How to Build Habits That Stick 🏆

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Lavendaire - 7 months ago
Thanks for the love on this new video + shooting style 😁 I appreciate it bc it took 4+ hrs to shoot! haha. It was fun so I'll try to incorporate this style in some future videos
If you want more habit-related videos:
→ 5 habits that changed my life |
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Gülşah Güneş
Gülşah Güneş - 7 months ago
İ need more videos about this topic, please. Great thanks for this much effort and huge inspiration ❤❤❤❤
Tasnuva Tunna
Tasnuva Tunna - 7 months ago
Please do more. This has been very refreshing. Love u.
anamika saini
anamika saini - Hour ago
I always feel rejuvenated whenever i come to this channel.. full of new energy. 😊❤
Sandy Hercules
Sandy Hercules - 3 days ago
how did u become so knowledgeable so young
J F - 5 days ago
I love it. You make it sound so easy, and it should be. It’s all mental.
Arwa mohamed
Arwa mohamed - 22 days ago
You make me inspired much love❤
Gwen Fromnyc
Gwen Fromnyc - Month ago
My habit I want to build is self care; for me, it's bringing more joy and inner peace into my day. Even if it's for a short period I can reflect back on my day and remember the joyful moment (s)
Dalia Abdalla
Dalia Abdalla - Month ago
Love your channel!
I simply track my habits and that alone makes me stick to them. I read a book that has helped tremendously, i believe it was called atomic habits - highly recommend! I also use this simple notebook to track my habits daily, this is the one I use:
It allows me to write in all the habits I am trying to focus on for the month, and I can fill in or color in if I have done that habit for the day. I am a visual person and love seeing the entire month at a glance and how I did with those habits at the end of the month.
i cannot
i cannot - Month ago
ok ok , I'll work on my habits,,, just 1 more lavendaire video
The Learning Ella
The Learning Ella - 2 months ago
Did you breakup with your bf?
Btw do you ship the artist of life to India?
Safia Shaibany
Safia Shaibany - 2 months ago
Krystal Chakava
Krystal Chakava - 2 months ago
I wanna be saying more positive affirmations
I am A ghost
I am A ghost - 3 months ago
You have no idea how many people you are helping
J G - 3 months ago
In my experience, I've started a daily habit tracker in my bullet journal. Just by having the habits I noticed having my habits written down motivates me to try doing them as many days as I can.
Sara Valeria Prieto
Sara Valeria Prieto - 3 months ago
I really dont know how to not-touch my phone when im in my bed. It always happens to me, i just sleep in-the phone. I wanna change! But dont know how
LESLIE CHAVEZ - 3 months ago
Hi where did you get black T-shirt w astrology signs?
Lavendaire - 3 months ago
from neoclassics!
hazel chan
hazel chan - 3 months ago
I like how your self-development videos are not just those plain sit down videos. Incorporating different footages helps to jazz up the video and make it more enjoyable! Can I also say that your voice kinda resembles Michelle Phan's soothing voice?! Btw Liah Yoo brought me to your channel and now I'm a subbie! :D
Steven Harsh
Steven Harsh - 3 months ago
I love your videos
My favourite YouTuber
Love from India🇮
Assanisa - 4 months ago
you bring me to the world of self-development after the hardest time of my life. thanks, hope you can bring your positive energy for more people like me 🌷
Romer - 4 months ago
I love this channel so much
Jemsy Wand
Jemsy Wand - 5 months ago
Thank you
Andrea Layos
Andrea Layos - 5 months ago
I wanna build the habit of reading again. Not just books or materials I think I should reads, but ones I actually want to whether they're school stuff or not.
Yael - 5 months ago
Aileen, thank u so much for your videos and resources. It really helps me to organize my life back again. Much love!
emfazz - 5 months ago
tshirt from her vid:
kath - 5 months ago
thank you so much! this is so inspiringgg!
Angela Crowell
Angela Crowell - 5 months ago
You’re such an inspiration to me and you move me in the most positive way!!! I love you Aileen and thank you for not only inspiring me but giving me guidance too!!!!
Rohan Gupta
Rohan Gupta - 5 months ago
If you like this, then you should not miss watching this:
Ishwari Tank
Ishwari Tank - 5 months ago
Wow!! Amazing content Aileen! Thank you so much for this! 😘🤗😊
Kim Woodz
Kim Woodz - 5 months ago
I enjoyed this video. And I will start small -I think in the past I started too big hence why it was hard.
