Overtime: Irshad Manji, Larry Charles, Eric Swalwell, Evelyn Farkas, Kristen Soltis Anderson (HBO)

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Jeff Jeffries
Jeff Jeffries - 29 days ago
Hearing/seeing an overuse/repeating of "actually" and other words/phrases? Learn more about the conspiracy on facebook @ColePhoenixWolvesforHire. Allegedly.
Ed Rash
Ed Rash - Month ago
Farkas is going to jail
olfens - Month ago
The left is crazy...
Blake Foster
Blake Foster - Month ago
You guys are authoritarian, vindictive, conspiracy theory, loons.
Daniel Wolkoff
Daniel Wolkoff - Month ago
U.S. CIA media operations used for psychological destabilization in countries we intervene and overthrow govts. Not surprising same psyops used against us, the National Enquirer used defamatory headlines in the 2016 election against Hillary Clinton, same model CIA destabilized Manley in Jamaica, Bishop in Grenada, and Sandinista govt. in Nicaragua and Chile. Now in Venezuela, American intervention is manipulating , sabotaging, violating sovereignty and committing fratricide by proxy. Violating U.N. and OAS Charters. U.S. corporate media works to gain consent.
National Enquirer defamatory Clinton headlines follow CIA MEDIA destabilization operations in Nicaragua, Chile, Grenada, Jamaica see Science for the People January/February 1982 vol. 14 #1 A PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE OPERATIONS by Fred Landis
Ana Santana
Ana Santana - 2 months ago
YOU CANNOT declare a legitimate or illegitimate president in any country that is not your own. Concentrate on your fake presidents, elected by a non-representative electoral body. That's for the Idiot in the red shirt.
Bad Informeiyon
Bad Informeiyon - 2 months ago
Eric Swalwell is one of the reasons why the Dems will lose again...
Bad Informeiyon
Bad Informeiyon - 2 months ago
Kristen its a very pretty and smart lady.
Scott - 2 months ago
Trumpy in 2020 !
HI Thai Hawaii
HI Thai Hawaii - 2 months ago
These liberals dreaming
Marlene Mounce
Marlene Mounce - 2 months ago
Trump village burned down didn’t it?
lisa beaudoin
lisa beaudoin - 2 months ago
American propaganda says Maduro wasn’t elected fairly but the majority of the Venezuelan people don’t want to go back to the oligarchy running their government and sending the poor back to even more extreme poverty as before Chavis and Maduro
Ms. Banks
Ms. Banks - 2 months ago
Trumpism..... Ahhhha! It has a name. I knew it!
David Briseno
David Briseno - 2 months ago
I'm trying to get a petition going. Instead of playing "Hail to the Chief" when mr. trump enters a room, they should play "Sympathy for the Devil" by the Rolling Stones". I'm making more t-shirts. The front will say Four More Year's Four More Year's and the back will have a picture of mr. trump
Head behind bars then FOUR MORE YEARS FOUR MORE YEARS.
Twubbles 29
Twubbles 29 - 2 months ago
How about running a trustworthy candidate with real policies that real americans care about and actually having a platform? How about trying to beat Trump by appealing to the material means of people instead of vapid calls for more civility, compromise, or hashtag-resistence crap?
Bernie 2020
Mikhail Dominiko
Mikhail Dominiko - 2 months ago
This is a DUMB PANEL !!!!! Apart from Irshad Manji, who makes sense and is all STRONG for Peace in the midst of violence and opposition!!
Pawel Kocieniewski
Pawel Kocieniewski - 2 months ago
Kristen Soltis Anderson could be the archetype of cuteness
I'm not a Straight White Male
"He is not gonna be President in 2021", Sound Familiar??
shannon cardinal
shannon cardinal - 2 months ago
The cow puns are endless. Who knew there could be so much material there? The cow moo.
nafia morris
nafia morris - 2 months ago
donna brazil eww, get her out of anything to do with politics/news.
Swagy - 2 months ago
This chick to the right is the absolute worst. You are not the only one who is waiting for an opportunity to talk and express themselves on this show.
Dano Duncan
Dano Duncan - 2 months ago
good answer... "former" congressman/person...
