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your mom live in a tent
your mom live in a tent - 4 hours ago
why does he look like ninja
Steven T. Han
Steven T. Han - 8 hours ago
Who’s better slappie or sceptic
Ransom 05
Ransom 05 - 9 hours ago
I mean their already not "fighting like men" because their playing fortnite lol
Evan Vukelic
Evan Vukelic - 10 hours ago
i hate slappie sceptic is the one i agree with
BrckzyPlayz YT
BrckzyPlayz YT - 10 hours ago
I don’t know
Delta - 13 hours ago
We need to build a wall.😎
Oleg Borta
Oleg Borta - 13 hours ago
each like is a point for sceptic
kymani ace
kymani ace - 23 hours ago
There acting like there is a cereal killer case here accept a game 🤣🤣🤣
Jaxson Irvine
Jaxson Irvine - Day ago
Sceptic is right
Aidan Spina
Aidan Spina - Day ago
l TTv Crxzy l
l TTv Crxzy l - Day ago
He only did it for clout
Mr. Amazing
Mr. Amazing - Day ago
Sceptic just salty cause slappie killed himself. Sceptic is clearly the immature one in this situation.
Joshua C
Joshua C - Day ago
Stfu 10 years ago slappy would of been just another kid getting slappy’d
ISAAC CR7TM - Day ago
Acey Wacey
Acey Wacey - 2 days ago
I love seeing kids fight. They scream like they are being murdered. After all, I did murder one.
MrleafyGREENs 44
MrleafyGREENs 44 - 2 days ago
Tbh i just think every kid pro player are just annoying little cunts
Samchilleran - 2 days ago
I agree with slappy it's just a game so it shouldn't really matter that much
Abe Izaguirre
Abe Izaguirre - 2 days ago
Samuel Roberts
Samuel Roberts - 2 days ago
Like middle school drama
Samuel Roberts
Samuel Roberts - 2 days ago
Spill the tea sister
Really Riley
Really Riley - 2 days ago
Sub to melease
Kalos - 3 days ago
i think slappie knew it was sceptic and did it so sceptic cant say that he easily won that fight in a WC so yea that my thought
Birge Hansen
Birge Hansen - 3 days ago
Slappie is the mod harry Potter
Mason Lacomb
Mason Lacomb - 3 days ago
Christian Vella
Christian Vella - 3 days ago
nothing really happened
CS7Simmo - 3 days ago
I don't know if slappie made that up or not, but having a dead teammate, no health and limited time for games does make me take Slappie's side, maybe bias tho coz I think sceptic is a cunt
ig.chrollo.4hunidracks - 3 days ago
Calm down you fucking lil bitches
SubscribeToBeatPewds - 3 days ago
They’re both like 10 years old and no life’s but again the entertainment is fire💀
AzN Moony
AzN Moony - 3 days ago
Like is sceptic comment if slappy
AzN Moony
AzN Moony - 3 days ago
What’s T
Faid hesh
Faid hesh - 3 days ago
Jack Eleniewski
Jack Eleniewski - 3 days ago
This dumb af
Supershaft - 3 days ago
slappie does have a point youre right but its less valid and more shady than sceptic while i dont like either of them slappie could be lying while scep has hard facts to back him up
slappie just looks like hes back tracking
The Channel Of Randomness
They are all p***** they are arguing over a Fortnite battle
La'Shiyah Leggions
La'Shiyah Leggions - 4 days ago
La'Shiyah Leggions
La'Shiyah Leggions - 4 days ago
Who want to play fn
Dom Destroyerz
Dom Destroyerz - 4 days ago
Slappie will drop sceptic have u seen him shit on that cheezit box
pika Hughes
pika Hughes - 4 days ago
Mads Vinge
Mads Vinge - 4 days ago
Serius drama: sceptic mad cuz slappie jumped off. *content*
Dalton Estes
Dalton Estes - 4 days ago
You said you have proof and I don’t see any
Transporter Uk
Transporter Uk - 4 days ago
Slappy and sceptic do have valid points
Exotic Toxic
Exotic Toxic - 4 days ago
Slappie sucks
SorceOfTheGod - 4 days ago
Sceptic is a pu**y
Harry’s fortnite channel 123
Nice Info Nice Video
Matthew Nolan
Matthew Nolan - 4 days ago
He probably messaged em but they didn’t answer cuz he ent verified and if u do show us fuckin proof m8😂
*Ręíd* *VåñDërßūrgh*
Slappie is a kid streamer who thinks that he’s old enough to curse and is like “I can because I’m a big boy”
Γιώργος Πλευρης
Das geht dich NIX an Das geht dich auch NIX AN
Both of em r Pussys who missed puberty
Just Jess
Just Jess - 2 days ago
Das geht dich NIX an Das geht dich auch NIX AN 😂
X3 Tekkerz Ben
X3 Tekkerz Ben - 4 days ago
AqUaTiC_ ViBeZ
AqUaTiC_ ViBeZ - 4 days ago
Slappy is a sweat but he sucks so basically he true to be a sweat sceptic Is chill and good
Aaron Shacknai
Aaron Shacknai - 5 days ago
Slappie’s rigtt
Sahotagames Sahota
Sahotagames Sahota - 5 days ago
They’re both right
Edward Sandoval
Edward Sandoval - 5 days ago
Why is he even trying to start shit so what if he jumped off?😂💀
Mads Vinge
Mads Vinge - 4 days ago
The Holy Knight of YouTube
Fortnite players won't do shit , you think they would really throw hands
Glendi Martinez
Glendi Martinez - 5 days ago
Sceptic is jr ninga slappe is trash.
