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a mess
a mess - 16 minutes ago
Ever notice how the strongest female characters hardly ever mention that they're female? Ellen Ripley, for example.
Make America White Again
Make America White Again - 22 minutes ago
All the bad guys are white men and The hero is a gay race mixing wamen. Yep, this is typical banker propaganda.
themako5678 - 25 minutes ago
Jesus how pathetic
Shunsui Kyoraku
Shunsui Kyoraku - Hour ago
Hard pass on this SJW bullshit.
Michael Mello
Michael Mello - Hour ago
''Batman gave up on us''
I gave up after ''we are the flash'' so I'd be grateful he stuck around this long to begin with
DA MotoNeko
DA MotoNeko - Hour ago
Hard to watch a trailer when you get sick from the dialouge and the main characters face. I dont know how the actress is in real life but i cant stand to even look at her character.
I'll go and rewatch "The Mystery of Batwoman", i havent seen the show but based on the "When it fits a woman" and "Not let a man get credit for a womans job" is definetly hurting my soul while _'Betcha never'_ makes my heart beat.
Another Human
Another Human - Hour ago
"I want you to fix the dislikes"
"The dislikes are literall perfection"
"They will be ... when they reach a million"
Lets help make them a million press dislike to save our childhood hero
Prince of Zamunda
Prince of Zamunda - Hour ago
majurbludd - Hour ago
Trump 2020
Vegapunk - Hour ago
"As a man, I can be corrupted, I can be defeated, I can die. But as a symbol, I can be immortal"
"I'm not about to let a man take credit for a woman's work"
Waste of Space
Waste of Space - Hour ago
What I hate about this is that it lacks creativity. They could’ve created a new female superhero and that would’ve been fine. The fact that they recreated Batman just to make him female is just showing pandering
Sebastian Caro
Sebastian Caro - 2 hours ago
If Captain Marvel was a TV show
John Dekkart
John Dekkart - 2 hours ago
And the black dude is gay or transgender of cource.
EJ Smith
EJ Smith - 2 hours ago
not enough woman
nbw ggs
nbw ggs - 2 hours ago
It would be pretty fair if there would be a catman for the male satisfaction.
Unknown - 2 hours ago
Deserved bad reception in advance. Won't even watch.
ImHuntify - 2 hours ago
Those acme fight sound effects are the worst thing about this trailer. There might as well have been a spongebob *DONK* sound effect when she got smacked with the bat.
Ryan Jensen
Ryan Jensen - 2 hours ago
holy dislike meter. Wow
Kritken - 2 hours ago
Are you making this to make Catwoman's movie look like a master piece?
Michael Minniear
Michael Minniear - 2 hours ago
Holy blood on a tampon batdyke. 390k 👎🏻 bwahahahhahahah!!!!!😂😂
Meat Machine
Meat Machine - 2 hours ago
Rob The Crazy Ronin
Rob The Crazy Ronin - 2 hours ago
...........absolute rubbish
シンシアShinshia - 3 hours ago
I hate this so much it hurts.
Havel the Rock
Havel the Rock - 3 hours ago
Probably going to bring back batman in season 2 after this show flops horribly, to desperately attract some viewership
RED NIGHT - 3 hours ago
i give up on this shallow minded franchise
Ethan Steinbrook
Ethan Steinbrook - 3 hours ago
Dislike gang
Nic Rock
Nic Rock - 3 hours ago
2:20 Man, that was a serious awful acting right there
Maximilian Lorenz
Maximilian Lorenz - 3 hours ago
Mirabelle Shaw
Mirabelle Shaw - 3 hours ago
This isn’t in replacement of the batgirl movie is it?
Scot Erwin
Scot Erwin - 3 hours ago
NO CW....This isn’t just a small group of fanatics. I had breakfast today with 12 of my best buddy’s this morning. Everyone of us was laughing when someone showed the trailer.
