Florida Couple Shot Themselves To Stage A Home Invasion

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Nathaniel Eric
Nathaniel Eric - 3 days ago
Tweekers are out of there
Jess Mcc
Jess Mcc - 9 days ago
I'd stage a home invasion too if I only had one ear
Kenson King
Kenson King - 11 days ago
Did they blame a black man? 😒
orlando perez
orlando perez - 25 days ago
Chris Voss
Chris Voss - 27 days ago
the insurance companies are crooks too though. that dude is Albanian or something, that ain't white.
Landon M.
Landon M. - Month ago
Look in their 50's
Christie7 Hammon4
Christie7 Hammon4 - Month ago
This shit is funny.. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Auntie Em
Auntie Em - Month ago
Did he shoot his ear off?
Jacob Alfaro
Jacob Alfaro - 2 months ago
What's up wit dudes ears?
ebony berry
ebony berry - 2 months ago
guess what race it is??? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣that music in the background
Hardyboy Dior
Hardyboy Dior - 2 months ago
“We don’t snitch on our children” SHIIIIIIDDDD...
Patty Mayonnaise
Patty Mayonnaise - 2 months ago
Nah.. that FL. chick that said wind blew coke in purse you didn't do the guess the race shit. Charla you a racist. You get donkey of all days.
Patty Mayonnaise
Patty Mayonnaise - 2 months ago
That's not crazy in the traditional sense... that's a meth head scheme if I've ever heard it .
Luwam Alem
Luwam Alem - 3 months ago
Haha "we don't snitch on our kids no matter what!" LOL
Symone Lewis
Symone Lewis - Month ago
That mentality is going to start backfiring on a lot of parents, if it hasn't happened already! People always talk about the 'no snitching code' until a crime hits too close to home.
Ausie Thompson
Ausie Thompson - 3 months ago
NO not all of us in Florida are not crazy be we are fully aware of the crazy mofo in this state.🤣😂🤣 WHITE .....
Master Jedi
Master Jedi - 3 months ago
1 word, " Wow "
Vegas Mendoza'
Vegas Mendoza' - 3 months ago
Is he wearing makeup or is his skin getting better
William Keller
William Keller - 4 months ago
5:07 did he get his ear shot off?
i had a dream
i had a dream - 4 months ago
I staged a suicide attempt it failed when I realized it was Skittles.
Whatever movie u didn't see i was in it
Yall mfs in Florida need to calm down
wHaT wAs It
wHaT wAs It - 5 months ago
So pause one time for sexy intern manboy' voice 🤗🤗🤗😍😍😍😍mmmmm, that sweet, sweet intern meat....
YungNando - 5 months ago
U can go to jail for shooting yourself !!!!?
Blake Jacobsen
Blake Jacobsen - 5 months ago
I watch this show everyday and love it, but it is pretty funny that Charlemagne’s favorite game is ‘guess what race it is’ until the dudes name is Daquan or something. If it’s a white dude they throw every ‘white devil mayonnaise’ comment, but if it’s some black dude then it’s oh he’s a dumbass due to his circumstances and move on 😂
michele sunshine
michele sunshine - 5 months ago
This was hilarious lmaoo
MMM Certified
MMM Certified - 5 months ago
Anytime the news is about someone from Florida, you know some wild ass shit has happened 😂
Asssley Bigrackin
Asssley Bigrackin - 6 months ago
Lol Charlemagne hates that he’s black sooo mf bad 🤣🤣
blairbushproject - Month ago
Asssley Bigrackin fucking equality makes us think that when people finally get to express themselves under the banner of freedom of speech after 500 years of slavery, that as soon as the words come out of their mouths an objection is okay.
Lover 32
Lover 32 - 6 months ago
It’s something in the air in Florida cause I was very overly angry when I got there. I think I was possessed by something. It later wore off after some orange juice.
Gariseb moyo
Gariseb moyo - 8 months ago
F.L.O.R.I.D.A 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ty Hairston
Ty Hairston - 8 months ago
People wild today shit ppl feel like it’s hard time but that was stupid tho they should go to jail for that
J Miller
J Miller - 9 months ago
AW, LAWWWD, Florida AGAIN???
Christopher Gibson9mm
Christopher Gibson9mm - 9 months ago
Oh ha ha they had to be white yeah but if it was a real home invasion guess what race would have been the criminal invader?
Christopher Gibson9mm
Christopher Gibson9mm - 9 months ago
What the hell so many shootings in Florida recently. Im a firm believer in the 2nd amendment right to bear arms but alot of people should not own guns because they do not have the mental capacity to handle them and use them the way they should be used.
NanaPearl pearl
NanaPearl pearl - 9 months ago
I live in Florida
ArrowHead x
ArrowHead x - 9 months ago
Florida. Can't get a break 😩
Florence G. Munyeneh
Florence G. Munyeneh - 9 months ago
From 1 to Tyrese......lol
Andrew Bailey
Andrew Bailey - 9 months ago
Terrell A'mari
Terrell A'mari - 9 months ago
How come Charlemagne dumbass don’t know how to say Strange?.. he keep saying Skrange.. Ol dumbass
five0threeEJ - 9 months ago
I feel like that pro-gun ad before the video was deliberate
Sophia Kiwie
Sophia Kiwie - 9 months ago
Floridians who are born here are the crazy ones. Not us who are just passing through.
Dustin Charles
Dustin Charles - 9 months ago
Please view my playlist and description in first video. Cops come to shoot me down for calling police on neighbor with gun looking around corner I had just been at. Police say "that's not a threatening posture -- oh it's just a bb gun -- where do you work -- did you go to school -- etc. etc. etc. Police and white neighbors assume black man must be drug dealer because he pays the same rent as the two neighbors combined but has two vehicles. Police help white neighbor to harass and evict me after THEY were looting and shooting. Lots more evidence than what is shown, but I'm too tired. I have a job to do. But this country is ridiculous and I'm tired of it. Can we just segregate again? The Internet exists now, which is enough for me to use to get educated (already a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science -- should have seen the cop scoffing at all of my answers).
regular_dude - 9 months ago
Doug is Latino Lindsey is white
blairbushproject - Month ago
regular_dude there is Latino Caucasian.
Valon Farray
Valon Farray - 9 months ago
why would you drop a cool bomb for Florida, when you yourself say all the craziest people comes from the bronx and all of florida
opticalcanine - 9 months ago
Charlamagne is the donkey every day so he knows how to spot em
king piye
king piye - 9 months ago
Is he missing a ear?
Y T Comment Police
Y T Comment Police - 9 months ago
Shooting someone doesn't always mean it's a "murder" charge. the intent of the shooting is how yje charge is filed
Dennis636223 - 9 months ago
LOL... "We don't snitch on our kids"
Zechs Merquise
Zechs Merquise - 9 months ago
They was prolly gonna blame the shit on a black dude.
MrZlathan3 - 9 months ago
Wait a minute. I thought white folks were supposed to be winning now....
narcfree keekee
narcfree keekee - 10 months ago
This is too dumb
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