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Ultimate Rap League
Ultimate Rap League - 4 months ago
Who you got as the winner?!?
spad323 - 3 days ago
Twork 2-1
Arkishia Norman
Arkishia Norman - 3 days ago
Swizzy 425
Swizzy 425 - 2 months ago
ian stylez
ian stylez - 2 months ago
That was a close one. Twerk 1st was crazy but the last was weak. Clips 2nd was nice but the last was just ok. I would say clips base on the last round
Jay Smith
Jay Smith - 4 months ago
Embrace The Pain
Embrace The Pain - 13 hours ago
I got distracted by T Top shirt , it was uncomfortable to look and very distracting. I had to watch the battle like 9 times just to get tru it 🤦🏻‍♂️
Black Queen
Black Queen - 16 hours ago
Clips won hands down. Vet 4 a reason
Black Queen
Black Queen - 16 hours ago
Headshot but ur hair line crooked so I gotta lean with it..😱
Dean Starks
Dean Starks - 18 hours ago
Big dude with the nose ring Lost
Travon Maxwell
Travon Maxwell - 21 hour ago
Twork nice but clip a goat
IvyleagueCutie89 - Day ago
Smack gets sexier every year!
Meera S
Meera S - Day ago
Ctfu Twork wanted to laugh so many times. Charlie funny as hell.
Master of Ceremonies
Master of Ceremonies - 2 days ago
At 20:10 Twork had to cover his face from laughing at this nigga 😂😂
Claim Your Inheritance
Claim Your Inheritance - 2 days ago
Leave him alone
CrazyChris Lee
CrazyChris Lee - 2 days ago
Mann Charlie clips lost the first surprisingly...but came back 2 and 3rd....I respect nu Jersey because I was expecting him to get boddie bagged...but he put up a good fight
InstagatorPublicater - 2 days ago
Clips stay losing coin toss
Eddie HK
Eddie HK - 2 days ago
Twork 1st round was good for 2 LOL.
emile tsuma
emile tsuma - 2 days ago
Clips won dat battle
Mark Steenson
Mark Steenson - 3 days ago
Twork is so fucking trash. No surprise he has to recycle average bars over and over again
Deondre Turner
Deondre Turner - 3 days ago
Clipz Rkelly bar though
Cable Roberts
Cable Roberts - 4 days ago
Twork really said uh oh lumidee I’m done
Eddy Merino
Eddy Merino - 4 days ago
Clips showed why hes the 🐐. Twork 1st was fuckin 🔥🔥🔥. Clips 2-1
John smith
John smith - 5 days ago
Clips broke this guy down. U could tell by the 3rd round he had a few good punches, but was done
emile tsuma
emile tsuma - 5 days ago
Damn Im poor as hell could you help a brother out and post that Cass vs Ars battle SMACK??
emile tsuma
emile tsuma - 2 days ago
I still wana view it for myself But thats what I been hearing
David Gonce
David Gonce - 2 days ago
Trash battle not worth the wait bro was in your shoes for a while lmao
Je'Marius McCuiston
Je'Marius McCuiston - 5 days ago
I hit licks like PLANE know the MASS (MASK) COMING DOWN.🔥🔥🔥🔥
Isaac Baillie
Isaac Baillie - 5 days ago
Aye how suge and ars meant to be jersey crips and twork is meant to be a jersey blood but they gassing each other and roll together that sus
Erailex - 3 days ago
It's 2019 bro. No one does that anymore.