Leonhart - 2 months ago
Fake Moos!!!
David Kempton
David Kempton - 2 months ago
Snowflake: Something white that melts at the slightest touch. WHO'S THE SNOWFLAKE, Trumpies?
Bear Mare
Bear Mare - 2 months ago
Does Irshad Manji ever stop doing ab exercises? She never stops contracting her abs. I mean her wife must be crazy for her bod and all, but take a rest day already.
Laura Val
Laura Val - 2 months ago
Larry is great! Swalwell should think of a run.
J R - 2 months ago
Swalwell should think of running but he needs to be careful when he makes promises on national television that Donald Trump won't be the President in 2021 and that the Democrats will beat Trump. Bill Maher was right in warning Swalwell not to get complacent. I would advise people to watch all of the clips of people in 2015 and 2016 saying that Donald Trump would never be President and that Hillary Clinton will be the next President. So many people said it, that I think I have lost count of how many people declared that Trump would never be President(I even thought so, myself) and all of those people were proven wrong and forced to eat their words. People don't have to like Trump and neither do I but don't underestimate the man- that was the mistake people made in 2016. Bill was right, the Dems may not beat Trump-they MAY or they may not.
Spencer Giordano
Spencer Giordano - 2 months ago
thank you for doing an overtime longer than 5 minutes
David Briseno
David Briseno - 2 months ago
Four more years? I'm making t-shirts with a slogan, on the front "Four more years". On the back "NO MORE YEARS"
Rafael Perez
Rafael Perez - 2 months ago
Why is Maduro not the legitimate government? He won the election that the opposition refused to participate in? Does every one drink from the same Kool-aid juice? The majority wants Maduro.
Hit Reset Button
Hit Reset Button - 2 months ago
You need to apologize Evelyn Farkas...your response about Venezuela was typical Mike Pence B.S. Lies...try again.
Crampets Shain
Crampets Shain - 2 months ago
Can you get some non faggity trump hating guests on your panel as guests please
Graham Luke
Graham Luke - 2 months ago
Your class is compelling.
Keen James
Keen James - 2 months ago
Maduro was fairly elected. Guaidó was appointed by Trump. Tulsi’s the most progressive candidate running and she went on Fox.
Jonneke Grisham
Jonneke Grisham - 2 months ago
BRING ANDREW YANG ON! Or talk about him. And actually look into it. No bullshit
A Political Animal Now
A Political Animal Now - 2 months ago
Lock those bastards who enabled the stumpit up!!!
professorjams - 2 months ago
These Idiots have been lying for 3 straight years about the President, and still continue to mislead their lemmings. Anyone still watching these fools , WANTS to believe any and all lies about conservative. Libtards with TDS....2020 , again will blow their minds up.
Jim s
Jim s - 2 months ago
Eric Swallowswell, what a B*tch. This clown should be removed from office and given a one way ticket to the moon.
Fabhouse Vegas
Fabhouse Vegas - 2 months ago
I predict Rep Joe Kennedy 2020
Nayo Tawken
Nayo Tawken - 2 months ago
Swallwell suffers from anti-free-market- delusion and, above all, Trump Delusion Syndrome. Mind-blocked.
Nayo Tawken
Nayo Tawken - 2 months ago
I like Bill Maher's humor but he is stuck in typical show business Socialist ideology... since the rich in show business feeling (rightly guilty) for being so rich. They didn't deserve it so Socialism is the answer?
Nayo Tawken
Nayo Tawken - 2 months ago
@Graham Luke Yes! Socialism is the ideology of egalitarianism; that government (through its monopoly of force) should redistribute wealth; real or imagined - from rich to poor :whether in cash or incompetently delivered services.( But the politicians should be more equal than anyone else!).
