This REALLY Sucks! Here's Why We Can NEVER Go Up Gold Mine Hill Again

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Jonny Carr
Jonny Carr - Day ago
Lon Willis
Lon Willis - Day ago
IT will do I guess.... LOL NICE!
hamblin113 - 2 days ago
As indicated below goldmine hill was not a road as designated by the MUVVM. The Travel Management rule required all National Forest to designate routes for motor vehicle use. What you may not know is commercial filming on the National Forest also requires a permit, with all routes and locations approved in advanced. A fee may also apply. As usual with a government agency getting a permit could be difficult as saying no is always easier.
Anthony D
Anthony D - 3 days ago
Favorite episode was the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross vs the Jeep Compass
Brian Toner
Brian Toner - 3 days ago
2016 Power Wagon & 2017 Discovery 5 ( L462) were my faves!
jamie sweatman
jamie sweatman - 3 days ago
You guys are so nice
// Clutch\\
// Clutch\\ - 4 days ago
Really nice to see you guys picking up, not only after yourselves, but others too. Would be nice if everyone was this conscious, especially the ones that left they're trash behind.
James Palermo
James Palermo - 4 days ago
Good editing and post production job on this one.
Leonel Retana
Leonel Retana - 4 days ago
Was that a condom or a shit paper lmao
J D - 7 days ago
It's because you robbed the Honda Pilot on Gold Mine Hill!
Sir Nicholas D
Sir Nicholas D - 8 days ago
Just go anyway. Whos going to know
optical818 - 9 days ago
Great video. Good watch.
The Jake
The Jake - 9 days ago
It's sad that Nathan and crew start talking about flood water and falling boulders @ the 4:36 mark and yet people are still asking what happened and wondering why the trail is closed. 😢 I weep for humanity.
Michael Dautel
Michael Dautel - 9 days ago
A whole video of the damage done to the trail and the resulting erosion without understanding the cause.
D B - 10 days ago
Those acting skills...
Quix - 10 days ago
I ran your ORI on my vehicle and it rated 0. I guess Camaros aren't good off-road, who knew.
Daniel Pothier
Daniel Pothier - 11 days ago
RIP GMH long live Rocky Top
Rick James
Rick James - 12 days ago
so... after all the nostalgia and bs, WHY cant they use gold mine hill anymore?
Tiera Wilson
Tiera Wilson - 12 days ago
The trail is closedfor
carlos caro
carlos caro - 13 days ago
We’d love to actually know why the shut it down possibly find out ??
J Z - 16 days ago
you guys drive like grandmas... Id run trough those ''obstacles'' on my 04 stock xterra without lockers or fancy screens and buttons... just skill... read the road...
Roland Arias
Roland Arias - 16 days ago
I think it’s a new challenge increase the ORI to Gold Mine Hill 2.0
Michael Waller
Michael Waller - 16 days ago
That and wheel travel can be added to the raptor because of the bead locking wheels so you can air down and have a bigger patch of tire to grip rocks mud and snow. If that makes any sense not really sure but I'm gonna miss Gold Mine Hill. My favorite episode of gold mine hill was taking the 2013 raptor up it in the snow with the green square body chevy.
Charles Scorpiniti
Charles Scorpiniti - 17 days ago
The Samurai was hands down my favorite GMH episode.
Greg - 18 days ago
Tommy away at college? Why are they closing trails? Some areas around the country that’s a real problem.
user123 user421
user123 user421 - 19 days ago
We need to advocate to keep trails open this is truly sad
user123 user421
user123 user421 - 19 days ago
Its sad these off road trails are being closed more and more
zamboni68 - 20 days ago
Sad news indeed! Hope the new trail proves to be a worthy successor to Gold Mine Hill
Alan Smith
Alan Smith - 20 days ago
Colorado is a Democrat state. Democrats only thrive if you are miserable, so they made you miserable. Enjoy.
