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Samantha Serna
Samantha Serna - 13 hours ago
I HATE the fact that he's cursing left and right.
Chloe Chloe
Chloe Chloe - Day ago
Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth :
Think and Grow Rich :
Rich Dad Poor Dad :
MindCeed - 4 days ago
Make your mind! Stick to it and focus!
Luis Vargas
Luis Vargas - 4 days ago
Most of the people watching are Mexican kids after getting beat by the chancla
DSuman K MOONSTAR - 5 days ago
Stay motivated👍🏻👍🏻
Jennifer Ranalan
Jennifer Ranalan - 5 days ago
Yes to My I wanna leave this situation and bring back my youngest sister and my friends who lost their trust in me because of money that I invested in a scam.And I don't have enough courage to tell them that I don't have any ways to return their money.I always tell them I can return their money by keep on telling that on that day I can give it to them until I don't have any alibis to tell them and they got mad and angry to me.
Demetri Lahman
Demetri Lahman - 5 days ago
Guys, I’m watching this and it is the end of 2019.. I went to the comments and my mind was blown by all the comments from 1 year, 2 years ago saying “you are worth it” and “you are stronger than you think” .. I’ve been depressed looking for motivation to get back into the lifestyle I love and I stumbled across this video. I feel so overwhelmed! Everyone leaving these comments are the real champions! This is an amazing video already and then to read the wonderful comments is just amazing! THIS IS MY DECADE!!! Thank you guys!
Andrea Reyes
Andrea Reyes - 5 days ago
PERFECT make us NOT Perfect but make us IMPROVEMENT, PERFECTION doesn't EXIST they need to take that out from the dictionary it doesn't exist.
Maryrose Puche
Maryrose Puche - 6 days ago
This helps me to know myself more.
elizaneli - 6 days ago
I want to live my life to help other, I hope God gives me the strength to live my dreams.
KB Tunzi
KB Tunzi - 4 days ago
You got the strength .. its inside you. Start living your dreams. You have everything with you.. You deserve this, we need you to help others .. I wish you the best from the other side of the world. Peace and love ❤
Maria Makinen
Maria Makinen - 7 days ago
I love the father of my daughter, for the fact that we were deeply involved . Even though it was not meant to last, I wanted to think of it as being married to him. Of course I could try to move on , but not to share my life with the FI. I am so happy about my British child. No need to change that which was United by God. My legs were the challenge. Not anything impossible. Amen. I hate these distractions
Contagiously Happy
Contagiously Happy - 7 days ago
I don’t see why this profanity is necessary
Jason Mines
Jason Mines - 8 days ago
I’m honestly living proof the law of attraction works
I don’t want to bore you all with a huge paragraph on how it’s working for me
But what I will say is 8 months ago I lost my 7 year business and I was close to giving up on life, my 3 beautiful boys and wife was not enough to pull me out of my depression
And then when I was at my lowest I discovered the law of attraction and it woke me up
I realised all the time I was feeling sorry for myself and blaming others for my bad luck I was going nowhere
I then came up with a fantastic website idea and started manifesting my idea to the universe and got rid of all the negative people and thoughts in my life
My website is now doing amazing and has the potential to be one of the biggest golf websites in the world
Since I’ve started believing in my self and my idea and giving up the shit I was doing in my life (drugs, drink and feeling sorry for myself the universe has rewarded me
Jennifer Hill
Jennifer Hill - 11 days ago
I'm trying to figure out what I am good at idk what to do I'm 33. I've been clean for 7 years almost 8. But I have 2 kids now babies, and i want that fire. I want to be happy and secure for my family and i just cant figure out what to do
Naomi Muskego
Naomi Muskego - 12 days ago
I really needed to hear this. I know so much people but feel so alone. Like no one understands me. No one is there beside me. Only one that understands me is ME. It seems like the the loneliest days are the times we gain strength. Its so awesome to see how many people face this too.
