The Broken Galaxy Folds: Explained!

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Harry Krish
Harry Krish - Hour ago
I don't think the customers should become QA/testers of the phone by paying $2000 dollars, I did not like the admiration of the the phone which could not hold/last properly more than 2 days. This type of products need to be slashed back to the company. I would appreciate if your review are little bit more responsible than just admiring /presenting.
Dachshundlover - Hour ago
I really don’t understand the point
lochlann fyfe
lochlann fyfe - Hour ago
Omg its mark-ass Brownlee
Kers A HerpaFuqer
Kers A HerpaFuqer - Hour ago
Well when 2 two screens come together as such then there's no surprise. Now imagine that, iPhones can't be foldable, the screen would literally be smashed
Sufyan Ahmad
Sufyan Ahmad - Hour ago
Scratches at level 3 and deeper groves at level 4 @jerryrigeverything
Emmanuel Lamarre
Emmanuel Lamarre - Hour ago
Do a huawei mate x video.
sub to Pewdipie
sub to Pewdipie - Hour ago
Know i see why apple waits until samsung dose thing first lol
Enr1997 - Hour ago
Waiting for Samsung to stop trying to make phones lol. They either explode or break in days of use. Just give up Samsung, you suck at making phones
Andres Ito
Andres Ito - Hour ago
And Now I need fortnite
Natalie Walker
Natalie Walker - Hour ago
Honestly, I really want this to do well. I really want for it to do well. I won't be dropping 2k on it. Maybe when the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is released I will be able to go "yes, I want this phone!" and be able to pick it up.
Eber Cota
Eber Cota - Hour ago
its not there yet but hopefully it will be one day
Sheikh Ibrahim
Sheikh Ibrahim - Hour ago
a review of the sony xperia 1 please
Lil nugget
Lil nugget - Hour ago
Yo the first folding phone is the Nintendo ds
Puneet Verma
Puneet Verma - Hour ago
The fold folds before unfolding. Bye bye fold.
Spentsole2169 - Hour ago
2023 is my graduation year! lol. I'd buy a Galaxy Fold but it's kinda expensive.
Stelios K
Stelios K - Hour ago
With 2k it cost you take both iPhone XS and iPad Pro...
Eric He
Eric He - Hour ago
where do you get that macbook cover case
skywave dxer
skywave dxer - Hour ago
What I want is a phone that has one big screen that folds in half in order to make the total size of the phone smaller. I do not want a double sized phone, this is not a pocket device to me I would never buy it.
Maysongrace Vlogs
Maysongrace Vlogs - Hour ago
*Knowing me I would bend it the wrong way*
Z M - Hour ago
How's this dude begins in subs to Unbox Therapy when he gets almost 1.5 times more views in a day.
João Arthur
João Arthur - Hour ago
don't matter what they say, this guy to me will be forever Mark Ass Brownlee
MrSpooky A
MrSpooky A - Hour ago
This must be the crappiest and most useless phone least they still make good TVs
John Blomeling
John Blomeling - Hour ago
A $2000.00 phone in my eyes was DOA on arrival because of the price but using a flimsy piece of plastic to keep both sides of the screen functioning is and was asinine at best. At least, it hasn't burned up any cars or homes, yet?
A Andrew
A Andrew - Hour ago
AH HA! ....sorry lol
Daniel - Hour ago
i think the “screen protector” is absolutely stupid and the fact that they are going to release that to the public is even more obscene, nobody wants a phone that can break from the simplest of things, so many screens will break, this is not something to ignore the phone should work. i think they should not release them until they figure out a way to include the plastic layer in a more secure way. the phone is ridiculous
cit2braine - Hour ago
Whomever can spend 2000$ for a phone shouldn't be mad at getting f*cked over twice.
Erick Bonilla
Erick Bonilla - Hour ago
Are there any instructions booklets included in the box? Do they point out anything of the "film" presence? If "YES" to all: we may all have to start paying attention to those booklets again
Nick Chambernator
Nick Chambernator - Hour ago
when a $2000 phone barely lasts a week. HAHAHAHAHA
Jamie Bull
Jamie Bull - Hour ago
Will Smith would be proud
Kazuki Katsuhito
Kazuki Katsuhito - Hour ago
Just imagine lol you get one scratch/dent on the screen can mess up a WHOLE phone lol, even a small drop thank you
Pincy lei
Pincy lei - Hour ago
Tsunami 🌊 coming in Samsung. Send submarines to Korea
vishal Sharma
vishal Sharma - Hour ago
Not everyone reads that and some people will remove the plastic protector that they think is the screen guard and put better screen guard on it
Naabii - Hour ago
Just own it, you are being dumb.
papalapapiricoipi2 - Hour ago
"I screwed up my Galaxy Fold"
prashant b
prashant b - Hour ago
Mark ass brownie
Greg Dundee
Greg Dundee - Hour ago
Never buy the first of anything.
