Ralph Nader on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

ACATNAMED SCOOP - 6 months ago
you mean the democrat slush fund Scam thats ripping off Billions from US tax payers
Bad Company
Bad Company - Year ago
Name one consumer that has been assisted by the cfpb...ONE
Raymond Kho
Raymond Kho - 6 months ago
vforvendetta60 - Year ago
Look at the name of the judge being cited to defend the dismantling of the only protection that us consumers have against corporate crime, Brett Kavaunaugh. He is now Trump elected high supreme judge. The guy is clearly protecting corporate interests at the expense of us all. The bulk of Trump's cabinet is the definition of swakp e.g Mnuchin,Rex Tillerson,Michael Cohn,Jeff Sessions, Bolton..etc
nukestrom - Year ago
CFPB is a white elephant that wastes public money. I had an issue with a bank (Fifth Third Bank) and I complained it to Federal Reserve which forwarded it to CFPB. After wasting months of interviewing and letter exchanging, CFPB just closed my complaint even without giving a verdict. I deserve to know that my complaint is legit or not, but they don't bother to even tell that. I'm liberal but I strongly support to abolish CFPB and save public money.
Val Phipps
Val Phipps - Year ago
Nader, still full of bs after all these years
Dennis Staughton
Dennis Staughton - Year ago
Val Phipps You are a moron if you believe that someone who has selflessly fought on behalf of the American consumer for decades is "full of bs".
Jonathan C.
Jonathan C. - Year ago
FOX is HORRIBLE!!! If this is not propaganda, what is? Holy Shite!!!! Ralph Nader is an American Icon. What disrespect!
Armando van Haaren
Armando van Haaren - Year ago
If a business gets fined one dollar for every dolar they stole from their costumers. Then whats the're incentive for obeying the law.
Paulette N
Paulette N - Year ago
Jerk covers his,garbage not letting him even complete sentences! My PS textbooks show this is fascist tactic...
Ron Burcham
Ron Burcham - Year ago
Old Ralph looks like he's being eaten alive from the inside , just saying .
The Ultimate Reductionist
I don't know whether to thumb this up for Ralph Nader's gutsy courage or down because it is typical Fox Business corporatist religious propaganda.
Seek Truth
Seek Truth - 2 years ago
This isn't an interview. What a tool this guy is not letting RN get a word in without shouting over him and interrupting. Long live Ralph and his integrity 💚🌎💚🌎💚🌎💚🌎💚!
Dennis Staughton
Dennis Staughton - Year ago
The Ultimate Reductionist hmmm... "Seek Truth & Dick"... Great motto. Thanks.
The Ultimate Reductionist
Well said, Seek Truth & Dick!
Juan-Carlos Ocasio
Juan-Carlos Ocasio - 2 years ago
Yeah, yeah you go ahead and end that segment, punk.
JOE peeer
JOE peeer - 2 years ago
we all know , u all fools aint gona do shit
Dennis Walker
Dennis Walker - 2 years ago
Anything held accountable to the fed alone is by its very existence is corrupt . The fed is not in any way connected to the federal government , it is a privately owned corporation . If we are going to keep the fed it needs to be placed under the authority of the government and held accountable and audited by the federal government on a regular basis .
jimmythesaint - Year ago
is Richard Cordray jewish?
Mika Mitena
Mika Mitena - 2 years ago
What Wells Fargo did to my family Is Criminal! As they continue to Commit their Criminal activity right under our noses! They STEAL OUR Homes than hide behind their gated compounds, and private islands! WHERE and When DO WE GET Our BailOut!!!!!!
Bill McGinley
Bill McGinley - 2 years ago
Mika- Block-headed critics like Carguy45 lack the moral authority, curiosity, intellect or courage needed to understand their own problems, never mind the problems of another. Tragically, the population of block-headed Americans is on the rise- and their stupid leader (trump), imitating the actions of a jackass, behaves just like them so they're getting louder. Their rhetoric is intellectually lazy and and bombastic while yours is passionate, honest and courageous. Keep on shouting....
Mika Mitena
Mika Mitena - 2 years ago
I just feel like, even if they can't see the smoke thru the trees I can yell from the woods and my voice will carry to the necessary ears. I'm a little, I suppose middle aged woman living out the biggest scam on American society that I have ever heard of, or believed even possible...Thank You for being a voice of reason to someone who really needs to know that there are Still Intelligent, Listening Human beings around. It's encouraging..
Mika Mitena
Mika Mitena - 2 years ago
Bill McGinley I get tunnel vision when people respond with "Pay Your Bills" you can pay your bills and still be targeted for a SCAM. I was very abrasive, I apologise 😟
Bill McGinley
Bill McGinley - 2 years ago
Mika- I admire your conviction and strength... I think we're on the same side but you are clearly leading the charge. Girl Power!
Bill McGinley
Bill McGinley - 2 years ago
Mika- I didn't realize I was protecting anyone with my previous remarks- I simply wanted to point out that banks don't deserve welfare just because they're "2 big 2 fail". The elderly woman you mentioned is just another example of the system pretending to be compassionate while simultaneously acting as the judicial branch of Darwinian law. I didn't mean to be insensitive to your plight.
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