This REALLY Sucks! Here's Why We Can NEVER Go Up Gold Mine Hill Again

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J M - 15 hours ago
0:33 worst acting ever!
Kc Wit
Kc Wit - 21 hour ago
good pick, it seems less nuanced than gold mine, but it looks tougher. you might want to take that into consideration when testing. I will miss gold mine hill.
Dennis L
Dennis L - 2 days ago
Time Machine Tour T-Shirt. Nuff said about that. I know its hard to leave Boulder, but there is amazing stuff close to I-70. couple of things that come to mind right away for SUVs, like FSR 246.1 9 miles outside of Idaho Springs, and for Hard core SUVs, the network of trails on saxon mountain between Idaho Springs and Georgetown. and a few epic places to photograph cars on tailings piles with Mt. Evans in the background. so whether its cliffhanger 2.0(which i love) or something else, you'll be fine. ;)
SMSuperstrat - 3 days ago
Do you have a rating for offroad mods? I understand that your project vehicles are one offs, but having a separate rating for the mods lets viewers know if they have that vehicle if its an improvement or not.
Benjamin Wilde
Benjamin Wilde - 8 days ago
I got 95 on the ORI, I don't have a front camera.
Jason S
Jason S - 9 days ago
You guys have the acting chops for porno.
Richard Dunn
Richard Dunn - 10 days ago
I thought "Emmy" left! :-D
Winston Churchill
Winston Churchill - 10 days ago
Libtards strike again.
DarthSmartt - 11 days ago
I liked the Hummer gold mine hill episode. Showed people that it does great off road. No struggles at all.
Steven Stockman
Steven Stockman - 11 days ago
That sucks
Ismael Forester
Ismael Forester - 11 days ago
I see many complaints about the presenters of this channel, however I do not understand what damn they are doing here, they can look for another channel where to spit their hatred ... Now got angry because they aren't professional actors?? Wtf?
Red pilled patriot
Red pilled patriot - 12 days ago
Dudes. You keep rubicon or other trucks could easily just plow right over that closed sign area where they piled all those twigs..THATS THE WAY TO DO IT :P GOLD MINE HILL!!!!!!?!!! RIP.
Jacob Harrington
Jacob Harrington - 14 days ago
Hey, on your ORI test episodes, y'all could start putting shout outs to local OHV/4x4 clubs that help keep those trails open. I know the one that I am a part of (NORAC 4x4 Club) works extensively with the Boulder Ranger District and puts in hundreds of volunteer hours each year to keep trails like these maintained and open. Garnering support for them would make your jobs easier and help keep the trails open!
Patrick Schnall
Patrick Schnall - 14 days ago
Any word as to why CDOT closed the trail?
Charlie K92004
Charlie K92004 - 14 days ago
Just because some hippie puts up a fence doesn't mean it's legitimate. Just tear that fence down and drive on.
Doan Trinh
Doan Trinh - 14 days ago
LOL. Porn acting. You guys are awesome.
danialphaomega - 14 days ago
It's the tree huggers closing trails down
maxmax155 - 15 days ago
As actors you are a great drivers boys!!
kaineleeabel - 15 days ago
They are all my favorite
Jeffrey Suarez
Jeffrey Suarez - 16 days ago
I,hope some day they allow you gentlemen to used gold mine hill,to make more great videos of different vehicles so,like myself learn more about different vehicles and what are the things my vehicle or my family and friends vehicles can do off road and the limits of the vehicle if is jeep or suv,thank you very much I will some day to meet all in person,to thank you for everything that I learn,watching your videos.
Dave Smith
Dave Smith - 16 days ago
Please buy 2 or 3 more Samurais and do comparison competitions...different tires, lifts, lockers, small tires etcetera. You gotta love a Samurai!✔🐧
Jim Layey
Jim Layey - 17 days ago
did they close trail because of you
Jose Colorado
Jose Colorado - 17 days ago
Do you have windshield wind noice?
Any one ??
I drive a 2019 Jr. with 500 miles and I have wind noice from the windshield. It’s my first Jeep
Dillon Hawkins
Dillon Hawkins - 13 days ago
Pretty normal for jeeps to have wind noise because they are not aerodynamic at all and because of the removable top.
Mike Schaner
Mike Schaner - 18 days ago
Why did they close it?
Tyrann Huff
Tyrann Huff - 19 days ago
Favorite episode = 2015 Infinity QX-80
Kenneth Jinkins
Kenneth Jinkins - 19 days ago
Adios gold mine hill
ivin - 22 days ago
Why did Gold Mine Hill Close?
j mumm
j mumm - 28 days ago
If people don’t fight for the right to use the land the government will shut you out. Fight for your tails to stay open. Volunteer to clean those trails and maintain them
Василий Мельник
That dude's name is Андрей?
James Calvert
James Calvert - Month ago
Kinda sad that its mandated that vehicles need and have rearview cameras. How lazy this generation as gotten to depend on technology rather than the old fashion method of using mirrors and lookin over your shoulder through the back window
brandon casey
brandon casey - Month ago
Colorado is going the way of Oregon. Almost every trail within an hour of me has been sold to a tree hugging organization or turned into hiking trails.
ridingwithpat - Month ago
