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Chriskros1984 - 10 minutes ago
This cant be real .... this is the biggest prank on youtube ever right ?
Ar.In.G - 52 minutes ago
I'm not gonna hate on the actress because I've never seen her before so she gets a pass for acting like that cause shes gotta pay the bills somehow, but the script writers and director should stop their careers now
Nicholas Libertini
Nicholas Libertini - Hour ago
When I searched up cringe woman trailer this was the first result.
Fresh.Mootz - Hour ago
What? What?! What the f#ck is this???
gigi kent
gigi kent - 2 hours ago
you killed batman!!!! i hope the investors(except oprah) are going to hang you people
gigi kent
gigi kent - 2 hours ago
Soviet Melon
Soviet Melon - 4 hours ago
Thanks for the incredibly obvious feminism. If I was falling to my death and she saved me I would jump off again, if I was about to be shot and she helped me I would shoot myself.
Shona Lumsden
Shona Lumsden - 4 hours ago
It looks like they hired James Charles
BoyBehindThe Computer
BoyBehindThe Computer - 5 hours ago
They're replacing Batman with a woman to "push feminism into our lives even more" which is stupid. She says "I'm not gonna let a man take credit for a woman's work." Which Batman started the legacy and he built it up and started as a young boy. Take another look at the trailer her theme song is " iM a wo0OmAAaanN". It's cringey to watch and this show wasn't needed.And no we can stand a woman superhero but pushing the feminist movement doesn't make it fun to watch. They could've done without the feminism and maybe I would watch it. We had Catwoman for a while and we had Wonder Woman and most people were fine with it. But when someone pushes a ton of feminism into a TV show then it becomes cringey,not fun to watch, and in my opinion (and others) trash.
BoyBehindThe Computer
BoyBehindThe Computer - 5 hours ago
all i can say is this show is gonna be trash and only feminists will watch it
Satinder Mohammed Ali Kahal
Why does Batwoman need to oppress men?
Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds - 7 hours ago
I typed in Cringe Woman Trailer and this was the top result.
I’m Kayla
I’m Kayla - 9 hours ago
If there’s this much male hate in just the trailer then imagine having to watching a whole episode. This WILL be a flop.
jAnson oTto
jAnson oTto - 11 hours ago
Who else here before 500k dislikes?
skaaii 202
skaaii 202 - 12 hours ago
why the hell did she changed the suit. that red hair ain't it.
Banana :p
Banana :p - 12 hours ago
I wished Batman appeared and backhand her like he did with Robin
Sonow Gamer
Sonow Gamer - 12 hours ago
So, you strip a female of all feminine attributes, essentially making them a man with a different body and some longer hair, and have them say "I'M A WOMAN, LOOK AT ME, I'M A FEMALE, YOU NEED TO KNOW I'M FEMALE". Well, sounds like a your classic 'sTRoNg feMaLE ChARaCtEr'
FocusFanatic - 11 hours ago
You forgot the red hair being a WOMANS characteristic.
George Washington
George Washington - 13 hours ago
Wait, is this my country? holy cow we've gone in the wrong direction gg
Robert Carvalho
Robert Carvalho - 14 hours ago
Who found this movie predictable, give a like my message
michael mutambo
michael mutambo - 14 hours ago
okay maybe am behind here in all the batman movies cartoons and comics have seen .have never seen batman die so how does she felt in batman's place ,where is nigh wt,cat woman ,but hey like i said have never seen them all.
Saitama - 15 hours ago
“I’m not going to let a man takes credit of a women’s work” yeah but she’s stealing credit from a man let she says that
Saitama - 11 hours ago
FocusFanatic and also I can’t find my old comment so I just made a new one
Saitama - 11 hours ago
FocusFanatic yes I know bud, just coming back to see if the comments have changed and they haven’t changed, and also then what are you doing here?
FocusFanatic - 11 hours ago
This is an very old argument and has been repeated to death. Keep up with the times buddy
Lorenzo Smit
Lorenzo Smit - 15 hours ago
They’re forcing me to watch this stupid show, because of the crisis episode. After that I will never hear or see anything about this show ever again.