Rumit - Hour ago
I’m not even planning to get that thing, why am i watching this.
Anh Trần
Anh Trần - Hour ago
Anyone who wants that phone without money like me, please sub-channel me
The Arianism Today
The Arianism Today - Hour ago
You broken the phone, admit it...
I-know-ALICE - Hour ago
First Mark ass brownie suggestion I got since rewind
Akram Shayzadag
Akram Shayzadag - Hour ago
0:54 This feels so satisfying
Hollowchris - Hour ago
Yeah but for the reviewers. There was nothing on the box saying not to remove the protective film, so it's still not your fault but I mean if you pay $2,000 for a phone, even if it's a review unit yeah you should be able to do whatever you want with,IT'S A $2,000 PHONE!
Fatih Kocibar
Fatih Kocibar - Hour ago
That's a black propaganda you are making!
AyeeSecret - Hour ago
No water resistance?
That’s worse then the iPhone 6+ and iPad 4th Generation!
*I’d rather get an iPhone 6s or an Note 4!*
J M - Hour ago
magnus Rasmussen
magnus Rasmussen - Hour ago
Where is the sticker on your MacBook from?
Ali Zafar
Ali Zafar - Hour ago
ImpatientTurtle - Hour ago
If that plastic layer is permanent then why not have it go all the way to edge? Or even tucked under the bezel ridge thing? Such a weird design choice to make it look like a removable bit of film. Even with all this bad press I bet hundreds of people rip that thing off on day 1.
Mr.Galaxy - Hour ago
why didn't they just make the screen protector part of the screen instead of adding it on like an afterthought? Or at least not making it look like an afterthought.
stife cloud
stife cloud - Hour ago
What's the use to buy Samsung fold when u can buy same specs phone with better display and durability at cheaper price
camaro rider
camaro rider - Hour ago
Uh yes can I call my wife,and side chick at the same time?
holdenLs4dayz - Hour ago
Would never get a phone that you can’t get a case for
Michael Li
Michael Li - Hour ago
Will stay away from Samsung for sure
Med Track
Med Track - Hour ago
better to avoid 1st gen of loadable phones
Bowsette - Hour ago
Samsung Galaxy Titanic only $2000 get yours today
Aniket Taral
Aniket Taral - Hour ago
Not very good Folding Phone
Tyler Noble
Tyler Noble - Hour ago
Well made video, good job👍
DivineBeats - Hour ago
But y’all still gon dickridethem😂
Totoqen - Hour ago
See you in 2023
StrykerEcks - Hour ago
What a clunky ugly piece of shit! Back to the drawing board.
Evert Karlsson
Evert Karlsson - Hour ago
Mkbhd: mabye scratches at a level 3 and deeper grooves at a level 4.
*JerryRigEverything enters the chat*
JerryRigEverything: like a little Lego.
David Hickey
David Hickey - Hour ago
Everyone knows this first release was going to have some valleys, but the techies can spend their money and figure it out, and they can make a revised V.2 of this that is way better. basically a public beta test by rich af people!
Sean Thomas
Sean Thomas - Hour ago
I was never excited about this tech. It seems stupid.
Seth Silverstein
Seth Silverstein - Hour ago
Markass brownie
The Enthusiasm Project
If all these tech literate professional reviewers are having these issues, then it’s definitely not ready for release. The average consumer just needs to be able to use the phone without thinking about it.
And as for the not screen protector, we’ve become conditioned to enjoy peeling the protective film off of new devices, so it’s totally reasonable that someone would try and peel it off.
Donnie Swr
Donnie Swr - Hour ago
Dude it says in the box... Don't peel it. It seems like u don't know how to read hahaha
DeadlyAquila - Hour ago
Why would they do a built on screen protector knowing a good amount of people will take them off almost right away or what about when folding repeatedly for awhile it'll start to form air bubbles slowly in the middle and you'll get bothered by it and want to put on a fresh screen protector.
Kenneth Khiangte
Kenneth Khiangte - Hour ago
When Samsung first introduced foldable screen it was super thin they even rolled it so many times like it was indestructible. But, it's definitely above my budget so I guess I'm safe.
Nicole Palmer
Nicole Palmer - Hour ago
A folding phone is the stupidest thing I've ever heard of. Why would you even want that?
E T E R N A L - Hour ago
Anyone who's buying this phone is mad. Better wait it out for better, improved models.
Watch With Me
Watch With Me - Hour ago
Your actions in the review caused people to copy you and to damage their phones 👌🤭
MusicDev - Hour ago
K but why the hell are people even pushing folding phones in the first place? Do people actually want that garbage? Can I play Pokémon on it?
neZiiak - Hour ago
You are saying in the video that the protective layer may peel on it's own. But then you mention Joannas case, saying that's what happened to her and that she resisted to peel it. But you show a tweet from her, where she says she tried peeling the protective layer?????
