Why I'm no longer Vegan.

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Jenny S
Jenny S - Day ago
Thank you for this. I agree 100 percent.
El Ol
El Ol - 27 days ago
IBS was and is my main reason for adopting such diet so I relate to you a lot. Veganism is so hard it’s not just reliant on what you eat but also your physical well-being and tbh I feel much more exhausted than before. I’ve found that my stomach is calm but I feel so damn exhausted
St Marc Arias
St Marc Arias - Month ago
You feel weird cuz veganism is a cult,,, dump your carrot sticks and eat sum bacon&eggs... Heal yourself,,,
KISS - Keto it Simple for Success
Eating sustainable animal foods is good for you, good for the planet and good for ecosystems.
Dazza W
Dazza W - 2 months ago
It's all prophesied in the Bible:
"The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons. Such teachings come through hypocritical liars, whose consciences have been seared as with a hot iron. They forbid people to marry and order them to abstain from certain foods, which God created to be received with thanksgiving by those who believe and who know the truth. For everything God created is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving." 1 Timothy 4
Lil Loz
Lil Loz - 2 months ago
Why are you all obsessing over diets. It’s like your have it as a religion. It’s ridic really. Medically wise yeah don’t be vegan . same way as I would tell you don’t just eat meat. Without balance, you will be fucked sooner or later
Tracey Air
Tracey Air - 2 months ago
Get a good steak in to you fixed my IBS
D90Girl - 2 months ago
I have always LOVED MEAT, can't imagine been a veg head .
My neighbors were grilling last night and I had to endure that yummy smell of burger patties and steak, so I send my hubby off to the store and we'll have BBQ ribs, with Baked beans and loaded baked potatoes tonight......
Oh, and COLD BEER 🍻
Wished you could join us 💋
D90Girl - 2 months ago
Good for you 👍🏼
Ciara Ní Mhurnáin
Ciara Ní Mhurnáin - 2 months ago
I am vegan and recovered anorexic, I completely understand! Your health is of the utmost of importance!
Darryl Micheals
Darryl Micheals - 2 months ago
I as well went back to Animal products. Felt exhausted on a Vegan diet
BODIBOSS - 3 months ago
Give your body what it needs :)
BODIBOSS - 3 months ago
Be In Tune With You🙌
BODIBOSS - 3 months ago
Have you heard of mindful eating, eating what your body needs wants😁
Kizza Jackson
Kizza Jackson - 3 months ago
Hey! I just wanted to let you know that you are so so inspiring and you have definitely inspired me to change my life dramatically FOR THE BETTER!! I cannot thankyou enough for everything that you do for everyone on every platform of social media, you are truly changing lives. You are amazing! 💜🍌🥑🌻❤️
emily abroad
emily abroad - 3 months ago
as long as you wer vegan everyone loved it and supported it and was like omg it’s so great and now everyone’s hating the vegan lifestyle and vegans. lol r u dumb?
jarroyomaranata - 3 months ago
I highly recommend you to watch this video ✌🏼
Pipa Ash
Pipa Ash - 3 months ago
Girl i feel you so bad on this! 💘 recovering anorexic but got diagnosed with IBS after years of not being able to recover properly from bloating etc, I'd have a bowl of veggies and be like "surely this won't hurt my tummy" and end up at the hospital the next day from bloating. It makes it so hard to gain weight being plant based on still here stuck on 40kg when I've been in recovery for 4 years 🙁I totally understand where your at sweetheart good luck with it everything sending lots of love 💛🌹
Emma Am
Emma Am - 4 months ago
The fact that people are coming for her, Veganism was literally making her sick so are you trying to tell me she should make herself ill for the AniMalS, lol goodbye
Joey Fartstrong 🕺💨
Joey Fartstrong 🕺💨 - 4 months ago
YOU STINKING, LYING, ANIMAL KILLING EX VEGAN .............. congratulations my friend. So happy for u hahaha I was trolling. EFF VEGANISM IT'S BELONGS IN DISNEY MOVIES NOT REALITY
Katy Kehle
Katy Kehle - 4 months ago
Upsetted is not a word
Katy Kehle
Katy Kehle - 4 months ago
Let me guess you're now eating fish and eggs 😂 good riddance!