Being Australian I thought you had finally caught up with the news that General Motors - Holden (GMH) had closed production in Australia. Or maybe they were closing down the brand because their products don't sell without the "made in Australia for Australian conditions" rubbish.
Glad you found a new place to rip up.
shift intohigh
shift intohigh - Month ago
Rodney Howell
Rodney Howell - Month ago
I like Rockytop
Jayar Lucas
Jayar Lucas - Month ago
Where are the JL reviews? Do long term updates like mpg daily driving stuff. It was MotorTrend COTY
Ron van der Horst
Ron van der Horst - Month ago
Not sure what to think- perhaps knowing why Gold Mine Hill was closed will aid thought...
Robert H Allen
Robert H Allen - Month ago
BLM, otherwise known as the Bureau of Land Management. You have to ask yourself...Is the road out of the way, pretty much inaccessible you may have been driving over or using areas set aside as a fire break or some other type government road that is normally cut off. 
Some body probable removed the signs, BLM ranger driving threw the area closed the road permanently
Government Agency's as the BLM, use roads of these types as fire breaks.
Find a local BLM ranger office in the area and call them, ask.;
bo duke
bo duke - Month ago
That looks like a pretty lame trail. Maybe it just isn't captured well on camera.
Logan Sheets
Logan Sheets - Month ago
I camped up there a few weeks ago. Made it to the top in a two wheel drive ford ranger with hardly any issues except that one big tree root.
Dan Hambrick
Dan Hambrick - Month ago
Isnt it Rocky Top Tennessee? lol...
Preston Rhody
Preston Rhody - Month ago
My favourite episode was with the Duramax
André Pereira
André Pereira - 2 months ago
Great episode. The episode with the Jeep Grand Cherokee helped me decide on buying one.
K. Theodos
K. Theodos - 2 months ago
I enjoy the channel and videos. Not a fan of the ORI. Very arbitrary.
Kevin Sullivan
Kevin Sullivan - 2 months ago
Is there a list anywhere of all vehicle results attempting Gold Mine Hill? Curious to see what made it through each stage.
nerina d'istra
nerina d'istra - 2 months ago
the reason people live on the streets is that every other square inch of property is owned, managed, pay park, leased to cows, but people have no place else to go. maybe we should back legislate these laws and free up some land for people as well as wild animals.
C Pr
C Pr - 2 months ago
Done worse than that with a regular jk sport stock in 2wd
david morton
david morton - 2 months ago
RIP. Gold mine hill. My condolences. Lol. Bummer
muya 8
muya 8 - 2 months ago
Again people our government is completely worthless and f up anything they touch! Lets just admit our government is a joke
jeepheat55 - 2 months ago
You guys have the best tests ever love it thanks for all you do.
angrymuffinsb - 2 months ago
28minutes to find out why it was closed. It’s like trying to get an answer from a politician 🤦🏼‍♂️
John Bainbridge
John Bainbridge - 2 months ago
You guys should see how far you can get that Rubicon up Lake Como road. That should really show where the limits of its capabilities lie. Or perhaps you're scared of one of the "Jaws" ruining a test vehicle? I could see that.
Chris Chambless
Chris Chambless - 2 months ago
KDSS doesn't count for a sway bar disconnect?
Fritz Kocher
Fritz Kocher - 2 months ago
Great New trail
Taylor Lantiegne
Taylor Lantiegne - 2 months ago
Did I miss why it was closed? Or did they not say?
Anthony Warren
Anthony Warren - 2 months ago
Favorite Gold Mine Hill was the Wrangler vs 4 Runner vs Mercedes and of course Jeep won!
aspleenic - 2 months ago
@ The Fast Lane Car
I've watched and enjoyed, liked and commented on many videos in the past ( beginning with GMH and the Suby ;) and often have comments/suggestions while viewing the videos. Ultimately, I enjoy the entertainment this channel provides.
It is, however, important you recognize and realize your reach and influence. It's appreciated that TFL is putting a well-funded layman's effort into helping viewers with auto-related decisions and questions, and as such it is important that you recognize and accept the responsibility you've accepted in being public figures with over 3/4 million subscribers.
19:56 "We always try to give back and clean up."
Oh really? Do you have "we support or public lands" videos or promote, sponsor or participate in trail clean-ups? ... ever ...
Profiteering on public lands, you should read up on he legalities of the endeavors you partake in.

20:09 Roman: "Leave nothing behind but flowers, right guys, that's the rule."
And your grafitti, Roman? Boo. That's amazingly poor form, and videoed for perpetuity on the internet.

I do enjoy the channel and will continue watching, however please take a moment, have a meeting, really talk it out and consider your influence and measure on your viewers, If those are values and ethics important to you.

ciao and stay safe out there.
EXT3RM1NAT0R 97 - 2 months ago
the 2014 rav4 was my favorite goldmine video
EXT3RM1NAT0R 97 - 2 months ago
i remember you guys, got a 4runner stuck in snow
FMB12 - 2 months ago
At the view of the mountains,👐Two parts love it!
The Not So Ordinary Car Guy
Have you guys consulted the Charles Wells Guide book of Colorado Off Road Trails?
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