Scot Erwin
Scot Erwin - 4 hours ago
Gross! SJW’s created movie. No one wants to see it
tekashi 69
tekashi 69 - 4 hours ago
The way she hit her with the bat how did not die or go into coma??
The Kalidor
The Kalidor - 2 hours ago
Nope, because she's a wah'man!!! ;)
splintercell323 - 4 hours ago
“Dare to defy”
Should be changed to “dare to pander”
André Luiz
André Luiz - 4 hours ago
It's pure feminist propaganda! Instead working with Batman, fighting the criminals side by side, she replaces him. It's exactly what feminism is about! It's not a matter of helping women to find their role and their space, but a fierce competition to replace men, to turn the women into copies of men. There's no respect for women in the feminist ideology!
Blacklight - 4 hours ago
totally not tron music at the beginning.
Brandon Harris
Brandon Harris - 4 hours ago
Oh look. Another female rip off of a superhero. This is supposed to be Bruce Wayne's cousin? And she has a nerdy looking African-American sidekick. Wow, that is so original. So she's going around looking all femi smug feeding the homeless with Bruce Wayne's money. Claiming that men take the credit for what women do wow wearing Bruce Wayne's Batman suit, using his cave and spending his money.
Look, I don't mind a tough female character in the lead. Terminator 2, underworld, Resident Evil, the Witchblade series. Do you know what makes a good tough female lead? They don't go around making men look bad on purpose. They don't go around shouting girl power. They do what needs to be done and go home at the end of the day. This is absolute garbage.
Johnny831 - 4 hours ago
My God this is terrible as heck lol
ytRbro - 5 hours ago
thought she looked familiar, john wick 2 character "ares"
Revemupman - 5 hours ago
Lol the cringe. I feel so embarrassed for CW and I don't even work for the network lmao.
Steve Giles
Steve Giles - 5 hours ago
Wow look at those dislikes will it last 2 seasons funny how one trailer will kill a show before it starts. Get woke get broke
00x000 - 5 hours ago
Who wanted this... there are so many a-hole female leads nowadays. A cute, sexy Batgirl would've been better. 😊
lone stoner
lone stoner - 5 hours ago
I think its about time other studios and companies to immerse and start making TV series and movies that are for actual entertainment cause this is getting ridiculous 😒
Barone 888
Barone 888 - 4 hours ago
Its no longer about entertainment. Its about lazy greed. Quality no longer matters in entertainment and most of the time those who wish to deliver good quality end up with no resources to do it.
Taylor Rouse
Taylor Rouse - 5 hours ago
*”im not about to let a man take credit for a woman’s work”*
Who CouldItBeeeNow
Who CouldItBeeeNow - 5 hours ago
A 10 year old boy is more intimidating 😂😂
Who CouldItBeeeNow
Who CouldItBeeeNow - 5 hours ago
Just doing my dislike part 😂🤗😘
TOTCD - 5 hours ago
Željko Miklež
Željko Miklež - 5 hours ago
Why cant we just get a Batman show
Im the Critic
Im the Critic - 5 hours ago
The Big Question is.....Who will play Joker and Batman on this series...
Barone 888
Barone 888 - 4 hours ago
Hopefully...there will be no Joker in this show. I would hate to see him losing to this arrogant brat.
Thesloth 569
Thesloth 569 - 6 hours ago
Curioser and curioser? Also all the things she said the movie.
Danny vs ViDEO GAMES
Danny vs ViDEO GAMES - 6 hours ago
The cringe IS OVER 9000
Random Girl
Random Girl - 6 hours ago
This just has so much meme potential. Especially the,
"The suit is literal perfection."
"It will be... when it fits a woman.
It seems the comments agree on that.
AstroBoy TX
AstroBoy TX - 6 hours ago
I don't know who I blame for this cringe, either DC or CW.
Barone 888
Barone 888 - 4 hours ago
katey1dog - 6 hours ago
June 16. 2019
Sunday morning report.
79k likes versus 390k dislikes.
katey1dog - 4 hours ago
@Barone 888 With numbers like that, there definitely will be by the months end.