Sophia Sorbello
Sophia Sorbello - 5 months ago
Thank you for making these xx
kaye daza
kaye daza - 6 months ago
My habit for this month is to have a morning routine. :) 06.17.19
Mahadi Hasan
Mahadi Hasan - 6 months ago
Hi Aileen!You always make very helpful videos.I love you so much💖💖💖But Aileen i want to share my story with you a little bit.During my Alevel exam i was watching your videos and got many improvements in my way of thinking.And i started changing.But i used to follow many people 6-7 and had watched their videos randomly and used to watch too much for motivation and improvements.But what happened i became mentally ill by watching too much.So can you please make a video on how often and how we should watch these videos and improve ourselves so that we dont get mentally sick.Its a humble request to you Aileen.Please make a video on this.Please!!!💖💖💖💖
_im _gaurav_
_im _gaurav_ - 6 months ago
Check out this splendid articles on habit sticking..
Mariem Elgabry
Mariem Elgabry - 6 months ago
Well..I've got a lot of habits that I'm working on at the moment, maybe that's why none of them is sticking as I Thank you so much for this video really, I know now that I need o prioritize and start small and with consistency I can add the rest one by one.
Loved the Video 💕
val nucifora
val nucifora - 6 months ago
I love how much effort you are putting into all of this!!!!!
Lynette Dizon
Lynette Dizon - 6 months ago
I’m trying to do yoga this month c:
Happy Life
Happy Life - 6 months ago
What symbol is your tattoo? 😍
Lavendaire - 6 months ago
it's a lotus! I talked about getting it in my old march favorites video :) -
Dinar Monitha
Dinar Monitha - 6 months ago
Night routine, morning routine, wake up early, pray diligently
blessy john
blessy john - 6 months ago
You are so inspiring.😍 from india.
Gia Han Nguyen
Gia Han Nguyen - 6 months ago
Your voice is very beautiful ❤
Alicia Celestine
Alicia Celestine - 6 months ago
Greetings from Louisiana 💞 Thanks for the encouragement ... I will put this on my mirror..."You only fail if you stop trying" ... Thanks for sharing 😁 😁❤️
uma vathy
uma vathy - 6 months ago
This is really motivated me
Jasmine Bedruz
Jasmine Bedruz - 7 months ago
Hi Aileen! I so love your new filming style! It feels more laid-back. So much love from the Philippines!!!
Chelsea Tucker
Chelsea Tucker - 7 months ago
This was an amazing video to meet you on! I truly enjoyed your style! Thank you!
Rhea Mae
Rhea Mae - 7 months ago
OMG! So glad that I'm here again in your channel watching your videos. I have missed you a lot!!
RIZZI ISABELLA - 7 months ago
You are saving my life
Aubretia Wynne
Aubretia Wynne - 7 months ago
I love this so much!
Anyone want to be accountability buddies?
Jenny Mullinder
Jenny Mullinder - 7 months ago
I'm working on doing yoga! 😊 ❤️ Taking the Sarah Beth yoga challenge to get me started - but not putting too much pressure on myself to do it every single day, I'm doing it once or twice a week at least for now. Hopefully by the time May ends it will be daily!
Graciously Transformed
Graciously Transformed - 7 months ago
I love love love your energy gurl! ❤️ Thank you so much for this video
Ariana grande
Ariana grande - 7 months ago
I really love you as a person...
This is a request please watch sadhguru on YouTube and if possible please do inner engineering..
Your life will change and also your perspective of seeing life..
This is a humble request ❤️
harsha varthan
harsha varthan - 7 months ago
Hey Aileen. I wish to speak up my heart now. You just became my favourite sister. I look upon your journey, it's been so inspiring. And it seems to be like you r already in your dream life.
If u could, can u tell me how do u earn, because I do have my own dream life to be built but I'm like still not financially good enough to do what ever I want to do. So can you please give me any piece of advice upon this problem. Hoping for reply from my dearest sister😊
divyashree v
divyashree v - 7 months ago
Eat healthy , drink more water
Jessica Oribiana
Jessica Oribiana - 7 months ago
Thank you so much❤This video is so inspiring and after watching it, I felt like I need to try again to pick up the things that I used to do and try and try until they became my habits. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AILEEN😍😘
Peyam - 7 months ago
I really enjoy watching the video keep it up and love you so much
Hitouch LIFE
Hitouch LIFE - 7 months ago
Sometimes, I feel negative mind...
But You always pick up my mind!!
Thank you so much!
mey akrimi
mey akrimi - 7 months ago
you inspire me
ni luh widiasih
ni luh widiasih - 7 months ago
Let me know if you will come to bali
Amanda Aman
Amanda Aman - 7 months ago
Habits that I wanna build is Journaling. Amen amen 🙏😊
Chendyl Sumalinog
Chendyl Sumalinog - 7 months ago
Booka recommendation please
MAISSA MEFTAH - 7 months ago
I really want to make Meditating and Reading as daily habits, I started working on it since February but I'm failing on that :/ especially in April I failed terribly 7/30 reading and 5/30 meditating ... I feel awful
Lavendaire - 7 months ago
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