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Galixx Shadow
Galixx Shadow - 3 days ago
i'm still stuck between ENFJ or INFJ haha
Yarely Rojas
Yarely Rojas - 8 days ago
Joana Sousa
Joana Sousa - 19 days ago
Im an INFJ :)
Ms Muffin
Ms Muffin - 27 days ago
I am a INTP.😅
Sometimes i don't feel understood. Even my family and friends don't get me and it can be really frustrating.
Nina M
Nina M - Month ago
INFJ 😛 this video was so fun and interesting to watch ❤
Merry Hart
Merry Hart - Month ago
I stumbled upon your YouTube because of Tarot and was like, omygoodness she approaches tarot the same way I do! and then I saw you did mbti and I was like I wonder what she is (because I'm really big into it and think its fun), I was guessing infp or infj and I was right!
I am an infj. 😁
Shreya Jadhav
Shreya Jadhav - Month ago
Mella - Month ago
This is oversimplified. That's not what feeling means. I recommend getting typed by a practitioner. INFJ and INFP are very different. INFJ has Fe in its cognitive function stack and INFP has Fi which are different. You're a J or a P depending on if you lead with a judging function (Like how INFP leads with Fi) or perceiving function (INFJ leads with Ni). You can't switch or be both. Every type has a different cognitive function stack. Also, most of those free tests are oversimplified as well. It's better to take the official MBTI or get typed by a professional.
Pragya Bharti
Pragya Bharti - Month ago
IIFP. any one?
Daph Avery
Daph Avery - Month ago
I’ve always been an intp, although I swing between f and t sometimes
MusicalChieko - Month ago
I was also an ENFJ and became an INFJ in my adulthood. There are times I wish I could go back to being an E but my ENFJ husband makes up for it. He completes me. ^_^
Aishwarya Ramesh
Aishwarya Ramesh - Month ago
INFP here!
Apichaya Wu
Apichaya Wu - 2 months ago
Wow a lot of INFJ here ! Me too
Emma Wood
Emma Wood - 2 months ago
I'm an INFJ!🍃
Josilene Sena
Josilene Sena - 2 months ago
I am Defender
Lisa Wong
Lisa Wong - 2 months ago
Have you ever had an official coaching session with an MBTI practitioner? We don't call the questionnaire a test as there's no right and wrong answer and it more of an indicator. The practitioner has had to attend a course and exams before they can run the official tool and have a deep understanding as the tool does utilise psychology. Through coaching, you can then verify your type so would recommend that if your type keeps changing.
vyshnavi thummuru
vyshnavi thummuru - 2 months ago
ISFP here :))
Jasmine Massey
Jasmine Massey - 2 months ago
im 16 and I have been all enfp, infp, infj and isfp. I honestly relate to all of them haha
Vijay - 2 months ago
This tests are so interesting 😊..Iam INFJ
Hannah Obote
Hannah Obote - 2 months ago
Marsha Nadia A
Marsha Nadia A - 2 months ago
Im enfp and i love infj intj infp and absolutel love enfp too😊😊😊😊😊
Whatever Works
Whatever Works - 2 months ago
INTJ-T, and one of the reasons I find you appealing as a content creator is that you have this calming effect that I've seen from people like Liah Yoo and Michelle Phan, but you all have very distinct vibes you bring to this platform. Liah is kind of fun and quirky and focuses on science and numbers. Michelle is, well, the goddess of YouTube that we don't deserve but need desperately. And you have this almost dream-like ethereal quality that brings me such peace. You've helped me understand what a healthy lifestyle looks like, and even though I'm not always sticking to those habits, at least I have set goals.
The_Vibe_Queen - 2 months ago
INFJ here! I didn't know so many people had my personality type until I looked at the comment section lol
Rebekah - 2 months ago
Omgoodness....We're the same! I used to be an INFJ but now I'm an INFP :)
Hello AmberKy
Hello AmberKy - 2 months ago
I was ISFJ, but this year I took the test, I got ISFP. I can feel that I am getting more spontaneous, and go with the flow, instead of like last time, plan things out. Haha. Kinda love-hate relationship with ISFP haha
cosmic nymph
cosmic nymph - 2 months ago
Danielle G. Jorge
Danielle G. Jorge - 2 months ago
I'm a ENFJ-T! ♥
Someone else?
purplelaces09 - 3 months ago
INFJ bit wouldn’t be surprised if I started swaying more towards INFP
Manasi Singh
Manasi Singh - 3 months ago
I am an ENFJ -T
Romina 1998
Romina 1998 - 3 months ago
I took the test but I'm not sure about the results somehow... That's scary... 😕😂
UTO - 3 months ago
great video but i don’t think your mbti type can change.
Erin Hart
Erin Hart - 3 months ago
INTP-T anyone??
Her Last Voyage
Her Last Voyage - 3 months ago
Love this series! Are you familiar with the enneagram?
Kawaii Natural
Kawaii Natural - 3 months ago
Im an INFJ 🌈 Just took the test like 2 years ago and I love about these things.
Jazzmin Sanch
Jazzmin Sanch - 3 months ago
Beatriz Matos
Beatriz Matos - 3 months ago
INTJ-T here :))
Theresa C
Theresa C - 3 months ago
INFJ :))
Kimberly Studies
Kimberly Studies - 3 months ago
I've been an INTP for a few years but now I'm an ISTJ after moving to a new country??
Sayje - 3 months ago
Heyy another INFJ here!
Penguin - 3 months ago
I was an ENFP when I first took this test, and now I'm a INFJ✌️
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