Barone 888
Barone 888 - 4 hours ago
Hopefully the dislikes will soon reach 400k
Canofcoolbeans - 6 hours ago
This is the most feministic crap I have ever seen in my life...
baldieman64 - 6 hours ago
As a Russian bot, I say "Это выглядит дерьмо".
Erik Hawkke
Erik Hawkke - 6 hours ago
It's like the intellectual limbo contest.
How woke can you go? how woke can you go?
How low exactly can you set the bar for quality? I'm sure we're about to find out.
Ferris Becirovic
Ferris Becirovic - 7 hours ago
Stop ruining the batman franchise first gotham now this bullsh*t
J Slomiak
J Slomiak - 7 hours ago
Looks good besides the cringe feminism
Victor Bianculli
Victor Bianculli - 7 hours ago
First it's Captain Wahman, now it's bulldike BatWahman lmaooo
Victor Bianculli
Victor Bianculli - 7 hours ago
Wow y'all really don't want people to watch superhero movies ever again lmao
Tia Aaron
Tia Aaron - 7 hours ago
02:30 That scene looks kinda rapey. Makes me uncomfortable...
YourMemeDealer - 7 hours ago
2:02 Wow they ruin the Batman suit for feminist propaganda, hooray
Sango - 7 hours ago
CW: this show is literal perfection.
It will be, when it gets canceled.
Joshua Degreiff
Joshua Degreiff - 7 hours ago
Delete comments or delete likes won’t make any difference this series going to flop
G_Odu Of the North
G_Odu Of the North - 7 hours ago
Sigh... it doesn't even look that bad, but the scenes where they're trying to cram their agenda down the audience's collective throat are way too obvious. Really, if it didn't escalate it past the flashback relationship thing, I don't think you'd hear near as many complaints, but they just felt the need to hit it so hard as it went on that like, "Ohhh, she's female!" And it really diminishes the point, because it makes her gender more important than a possibly interesting character. You can write a character who's cocky and overconfident, and then incorrigible when people try to put them back into the mold of society. That would've been enough. You can make so many iterations of that trope, and her trying to make it clear that she's not batman with the red wig thing would've gone right on by. She could've even said the "Why should a man take credit for a woman's work?" and it coulda been kinda fun, more about herself than about the larger issue, and it would've strengthened her as a character. It's scenes like, "You're like the female bruce wayne," where it hurts the whole production, because at best your audience thinks the character is the same (which she doesn't seem like she is,) and that the change you've made is completely cosmetic, or your audience thinks you're overcompensating. It weakens any feminist message that was there. I know nobody's going to be happy here, but you actually have to sell an idea. Just because you think people *should* feel a way, it doesn't mean they're just going to go along with the message. The show might not even be that bad, maybe those scenes fit it better, but this trailer is already ruining any potential it had.
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen - 7 hours ago
BATMAN: I am the night I am vengeance. I am batman
Batmam: I AM A WAMAN!
Joshua Ingram
Joshua Ingram - 8 hours ago
Here's the thing: If we want to tell a story about a powerful arrogant woman, DO NOT choose a character that is supposed to fight for justice. Batwoman/Oracle has a heartbreaking origin story and she never backed down, was never arrogant and wasn't handsome.
MrReign007 - 8 hours ago
tanukihat - 8 hours ago
Cringe. The people who enjoy this literal garbage should be lined up and shot...with happy little love notes, of course.
Oraphim - 8 hours ago
Little girl: look it’s Batman !!
Batwahman: did you just assume my gender
Rex T
Rex T - 8 hours ago
"needs to be lesbian, so the film will cater to the manly audience" hehe
ColdFlames Sleep
ColdFlames Sleep - 8 hours ago
Batman always will be Bruce Wayne. You are late, butcher!!! 🤣
speedingchimps - 8 hours ago
is this the lady that john wick killed?
