Spill Your Guts: Harry Styles & Kendall Jenner

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Eric Carabetta
Eric Carabetta - 57 minutes ago
I don’t know who either of these people are, but she’s hot af. Not sure about this lame Fear Factor / truth or dare bit though.
Katherine Valois
Katherine Valois - 58 minutes ago
Ka Gwapa Kag Ka Gwapo Gid Ya Ahh #SanaAll
neginkoda - 58 minutes ago
Why does HE have nailpolish?!!😨😨😨
Promise Towne
Promise Towne - 59 minutes ago
they would be so cute wtf
Michele Miki Vale
Michele Miki Vale - 59 minutes ago
Kendall é homossexual 😷🤮
Morgan Moore
Morgan Moore - Hour ago
Is it just me or do they make a good couple
Alina M
Alina M - Hour ago
Kendall sounds like Victoria Justice. 💀
Visal Gaming
Visal Gaming - Hour ago
I want to see another ep of this xD
asyiqin nazri
asyiqin nazri - Hour ago
Stanning Harry is a must
asyiqin nazri
asyiqin nazri - Hour ago
Stanning Harry is a must
BAI GODZ TV - Hour ago
Monokrom Gacha
Monokrom Gacha - Hour ago
aww my two favorite Wattpad Characters were collab😍
Oh Wow
Oh Wow - Hour ago
Lmao why is the glass of water is cloudy
graham kehoe
graham kehoe - Hour ago
Harry as new James Bond?
Lana Del Slay
Lana Del Slay - Hour ago
Why do they always invite Kendall? Surely they can invite someone else
Beatriz Mendoza
Beatriz Mendoza - Hour ago
If they have a relationship or something, I approved
Wonderland love
Wonderland love - Hour ago
The taylor swift fandom is quaking rn
kalvin clein
kalvin clein - Hour ago
why do i ship?
*someone help me!*
Xenpai Chin
Xenpai Chin - Hour ago
Hehe harry: 7:02
henry estacio
henry estacio - Hour ago
I can still see sparks in their eyes when they look at each other.
ayuk is a proud ravenclaw
bull penis is actually so delicious why you guys acting like it disgusting. I eat that once a month.
Hazel Pogosa
Hazel Pogosa - Hour ago
This is my favorite episode so far
Michael L
Michael L - Hour ago
Ewwwww you two trying to 'normal' ........... just shoot me in my face! 'give it a sniff' ...... nah you can keep that
Anastasia Aversa
Anastasia Aversa - Hour ago
The last question is the best 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
tzuyuislifeu - Hour ago
Idk why but I want to see more of them together
Reasonable Doubt
Reasonable Doubt - Hour ago
Hey random person going through the comments section

Have a great day ☀
Bunda ArBell
Bunda ArBell - Hour ago
its 10 m view.. wow
Robin Chatterjee
Robin Chatterjee - Hour ago
Harry is actually so funny didn’t even know
5g_phones Official
5g_phones Official - Hour ago
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Annisa Maharani
Annisa Maharani - Hour ago
please bring sandra bullock and keanu reeves
Alysson Banegas
Alysson Banegas - Hour ago
I’m really feeling their little vibe together ✨
Aillen Mae De Mayo
Aillen Mae De Mayo - Hour ago
Yah uhh😂😂😂
Ingyin Su
Ingyin Su - Hour ago
7:03 hehee
Chapoula Aj
Chapoula Aj - Hour ago
How is he so beautiful I just dont know
Justin Ward
Justin Ward - Hour ago
I’m waiting for one of the kardashians to date a Chicago bulls player so bull penis can make a HARDER impact
Karna [QUIT]
Karna [QUIT] - Hour ago
Why are his nails painted
James Mamba
James Mamba - Hour ago
Can they back together?
ITzz Mutawaeno
ITzz Mutawaeno - Hour ago
انت يا هاري ليتك بلعته وزغه🦎
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