Júlia Brasil
Júlia Brasil - Hour ago
lee Smith
lee Smith - Hour ago
people should wait at least a year when something new comes out or you are going to be paying far more for something that barely works it is best to let something have research and development on it, it is always the same and you end up getting scammed.
PaperPlanesParadise - Hour ago
I wanna see 3D strereoscopic 3D phones succeed like the HTC 3D EVO, but you give the tech a bad reviews and it dies, thanks Marques Brownlee, very cool.
Brandon Robinson
Brandon Robinson - Hour ago
At least Samsung is trying to innovate. I cannot say the same for iPhone.
Thomas Lohuis
Thomas Lohuis - Hour ago
What a gimmick. What a fiasco. Horrible software. Exploding batteries. Failing screens on an overpriced gimmicky phone. And people still put their trust AND (A LOT OF) MONEY in Samsung. I truly don't understand this anymore. 8 years of development ?? And then this happens ?? Lol. People seriously need to wake up and stop following big name brands blindly. Smh.
Also seeing Marcus just shrugging this off, is weird.
AncientWafl MC
AncientWafl MC - Hour ago
It’s a foldable fucking phone. I saw this coming from a mile away.
2007suprasport - Hour ago
Dang! Samsung..put that CAUTION.."Extremely Fragile"..
karma S
karma S - Hour ago
So its not just games being launched in a broken state but phones as well. Hmm. Anthem of 2019
Mister X
Mister X - Hour ago
The semi homo wanking on your couch sleeping over, waking you sleeping trying to guy you in to the mystery his peeping girlfriend invites you to. Oh... that’s not a date, that’s attempted date rape and we have just been colleagues
Mister X
Mister X - Hour ago
The semi homo wanking on your couch sleeping over, waking you sleeping trying to guy you in to the mystery his peeping girlfriend invites you to.
Oh... that’s not a date, that’s attempted date rape and we have just been colleagues
NoobSenseiYT - Hour ago
So on his world glass bends
Tony S
Tony S - Hour ago
Tech reviewers love this stuff, it drives traffic to their channels. Even if nobody is going to actually buy the goddamn phone.
syamsamysam - Hour ago
samsung folds is totally disarter.... too hype
Jeffrey Parame
Jeffrey Parame - Hour ago
Why not create a none folding samsung but having a bigger display...
Mister X
Mister X - Hour ago
The semi homo wanking on your couch sleeping over, waking you sleeping trying to guy you in to the mystery his peeping girlfriend invites you to.
Oh... that’s not a date, that’s attempted date rape and we have just been colleagues
Paul Welford
Paul Welford - Hour ago
if this happened to apple it would be worldwide news. Samsung always go wrong
Oldskool2345 - Hour ago
Imagine the outrage if that was an Apple product!?
Andrew B
Andrew B - Hour ago
This is the stupidest phone in the history of mobile phones. Pants-on-head style stupid. It’s a failure already.
Daniel Lee
Daniel Lee - Hour ago
Honestly, to be as revolutionary as this is, and as many youtube reviewers/magazine and tech reviewers out there, this is to be expected being early adopters. Everyone has gripes, but if you want a small tablet, there's an established market, you want a compact cell phone minicomputer, there's a market, you want a tablet+cell phone hybrid, well, you get what you get, unless you want to get your hands a little dirty, and try to make one yourself.
Charlie54 Gaming
Charlie54 Gaming - Hour ago
Twoplank Alex
Twoplank Alex - Hour ago
Well done Huawei (you fuckers)
Andrew Rood
Andrew Rood - Hour ago
Foldable phones? Why? Seems to me it's an answer looking for a question it solution looking for a problem. More expensive. More fragile. Do we really need them? In my humble opinion, NO!!!
Ekxtra Skojj
Ekxtra Skojj - Hour ago
ok, now we know you are a super untrustworthy reviewer
The Truth
The Truth - Hour ago
No excuse for a phone that’s almost $2000 to have this issue.
Saif Qasem
Saif Qasem - Hour ago
That layer was the one that doesnt let the screen cracks when folded
kiyonexus - Hour ago
Lmaooo that folding robot test means nothing when a flimsy ass film easily breaks the whole display.... Lmao... Oh Samsung... Just like the note 7 explosive fiasco.... They don't really test enough do they? Seriously a plastic film you can't remove? Lol wow now I'm glad I don't have that... I'll let you all be the Guinea pigs... Still rocking my Note 3 with android pie!! Booo ya!!
Toxic Blast
Toxic Blast - Hour ago
How about not peel the “screen protector”
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