Sandr Muse
Sandr Muse - 8 hours ago
LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooool thank you VERY much, I laughed
Avery Tyler MGTOW
Avery Tyler MGTOW - 9 hours ago
*batnipples movie doesn't look so bad now Huh?*
FocusFanatic - 7 hours ago
If this show had bat nipples on it I would watch.
Wellington Juku
Wellington Juku - 9 hours ago
How does a show flop before it airs😂
FocusFanatic - 7 hours ago
When you forget to add bat nipples on a female batman suit....
Côme Besnard
Côme Besnard - 9 hours ago
People are getting fired for sure
stoned smoker
stoned smoker - 9 hours ago
roccomole anti sjw feminazi
There are some sick left wing parasites out there
suckonthis u2be
suckonthis u2be - 7 hours ago
C🇴rp🇴rate c🇴rnh🇴le ri🇲🇲ing Na🇷🇷avance 🇸hill🇸 to be 🇸pecific.
Abu S.
Abu S. - 9 hours ago
Well this looks absolutely awful
Olof Olofersond
Olof Olofersond - 10 hours ago
The comic book people got to this comment section and it's GOLD. LOL
John M.
John M. - 10 hours ago
The failing entertainment industry shows us another way to insult consumer’s intelligence. Many such cases!
Crazyclown05 - 10 hours ago
Wait whys she gay but correct me if I'm wrong but I thought in like the comics and stuff batwoman and batman were together. Not against it or anything but it just don't seem right
J D - 10 hours ago
CWs brilliant idea: Insult Batman
Hope Ocean
Hope Ocean - 10 hours ago
I just came to see the like-dislike ratio.
Not disappointed.
MR JACKSON! - 10 hours ago
Batma'am asks a man to make her a suit
Me:"i thought wAmeN were independent"
DIGITAL MEAT - 10 hours ago
The Cringe almost gave me a stroke.

"The suit is literal perfection"

"It will be . . . . . when it fits a 90lb weakling that would get rekt by an average size person"
163 Freedom
163 Freedom - 11 hours ago
You are SUCK !!!!
Rajiv Welikala
Rajiv Welikala - 11 hours ago
Artyom Loukashov
Artyom Loukashov - 11 hours ago
zᴇᴅ 11
zᴇᴅ 11 - 11 hours ago
Strollic - 12 hours ago
“I’m not about to let a man take credit for a woman’s work”. She broke into the a building to steal a man’s suit, equipment and reputation. She even has to get another man to make it fit her...typical feminist mindset.
And judging from the trailer she’s not even motivated to fight crime, but to rescue her girlfriend. Perhaps she turns into a “hero” once she realises she’s getting “likes” on instagram?
John Matthews
John Matthews - 12 hours ago
I have absolutely nothing against the people who are actors in this show, but my God, this is absolutely terrible looking. Forced, cringy garbage is and always will be just that - garbage.
Caleb Upton
Caleb Upton - 12 hours ago
*steals Batman’s suit/lair/persona/name/cred *
“I’m not going to let some man take credit for a woman’s work”
Uncultured Duck
Uncultured Duck - 12 hours ago
Honestly wanna see Batman track her down
Huang ding dong
Huang ding dong - 13 hours ago
Women belong at home with the children. Let men take care of the bad guys, women can take care of their hair, their household and have food ready for the man when he comes home.
Emerald Otringal
Emerald Otringal - 13 hours ago
that's what happens after fighting John Wick, you go on a feminist quest for revenge. Boy this show won't be worth even turning on the TV for the sake of the electricity bill. Can someone please help cancel this? Like kill it in the womb before it ever sees the daylight? Thank you!
xxSemiSeriousxx - 13 hours ago
Is this a joke? A question I ask a lot in 2019
Captain Kezz
Captain Kezz - 13 hours ago
So the new sonic movie looks pretty good, huh?
Seven Page Muda
Seven Page Muda - 13 hours ago
Takes off wrap from my eye surgery: Aah it's great to see again!
Sees this trailer: *laughs and grabs two pairs of scissors*
*sighs and jams them both into my eyeballs*
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