My HUSBAND Matt Works for the YOUTUBE HACKER! (Secret Meet inside Hidden Escape Room)

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Matt and Rebecca
Matt and Rebecca - 5 months ago
Glad we were able to get out of the roblox game for 24 hours!
LoveShine Kidz
LoveShine Kidz - 10 days ago
RZ twin
arsim rasimello
arsim rasimello - 14 days ago
951 kod
Jamie Cartledge
Jamie Cartledge - 29 days ago
Angie Malone
Angie Malone - 29 days ago
Matt and Rebecca lily and IZZY and angie
Tiffiney qwerfhhhrjzj
Tiffiney qwerfhhhrjzj - Month ago
Eunice Wong
Eunice Wong - Hour ago
Rebecca I think you should divorce
Eunice Wong
Eunice Wong - Hour ago
Matt change it that is why when it says kurt but me I will choose rz twin
Xander Regan
Xander Regan - Hour ago
Rz twin
Trey Smith
Trey Smith - Hour ago
Matt says out of the weather for the red hood
XxMirror_ InitiativexX35
XxMirror_ InitiativexX35 - 5 hours ago
Also Vy is a lock master picker too
Nathalie Flouty
Nathalie Flouty - 10 hours ago
Rz twin in the game master network
Ernest Martin
Ernest Martin - Day ago
I think RZ twins should be in the game master network
Morenita Marquez
Morenita Marquez - Day ago
Rz twin
Geni9 Roblox
Geni9 Roblox - Day ago
Rez twin
Geni9 Roblox
Geni9 Roblox - Day ago
RZ twin
Laefpool Moon
Laefpool Moon - Day ago
Matt hacked it
Laefpool Moon
Laefpool Moon - Day ago
RZ twin
patricia gjames
patricia gjames - Day ago
rz twin
Jayden Lewis
Jayden Lewis - Day ago
Hurry up and leaving now you got to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hashim Gouhar
Hashim Gouhar - Day ago
Marie Sampson
Marie Sampson - Day ago
Anna 11
Anna 11 - Day ago
At 1:43 Matt took the phone and hacked in it.We see you Matt .Rebecca and Daniel may not of seen you but we the way how could you.We are disappointed. shame on you .we love you Rebecca.I’m in the ZamFam.I would make a awesome ninja.I took karate for 3 years. Yes I would confront them just to hear a reason.and if they are actually working for them I would get a slipper and wack them🦵🦶👩👧👶👨👦❌❌
Epic Dru
Epic Dru - Day ago
Rz twin
la'shia crews
la'shia crews - Day ago
Jessica Mackella
Jessica Mackella - Day ago
Bananas are awesome
hey Matt
rule1: NEVER argue with a girl/female
Abbee Buroff
Abbee Buroff - Day ago
Christina Hancock
Christina Hancock - 2 days ago
matt took your phone and din't let the zamfam thows the anther the poll
Aliyanah Thomas
Aliyanah Thomas - 2 days ago
Rz twin
Michael Lopez
Michael Lopez - 2 days ago
michelle floreso
michelle floreso - 2 days ago
rz twin
BMEnt - 2 days ago
Rz Twin
Sophia Futloo
Sophia Futloo - 2 days ago
Rz twin
Mirza Waffle
Mirza Waffle - 2 days ago
RZ twin because she is Rebecca twin and she helpful (I love you Rebecca)
Jack slays
Jack slays - 2 days ago
Matt is lying all is saying RZ TWIN nedd to join not kurt
Jack slays
Jack slays - 2 days ago
RZ twinnnnnnnnnnnnn
Bethany Aka BMW
Bethany Aka BMW - 2 days ago
I don’t have instagram so this is my vote

Rz twin I’m with Rebecca
Elyse Griffin
Elyse Griffin - 2 days ago
Matt took your phone
Amber Hensley
Amber Hensley - 2 days ago
Rd twin
Kell Reck
Kell Reck - 2 days ago
Is that Matt’s clone
Kell Reck
Kell Reck - 2 days ago
Rz Twin I mean like she is nice after all
Love Rainbow
Love Rainbow - 2 days ago
Rosaleen Hurley
Rosaleen Hurley - 2 days ago
Rz twin
karissa r
karissa r - 2 days ago
germaine takave
germaine takave - 3 days ago
RZ twin should join the gameaster network
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