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ttv Dilimas
ttv Dilimas - 3 minutes ago
slappie is a pussy
Uknown - 4 hours ago
Sceptic is aasshole
Ryan McGowan
Ryan McGowan - 16 hours ago
Sceptic vs Ninja who will win.
Victoria Maud
Victoria Maud - 18 hours ago
slappie is a puusy hes has to chery win but secptic played it out slappie shoude to
Carmen Salcido
Carmen Salcido - Day ago
Who watching in 2020
II CMAN II - Day ago
I think septic I’d a cut and bruuuuuuu he is liget a fucking geto blue haired bitch smart play by slappie and this cut is trying to call him out on it what a fucking bitch
Mali Redd
Mali Redd - Day ago
mazdaspeed life
mazdaspeed life - 2 days ago
Their both fkn tiny and two pussies lmfao
Miguel Aguilar
Miguel Aguilar - 2 days ago
Sceptic is way better
Andrew Dufour
Andrew Dufour - 2 days ago
Slap is a nube
Vision Risk
Vision Risk - 2 days ago
Sceptics a bot
FlimFlam Jr.
FlimFlam Jr. - 3 days ago
bruh tsm slappie just wants fucking beef
Pro Skills
Pro Skills - 4 days ago
Yo slappie is going to beat those cheezits again
crty irfan
crty irfan - 4 days ago
Slappie is salty and he always being mean to some of the pro kid that being better than him
Lithum De Silva
Lithum De Silva - 4 days ago
XScorpion - 4 days ago
sceptic is right!
Tim Catanese
Tim Catanese - 6 days ago
jay javed
jay javed - 6 days ago
well i am going more with sceptic
Randy Burciaga
Randy Burciaga - 6 days ago
Thought it was ninja on the thumbnail
Lucas Kawczynski
Lucas Kawczynski - 8 days ago
I really care about kids yelling each other about fortnut
Nick Got bloom?
Nick Got bloom? - 8 days ago
Like the his comment if u lik sceptic
bot_creamyxd jd
bot_creamyxd jd - 8 days ago
Slappie is better
I bet that skappie could kill spctic in a 1v1 the thing that spctic has is amist thats the only thing that makes him good but slappie is good at editing aim and at bulding so spctic needs to squre up
Ramona Ruelas
Ramona Ruelas - 8 days ago
Sceptic is the best
AlphaBoi Games
AlphaBoi Games - 8 days ago
Go skeptic!
Jacob Alexander
Jacob Alexander - 8 days ago
Kids fighting for attention, hilarious...
Kaleb Brogan Rioli
Kaleb Brogan Rioli - 9 days ago
Two Spoiled kids that just play fortnite what a bunch of lazy kids this new generation 😢
iiFruitCup 1
iiFruitCup 1 - 9 days ago
This reminds me of those stick figure 1v1 games on the flash websites, 2 kids with no meat on their bodies going at it. Classic.
Whoosh - 9 days ago
Slappie probably abused his cheez it box after jumping off
Andrew Wallace
Andrew Wallace - 9 days ago
That made me laugh.
Andrew Wallace
Andrew Wallace - 9 days ago
Stephanie Johnson
Stephanie Johnson - 9 days ago
Sceptic is a wanna be ninja
Zach Hamlet
Zach Hamlet - 11 days ago
Lucas Newport
Lucas Newport - 11 days ago
He could’ve jumped off after the fight after if he won that fight. I’m with sceptic...
Wombo Nuggets Jr.
Wombo Nuggets Jr. - 10 days ago
Lucas Newport You’re actually stupid who tf would do that???? 😂😂😂
Kennedy Neslen
Kennedy Neslen - 11 days ago
olliejred 252
olliejred 252 - 11 days ago
Sceptic is right
Wombo Nuggets Jr.
Wombo Nuggets Jr. - 10 days ago
olliejred 252 No everybody saying this is just mad that slappie actually thinks strategically and smart. You’re just trying to find a way to blame him and make him feel bad because of this.
Ryan Mahoney
Ryan Mahoney - 11 days ago
sceptic duh
KAMIKAZE BRUHH - 12 days ago
Goddamn slappie and sceptic are just fucken pussy dude it’s a game not gonna get u anywhere in 14 years
Masked Bumm
Masked Bumm - 12 days ago
I take slappie’s side
Isaiah Delahunt
Isaiah Delahunt - 12 days ago
Megan Meyer
Megan Meyer - 12 days ago
Cooper A
Cooper A - 12 days ago
Septic is better
Cookie Man
Cookie Man - 12 days ago
Its against the rules at the WC to jump of and kill urself or leave the game
Ghost LastTiger
Ghost LastTiger - 13 days ago
Slappie is a pussy, needs a good slap for even calling himself that..
