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MrBrent98 - 4 months ago
HEY HI HELLO❤️ I love you guys so much 💕 thanks for watching!
Would you ever do this with your mom!? 😂 LIKE this video if you want me to go thru EVAS phone for a video😂😂
Randy Chen
Randy Chen - Day ago
MrBrent98 500 comments
Vannny - 11 days ago
Benyamin Haidari
Benyamin Haidari - Month ago
I love your videos and I made your comment to 500 replies
Gacha Wolfie
Gacha Wolfie - Month ago
uhhhhh- idk 🤪😂
Delmy Nevaeh
Delmy Nevaeh - 2 months ago
I will never let my mom do this😂
Alessandra Hernandez
Alessandra Hernandez - 7 hours ago
is your mom and dad together??
Aida Andrade
Aida Andrade - 9 hours ago
Simoné Harewood
Simoné Harewood - 10 hours ago
Fuck you
Abdulla Alrumaithi
Abdulla Alrumaithi - 16 hours ago
It's a online game
Abdulla Alrumaithi
Abdulla Alrumaithi - 16 hours ago
Brent please download brawl stars and tell your name on A video
Soozie Watson
Soozie Watson - 17 hours ago
You're hot Brent love you 👰👸💓💕💞💖💗💘💝💞💟
JayJay Nazarenko
JayJay Nazarenko - 19 hours ago
JeJe Show's
JeJe Show's - 20 hours ago
OH MY GOD you have Likee plz follow me its @ ★‡†LÑL†‡★
Niella Finn
Niella Finn - Day ago
Sorry ava
Skye Playz
Skye Playz - Day ago
I have like too, and Eva if you are watching this, I am so sorry, 😂
· lunartae
· lunartae - Day ago
Alexander Walker
Alexander Walker - Day ago
I like your videos brent but stop the click bait thumb nails
tavo10sg YT
tavo10sg YT - Day ago
brent you are gay
Mohammad Abbas
Mohammad Abbas - Day ago
You should not hide things from your mom but it’s fine because you showed here
The Sharpshooter
The Sharpshooter - Day ago
More more
A Dillard
A Dillard - Day ago
Hey if your mom is reading this that is just stupid because why would you go in your phone maybe Brent should go in your phone
Sura Sanchez
Sura Sanchez - Day ago
Hehehe I love your mom bent hehehe
Meriem Benzine
Meriem Benzine - Day ago
L'a pauvre et le pauvre
Aidyl Melas
Aidyl Melas - Day ago
I was so scared about you Brent 😂😂😂
Ellen Holland
Ellen Holland - Day ago
Why do you have a crush on a boy that's weird you need to get acrylic nails again
Mariyah Branch
Mariyah Branch - Day ago
Waylan Murphy
Waylan Murphy - Day ago
Yes 🤣🤣
Amanda Spence
Amanda Spence - Day ago
We all love you Eva!! You are one of my fav youtubers!! *you too brent*
Brayan Menjivar
Brayan Menjivar - Day ago
Love you
Ade Stephen-Ojo
Ade Stephen-Ojo - Day ago
Brent i love your vids
megan Campbell
megan Campbell - 2 days ago
Ann Stanley
Ann Stanley - 2 days ago
CODE RED!!!!!!😨😨😓😯☺️
Nishtha Bhansali
Nishtha Bhansali - 2 days ago
Brent has wattpad. I love at app❤️❤️
Harry McMackin
Harry McMackin - 2 days ago
SythSF - 2 days ago
Who else is searching down the comments for Eva?