Graham Luke
Graham Luke - 2 months ago
Do you know what socialism is?
scott mcfadyen
scott mcfadyen - 2 months ago
Kristen Soltis Anderson makes a point i should have considered more thoroughly. why do conservatives keep quiet when the living twitterstorm unleashes .. they are stuck in the bubble that has no room for dissent. it's like being in the mob and trying to raise questions when the mob is about to burn the witch - you make yourself the enemy. how much have people bent themselves into uncomfortable positions to just get what they want without the ideal that is soo sacred be sacrificed in the killer winds of politics. i feel for them.
revpgesqredux - 2 months ago
John McCain started out well and then took a traitor to the knee.
revpgesqredux - 2 months ago
Swallowwhole does not understand the finding of no collusion evidence means that all of the dossier is disproven too. And he has no clue that he is self contradictory and null brained by basing his hopes on a Russian made dossier while vilifying everything Russian as an act of war.
Green Nights
Green Nights - 2 months ago
the line was "patient 0," less weed for you if you start forgetting your lines, heh. or more .... one of those ...
another correction for your intellect, punishment never did one bit of good, delete the word. you sound like a bad parent.
threat of punishment is not a conscience, not motivation to be good. what do they deserve for their wrongs? compassion, and a job at McDonalds. Compassion is caring born of sorrow, the dark side. and forgiveness is a responsibility to yourself - or you're the Warden, just another robot of darkness.
LEFT THE LEFT - 2 months ago
Bill, the left us don't go on Fox News because they're asked real questions and when they produced some stupid answers they're called out for it unlike your show and most of the other mainstream media.... I got some killer Bud you'd like Bill ...Virgin Mary OG
Dan Conger
Dan Conger - 2 months ago
If Democrats select a corporatist who progressives hate, progressives will once again refuse to go vote, Trump will win.
Tony Stark
Tony Stark - 2 months ago
This video will be played after 2020... We are going to beat him ???????? Hahahahaha..... Total Delusional..........
Tony Stark
Tony Stark - 2 months ago
Liberals dont go on FOX because they have Trump derangement syndrome. JUST LISTENING TO THEM IS HALARIOUS. They will be voted out of office in 2020.. Get the popcorn for 2020, there will be heads exploding, Liberals will go crazy @@!!!!!!!!
Tony Stark
Tony Stark - 2 months ago
So ..
TRUMP was working at age 14. Any what were you doing ???? Low life scum ...... putting down the working class.....
Watson Everly
Watson Everly - 2 months ago
0:00:40 which proves it's a neurological problem.
Cha Chi
Cha Chi - 2 months ago
I hope all you Bill Maher fan boys and girls go back and watch all his shows about " Collusion" and "Russia" and realize what a bunch of retards you all are. xxxxx
FrakU2 - 2 months ago
The U.S. is the problem for Venezuela. And Maduro was elected to be president. Juan Guaido wasn't elected in anything and was magically supported by Trump and his Vice President. Ever wonder why that us or are you happy believing whatever the mainstream media tells you to believe?
Frank Njau
Frank Njau - 2 months ago
Andrew yang goes to Fox news!!
lanmola - 2 months ago
we’re not gonna beat him
Robert Fitzgerald
Robert Fitzgerald - 2 months ago
Eric Swallows is stoned if he thinks after this week any Democrat will win in 2020. For the fraud they perpetrated on the US all Democrats should be prosecuted. Swallows is a sleazy little scumbag.
Shane Auer
Shane Auer - 2 months ago
That woman is even soother than me...
Shane Auer
Shane Auer - 2 months ago
Good god , if you can despise paul ryan... or mitch....you are a dirt bag....
Carl Bailey
Carl Bailey - 2 months ago
um, maduro is legitimate. when you tell your supporters not to vote, and they don't vote, that's called throwing the election. you lose.
UN monitored it, jimmy carter's foundation monitored it, red cross monitored it, amnesty international monitored it, and they all said they same thing. freer and fairer than america's gerrymandered horrorshow of vote suppression and racist bullshit you call elections.
the truth only hurts when you deny it.
Mastodon1976 - 2 months ago
Kristin is hot. Too bad she works for the wrong side.
Mastodon1976 - 2 months ago
According to a new report from the New York Times, Mueller has farmed out federal indictments to:
1) the SDNY, in Manhattan,
2) the EDNY, in Brooklyn,
3) the EDVA in Virginia,
4) the U.S. Attorney’s office in LA,
5) the U.S. Attorney’s office in DC,
6) the DOJ National Security Division,
7) the DOJ Criminal Division.
