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Ultimate Rap League
Ultimate Rap League - Month ago
Who you got as the winner?!?
Jay Smith
Jay Smith - 29 days ago
First Name First Last Name Last
I'm the winner
ZAY ZAY - 29 days ago
Wtf I got twork 3-0 but I like the battle
Sola Williams
Sola Williams - 29 days ago
Charlie 2-1
Ren Johnson
Ren Johnson - 29 days ago
Clips 2-1
GetYaBarzUp Media
GetYaBarzUp Media - 11 hours ago
Tampa with the evidence 🔥🔥🔥 Clips 2-1 Twork first was Godly but Clips second was the God Haymaker #GetYaBarzUp #Salute
Thakholi Dornald
Thakholi Dornald - 11 hours ago
twork's 1st == God mode!
Malique Taylor
Malique Taylor - 12 hours ago
I don't even care about Clips' second and third round. Twork's first round is FIREEEEE
Ledo Da Makk
Ledo Da Makk - 13 hours ago
everywhere u go everywhere u booow now it aint nobody in that full house that shyt was dope they both got some fire lines this one is hard to say so far lets keep watchin
Djseandu68 - 15 hours ago
Clips 2-1...really 3-0...but 1st rd could go either way...
Hughesy Plays
Hughesy Plays - 15 hours ago
"I can leave the bow out-gracefully. That was 🔥" off the top
Paris France601
Paris France601 - 16 hours ago
Twork looks like hoodie Melo 😭😭🤣😂😂😂💀
MAD Records TV
MAD Records TV - 16 hours ago
Im like Charlie wit longevity...extended clips 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Tworkkkk!!!!!!!!
Gods Plan
Gods Plan - 17 hours ago
I read the comment section just to disagree because I know nighaz there haven't watched the battle b4 commenting.. yall nighaz weak
Hughesy Plays
Hughesy Plays - 17 hours ago
Twork fought this battle like clips predicted,got the early knockdown but couldn't withstand the seasoned pressure or experience in the ring from clips.
Action Jackson
Action Jackson - 20 hours ago
Its a repeat you say jersey and end your round early its a repeat you say jersey and end your round early.. then 3rd what happens 😁😂🤣😂
KTHREE31 - 22 hours ago
Dre Cooley
Dre Cooley - 23 hours ago
Cuz out of those 4 battles i counted 3 L and 1 W. sheeeeeeesh
Jen Ksnw
Jen Ksnw - Day ago
Twork and surf got Jersey ROSELLE STAND UP JERZ
Dee - Day ago
Yo clips might be predictable but he so nasty with it.. it don't matter lol
flee god
flee god - Day ago
11th time watching this battle.. twork 1st 1 legendary,,, but clips 2nd is incredible 🔥🔥🔥🔥 still 2 1
RayLove91 - Day ago
Vini DAI REEDY - Day ago
So nobody knows who that queen with the blue hair is.....ayt
Chinky - Day ago
Funny niggas will watch you get yo ass beat over a fit or some shoes that made all those jokes not funny he pussy
Jason Grey
Jason Grey - Day ago
Twork first round @11:21
I keep coming back to watch It Lol!
Jason Grey
Jason Grey - Day ago
Here for the 5th time to here Njt Commit homicide in the first round!
Alterick Bowman
Alterick Bowman - Day ago
Clips 2/1 clear 2nd and 3rd
Thelion Mode
Thelion Mode - Day ago
Instant classic
NEXUS Allah - Day ago
Charlie Clips...Wash, twork on some other shit!! Mob!
Nagee-The Struggle(YouTube).
Nagee -Boss(YouTube).
DYD-Gotti-The Motive(YouTube).
swhite4170 - Day ago
The obituary is photoshopped no matter what. They never put the face of a dead person's face on the obituary, but yall loved it lol
swhite4170 - Day ago
Like his actual face when he died.
Eternal drakkon
Eternal drakkon - Day ago
Round 2 clips is fukkin good as twerk is especially in the first im like how clips can overcome or come close to that....he does...
BMW199495 - Day ago
Clips 3-0
Tyrell Gordon
Tyrell Gordon - Day ago
I love the strip club but if this what you call twork I want my money back
Joseph Davis
Joseph Davis - Day ago
Can't lie that first round twerk killed him but Clips had 3 rds and took the last 2 rds
Smoking Thrones
Smoking Thrones - 2 days ago
Twork 🖊 pen is lethal like Danny Glover
David Anderson
David Anderson - 2 days ago
Twork won this
unda1 - 2 days ago
and since charlie bit me its one finger on the baby #murda
Marcus Thabit
Marcus Thabit - 2 days ago
Nu Jerzey Twack
ANTHONY BERRIOS - 2 days ago
After watching this battle multiple times. Twork 1st verse was an instant classic, but Clips first verse had me crying and folks seems to forget that. After that it was pretty much Clips 2-1 and, the Tworks first verse lost steam after Clips second verse. He was exposed and couldn't even use his own adlib. Charlie won...
StreetMoney Polo
StreetMoney Polo - 2 days ago
Mannnnn I ain’t never seen Clips get ate up like this. Goodness gracious.
