Trump Threatens Iran on Twitter: A Closer Look

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irish lady
irish lady - 8 days ago
It's so obvious now that Trump wants our attention over here in Iran so we're not looking at his friends the child molester, and the DA that got him off with a sweet deal in exchange for a sweet job...
Notice how trump hasn't tweeted about this, not one statement about this whole situation except that he's on the(perps) side as usual.
I have a feeling that we've only scratched the surface..
Walter Ellis
Walter Ellis - 11 days ago
Can someone bomb trump and Bolton lol
salas7146 - 19 days ago
Donald Trump get's upset when his been investigate he say's it's a which hunt to the news media
L33t gfx
L33t gfx - 25 days ago
Damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t
o - 28 days ago
dear world: please do not take the prez seriously. In
one more year we'll remove him from office. Sincerely, USA
UltraDigable - 19 days ago
Aaaaaand We’re very very sorry 😐
Mylesa Stinnette
Mylesa Stinnette - 26 days ago
o trust me, we don’t take him serious at all. Can’t wait until he is gone!🙏
poshboy1618able - Month ago
UltraDigable - 19 days ago
Chill bro. Take a deep breath.
John Sanborn
John Sanborn - Month ago
Trump is destabilizing the middle East "iran"
Kate Miller
Kate Miller - Month ago
Oh I miss Obama....
Mo Cuishle
Mo Cuishle - Month ago
USA is truly a evil country of terror.
Mo Cuishle
Mo Cuishle - Month ago
Catching up anything about Trump is truly a waste of time.
Alabama Mothman
Alabama Mothman - Month ago
Peas and rice, liberals getting their news from a comedy program. You people are well beyond being used.
UltraDigable - 19 days ago
Ha! I bet you get the BEST news with the BEST words from the BEST reporters- huh?!? Fuckin moron.
Sharon chaz
Sharon chaz - Month ago
where is seth?
Vince K
Vince K - Month ago
Can we talk about how much better he spoke as a candidate versus now? You kind of get a sense of the brain deterioration.
Wayne Jr.
Wayne Jr. - Month ago
we need much younger politicians, that bolton old man wants to bomb everyone, easy for him, he's going to die soon anyway, we're young, we have a future.
world peace
world peace - Month ago
TRUMP: My nuclear button is bigger than rocketman and it works...
BOLTON: You ain't pressed it yet so how do you know it works

Just like dumb and bumber
Frank Smith
Frank Smith - Month ago
Seth is awful, he hasn't got even one anti Trump rant correct. Trump. three weeks later is receiving calls from Iran to sitdown and talk. His style worked with N Korea and it worked with Iran. Go Donald. M A G A
UltraDigable - 19 days ago
P. V.C don’t make sense. This asshole wouldn’t understand it.
P. V.C
P. V.C - Month ago
Worked with N Korea they are still doing their testing and Iran hasn't actually done anything to discuss. We had a very comprehensive deal with them trump burned that and now will get a worse one
Mark boy
Mark boy - Month ago
A clown
ashesfrombones - Month ago
Is Bolton the father of Pinocchio?
UltraDigable - 19 days ago
Real Nepal
Real Nepal - Month ago
It’s very bad for America respect Iran 🇮🇷
Achhuana Hk
Achhuana Hk - Month ago
Shut up America,if Russia threatens you exactly like you did to some countries I'm sure you will be nervous as a pale fish ,get yourself some manner class
M a u Y
M a u Y - Month ago
My God... please Bless America, their President is on Drugs.
Ong Ernie
Ong Ernie - Month ago
Day by day, he is creating problems for everybody. When will he stop. Ever since he become president he is changing how the rest of the world look at USA.
cindy hatch
cindy hatch - Month ago
Charles - Month ago
evil angloamerican empire!
yoyo Brando
yoyo Brando - Month ago
Bolton calling for regime change in Iran is horrifying. We've done it before in the past. In Iran. Does anyone else out there remember the 1953 coup that Britain, and The US helped orchestrate? How did that regime change work out for us? We're going down the same rabbit hole, making the same mistake, and expecting a different outcome.
