Wild 'N Out 1st EVER Wildstyle ft. Katt Williams, Biz Markie, Orlando Jones & More! | MTV

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chase wizz
chase wizz - 2 days ago
I'm 26 and this aired while I was in middle school smh
chase wizz
chase wizz - 2 days ago
DJ Dwreck Was Way More Animated Back Then
Ksonah Kson
Ksonah Kson - 3 days ago
Wow the old cast members were BRUUUUTAAAALLLL!!!!
EK Mixed That
EK Mixed That - 6 days ago
D Wreck had all the energy back in the day 😭😭
MJtv10 - 12 days ago
Kat Williams is the fuckin GOAT. But don’t act like Mikey Day didn’t snap😂. This entire cast are all Hall Of Famers
SikSh0oter - 13 days ago
Classic. Why is there only season 1 on DVD and blue ray? Y'all need to catch up lol
Jojo. Uzumvk1
Jojo. Uzumvk1 - 18 days ago
seein dis clip, ik it gotta be from Portland..
i seen too many crackheads it looked like a sport man..
Tiana Vaughn
Tiana Vaughn - 18 days ago
Bring Katt back!!
MrLyricsfreak100 - 20 days ago
This beat is fire get Biz Markie back on the show
Conan Lindsay
Conan Lindsay - 27 days ago
Mikey Day might be the most irratating prick on the planet
The show changed so much
Divine Hameva
Divine Hameva - Month ago
Jeanka - Month ago
Beat box was ass 😂
iluvdissheet - Month ago
Thanks for the throwback when points actually mattered.
Anthony Jackson Jr
Anthony Jackson Jr - Month ago
This show has grown so much
Dramacidal - Month ago
Hey Biz Markie...
Cut the beat
Textured Frog
Textured Frog - Month ago
I remember the wild an out cast was wack af like this thas y i nvr fcked w it then all of a sudden they switched up.an had funny ass peaple and fine ass bitches now its lit
King Dilla
King Dilla - Month ago
Here to see if Cassidy on here👀
Cedro-StarTV - Month ago
Didn't see him
Darius Loera
Darius Loera - Month ago
Ahh 2005..where little ass 7 year old me's crush started for Rasika Mathur
Michael Latrell
Michael Latrell - Month ago
This shit sucked wtf
ChaseHLee - Month ago
This was 05? It took Mikey almost 15 years to get on SNL?
Malcolm Giles
Malcolm Giles - Month ago
Dang Raskia looking sexy as always
adam mayfield
adam mayfield - Month ago
The black squad white boy had bars tho
Jimmy hopkins
Jimmy hopkins - Month ago
Wow humble beginnings
YikesItzMyke - Month ago
the last guy who rapped sounded like he was drunk o-o
christopher togbah
christopher togbah - Month ago
Get It Katt!!!!
The Life of Keniel
The Life of Keniel - Month ago
There are alot more white guys
SiiK Rococo
SiiK Rococo - Month ago
Katt Williams was a god and Affion was my favorite member ever
nell866 - Month ago
Philipp Martin
Philipp Martin - Month ago
Hmm, well, I ve to say,
that this show developed,
but in a good way.
Or with other words:
look at this, it aged pretty well.
Apart from Canon, for him they now have a "get out of the screen" - bell.
Ring, ring :P
ChauncieIsFunny - Month ago
Bring these niggas back for a reunion episode
J. D.
J. D. - Month ago
Dannesh Bastani
Dannesh Bastani - Month ago
that nose/adams apple line was pretty fire
vrrs - Month ago
Brun I forgot dr lee was on here. I'm dying.
Dgrimz G
Dgrimz G - Month ago
Wild style came a long way because this shit was horrible
Abrea Alyse
Abrea Alyse - 2 months ago
i wasn't even born🤣when this came out
Brandon James
Brandon James - 2 months ago
Why Orlando look like that hurt his feelings like was about to cry lol got embarrassed
Donna Crenshaw
Donna Crenshaw - 2 months ago
I Love Katt Williams, He Was The Bomb!!! 🔥🔥🔥
Sam Krawly
Sam Krawly - 2 months ago
Back when nick didn’t lose on purpose
Cristal P
Cristal P - 2 months ago
Nick looks and sounds like a little kid here.
nae gang
nae gang - 2 months ago
This that old wild n out
Ur Adopted
Ur Adopted - 2 months ago
Wild n Out changed a lot through the years
stevenson juillet
stevenson juillet - 2 months ago
Remember when Chris got Orlando jones shot on Everybody Hates Chris, lol he was only trying to help him
King Talawan m
King Talawan m - 2 months ago
Wat year was dis
NaptownFinest 97
NaptownFinest 97 - 2 months ago
King Talawan m 2005
Sis Vs Bro fan
Sis Vs Bro fan - 2 months ago
Nice I see u got cookie boy up in here
SvM3K - 2 months ago
This last white dude.. Damn this cringe.. Forreal
lilyusi - 2 months ago
Mikey day wtf
Showoff Swagga
Showoff Swagga - 2 months ago
Rob Hoffman is a beast.
Y'all hella sleep on him .
Javar Knowles
Javar Knowles - 2 months ago
Jadin Hepburn
Jadin Hepburn - 2 months ago
Did this reallt come out
Lenores - 2 months ago
Are all the seasons available on blue ray or something?