Chichiwangas - 5 days ago
It’s a smart play
Mike .t
Mike .t - 5 days ago
Wow there’s 12 year olds fighting over fortnite lmao
Raul Lopez
Raul Lopez - 5 days ago
Sceptic does have a point and personality if I were a streamer like slappie I would at least try to fight
Max Kaya
Max Kaya - 5 days ago
Random 9yo: I mAkE fOrTnItE mOnTaGeS a SuB wOuLd Be ApPrEcIaTeD
Blinkz - 5 days ago
There both gimps
zMezzoh - 5 days ago
Commandment is the least annoying Fortnite pro kid becuase he doesn’t sound 8
FB I - 5 days ago
Uhh this is two toddlers trying to fight
Phillip Faggot
Phillip Faggot - 5 days ago
Sceptic Can just kill himself
BCRS TheKing
BCRS TheKing - 5 days ago
Sup to my channel plz 100 subs 25$$ giveaway psn or xbox
I’msooclappedlol Bissyeezys
Game end
landen oconnor
landen oconnor - 5 days ago
Sceptic is right never liked slappy anyway
Charlie Snow
Charlie Snow - 5 days ago
Sceptic’s just soft
Put the pene in her spleen
Look sceptic slappie ran from a fight that he knew he couldn’t win u mad because he didn’t give you a easy point
Jordy P
Jordy P - 5 days ago
Fuck dem kids
OG Fluffy
OG Fluffy - 6 days ago
Henry Lutz
Henry Lutz - 6 days ago
I hate slappie
Wyatt Daniels
Wyatt Daniels - 6 days ago
#team sceptic
xeno x
xeno x - 6 days ago
if what slappie said is truewhy didnt he just let him kill him instead of being toxic because he was dying Anyway
spik e
spik e - 6 days ago
If this is gray slappie is gay
BTW im not asking for likes i typed if because it ryhms and plus im a sceptic fan
Vladimirs Sasiks
Vladimirs Sasiks - 6 days ago
Both are dumbasses
dusT - 6 days ago
Sceptic > Slappie
Akuzi Triki
Akuzi Triki - 6 days ago
Ain't gonna lie slappie is toxic he a pussy the nigga talk tough but shit one flick of his wrist and he's gone
Rene Garcia
Rene Garcia - 6 days ago
im barely 13 and can hammer both of these twigs that fight over a cartoon game
skeptical samurai
skeptical samurai - 6 days ago
I don't like neither of them slapies annoying sceptic is just a clickbait YouTuber who gets friends to act have fake reactions
skeptical samurai
skeptical samurai - 6 days ago
RivDav Gaming
RivDav Gaming - 6 days ago
Really 2 boys max 14 years old,are bitching
Pickle Sickle
Pickle Sickle - 6 days ago
UltraRmtv - 6 days ago
They are 7 they don’t even know their own perspective to a situation 😂
Simon Modin
Simon Modin - 6 days ago
Sceptica a fucking cry baby cmon like it’s a fucking game for 9 year olds and sceptic 12 crying bout wc and shit he won’t win he’s trash
Krelle - 6 days ago
Only Slappie fans think he is right...
Twitch peekysn00
Twitch peekysn00 - 6 days ago
Remind me when we started to care about a bunch of twelve year olds winning about Fortnite man I feel ashamed for even watching thiz
Twitch peekysn00
Twitch peekysn00 - 6 days ago
Brandon Wiggs
Brandon Wiggs - 6 days ago
Slappie a little bitch😂😂😂😂
Easton Shearon
Easton Shearon - 6 days ago
Slappy is toxic if you know what I mean
Josh H
Josh H - 7 days ago
They’re both virgins
Donovan Wright
Donovan Wright - 7 days ago
We wasn’t playing with names off or sceptic wouldn’t have known it was slappie it would be like player6969
Donovan Wright
Donovan Wright - 7 days ago
But I do see why slappie would jump off for points it was a smart play to do that
Joey Dronzank
Joey Dronzank - 7 days ago
Sceptic is trash
Mauro Anoniem
Mauro Anoniem - 7 days ago
Sceptic is right
Stark Lone
Stark Lone - 7 days ago
There both annoying sticks
Kaighden Butler
Kaighden Butler - 7 days ago
Wintrrz is the best
Mingus Sankel Perlebo
Mingus Sankel Perlebo - 7 days ago
James Charles kisset u

Like to undo
GamingBobo - 7 days ago
1. People this young shouldn't be professional especially if they cause drama over someone killing them self in game.
2. It's strategy, even if he did kill himself on purpose he's avoiding giving someone else points.
3. No point arguing with sceptic as his childish personality makes he seem that he thinks he's always right.
Bacon Playz
Bacon Playz - 7 days ago
Why do they hate each other???
salvador ibarra
salvador ibarra - 8 days ago
It’s just a game🤦‍♀️
Josh The Husky
Josh The Husky - 8 days ago
Its so funny that sceptic thinks he is a "pro". Sceptic came out of knowhere after ninja copied almost everything ninjas doing.. kid really stop trying to be cool u wannabe
CobraCrashGamer - 8 days ago
Also slappy wouldn’t want other people to have higher points
Twanwatch YouTube
Twanwatch YouTube - 8 days ago
PuLsE X Crallo
PuLsE X Crallo - 8 days ago
There both stupid ass squeekers i hate them both
Joe - 8 days ago
Slappy done nothing wrong using ingame mechanics to deny people point sceptic is a baby
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