Collided Worlds
Collided Worlds - 16 hours ago
Think about this for a second, someone got paid to write this
FocusFanatic - 11 hours ago
Paid a lot of money
Jusufovic Emina
Jusufovic Emina - 16 hours ago
Wow just wow. Never thought something can be that feminist. Its crap.
Scott Jones
Scott Jones - 17 hours ago
Why is Batman not in it
Ghost227 - 4 hours ago
white men are evil I guess. Maybe batman is now the bad guy
Thomas Adelaars
Thomas Adelaars - 18 hours ago
My dislike dissapeared??? Hmmm
Amar Fawwas
Amar Fawwas - 20 hours ago
A movie about a gay rat with a gay wings. I never see so many dislike on movie trailer before.
Game City Savior
Game City Savior - 20 hours ago
Did they recast Alice because it was a good chance shout out to "birds of prey" (2002 or 03)
Vega Da Goat
Vega Da Goat - 21 hour ago
"Im not about to let a man take credit for a woman's work" she said while using his tech,his tech guy,wearing his costume,and ripping off his name in his city.... Feminism must mean delusional .
Icognito _6
Icognito _6 - 21 hour ago
Batwoman The Killing Joke
Frosty Conservative
Adrien Pesado
Adrien Pesado - Day ago
Is this real?
Lego Head
Lego Head - Day ago
So... When is the sequel, Catman coming out? And Robin better be a raging homossexual and Alfred a trans freak riddled with AIDS! Otherwise I ain't losing my time with this.
Curly Devil123
Curly Devil123 - Day ago
The song for this show is girls rule boys drooll
arkayen666123 - Day ago
In this comments section we have:

Guys angry that there's a girl in the treehouse.
People who don't realize that Batwoman isn't an original character that the CW made up.
Insecure guys who can't stand seeing a woman superhero.
Other kinds of incels.
Slap shot Studios1708
Slap shot Studios1708 - 7 hours ago
arkayen666123 yea like people who think that people dislike it are men who don’t like female superheroes which is retarded
Juicy Smellit
Juicy Smellit - Day ago
You forgot a🇸🇸 licking CW shills.
oh no
oh no - Day ago
I love Ruby Rose though, it's a shame she stars in this crap.
Dorkymations #
Dorkymations # - Day ago
No joke best scene in the trailer 1:18
CHRISTUFFER.01 - Day ago
I will shoot my f*cking brains out if this sh*t is for real.
Dogbone tv
Dogbone tv - Day ago
i am so glad i havent had regular tv for nearly 10yrs now.
dennisthenut - Day ago
angry lesbian sneaks into movie
james bond
james bond - Day ago
The background "I am a woman" song says it all..goodjob CW another franchise down the drain
Buddhism Hotline
Buddhism Hotline - Day ago
this show is gonna get 1 season and 7 episodes and after that it’s canceled
Deighniel Painouw
Deighniel Painouw - Day ago
Wait... this is bad... not enough LGTBQ+ representation you *any word in LGTBQ*-phobic
Rudsongamer35 - Day ago
Man i'm just sad that politics is now influencing the universe of a character beloved by so many, it's basically stepping in the heads of the fans.
Frank ButtFrart
Frank ButtFrart - Day ago
CW so lets retcon play towards feminism this show is bound to succeed
Felix Vargas
Felix Vargas - Day ago
Jajaja una verdadera mierda
A Person
A Person - Day ago
Hey guys it’s almost Fall, can’t wait to not watch the pilot when it airs
Radmir Hima
Radmir Hima - Day ago
cant believe i gave this a view
RCtheblackmask - Day ago
it's not about her character being gay. Most know that but it's just cringey. Her acting ,the show ,the fight scenes, the force fed women crap. Ive never had a problem with lead women in roles such as alice from resident evil, sarach Conner terminater 2, Ripley alien, etc etc this just using the fame to feed in the viewers of personal agenda like brie larson with captain marvel.
Noel - Day ago
Awesome? Hilarious? She looks like a really boring character
Noel - Day ago
I just wasted 3mins of my life...
Toban Myastan
Toban Myastan - Day ago
Interesting idea, maybe change the part where she says, I'm not about to let a man take credit for a woman's work, because SHE'S stealing BATMAN'S IDENTITY. Also maybe the theme-song could use a little work. Screaming, "I'M A WOMAN" isn't very fun to listen to. Also last thing, maybe come up with a more original female protagonist.