The Average Joe
The Average Joe - 21 day ago
You guys are idiots. Drop the bad acting. Would have been so much better to actually drop that news on them instead of pretending. Cringed through the whole into
Chevy man
Chevy man - 21 day ago
Garbage wtf don’t take that kind of shit away
Leroy Routt
Leroy Routt - 22 days ago
Favorite Gold Mine Hill episode was when Roman took Old Green and Mr . truck took Dodgzilla. I think that was a gold mine hill episode. Am I right or wrong?
Leroy Routt
Leroy Routt - 22 days ago
Favorite episode has to be when Tommy took the High Boy up the Dare side of the trail.
Kevin Boer
Kevin Boer - 22 days ago
Same thing is happening (has been for a long time) around the country. All the places I went offloading in Michigan and Florida years ago have been closed down. The funny thing is, I see far more lifted trucks and jeeps on the road now days. Yet theres nowhere to take them what's the point? Mall crawlers and bro dozers serve no real purpose.
Robert Ross
Robert Ross - 22 days ago
This sucks!
Kevin Chatwin
Kevin Chatwin - 23 days ago
It looks like rocky top it is! 😎
Dustin - 23 days ago
Shouldn't all that weed sales tax be paying for upkeep of public lands?
brandon vetrano
brandon vetrano - 23 days ago
good thing yours videos don’t require a lot of acting.😹
astrogreenarrow - 23 days ago
What was the reason why they close it off and I loved the one with the Land Rover lr4
FGOverland - 23 days ago
TFL Should be fighting this! They are taking our trails! This is our land!
Aye-Htun Ohn
Aye-Htun Ohn - 23 days ago
You guys should come to South Africa. Tons of 4x4 trails here. And tons of Suzuki enthusiasts!
Kelly Gamble
Kelly Gamble - 24 days ago
That's actually sad to see that you can't use it again😑😭 actually sad that's bull crap
BackCountry Overland
BackCountry Overland - 24 days ago
Back in the day Left Hand was pretty cool. But more and more abuse took place. I bet the USFS and locals were glad it flooded and waiting for just that excuse to render it OOS forever. You know other trails also have targets on their backs, and usually because of the abusers.......we responsible types get hosed.
daniel Eric
daniel Eric - 5 days ago
There's waay more going on and all the normal reasons just help out perfectly.
Scott Rutledge
Scott Rutledge - 24 days ago
Anybody know why they closed it?!?
daniel Eric
daniel Eric - 5 days ago
Yeppers Im from this area. Not allowed to speak on it.
Owen Ouzheng
Owen Ouzheng - 24 days ago
You guys are my old friends. I do remember this snow situation
Rob Walker
Rob Walker - 24 days ago
I do not need to contact NFS because I am fairly sure I know the answer. Humans have a way of creating problems when ever they want to just copy what someone else does. There are several jeep trails in Colorado that may be closed for the some of same reasons in a few years.
stradguy93 - 25 days ago
If I were a competitor of TFL, I’d be pushing whatever agency is over Gold Mine Hill hard to close the trail. A lot easier to close that trail than it is to close the Eisenhower tunnel.
David Wellen
David Wellen - 25 days ago
That makes sense considering the wet winter we had throughout the west.
Michael Smith
Michael Smith - 25 days ago
That's a shame. I enjoyed videos shot there. Yes it looks easy, but it's nice seeing what Crossovers and things like that that aren't really meant to go off road can do.
I would say in the future, don't release the location of your testing trails. I don't know if it's the case here, but you have a lot of viewers, and perhaps that led to increased travel on the trail that the officials took notice of.
Seth Johnson
Seth Johnson - 25 days ago
Me and my buddies took a Jeep Liberty up Cliffhanger 2.0 for shits and giggles, and didn't touch a single thing. So just remember, any vehicle that can't make it up Cliffhanger 2.0 is worse than a Jeep Liberty Offroad! 😂
James Beaman
James Beaman - 24 days ago
Someone should do a video series on the most underrated off roader. The Liberty would likely be near the top of it.
Jay Dulka
Jay Dulka - 26 days ago
when are we going to get your review of the 2.0L turbo?
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