Gustav Crock
Gustav Crock - 13 days ago
Idiot, it doesn't matter how hard you try it's all about the skin color. Haven't you ever heard of the positive effects of diversity
Steven Daly
Steven Daly - 13 days ago
You're a total legend Les i can listen all day long
anna h
anna h - 13 days ago
Wow language. Made me not watch the video
Doris Marule
Doris Marule - 13 days ago
We can’t have the fear of falling if we have never fallen. So that fear is also acquired, we’re not born with it
James Cowan
James Cowan - 14 days ago
Video was good but I sure wish these motivational speakers would realize cussing is NOT positive to many adults. And even worse if we like the video and want our children to listen to it but try to keep their ears innocent while they are young. We all get enough of that crap as we age.
Forever777 Forever777
Forever777 Forever777 - 16 days ago
Thanks YouTube for the pointless ads right in the middle of an inspiring speech.
Myah Bee
Myah Bee - 17 days ago
Wow, referring to the comments below. You people are amazing!
wisha was
wisha was - 17 days ago
I really need someone or something to change so ready to just stop life.. I've been trying to prepare my mother for it but she has so much faith and thinks it's going to get better but she doesn't really know that it's getting worse.. and I've lost myself and my way that I don't care about nothing but hurting the few people I have I trying to prepare them and let them know it's nothing they have done.. and I swear I really do think I was put here to play a part in somebody's life and I think I've done it so my purpose has been fulfilled and it's time that I try to do this in a clean and private way that anything I have to leave behind I don't leave it with a bad if you read this and think I'm looking for attention or pitty or people to care then your way wrong and way off.. I'm really just venting and talking about it in my on little way.. I really would love to get help but no inc. No money and don't have anyone other than family and I don't want to talk to them cause it would only make it worse..
durdyred quick
durdyred quick - 18 days ago
If you’re watching this you will be an overachiever and a successful person!
Adriana Jubainville
Adriana Jubainville - 18 days ago
Like this except for the constant swearing
Mark Joseph Ligon
Mark Joseph Ligon - 18 days ago
Find your purpose. We need you to progress on to the future
Little Missy
Little Missy - 19 days ago
Who wants to be inspired by listening to fowl language??????????
kumar hitni
kumar hitni - 20 days ago
Who will watch this in 2020?
p Ww
p Ww - 22 days ago
Is best to start with baby steps yet keep asking for more...
Or jump in at the deep end and fight for life?
Kristy J
Kristy J - 22 days ago
All these videos presuppose that you are not without resources. These are for divorced people pondering what to do next, what to do with the money from selling the house, whether a bored entitled person should change careers. This is meaningless to the truly desperate, without family or resources, alone, trying to decide how to go on. This is a joke. Following this logic the homeless deserve to be homeless. For some people just surviving is harder than most people watching this can grasp. What they'd like or derserve is a luxury that only an idiot would suggest is a choice.
Unique - 22 days ago
14:08 questions to yourself
Unique - 22 days ago
MATENE Joelle - 22 days ago
Thank you so much
Brooklyn Gold
Brooklyn Gold - 23 days ago
Joseph Ducas
Joseph Ducas - 23 days ago
Les is an amazing speaker.i love his analogies, he is so well-spoken and relatable. Needed this tonight.
tony m sain sr
tony m sain sr - 23 days ago
I'm listening to this because I'm tired of being a failure and not loving myself but as of today I'm a winner and I now has self love and respect for myself
Дмитрий Железный
Who speaks from 4:00 till the end of the video?
camee michelle
camee michelle - 23 days ago
"Life is too short to be trying to play it safe"
p Ww
p Ww - 22 days ago
Risk is to chance on unpredictability So is reward.
Herbert Leal
Herbert Leal - 23 days ago
I haven’t found my self steam yet I feel overwhelmed can’t talk to anyone else but I’m just making a long shot I feel not worthy I want out of this roller coaster I am so blind to love what I have because of what I haven’t done since I have Adhd people think I’m just wired or job big
Alex Mattie
Alex Mattie - 24 days ago
If you got a fuckin opinion thats fuckin fine fucker jus keep fucking fucker
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