HunterDragon65 - Day ago
They fucked up Batwoman so hard.
kaza blancas
kaza blancas - Day ago
Thank you Batman

Va B
Va B - Day ago
Why do gays or lesbians always have to remind everyone they are? I mean, just do your job.
Dorkymations #
Dorkymations # - Day ago
More like Tumblr the tv show
Droid Famine
Droid Famine - Day ago
Lol might see Oliver queen somewhere 😂
bigbaba1111 - Day ago
Another radical feminist woke lesbian marry sue movie? No thanks. Real men won't support that feminazi crap. That shows what feminism is about: they are envious of men. that's why they want to be like us and copy us.
Hannah Stephens
Hannah Stephens - Day ago
I can't wait for this, it looks amazing
Carlos Sanchez
Carlos Sanchez - Day ago
Slap shot Studios1708
Hannah Stephens how
Noremac 417
Noremac 417 - Day ago
I like ruby rose don’t get me wrong buuuutt
“I’m a woman and I deserve what I want without earning it”
Gh0st Rec0n
Gh0st Rec0n - Day ago
This show is so idiotic dude they shouldve made this catwoman and bring some another actor . I swear if Ben Affleck , Christian Bale and lain glen see this Trailer they are going to throw themselves out of building
Rouge Guardian
Rouge Guardian - Day ago
Whoever wrote the script..... Fire them
Jordan Dunbar
Jordan Dunbar - Day ago no...
Darkknightz - Day ago
This is my second time commenting and I think feminism and sjw are ruining the comic book industry hey don’t take me wrong just look at captain marvel and batwoman if this doesn’t involve the characters captain marvel and batwoman could’ve been great
Ningsang Longchar
Ningsang Longchar - Day ago
I'm just going through all the trailer videos just so I can dislike them all
Teddy Oshirak
Teddy Oshirak - Day ago
"We want a live action batman show!"
"We want a nightwing show!"
"We want a red hood show!"
"Did somebody say lesbian female batman?"
parainternet - Day ago
I miss the old times when the feminism wasn't a thing
A O - Day ago
MORE Propaganda on TV ... I truly hope this gets cancelled.
A Ghost
A Ghost - Day ago
alejandro casalegno
shookwave201 studios
Dr. Narwhal MD
Dr. Narwhal MD - Day ago
Literally batwoman is a strong female character already, and she's pretty awesome. Meanwhile in this show they of course have to point out the fact that she's a woman every ten seconds like honestly most people would love this trailer if it just rolled with the normal character of batwoman and didn't constantly make it about gender
I just love to comeback here, this comment section is full of LEGENDS
Nanashi - Day ago
Hmm, i'm surprised they didn't make her dark skinned, cant be TOO woke.
Nanashi - Day ago
@veeti lmfao they aren't woke enuff, reeee
veeti - Day ago
Yea OMG they are so racist!!! He IS white
Tom Beenham
Tom Beenham - Day ago
"You need to fix the batcave"

"The cave is literal perfection..?"

"It will be, when its a kitchen."
Emory Kemp
Emory Kemp - Day ago
*2018 rewind achieves most dislikes* CW: "Hold my kobucha."
KairuYt - Day ago
I don’t think it’s good but I’ll still watch it just for the crossovers
veeti - Day ago
Holy fck are u cjw feminist die
Home COMP - Day ago
When CW tried to make a feminist show, they ended up making a sexist show about a blatant batman copy who's catchphrase is "I'm not about to let a man take credit for a woman's work." The Irony.
Lorenzo Smit
Lorenzo Smit - 15 hours ago
Home COMP I will only watch the crisis episode. After that I will never hear or see anything about this show ever again.
Dallas M
Dallas M - Day ago
While watching, this, all I could think of was how manly the main protagonist is. Interesting how when they want to represent a strong female character in film, they make her more masculine. Real female strength is different than male strength. It's intended to compliment male strength, and vice-versa. Make a character and television show with real female strengths, and maybe people will watch it. Think "Veronica Mars".
Anon - 2 days ago
Do yourself a favor and read the comics instead.
Dev Env
Dev Env - 2 days ago
This comment section should win an award for most entertaining comment section of all time.
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