Spill Your Guts: Harry Styles & Kendall Jenner

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Juan Delgado
Juan Delgado - 11 minutes ago
those buckets are selling for millions on ebay now
Julia Lima
Julia Lima - 11 minutes ago
the fact that they dated but still feel comfortable around each other is cute
gbinct - 12 minutes ago
Kendall is the most down to earth Jenner
juli essan
juli essan - 12 minutes ago
Claire Chilbert
Claire Chilbert - 12 minutes ago
Harry: Are you ready?
Kendall: No!
Harry: oKaY. so who’s the best parent out of your siblings?
galuh dewi
galuh dewi - 12 minutes ago
i just found out here that harry is really cute and charming.. waooow...
mari - 13 minutes ago
When he did that little laugh at 7:02😍😍😍
SXTWLVE - 13 minutes ago
The Brickfast Club
The Brickfast Club - 13 minutes ago
he cosplayed as the guy from stranger things
photographer brother of will’s
yea that guy
eva! - 14 minutes ago
they're so cute thoughhhhh
Marjorie Rosa
Marjorie Rosa - 14 minutes ago
I love this 😂❤
A B - 14 minutes ago
They make such a hot couple. Why did they breakup😭
Marisa Cohen
Marisa Cohen - 14 minutes ago
The duo we never thought we needed 😂
Twisted Minds [SK]
Twisted Minds [SK] - 14 minutes ago
She is so damn hot
lana wills
lana wills - 14 minutes ago
Is it just me or this kid is starting to sound Australian
kayla robinson
kayla robinson - 14 minutes ago
Kendall rated her siblings parenting....harry wouldn't rate his friends. says alot about how different they are.
Kurt Villareal
Kurt Villareal - 14 minutes ago
Why is harry so hot while eating the cod sperm
Zerina Imsirovic
Zerina Imsirovic - 14 minutes ago
Did I miss something? Why would any of his songs be about her?
Sara Militello
Sara Militello - 14 minutes ago
when did Harry become so fucking hilarious
mjrra rams
mjrra rams - 14 minutes ago
not that good
buzzardbeatniks - 15 minutes ago
For a couple of young rich beautiful people, they're both surprisingly not annoying.
仁肖 - 15 minutes ago
Oh Harry you are used to 1D's sperms

MEGZ V - 15 minutes ago
I don’t want this episode to end! 😭🖤💯👌🏼
ch4rmander - 15 minutes ago
i will never forget how harry’s icloud got hacked in 2016 and the hacker leaked photos of a secret trip he took w his family AND HE TOOK KENDALL W HIM AND THEY WERE ALL LOVEY DOVEY AND SHIT ): they made such a cute couple and still would make such a beautiful couple ):
仁肖 - 16 minutes ago
What is between them tho?
artelyrics box
artelyrics box - 16 minutes ago
the reality is. Harry has eaten TWO scorpions, one occupies a chair
is crazy
mjrra rams
mjrra rams - 16 minutes ago
Megami Noir
Megami Noir - 16 minutes ago
Wait did they date or something ?
Bea Fellone
Bea Fellone - 17 minutes ago
Why does he look like Theon Greyjoy🤣? No offence meant.
Chris Ducat
Chris Ducat - 18 minutes ago
Haha...well these two are still obviously friends :-)
Estrella Gómez
Estrella Gómez - 18 minutes ago
He is so cute
chevelle5021 - 19 minutes ago
仁肖 - 19 minutes ago
Are you ready?

Eleanor Ghrist
Eleanor Ghrist - 19 minutes ago
Can we just stop for a second and appreciate Harry's nails please!
Madison Leffler
Madison Leffler - 19 minutes ago
I love how he said Cod Sperm lmaoo
Nazla - 19 minutes ago
Nina Knowles
Nina Knowles - 19 minutes ago
This is something I didn’t think I needed until now
Jurgen Ludwig
Jurgen Ludwig - 19 minutes ago
I wish I was that bull 🤪
Adam Mahmud
Adam Mahmud - 20 minutes ago
i was the guy in the dms
Bianca Neve
Bianca Neve - 20 minutes ago
Excuse me, if you need to drink or eat just do it. What the hack, she takes it and then spills it, he is the same. They didn't eat anything or drink anything. I remember her saying she doesn't like cameras and being super weird and here we see different Kendall, she likes to flirt, she likes herself, she likes to be on tv. Just eat that crap and shut up
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