Those who are familiar with Mueller’s investigation understand that “no more indictments from Mueller” doesn’t mean “no more indictments.”
It means every single one of Mueller’s existing indictments resides in a “presidential pardon proof” prosecutorial district as long as the charges aren't violations against federal law.
Recall how Mueller handed off the Cohen case to the U.S. Attorneys’ office for the SDNY, who sent Cohen to prison.
Meanwhile, the investigation has led to 199 criminal charges, 37 indictments or guilty pleas, and five prison sentences.
The string of crimes that have already been unearthed is staggering and unprecedented in our nation’s history...and Congress, the SDNY, EDNY, EDVA, the U.S. Attorney’s office in LA, the U.S. Attorney’s office in DC, the DOJ National Security Division, and the DOJ Criminal Division...will likely uncover much more...
In other words, the people on Team Trump who are naïvely celebrating right now are merely suffering from a lack of understanding about the rule of law and how federal and state prosecutions work.
Ann Boleyn
Ann Boleyn - 2 months ago
How about inviting Bill Barr to Real Time. He loves politics.
Pamela Cass
Pamela Cass - 2 months ago
Wonder if Kellyanne waited for the check to clear BEFORE she switched to Trump?
Shaban Saba
Shaban Saba - 2 months ago
Republicans have always been... to put it nicely... 'problematic'.
Not just since 2016. . .
Rajiv Kaushal
Rajiv Kaushal - 2 months ago
You all now look idiots after the report is out... I like you bill but see how sure you are with report. When you are doing an episode to pretend Mueller lied in his report... :)
steven hayes
steven hayes - 2 months ago
Fox news isn't the boogeyman the left has made it out to be.
JD Howard
JD Howard - 2 months ago
Its not a news channel either
black sky watch
black sky watch - 2 months ago
Number One Objective: Take away your opponent's voice. If you can do that, you win. If you cannot, best thing to do is sit around and spin your yarn. That, and watch your TV of course. Yes, believe your TV, believe your TV, believe your TV...
Nation First
Nation First - 2 months ago
HAHAHAHA former congressman! lollolololololololololol
Ozzy's Flying High Again
Ozzy's Flying High Again - 2 months ago
Fuck me, what has happened to intelligent debate?
I dont even want to download this crap thru PB....Fucking Libtards..they've lost their minds..The LEZ? Is a cunt..reason why men hate women.."Way to go cunt"
Mitch H
Mitch H - 2 months ago
What the HELL is in the stomach of the woman to the blue next to Bill Maher? Satan, or a gopher?
steven gold
steven gold - 2 months ago
Election Fraud, Criminal Activities, No One Charged. @ Distraction from the important issues.
BANNY - 2 months ago
Пяточек го дети vs подротсков 10
iringa77 - 2 months ago
A Thumbs down for inviting Irshad Manji, a wannabe scholar.
Victoria Dearrillaga
Victoria Dearrillaga - 2 months ago
Steve Rapposelli
Steve Rapposelli - 2 months ago
Problem Child, with NPD
Gurl EYee
Gurl EYee - 2 months ago
These leftist are delusional and evil.
soflo23 - 2 months ago
Lol. I’m just enjoying liberals losing again and again and again.........
Chris Thompson
Chris Thompson - 2 months ago
Doesnt even talk about Mueller lol
Braheme Days
Braheme Days - 2 months ago
Why is Maduro not legitimate?
Kurt - 2 months ago
Maher continues to say Trump will not leave office if he loses in 2020. What a stupid statement to repeat over and over. Maher is delusional. He must be smoking strong stuff now.