Demonte Allen
Demonte Allen - 5 days ago
Mannn this was a GOOD ass FUNNY ass battle! I love the fact they BOTH respected good bars💯
Milton Russell
Milton Russell - 6 days ago
Instant classic
xxjakaibrownyt - 6 days ago
Who just came from TikTok like if u did
Dee Knows
Dee Knows - 6 days ago
Dude got the best schemes I ever heard in my life
Dee Knows
Dee Knows - 6 days ago
I can't take Boww serious no more... Charlie 50cent'd that line lol
Tsunami Rain
Tsunami Rain - 6 days ago
You can tell twork wasn't trying to laugh but clips always gonna make you break
SIR T - 7 days ago
Guess what room he in? =The upper room. You can't wake up out the casket and say sike I lied? Twork 2-1🇺🇸
Macent - 7 days ago
That Full House bar had me rollin! That's exactly how it be
SilvLocs - 7 days ago
Content fire, Twork in the first left earth- but ain’t no such thing as a KO R1 in battle rap JERZY very arguably lost this battle🤦‍♂️
John smith
John smith - 7 days ago
Ever since Clips second round. I can’t take the BOWW’s seriously 😐😂
PsMoKe TV - 7 days ago
Let it ring in Charlie face UNITY
Noah Harley
Noah Harley - 8 days ago
Wait you hold up🤦🏿‍♂️ yall mathafuckas crazy giving charlie clips the 2nd that shit was not that 🔥he took what Goodz did against cass and used it on twork👎🏿....twork 2-1 not debate
jeremy thomas
jeremy thomas - 8 days ago
You right 3-0 clips
Prince Thomas
Prince Thomas - 8 days ago
clips 3-0
outlaw brizz
outlaw brizz - 8 days ago
Charlie bite me 😂😂😂
Edward Devlin
Edward Devlin - 9 days ago
Ice vs twork let’s get it wolf love jersey
Ball Game
Ball Game - 9 days ago
This a big stage battle
Ball Game
Ball Game - 9 days ago
Twork vs brizz gone be a crazy one
Tony Walker
Tony Walker - 9 days ago
Clips exposed his whole style in the 2nd and Twork lost his power after that.
Clips 2.1
Tworks first was horrible 🔥 🔥 🔥
Clips to much
hm mh
hm mh - 9 days ago
hm mh
hm mh - 9 days ago
Clips 2-1
James Mcatee
James Mcatee - 9 days ago
James Mcatee
James Mcatee - 9 days ago
You see when twork pointed at Charlie and called him a bum clips leaned back 😂😂🤡
Jeff Muiruri
Jeff Muiruri - 9 days ago
nobody making Top reaction at 14:26 a gif yet?
Aldane Thomas
Aldane Thomas - 10 days ago
I love the respect
Dev - 10 days ago
He speaking facts. I would’ve went crazy for those TV show and commercial bars.
IAJ3 - 10 days ago
Buddy in the blue jean jacket look like he could be jay z son
Gil Eagan
Gil Eagan - 10 days ago
Twork yelling corny
Word - 10 days ago
Clips- remember it’s a boxing match gotta fight smart great first round kid.
Twork first spread into 3 rounds he won this shit hands down first round was to vicious he gotta spread it out
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson - 10 days ago
Twork first round was history 🔥🔥🔥 but it’s still clips 2-1
Fred Robb
Fred Robb - 10 days ago
Zane Slack
Zane Slack - 10 days ago
Skip straight to 6:14.... Geeeeezus! WAAAAAY TOO MUCH promo at the beginning.... LOL!
Hansum One
Hansum One - 10 days ago
Clips 2-1
Jay Smith
Jay Smith - 11 days ago
15:48 who was that? Lmao??? AYO STOP CUZ!! CHILL!! Oh I got it, that was arsonal lol.
Hassan - 11 days ago
Twork. Like magic Johnson with aids i ain’t playing with you. 🙌🏽🙀🙀🤯🤯🤯🔥🔥🔥🔥
Ry Bread
Ry Bread - 11 days ago
They was gassin Tworks first Round, screaming on every bar 🙄
Demon Rosario
Demon Rosario - 12 days ago
Who shawty with the blue hair tho?
G7D Mode
G7D Mode - 12 days ago
One of the best fights all year!!
Salute 2 both!!!
KWADO - 12 days ago
THE LEGEND CLIPS 2-1 but shout out to TWORK 1ST ROUND
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