Velislav Ivanov
Velislav Ivanov - Month ago
Guys, I'm not an American, so obviously, I just read what's in the news but do you really like this guy? Because I'm reading news that his ratings are high, which seems really fake.
Erfan Moshtagh
Erfan Moshtagh - Month ago
USA Funded al Qaeda, funded Islamic extremist to fight in Syria and lybia, sold billions to Saudis who royal family funded isis .....but Iran is threat, Iran has gone to war against ISIS...trump has even argued there was Islamic extremist in Venezuela which is such a joke , half of America must be clowns
Abe Kampman
Abe Kampman - Month ago
micheal bolton sure let himself go
Robert - Month ago
Even though Russia is allies with Iran they still want a U.S./Iran war because:
A war would consolidate Russia/Iran relations and
alienate our former allies.
Win/win for Russia,
Lose/lose for U.S.
Bossmare - Month ago
LOL........"Hope Not" 😁😁😁
Ben B
Ben B - Month ago
I thought of one day if we have a monkey as a president then humanity must lost it mind but this take the cake.trump as president??haha we must be living in another dimension alter reality....
Ben B
Ben B - Month ago
I guess Twitter is an official channel to connect from one nation to another
Cody Gall
Cody Gall - Month ago
I wish late night shows stopped the trump stuff *Every single night* . I mean we all get it by now. The cow is milked.
RUDY XXX - Month ago
They look like the three stooges ....😄😄😄
Amone Hongkham
Amone Hongkham - Month ago
We got a crazy + stupidity president.
Chengiz G
Chengiz G - Month ago
Damn i hate this trump he just a disaster for the world.
John Koh
John Koh - Month ago
The real motive is selling weapons to divided Arab world.
Trump administration is staging war in Iran, making the impression US security is in danger that Iran attacks US warship & Saudis are imminent, this enable him to bypass parliament to sell arms directly to divided Arab world.
Sonny Hughes
Sonny Hughes - Month ago
Robert Pattinson is gonna be the new batman but jack whitehalls better
Alan Thompson
Alan Thompson - Month ago
Let Seth know I will be voting for jb pritzger for president, just legalized recreational marijuana Jan 1st ages 21 and up
Chunkboi - Month ago
If President 💩 declares war on Iran, we will lose. Our military is powerful, but 💩 is in charge of it. He already showed this by failing to destroy targets in Syria with 59 cruise missiles.
randall davis
randall davis - Month ago
He had discovered that wartime Presidents are normally reelected, so he wants to start a war so that he can keep his power.
Dave Flores
Dave Flores - Month ago
trump is a idiot he needs to stop lying
Tinh To
Tinh To - Month ago
Trump is truly a fucking idiot!!!!
Pam Timmins
Pam Timmins - Month ago
You are so funny Seth. Between Trump, Bolton, and Pompeo we have the remake of the three stooges and their misadventures. This Trump administration is getting worse and worse. Can't we remove Trump for being an idiot? Get rid of Trump you get rid of Bolton and Pompeo and all the other miscreants in the White House. Then vote out the corrupt GOP in 2020.
Robert - Month ago
Why does it always take only two or three people in America to start an illegal unauthorized and immoral War?
Nobody in America including a president should we given that much power.
Cody Brown
Cody Brown - Month ago
Seth Meyers is a puddle. Why do you listen to him.
Aminlv - Month ago
clueless people =_=
Theresa Jackson
Theresa Jackson - Month ago
stayed home and gone to the beach? One or the other shithead.
Keisha Nicole
Keisha Nicole - Month ago
Stayed home AND gone to the beach. 🙄🤔🤷🏼‍♀️.
Justin Case
Justin Case - Month ago
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