Bashir Ahmad
Bashir Ahmad - 2 days ago
Thx all of us love you 😎👍💩us to and I am 8
Caleb Jacobs
Caleb Jacobs - 2 days ago
sorry Brent
Davina O
Davina O - 2 days ago
Imagine if Eva was watching this
ROBERT Nketiah
ROBERT Nketiah - Day ago
It eva
Jayna Malinas
Jayna Malinas - 2 days ago
Your sooooooo funny
Safiya hasheer
Safiya hasheer - 3 days ago
Scarey very much
kenzie myers
kenzie myers - 3 days ago
What's wrong with safari
Lili Lisandra
Lili Lisandra - 3 days ago
Poor Eva
Lili Lisandra
Lili Lisandra - 3 days ago
Well I would of do the video but I would of hide stuff
Eboni Kelly
Eboni Kelly - 3 days ago
I thought I was watching a gay boy youtube channel
Keisha Narciso
Keisha Narciso - 3 days ago
You have Smule 🎤like me
Hazem Elbedewy
Hazem Elbedewy - 3 days ago
Do it with your sister lexi pleazz
Gabriella Roop
Gabriella Roop - 3 days ago
whats on ur search history >_
Sheldon Torres
Sheldon Torres - 3 days ago
I’m nervous and scared so bad
Emalee Kiernan
Emalee Kiernan - 3 days ago
You should do a house tour
isabelle scibetta
isabelle scibetta - 3 days ago
you are the best brent
soo is eva tell her i said that
Lillian Morrison-Hoar
Lillian Morrison-Hoar - 3 days ago
Salome's Toys chanell
Salome's Toys chanell - 3 days ago
Mom: goes to check safari
Brent: CODE REDx4
Caleb: takes phone
lucy the fancy princess and prankster
I love you Eva and brent and lexy and Ben
Sana Shahzad
Sana Shahzad - 4 days ago
Your house is lave uh oh
1 Richards
1 Richards - 4 days ago
I want you to do one with alot of people plzzz
Obi Kan Benobi
Obi Kan Benobi - 4 days ago
French kiss eva 80 min
Obi Kan Benobi
Obi Kan Benobi - 4 days ago
Frech kiss av for 50 min
Obi Kan Benobi
Obi Kan Benobi - 4 days ago
Alexander Gomez
Alexander Gomez - 4 days ago
I want Mr bright98
Danila Van Veldhoven
Danila Van Veldhoven - 4 days ago
i got likee to my name on the is gacha devil plz follow me even kevin
Connor A. Gawrys
Connor A. Gawrys - 4 days ago
Hmm what was on that internet history 🤔maybe something rated R perhaps 🤷🏼‍♂️
Ryan's & Kyle's FNAF World
My mom wouldn't let me let my mom be in my videos, your lucky Brent
Gemma Swartz
Gemma Swartz - 5 days ago
He probably looks up girl
Sarah Kate’s world
Sarah Kate’s world - 5 days ago
Sherrye Belford
Sherrye Belford - 5 days ago
you are a good youtuber
Yusuf 3
Yusuf 3 - 5 days ago
His search history is porn
Shereen Assi
Shereen Assi - 5 days ago
Gacha girl Cade badcop
Gacha girl Cade badcop - 5 days ago
I love you eva
Evie - 5 days ago
Why don’t you want your mom to look at your phone
Alvaro Arroyo
Alvaro Arroyo - 5 days ago
Killah’Zo Gaming
Killah’Zo Gaming - 6 days ago
Who’s looking for Eva’s message?
Neema Diamond
Neema Diamond - 6 days ago
Lil’Zoey Gaming omg me
Mulyadi Samsung
Mulyadi Samsung - 6 days ago
Docked Daph
Docked Daph - 6 days ago
I’m scared for tou
Yeeto Noodle
Yeeto Noodle - 6 days ago
Mom: Let me look on internet
No one:
Me: maybe this channel isn’t as family friendly as we though...😈😂😂😂
Erica Rogers
Erica Rogers - 3 days ago
Yeeto Noodle Do u let ur mom go into ur phone ?
Yeeto Noodle
Yeeto Noodle - 3 days ago
Erica Rogers Ohhhhh - K, imma delete all these comments now 😂
Erica Rogers
Erica Rogers - 3 days ago
Yeeto Noodle Because I don’t want to let my mom go thru my iPad. Would u let ur parents go thru ur phone?
Erica Rogers
Erica Rogers - 4 days ago
Yeeto Noodle Yes?
Erica Rogers
Erica Rogers - 4 days ago
al vin
al vin - 6 days ago
code red code red awww❤❤❤😂
Levi Ackermann
Levi Ackermann - 6 days ago
Sophia Grace
Sophia Grace - 6 days ago
Am I the only one who got excited on seeing that Brent had Wattpad?😂
The Du preez Fam
The Du preez Fam - 6 days ago
Butterfly Girl
Butterfly Girl - 7 days ago
We love you Eva
The galaxy gamer
The galaxy gamer - 7 days ago
one like = one prayer for brent
Willow Caldwell
Willow Caldwell - 7 days ago
Hi im a fan mrbrent
Minh Tu
Minh Tu - 7 days ago
Brent’s mom: Ooo lemme check your safari....
The other guy (I forgot his name) :*takes phone deletes history on safari*
Me: I wonder what was on there 🧐🤔🤔🤔🤔😌?
ANahita SEpehri
ANahita SEpehri - 7 days ago
I love your family,they are so cute😍
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