Tim Wood
Tim Wood - 2 days ago
Amid  Kennedy
Amid Kennedy - 2 days ago
Clips got bars fo dayz need not say who won land slide
K Jay
K Jay - 2 days ago
Twerk like y didn't I think of that full house bar
Mr. Villano
Mr. Villano - 2 days ago
Unityyyyy! Lol one of the best Chappelle skits!
victor noagbodji
victor noagbodji - 2 days ago
my god, i got charlie on this one! that's how delivery should be!
Jay Jay
Jay Jay - 2 days ago
Naw I’m not saying who won cause 2nd is debatable... twork went the hell in. How is everyone sleeping on twork second when all Charlie did was mimic him
james mcgee
james mcgee - 2 days ago
TWORK 1st round hard
TheCree19god - 2 days ago
Twork turned the energy up In the first round 🔥
Sheldon Lovell
Sheldon Lovell - 2 days ago
Looooool jerry wess looking mad constipated during clips 2nd round
ladarian roper
ladarian roper - 2 days ago
Come on Twork that 3rd round should have been longer bro. Twork 21 tho
Tarence McElroy
Tarence McElroy - 2 days ago
Is that Gerald McCoy in the back?
World Boss
World Boss - 2 days ago
Any nigga that can rap your style better than u & expose u while at it that proves something twork iight but non of these niggas ain’t fucking with Charlie clips
Clips got more bars than jails 3-1 that’s a factual score
Ricardo Galera
Ricardo Galera - 2 days ago
I died laughing at Charlies second round 😂😂😂
Jeboris Pegasis
Jeboris Pegasis - 2 days ago
what kinda rap name is twork, bro takn a L as soon he steps on stage just cause of that
Mar Money
Mar Money - 3 days ago
Lol Twork is a problem
MARV MYRES - 3 days ago
The more i watch this twork got more crowd reaction and his bars was more entertaining.
Oshane Kerr
Oshane Kerr - 3 days ago
smack f#ck ur app
Battlers Paradise
Battlers Paradise - 3 days ago
Twork is the new Charlie clips imo he get that same love Charlie did in his early days
raliq bashard
raliq bashard - 3 days ago
Brizz wasn't laughing at none of them Charlie Clips jokes in the first round... wasn't moved at all. lol.
King Nado
King Nado - 3 days ago
Clips top 3 for sure and he got this W.
frederick galloway
frederick galloway - 3 days ago
2-1 Clips
Loo Rawls  Thomas
Loo Rawls Thomas - 3 days ago
Yeah youngsta going to be nice. I put this ring on your head Charlie unity!! Clips still won 2-1
TheHeraldofWoe - 3 days ago
We need Twork vs Geechi gotti stat💯
choosenoneify - 3 days ago
Bars over jokes
choosenoneify - 3 days ago
Twork won this easily
Rellydagod G.O.D
Rellydagod G.O.D - 3 days ago
18:36 Twork gets exposed lol...the battle was over after this🤣🤣🤣
Chinky - 3 days ago
Twork won
Mac Nito205
Mac Nito205 - 3 days ago
This about my 3rd time watching this battle, 1 million views in 4 weeks...Clips schooling niggas with ah simple flow 💨💨💨
Lakeisha Simpson
Lakeisha Simpson - 3 days ago
Tht really is jojo from runs house lol . I get why Charlie came off top wit tht
Darren Karngbaye
Darren Karngbaye - 3 days ago
Clips came out playing til twork did em sad in the first round....twork 2-1
New Edge Tv
New Edge Tv - 3 days ago
Good battle! Check out my content!
Aaron lee
Aaron lee - 3 days ago
Stop clips lost he just was better than his previous battles because everyone helped him write his damn verse lmao clips just corny af still predictable
Lachelle Sims
Lachelle Sims - 3 days ago
lets go clips!!!!!!
Carter 16
Carter 16 - 3 days ago
That r jelly shit was crazy
Westayfitwsf - 3 days ago
This battle was just unfair to begin with.. Nu Jersey Twerk must be threatening smack to get some of these battles he be getting. Clips 30'd this man.
London Stackhouse
London Stackhouse - 4 days ago
Good battle
Des L
Des L - 4 days ago
Not one of clips rounds was remotely close to twirl first twirl 2 1 clips only won da second
snapchat: thesplake
snapchat: thesplake - 4 days ago
I was here
Tony Stark
Tony Stark - 4 days ago
Clips 3-0. Twerk is volcanic hot garbage, dude choked like 5 times and he's too fucking loud. Not lyrical AT ALL. No bars.
jcsmooth70 - 4 days ago
I come back thru every week just to watch Twork's first round. Geeeesh lool.
Mr. Villano
Mr. Villano - 2 days ago
Me too bro...
Albataineh Ahmad
Albataineh Ahmad - 4 days ago
and as always brizz looks high as fu*k
Corey Green
Corey Green - 4 days ago
I can leave the bow out gracefully
Great rebuttal twork
DeadorRich Records
DeadorRich Records - 4 days ago
Rumor has it when you die you go to the place twork went round 1🥴
Ron Codner
Ron Codner - 4 days ago
This nigga clips is stupid as hell. Lol! He kilt him with that 2nd. I was gon say twork should've made his 1st his 3rd but he would've proved Charlie right after Charlie's 2nd so it probably would've not been as crazy. Still crazy as fuck tho.
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