Liverpool vs Barcelona 7-1 - All Goals & Extended Highlights RÉSUMÉ & GOLES ( Last Matches ) HD

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LIUBCHENKO - 2 месяца назад
10 000 Likes For Liverpool *Mohamed Salah* & *Lionel Messi* ? 👍❤️
Sadio Mane scored his first Liverpool goal as Jurgen Klopp's side beat Barcelona 4-0 at Wembley Stadium in their final International Champions Cup match on 2016. + Goals Champions League 2007 & Super Cup 2001 year 🔥
Tommy Chuquisala
Tommy Chuquisala - 4 дня назад
afolabi samuel
afolabi samuel - Месяц назад
Hazard. com
Princess Williams
Princess Williams - Месяц назад
so what
Daniele Fernanda
Daniele Fernanda - Месяц назад
Maria Domingos Alberto
Maria Domingos Alberto - Месяц назад
seu troxa
Falmata Namo
Falmata Namo - День назад
Liverpool won by 4 - Neil
Alison Lourenço
Alison Lourenço - 3 дня назад
Nao fez merda nenhuma na copa esse perna de pau kakakakakakakakakakakakaka
James Moore
James Moore - 4 дня назад
M8 why did u post a match for 2016 in 2018 and later about the score as well
Nadia Berrahou
Nadia Berrahou - 4 дня назад
Fack' you beach👎👎👎
Tommy Chuquisala
Tommy Chuquisala - 4 дня назад
This a long time ago
Thegamingdogvin - 7 дней назад
Not 2018 there is Claudio bravo
Thegamingdogvin - 7 дней назад
Yes Liverpool,win that will show coutinho
LiLi Mohamed
LiLi Mohamed - 8 дней назад
I Love you salah
Haris Brooksley
Haris Brooksley - 8 дней назад
Where mohammed salah brother????? 😭
Shakib  Hossen
Shakib Hossen - 10 дней назад
how much old this game. we know no 1 bercolona and 2 atletico madrid.
Арам Халатян
Арам Халатян - 10 дней назад
10 000 likes kfrth
Tiep Nguyen
Tiep Nguyen - 12 дней назад
toon army
toon army - 14 дней назад
a secondry english team can rape barca, this is why the PL is the best
A D - 14 дней назад
Why Someone like u has 700k subs?
Dr.Willky - 15 дней назад
I am Real Madrid fan but Liverpool has all my respect, a great team of valuable players who could defeat Barcelona.
In the final of last month's CL, they played splendidly against us and deserve to win, Sergio Ramos's gesture showed unimportant!
David Yegro
David Yegro - 16 дней назад
Yo no hablo inglés
fun and masti unlimited
fun and masti unlimited - 16 дней назад
Salah like for him
ALLInOne ChnNL YT - 18 дней назад
How liverpoop is better
Cool Man
Cool Man - 19 дней назад
Muhammed salah
Sami Mustafa
Sami Mustafa - 22 дня назад
Sandra Nyakweba
Sandra Nyakweba - 23 дня назад
No subscribing
Sandra Nyakweba
Sandra Nyakweba - 23 дня назад
All ur videos are a lie
Princess Williams
Princess Williams - 23 дня назад
salah is not the best player in world
FANTOM - 24 дня назад
# Word Cups
# Word Cups - 25 дней назад
Ez mikori meccs ez meg sem törtent te geci fasz szopoooo lovaglo cigaazhdjf5fytyr
yunus esiev
yunus esiev - 25 дней назад
mưu thuyết âm
mưu thuyết âm - 26 дней назад
Việt nam iloveyou mohamed salah
Andromax Eplus
Andromax Eplus - 26 дней назад
Huhu leonelll cebol kalah sama ms 11
Ajeet Kumar
Ajeet Kumar - 27 дней назад
Эмир Мусаев
Эмир Мусаев - 28 дней назад
Lionel Gonzalez
Lionel Gonzalez - 28 дней назад
Tafib Tahmid
Tafib Tahmid - 29 дней назад
I love the fcb
Anime Fever
Anime Fever - 29 дней назад
Neymar has more skills than sala...
iyouth dhistira
iyouth dhistira - 29 дней назад
Mohammed salah
antonio estevam
antonio estevam - Месяц назад
nao vi nada de mais :( pessoal chupa muito o ovo desse salah
Sari Zakaria
Sari Zakaria - Месяц назад
Sofyan Keren
Sofyan Keren - Месяц назад
Indringgales realita
Indringgales realita - Месяц назад
mane and mo salah muslim player😍😍
transfer fırsatları tr
transfer fırsatları tr - Месяц назад
Eski maçç
thong tran van
thong tran van - Месяц назад
matuelo Ferreira
matuelo Ferreira - Месяц назад
Momamed salah is the king of the desert, he runs like camels, you knows why: he was fed by camels milk. Acc=ordingly to the Muslins beliefs,When he dies instead having 10 wives, he will get 10 females of camels to bred in the desert kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Bendonesia - Месяц назад
Subscribe me update everyday
Aymen nahdiste
Aymen nahdiste - Месяц назад
yes livrpol 👍 barca 👎😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈
Lucianise Zatile
Lucianise Zatile - Месяц назад
Cima Fatimah
Cima Fatimah - Месяц назад
persib vs psms
Nur Fadilah
Nur Fadilah - Месяц назад
m.salah in the best
Norma Sahdan
Norma Sahdan - Месяц назад
Salah top sekor
Afiqah Ramadhani
Afiqah Ramadhani - Месяц назад
Muhamad salah hebat
Hitler Was My Dad
Hitler Was My Dad - Месяц назад
Mo salah carried this so hard
احمد علي -Ahmed Al Ali
احمد علي -Ahmed Al Ali - 10 дней назад
Hitler Was My Dad Hello
Guess Who's Back
Guess Who's Back - Месяц назад
Barca sucked up unfortunately
Зачем тебе
Зачем тебе - Месяц назад
Вы пидоры
ADNAN BOSS ADO - Месяц назад
Liverpool 👊👊
fibercomp1 - Месяц назад
Habib Ahmed
Habib Ahmed - Месяц назад
I like Liverpool and mo salah and I love Barcelona. But one thing u guys must understand is that English clubs hardly pose any threat to the Spanish clubs. Real have incredible players and barca have their unique style of playing. While a good team can score goals against either a victory of 7-1 is absurd. If that happened it would be one of the biggest humiliation for the club. Like the loss against Roma was. But I am glad that we got out because now Messi has more time to focus on the WC. I hope next year Liverpool and barca meet in champions league now that would be a match to watch.