Positively Udo
Positively Udo - 4 months ago
I think you were orthorexic
shelly arkon
shelly arkon - 4 months ago
I went raw vegan for 8 months due to early stage breast cancer. Had positive changes. Remained vegan for 2 years after that. But developed severe IBS-C. The flares have been often. On Fodmap. But now doc has me eating fish and eggs 2 times a week. It looks like grains and certain fruit are a problem for me. Very sad, indeed. Because becoming vegan reversed the cancer.
ivi122 - 4 months ago
Another “why I’m no longer vegan crap!” You’re all such followers and copy cat. Now everyone is no longer vegan
ambidextrousfapper - 4 months ago
No, the copy cats and followers are the ones going vegan. You "follow" an ideology, which is what veganism is.
sanja cavlovic
sanja cavlovic - 4 months ago
Dear Christie
I found you today. I'm from Slovenia and I think you are the best person on yt I ever found. I love you because of your personality and I don't care what you are eating. I wish you all the best and I want you to get healthy. A lot of people stoped veganism, because we all tried it and saw it is not good for us. So we moved on. I was vegan for 2,5 years and it didn't work for me either. About the IBS. I don't know it you know this but fermented foo is good for it. I found one video here on yt last week about that, how one person heal her self with fermented everithing. If I found it I promise I will put the link here.
Remember we love you because of you. Who cares what you are eating. Love you girl
آكل الدهون
آكل الدهون - 4 months ago
Iron is coming almost only from red meat
آكل الدهون
آكل الدهون - 4 months ago
Put viganism under your shoes.....
linda maria baxter
linda maria baxter - 4 months ago
Emily Masuda
Emily Masuda - 4 months ago
I just wanted to mention that I have a very similar story to yours, and I found out that my severe IBS was in part caused by my malnutrition. IBS, paired with my gastroparesis, made it really hard for me to eat. When I was admitted into inpatient treatment for my anorexia, I found that my IBS began to improve with weight restoration and my recovery for the next couple of years (with supplements of digestive medication). It’s important to first focus on maintaining a healthy weight (and as you mentioned, regaining your period), and you’ll find that digestion improves with time. I’m now vegan, but only after years of healing my body first. Health is the most important, so don’t listen to the negative comments.
AverageJoe - 4 months ago
Militant Vegans only attack really famous vegans like Steve-O. I got super skinny and weak on the Vegan diet. It didn't matter how much protein I put in my smoothies. The soy raised my estrogen levels up and made me get depressed easy. I went Vegetarian after 2.5 years. I live a vegetarian and some meats lifestyle now. You will never be able to return to Veganism. I tried to also, and my body did great for a few days, but then the weakness and tiredness started again. If you need any help with a vegetarian lifestyle, just comment and I'll be there to help. Get cook books and remember that you can order a bigger selection at food places like cheese on a pizza and egg biscuits. You can eat sushi.
Sarang Pawar
Sarang Pawar - 4 months ago
I am sure this video of markus rothkranz will help
Cinnamon Girl
Cinnamon Girl - 4 months ago
I actually now understand this video. I've been vegan 3+ years but currently suffering horrible gut issues, ibs (so extreme I have GI bleeding), numerous food intolerances, auto immune, hormone imbalance, leaky gut affecting my nutrient absorption. And yes supplemented my entire 3+ years. People don't understand until they go through it and their health is suffering. Currently trying to find a solution.
Coorvaldx Veronica Rosenberger
Cinnamon Girl Theres a few people in my life personally who I would imagine would not react well if I started eating animal products again 😣 but I shouldn’t let others opinions of me dictate my actions
Cinnamon Girl
Cinnamon Girl - 4 months ago
@Coorvaldx Veronica Rosenberger Good to know! I know its hard doing so. I've seen the immense amount of hate a lot of people online have gotten from the vegan community, for sharing their stories and it's just turned me off so badly. It's like people are just supposed to suffer and live in pain for the rest of their life, it's so sad.
Cinnamon Girl
Cinnamon Girl - 4 months ago
@Coorvaldx Veronica Rosenberger Thank you❤ Are you considering the same? Has anything helped at all for you? Are you having similar issues?
