9:24 WORLD RECORD Default Deathrun in Fortnite Creative!

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JDuth - 4 months ago
Quick reminder! THIS CONTEST IS NOT OVER YET! I am just showing the current world record
Yeet Boi
Yeet Boi - 2 months ago
slimemonster - 3 months ago
Whem does iy enf
Riley ODONNELL - 3 months ago
Rj Hokianga
Rj Hokianga - 3 months ago
Luis Molina
Luis Molina - 8 days ago
I completed it when there was 43:58 left in creative with 266 deaths
hzntl mystiq
hzntl mystiq - 16 days ago
Destined Boy
Destined Boy - 20 days ago
Wow i died 120 times
Ugo Cordone
Ugo Cordone - 20 days ago
You have a serious problem becouse this map is not for the noob
Hopperstanly - 23 days ago
I'ma try to beat it in 8 minutes
Blade_RCC Thanks for subscribing
I was there on the stream
Joni Luce
Joni Luce - Month ago
FPS Lucas
FPS Lucas - Month ago
Chaos Jay
Chaos Jay - Month ago
About your run...
I was...

Not there... 😜
TopLop1236 - Month ago
Took me 1 hour to do this
Amy Nunes
Amy Nunes - Month ago
I was there
Vex - Month ago
I hey WATERMELON I saw u lmfao
Bradley Williams
Bradley Williams - Month ago
Team Yeet 2474
Team Yeet 2474 - Month ago
Arnika Crawford
Arnika Crawford - Month ago
Watermelon πŸ‰
Fplays - Month ago
Turtle Tube
Turtle Tube - Month ago
I made a deathrun with 10 levels that get harder if ur nice enough to play it friend: turtle tube_2 :
I would publish it but I don't have a creator code
Sabah Play
Sabah Play - Month ago
I finished your default death run map contact me on my gmail
Linda Forslund
Linda Forslund - Month ago
its not the world reckord
King turtle
King turtle - Month ago
Bc u made me cry
King turtle
King turtle - Month ago
I hate u
Parker Bailey
Parker Bailey - Month ago
I was there 😒
Isaac Arop
Isaac Arop - Month ago
I was ther
Daniel Ratliff
Daniel Ratliff - Month ago
Level 99 is too hard for a default deathrun
Hypertension Poop
Hypertension Poop - 2 months ago
I was stuck on level 8

Press read more

Pls don’t Make fun of me
Ronnie Bartley
Ronnie Bartley - 2 months ago
It's so hard for me to beat the double impulse level
xFalconn - 2 months ago
Landon Trahan
Landon Trahan - 2 months ago
1v1 me jacob i will clap
Ruhaan Arora
Ruhaan Arora - 2 months ago
I found a skip at least of 10 levels
ray and aay channel
ray and aay channel - 2 months ago
In the second open room from the checkpoint turn to the side fall and you can skip the whole open room
LemmyGod - 2 months ago
Watermelon πŸ˜‚
use code black in the fortnite item shop
4turtle did it quicker in 8 min
Marilyn Guirola Nepomuceno
Do another default deathrun please
Allen Avalos
Allen Avalos - 2 months ago
You so funny
ThatGuyNamedVerge Games
ThatGuyNamedVerge Games - 2 months ago
Watermelon πŸ‰
Harrison Allen
Harrison Allen - 2 months ago
I was there on the stream
Charahasbeentaken - 2 months ago
Hotball might beat this
Daniel Gomez
Daniel Gomez - 2 months ago
xd Dopit750
xd Dopit750 - 2 months ago
GD_Gamer - 2 months ago
Connor Luskin Vlogs and gaming
I was in
Divine Dollar
Divine Dollar - 2 months ago
cool gamez
cool gamez - 2 months ago
Watch 4turtle record time
King j hernandez
King j hernandez - 2 months ago
I'm at 9:11
Yuhao Jiang
Yuhao Jiang - 2 months ago
Has anyone noticed the β€œUse code JDuth96” in the search bar
ChaSe Sh0tty
ChaSe Sh0tty - 2 months ago
Me lol
yiddo1121 - 2 months ago
Anyone else notice that magma was live when he was recording this
Gabriel Puente
Gabriel Puente - 2 months ago
I did it in 8:56 how do I send it to you
Tabby Gaming
Tabby Gaming - 2 months ago
The ice level is easy
Yasen Radkov
Yasen Radkov - 2 months ago
Trickster 1234
Trickster 1234 - 2 months ago
He knows where everything is hmmm..
Rasmus Blomgren
Rasmus Blomgren - 2 months ago
Hey 4turtle has the world record at 8mins or something give him the cash
SUPERÍOR - 2 months ago
SuperMario Kyo
SuperMario Kyo - 2 months ago
Its so satisfying watching him not die
Redjet 64
Redjet 64 - 2 months ago
I see that judth likes juice wrld
More - 2 months ago
Moist Tea
Moist Tea - 2 months ago
Isaiah Velasquez
Isaiah Velasquez - 2 months ago
Jduth sounds like myth
Isuf Emini
Isuf Emini - 2 months ago
Billd in the map
Danny Scott
Danny Scott - 2 months ago
Luuk van Boxtel
Luuk van Boxtel - 2 months ago
juan Briseno
juan Briseno - 2 months ago
He's a hacker for real though you can just go to a whole different unless you cheat do it
Xd Noahwyattbre
Xd Noahwyattbre - 2 months ago
SJI - 2 months ago
Like if you saw too
Konnor Earl
Konnor Earl - 2 months ago
Add me so u can play my rage run im making a rage run 2.0 soon
Shane Brewer
Shane Brewer - 2 months ago
RedDragon 092
RedDragon 092 - 2 months ago
cubeology dangsyylan Gibson
This guy did skip a level
PizzaPartyGamer - 2 months ago
john Gill
john Gill - 2 months ago
you get it, or u don't
sad potatoes
sad potatoes - 2 months ago
I always make the ice level first try every run and ur saying it is hard
David Serna Vasquez
David Serna Vasquez - 2 months ago
Storm Jesse
Storm Jesse - 2 months ago
Watermelon lol
Jeanny Garcia
Jeanny Garcia - 2 months ago
I beet I beet both deadass
Stelios Tat
Stelios Tat - 2 months ago
Yeet Boi
Yeet Boi - 2 months ago
Kai Parry
Kai Parry - 2 months ago
Watermelon πŸ‰πŸ€ͺ
Comment if you know what I mean
TFS Infern0
TFS Infern0 - 2 months ago
Watermelon πŸ‰
John Pratt
John Pratt - 2 months ago
The kid doing the death run already got the chekpoint
Wiily bum bum Willy bum bum
Hi um 100
Level is hard
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