ReleaseProduction LINZ
ReleaseProduction LINZ - Месяц назад
Liverpool the best
Joao Costa
Joao Costa - Месяц назад
Go liverpool
Ozaib Khan
Ozaib Khan - Месяц назад
I love Salah bcz I m Muslim and he is also Muslim
CB10 - Месяц назад
The most arrogant channel of all time. Lil Rm fan bitches can't put their loses so starting rivalry ?
mabrur_ 98
mabrur_ 98 - Месяц назад
lionel messi emang jago,
Yug City
Yug City - Месяц назад
Md Zaharul
Md Zaharul - Месяц назад
like sailh
Sofia Sasu
Sofia Sasu - Месяц назад
Sebas Varel
Sebas Varel - Месяц назад
Malo el video
Erasyl Erasyl
Erasyl Erasyl - Месяц назад
салах мыкты
Devashish Gupta
Devashish Gupta - Месяц назад
Lol barca jokers
Md Siddik
Md Siddik - Месяц назад
love u Salah Go Liverpool
Muhammad Faiz
Muhammad Faiz - Месяц назад
Sama namanya muhammad
Muhammad Faiz
Muhammad Faiz - Месяц назад
Muhammad saleh
Ermon Rohim
Ermon Rohim - Месяц назад
Love muhammad salah.
Maria Angelica Do Nascimento
Maria Angelica Do Nascimento - Месяц назад
Salah nao e melho do neymar
Spain_Games ROBLOX
Spain_Games ROBLOX - Месяц назад
I think we all know now that Salah is better than both Ronald and messi
Muhammad Nabijan
Muhammad Nabijan - Месяц назад
Where Muhammad salah
LikeHyperion849 Abdin
LikeHyperion849 Abdin - Месяц назад
Hh salah is bad player
Ali Madridista
Ali Madridista - Месяц назад
لويس سواريز الجبان يلعب بكامل قوته أمام فريقه السابق .
هكذا يصبح أخلاق اللاعب من يلعب في نادي المقاطعة
Peace Lover
Peace Lover - Месяц назад
Muhammad Salah is the best
Mahmoud Qurie
Mahmoud Qurie - Месяц назад
they lose
Mahmoud Qurie
Mahmoud Qurie - Месяц назад
i cant beleve becaus barcelona
Mahmoud Qurie
Mahmoud Qurie - Месяц назад
you unlucky
علاوي الاسدي
علاوي الاسدي - Месяц назад
Rustam Erghashev
Rustam Erghashev - Месяц назад
ExoticSkills - Месяц назад
you know why liver pool wont be living because of salah liver pool will be loosing barcalona:7 Liverpool:1 Liverpool will be a deadddddddddddddddd team
Rasid Diq
Rasid Diq - Месяц назад
Now am a Liverpool fans Becouse of salah
Hey I Love You
Hey I Love You - Месяц назад
EVOS WINNER - Месяц назад
sohel hossen
sohel hossen - Месяц назад
Doraemon Fans Club Z
Doraemon Fans Club Z - Месяц назад
Mohamed Salah I Like You ,i from indonesia
Felicia Caviedes Contul
Felicia Caviedes Contul - Месяц назад
Vamos Salah
Ariel Prado
Ariel Prado - Месяц назад
Aunque derrotaran a mi equipo FCB
Siempre le doy apollo
Al liverpool
Matthew Evans
Matthew Evans - Месяц назад
김두한 - Месяц назад
ㅂㅅ 메좆ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
wina dini
wina dini - Месяц назад
mampuus...trs bantay si bancilona tuch
samsul maarif arif
samsul maarif arif - Месяц назад
M salah dan Ronaldo. Hebat
samsul maarif arif
samsul maarif arif - Месяц назад
Go Liverpool. 👍👃👏 Dan real Madrid CF jagoan ku👂🏾🙏👌✌️ semoga menang ya
Umar Jafar
Umar Jafar - Месяц назад
M. Salah is better
Ahmad Rafly Abdillah
Ahmad Rafly Abdillah - Месяц назад
Babilona kalah rasain lu
Soccer Fan
Soccer Fan - Месяц назад
Ahmad Rafly Abdillah Kontol kau pecah
Ahmad Rafly Abdillah
Ahmad Rafly Abdillah - Месяц назад
bancilona nangis karena kalah minta permen
milap UPADHYAY - Месяц назад
I hate barclonea
Rafay Vlogs and more
Rafay Vlogs and more - Месяц назад
Where is salah?
BX Channel
BX Channel - Месяц назад
Wth. 7-1 😂
ALI - Месяц назад
Fuck you , you’re just a ronaldo fan , fuck mother
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