Chi Zhang
Chi Zhang - 2 months ago
hottest hate sex for sure
Jacob Hughes
Jacob Hughes - 2 months ago
This panel deeply missed a Ben Shapiro
David Briggs
David Briggs - 2 months ago
Supporting the opposition in Venezuela is to take the side of the white, right wing elites. The minority. Theirs are the anti government rallies you see on tv with 100,000 people. You will not see the million indigenous and black population who came out in support of Maduro. Those are the people he helps with free education and health care. The US and it’s financial allies are tearing their hair out not being able to get to the trillions of dollars that could be sucked out of that and the oil. It’s simple, bring up group photos of the government and of the opposition parties and you will see the difference is night and day, or rather black and white. Incidentally, in those all white rallies, you will hear cries such as “shoot the monkey “. This, a common term used by whites there. You don’t think pc is the same everywhere. High numbers of Nazi sympathisers perhaps.
warogore - 2 months ago
Hey Swalwell! How does retribution taste? You lying asshole!
ioneil1 - 2 months ago
"We're gonna beat him." LOLOLOL
Daily Dorks
Daily Dorks - 2 months ago
Talking to people who disagree with you is the most important point that needs to be made right now. Glad to see Bill thinks the same.
jason auchmuty
jason auchmuty - 2 months ago
Lol this sure hasn't aged well. These people have been shown to be fools.
Mac SYN - 2 months ago
I'm trying to understand Bill Maher run somebody in the middle isn't that what we fucking just did with Hillary Clinton like you guys can pretend that it was misogyny and all this other shit which I'm not negating the fact that that is true but we've already gone for the Centrist and it didn't beat the extremists you cannot beat someone in a tug-of-war when one side is pulling with a fucking tractor to the right and you're telling people you're going to beat that will someone politely holding the rope and trying to stay in one place
Mac SYN - 2 months ago
Donna brazile is not somebody to be celebrated
Mac SYN - 2 months ago
Okay I get that whole talk to people that disagree with you but the fact that we're trying to pretend that Donna brazile doesn't have the history that Donna brazile has it's so incredibly hypocritical and tribalistic I just want to see somebody who is a Centrist acknowledge the bullshit that Donna brazile did and not try to hide any criticism of her behind some bullshit mask of saying that you're racist or sexist or you're not buying into the bullshit Russia Hysteria. It is just remarkable to me that we can see Donna brazile the woman who gave questions to a candidate from a debate it's not working for Fox News first of all that tells you the type of people that Fox News are willing to hire and secondly this tells you something problematic about the Democratic party on a whole
David Campbell
David Campbell - 2 months ago
"Trump Village"....definition of hell on earth.
Professor Drow
Professor Drow - 2 months ago
Just dropping this off.
crazygamer241 - 2 months ago
yang goes on fox.
crazygamer241 - 2 months ago
bill, have yang on.
blue4me43 - 2 months ago
We all have to Shame the GOP's who still back this Traitor evil mentally sick old trump. The GOP's have no Dignity or Care for Our Nation, kick them out in 2020. Take down Traitor trump too in 2020. Just RESIGN now traitor trump.
D Mc
D Mc - 2 months ago
Wow, right after that woman made the point about the Conway treats Bill went right into the same stupid speculation the rest of the media engages in.
That's Nobody
That's Nobody - 2 months ago
Maduro didn't win that election?
Tulsi goes on Fox too.
Devin Michael Roberts
Devin Michael Roberts - 2 months ago
okay captian obvious, my god, Irshad sitting up here saying "we should have conversations with people who disagree", but she's saying it with this cocky attitude like she is the first person ever to think of it or say it on this show.. my god we hear this from everyone everywhere every damn week. It is so obvious it should go without saying
Highlyskeptical - 2 months ago
The GOP doesn't want to directly go against Trump because he gave them the lower taxes they wanted. Don't bite the hand that feeds you filet mignon.
Robert Zemeckis
Robert Zemeckis - 2 months ago
because no collusion GOP never turn against trump
Fair Minded
Fair Minded - 2 months ago
Fuck her ...Maduro is legitimate! Juan is a fucking traitor.
Dub K
Dub K - 2 months ago
...so you've got a TV, Mr. Maher? Ohhh so you are a slave to the media and have sold your soul...? Good for you Mr. Manipulator and altering storyteller. You're so cool, you talking head. Huh ohhh, is this anti-semitic?? Hahaha who the fuck cares!?
Darick Lapaglia
Darick Lapaglia - 2 months ago
I hate donald trump. Paul ryan is worse than donald trump though. All the guest on this show suck.
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