madison Pharis - 7 months ago
Only dog breeds that choose raw bones are ur dog, bull terrier, rotwiler, stafferd Shire bull terrier and pitpull
Frances Brown
Frances Brown - 7 months ago
I love the way you interact with your furbabies!😊
jgowee - 8 months ago
Hugo is my favorite!
Sans Minorie the human
Sans Minorie the human - 8 months ago
Cat love fish
Zetsuke4 - 9 months ago
spoiler alert: dogs like bones more than rawhides!!!!!
Oscar Franco
Oscar Franco - 9 months ago
So is it safe for the dog to eat all that raw bone?
Hor Net
Hor Net - 9 months ago
they like bone marrow and if it's boiled it's spoiled
sarvani ks
sarvani ks - 9 months ago
Love you gus
sarvani ks
sarvani ks - 9 months ago
Luke is intelligent
sarvani ks
sarvani ks - 9 months ago
Hugo looks innocent
CrazyBird - 10 months ago
I got the whole LEGO movie as a ad 😂
Coletha Albert
Coletha Albert - 10 months ago
You're fantastic!! So are your dogs💝
Meranda - 10 months ago
I hope as gus gets older, hes less food agressive. Such a wild pup
fix mix
fix mix - 10 months ago
We have a restuarant we gave our dog raw bones. She likes it a lot
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