Coorvaldx Veronica Rosenberger
Cinnamon Girl my friend has chickens in her backyard who are loved and never killed. I have started to eat the eggs from the chickens and noticed I have no pain when I eat them. Thankfully. Something I can consume with protein that doesn’t give me immense bloating and pain! I want to try salmon and bone broth but I feel so guilty.. but if my pain and bloating doesn’t go away with all the vegetarian precautions I can take, then I will be trying it
Coorvaldx Veronica Rosenberger
Cinnamon Girl I’m sorry to hear that ): it’s not fun having such a painful problem and doctors not knowing what causes it so we don’t even know how we can fix it. You’re strong. We’re strong! I hope we heal as soon as possible ❤️
nyaladzi majaha
nyaladzi majaha - 4 months ago
I eat what I like... come at me bro🤣
D Roman
D Roman - 4 months ago
You did the right thing, so don't feel bad about eating what is the more natural meat eating plan for humans. Humans in general are not meant to consume lot's of gluten. A vegan diet will damage most people's gut over time. There are no indigenous people that have ever lived on a 100% plant based diet
The Truth
The Truth - 4 months ago
Veganism is an evil cult.
SayaGrr - 4 months ago
Have all of your negative symptoms cured since? I’m so glad you’ve made this video to be truthful to your viewers. Fearful. 💛 You have left the cult.
MRS Flores
MRS Flores - 4 months ago
I love that all the Vegans are coming clean and choosing to eat a healthy well balanced diet, that we have lived by since before time. Food didn't become an issue till it was all processed! Stay kosher and balanced folks! 🙏🙏🙏
Persephone Beauty
Persephone Beauty - 4 months ago
I am a new vegan and it actually cured my IBS but I can totally understand what you are going through. You seem so hurt and genuine. Keep healing yourself lovely
Lenny Cash
Lenny Cash - 4 months ago
Persephone Beauty lol Good luck. 👍
ciena Daniele
ciena Daniele - 4 months ago
i really appreciate you making this vid n all the other vegan youtubers that have. I’ve been vegan for ~3 years and been suffering horrible gut problems for the past year and trying every herbal supplement and diet and nothing was working. I felt so guilty even contemplating eating fish and eggs but these vids are helping me realize that every body is different and plant based diets don’t work for everyone because of the carb/gluten sensitivities and soy because i have very similar problems. So thank you for helping me prioritize my health cus it’s been too long n i needa heal my body 💞 shame is a huge problem in the vegan community n it’s really quite frankly hypocritical because how are you gonna act like ur morally superior but then bully other people for simply saving their health??
Avoloch - 5 months ago
Meat is delicious
VerticalFreedom - 5 months ago
So your back being a barbaric torturing, rapist murderer of innocent Sentient Beings...Your an idiot, plants heal, animals will kill you through diseases
Naomi 415
Naomi 415 - 5 months ago
There is a line u have to draw with veganism.. life or DEATH!
freesf ftrefv
freesf ftrefv - 5 months ago
This whole vegan thing has guys and girls walking around looking frail and pathetic!
Just eat all natural, no sugar, mostly veggies,grass feed animals, small amount of fruit every once and a while and you'll be good to go. Oh and most importantly, eat a high amount of healthy fats like olive oil to put your body in ketosis, keep your arteries clean and make you a muscle building, fat burning, well oiled machine! (No pun intended!)
Fats are super important...... just think about it your brain is made of fat.
SlackHax - 5 months ago
how can you say vegan is healthy when it's obvious that you couldn't be healthy on a vegan diet?
hytrefde Brtfelyfra
hytrefde Brtfelyfra - 5 months ago
She's no longer vegan because as long as her food tastes good she doesn't give a fuck if animals are tortured and kllled!
Merrideth Hawk
Merrideth Hawk - 5 months ago
Have you thought of keto vegan (or even vegetarian)?there are none of those items (beans, legumes, breads, fruits etc) on it and it is lower protein intake. Just an idea if it is truly bothering you. I know personally what your going through struggling with a health issue & veganism so my heart goes out to you.💕
Jose Bonilla
Jose Bonilla - 5 months ago
How Dare You!
Just kidding. Welcome to health.
Chantal Jaramillo
Chantal Jaramillo - 5 months ago
I find it interesting that all of you big vegan YouTubers that are coming out as not vegan anymore, are all coming out with these videos around the same time, and you all have really similar reasons as to why, always digestion, and you all are magically cured with fish and eggs 🙄
UNDER GRACE - 5 months ago
Check out the channel high carb health, this guy helps ppl with gut health issues get better w a vegan diet.
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