De'Ivyon Jackson
De'Ivyon Jackson - 2 months ago
The new people is better
Biz markie mic must be wet
BlankSpace - 2 months ago
Man that beatbox was like somebody having diarrhea
Mia Donna
Mia Donna - 2 months ago
When the show was bomb🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
Shaquille R
Shaquille R - 2 months ago
Wow thw white boy got his ass with the sprite one dam
G Simp
G Simp - 2 months ago
This looks like a pilot episode lol
Mr.GoodVibes From Cali
Mr.GoodVibes From Cali - 2 months ago
i was 10 when this came out 😩
Rek.3x - 2 months ago
I was 5 when this joint dropped ..when the hot Cheetos was balls 😪
Rhia'Na Smith
Rhia'Na Smith - 2 months ago
*Damn good times*
LeShawna Bryant
LeShawna Bryant - 2 months ago
Did anyone notice the white on the red team is on snl know.
Dj Beefy Farts
Dj Beefy Farts - 2 months ago
Yeah, there are a few Wild N Out cast members who are on SNL now. Mikey Day, Taran Killiam and Pete Davidson. All Wild n Out Alumni
LiShayia Branson
LiShayia Branson - 2 months ago
What’s the white boys name ??
AnAsianbr0skii21 - 2 months ago
Lmaoo. Orlando jones though 🤣😂🤣😂🤣 he was reaching
ultimate shots
ultimate shots - 2 months ago
The last guy with the sprite joke is in something now and I can't remember and its driving me CRAZY
Dj Beefy Farts
Dj Beefy Farts - 2 months ago
He's on SNL now. Mikey Day, Taran Killiam and Pete Davidson all Wild n Out Alumni who ended up on SNL cast
Maii Chan
Maii Chan - 2 months ago
Yooo I only been looking for the OLD CLASSIC Wild n Out episodes for MONTHSSSS. Please please keep posting these old clips! SO MUCH YES. Wanna see all the old crew!!
The Truth
The Truth - 2 months ago
Katt Williams underrated legend and one of the best to do it #2019 🔥
Iyanna Hernandez
Iyanna Hernandez - 2 months ago
Tony Jonns
Tony Jonns - 2 months ago
This sounds like a low-key Drop the Mic
Nycholas Rawls
Nycholas Rawls - 2 months ago
Show more from the first four seasons!!
xoxo__ bae
xoxo__ bae - 2 months ago
DJ D Wreck smiled more back then ... 😂🤣
I play Roblox I make vids
I play Roblox I make vids - 2 months ago
Rsaviah Sabani
Rsaviah Sabani - 2 months ago
its high time that wild n out cast underground vs big name artiste....otherwise I like their episodes
Rsaviah Sabani
Rsaviah Sabani - 2 months ago
its high time that wild n out cast underground vs big name artiste....otherwise I like their episodes
JOHN HARRELL - 2 months ago
my god this shit changed so much
Jackson Bivens
Jackson Bivens - 2 months ago
I was in the eighth grade 💯
CUGTHEGANG - 2 months ago
Wild n out water down now
Jacob Goins
Jacob Goins - 2 months ago
No muscle
Donda Nana
Donda Nana - 2 months ago
this was wildn out in ITS PRIME
Isaiah Cooper
Isaiah Cooper - 2 months ago
The one who screamed white boy on the mic is so unfunny that im uncomfortable
G man
G man - 2 months ago
Thank godness it got better over time..
whos heart
whos heart - 2 months ago
He didn't say it was the 1st, he aaid we do oi every show...
hamza hassan
hamza hassan - 2 months ago
Wild out
Daisean UDreams
Daisean UDreams - 2 months ago
That shit was low-key sus asf😂
Gina Jackßon
Gina Jackßon - 2 months ago
Anything with Katt Williams on it gonna be funny😀😀😀😀😍😂 )Prays
Mxchofficial - 2 months ago
The audio quality is so low in nearly each video, y'all should work that during editing
Keith Davis
Keith Davis - 2 months ago
That was nice but them freestyles were sorta wack
Cheryl Douglas
Cheryl Douglas - 2 months ago
This episode is older than me
Tony Jonns
Tony Jonns - 2 months ago
You too huh
Omari Bailey
Omari Bailey - 2 months ago
Nick been on for a while now
Darrick Johnson Jr
Darrick Johnson Jr - 2 months ago
😂😂 So Cring
Oneal Maloney
Oneal Maloney - 2 months ago
Just imagine if biggie or Tupac was alive and Nick brought them on the show, it'll be game over
Mike Huncho
Mike Huncho - 2 months ago
So crazy I remember watching this that night
Kai Future
Kai Future - 2 months ago
This is cringe
D1_. MYA
D1_. MYA - 2 months ago
Can we get a episode with the old cast vs the new can't
Richard Michael
Richard Michael - 2 months ago
They had it then, and they still got it now
air rick
air rick - 2 months ago
delete this channel it’s aids
Nick Platt
Nick Platt - 2 months ago
Mikey Day making it big on SNL now
Jasmine Coz
Jasmine Coz - 2 months ago
why did they stop airing the old epoides on mtv
davonnadarling - 2 months ago
Wow I forgot Rob Hoffman was on this show, he started getting acting roles but I haven't seen him since Step Up 2...
whutitdew23 - 2 months ago
We’re all drinking spriiiiiiiiite 😂😂😂😂
Cedric Opilan
Cedric Opilan - 2 months ago
Damn nick look like he sniffing on some solvent
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