Bob Hyper
Bob Hyper - 13 days ago
It’s a game tell him to calm down he don’t even know what a man is he can’t even fight
C Mccoy
C Mccoy - 13 days ago
Kyle Dacorte
Kyle Dacorte - 13 days ago
FG AqUa Z - 13 days ago
I agree with Sceptic
B Man
B Man - 13 days ago
I love scep
Vibe Vibe
Vibe Vibe - 13 days ago
TacoSauceBixtch - 14 days ago
I think they're both. Cocky assholes🤷🏾
Chuy - 14 days ago
Bunch of bs please focus on something good
Doge - 14 days ago
Lol slap pie hates you now
Burn_ Rubber32
Burn_ Rubber32 - 14 days ago
SlAppie was right
zy man
zy man - 14 days ago
I think slappie is right I mean dont just waist time sceptic would have killed slappie so it makes no sense to fight sceptic
Puffs HD
Puffs HD - 15 days ago
Sky_ Lo
Sky_ Lo - 15 days ago
Slappy is ass
Jackboy 561 Tay
Jackboy 561 Tay - 15 days ago
I say Both
w0_Elixir - 15 days ago
"Sceptic Is FURIOUS & FREAKING OUT Because Of Slappie! (HERE’S WHAT HAPPENED)" please stop the fucking clickbaity titles
Aaron Alcantara
Aaron Alcantara - 15 days ago
Ooooo tea
Actively Anime
Actively Anime - 15 days ago
Just want to congratulate slappie 1000 IQ play
Crispy Cringles
Crispy Cringles - 15 days ago
Both of them are pretty gay
Brayden Swartz
Brayden Swartz - 16 days ago
There both pussys
SzabyYT - 16 days ago
Sceptic is fucking garbage at shitnite
Dead Inside
Dead Inside - 16 days ago
nigga if you’re gonna say “fight me” fight in real life pussys
Anonymous Bien
Anonymous Bien - 17 days ago
Dillon Willette
Dillon Willette - 17 days ago
I would jump but if I was in sceptics spot I would be mad
Ricky - 17 days ago
What the fuck happen to fortnite
Roxie Shane
Roxie Shane - 17 days ago
Roxie Shane
Roxie Shane - 17 days ago
I’m a noob I only have 3 skins but if I work hard enough I might surpass them
Roxie Shane
Roxie Shane - 17 days ago
I’m not a pro at fortnite so I can’t really consider 1 of them as right but I’m kind of on Slappie’s side. I mean if I were a pro
Mdeer GT
Mdeer GT - 17 days ago
Slappie Have People to Fuck him He look like a young brother of Mia Khalifa...
Real Omega
Real Omega - 19 days ago
2 mill veiws
Carter Mangozho
Carter Mangozho - 19 days ago
Nicole Muckleston
Nicole Muckleston - 20 days ago
Louie 11
Louie 11 - 20 days ago
Sceptic is right
the people who game
the people who game - 20 days ago
You did Grate! :)
Jude Lucero
Jude Lucero - 21 day ago
sceptic because slaiipejust kumided sueuside
coldtrooper Mc
coldtrooper Mc - 21 day ago
Scepric Forever !!!! No slappie
HAZEL BAGGOTT - 22 days ago
Slapped is ring
Jessica Dierks
Jessica Dierks - 23 days ago
Mr. Seitz
Mr. Seitz - 24 days ago
I agree with slappie
Joseph Holton
Joseph Holton - 24 days ago
Deedee Mantis
Deedee Mantis - 24 days ago
Miguel Cervantes
Miguel Cervantes - 25 days ago
Squeaker:New skin in the shop!
Mom: starts running
Carrot Snail
Carrot Snail - 20 days ago
mom: wheres my wallet and credit card kid: reads out numbers mom: f*ck.
AyiBamm YT
AyiBamm YT - 25 days ago
Go to School Kidssss
Quintus Yii
Quintus Yii - 25 days ago
I hate slappie I’m on sceptic side
Shacky Boy 9000
Shacky Boy 9000 - 25 days ago
is hard to figure it out
Landon Mccoy
Landon Mccoy - 26 days ago
Erik Regala
Erik Regala - 26 days ago
This is what happens when little kids play Fortnite
Gamer Bros
Gamer Bros - 26 days ago
3:00 sceptics headass definitely didn’t write this 💀
FaZe_Cuivre - 26 days ago
Sceptic fakes videos tho
Casper Kirby
Casper Kirby - 27 days ago
I hate slappie, he looks like a fucking nerd
Aleah De la cruz
Aleah De la cruz - 27 days ago
I agree with sceptic
xd mr fade
xd mr fade - 27 days ago
Beast Mode
Beast Mode - 28 days ago
Like hahaha why do that when i can sub
Rayan Said
Rayan Said - 28 days ago
I think faze slappie
David Apodaca j.r
David Apodaca j.r - 29 days ago
You sedan slapped 2
Lavish_Rosy23 :v
Lavish_Rosy23 :v - 29 days ago
Tbh I’m on slappies side. I would’ve done the same if I knew I was going to die. Low on resources,teammates dead, doesn’t have a lot of time left for 7 rounds. Might as well kill your self.
dollahbill510 - 29 days ago
The guys killing themselves is fair play. In competetive overwatch, teams kill themselves when the fight goes south, to save timd snd get back to the next fight. Its 's perfectly fine.
Ths kid calling him out just wanted to rub it in. That's all. When it came down to the validity behind his reason for even tweeting it, he immediately went with the cop out answer of acting like he cares what people do in the wc.
Both these kids are going to lose in the wc anyways. Kids cant comprehend the game as much as adults. Sorry to say kids, but you'll look back at fortnite 5 yrs from noe and realize this to be true.
Ghost_ Tr1ck shotz
Ghost_ Tr1ck shotz - Month ago
Sceptic is right
HearnyFN - Month ago
I think this is two little kids trying to cause drama and get relevant... when no one gives a fuck except little yt channels
Dylan Tadajewski
Dylan Tadajewski - Month ago
"I would have fought like a Man" LMFAO this is a cartoon video game, that they are fighting over, remember that.
usecodexd_lockup 99
usecodexd_lockup 99 - 10 days ago
Exactly. Matt
Matt Cohen
Matt Cohen - 27 days ago
A Cartoon video game that they're both making a decent amount of money from and will continue to do so for as long as the game continues and then if they establish themselves enough, will go on to other games and continue to make a fairly decent wage from. I mean i am more than a little jealous. They're basically making money for doing something most of us do for fun for a few hours a day or week in between working a full time job
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