Mr. "Beard Meat Food" is Every Buffet Owner's Nightmare | Britain's Buffet Hunters | Only Human

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Big Gucci Beats
Big Gucci Beats - Hour ago
the narrators accent actually makes my brain an enigma
Nate Higgers
Nate Higgers - Day ago
Life Hack!: smoke a lot of pot before you go to a buffet
B Sadi
B Sadi - Day ago
Zero diet balance, lol .. especially when u got a chef feeding you better than your own grandmother.
Isaac Greenough
Isaac Greenough - 2 days ago
Does it still count if you throw it up when the video is done?
47 - 2 days ago
Mum's basement football team
strawberry chicken
strawberry chicken - 4 days ago
The irish commentator is just filling the empty spots
Tuff TalkTv
Tuff TalkTv - 5 days ago
Voiced by Pippin from Lord of The Rings, nice!
Caleb Saka
Caleb Saka - 5 days ago
Shut your fucking mouth narrator your voice is so fucking annoying
JBONE DEVIL - 6 days ago
I ate a yorkshire terrier once .. weirdest acid trip ever
CR7NEYMAR - 6 days ago
What is this guys accent lol
Swag BRUH - 6 days ago
Beard meats food: I can eat tons of food btw
Matt stonie: *Hehehe thats cute*
Damian Martinez
Damian Martinez - 7 days ago
Theres a point when a hot dog stops being a hot dog and a burger stops being a burger. Too big is retarded.
Brosky999 - 9 days ago
Man vs dong
Slade - 10 days ago
they sure do look like they know a well balanced diet
Edward Jackson
Edward Jackson - 10 days ago
Where is this buffet?
Mohamed Nayem
Mohamed Nayem - 10 days ago
Where is Flames located
Aki Kino
Aki Kino - 10 days ago
Is that even English? What the heck
Little Monster #1
Little Monster #1 - 11 days ago
10:10 I'm sorry, but can this be anymore cheesy?! Lol
frantix22 - 11 days ago
the beard is simply disgusting
nam lacrymae
nam lacrymae - 12 days ago
babylon 'll fall...
Max Fazer
Max Fazer - 12 days ago
4:59 What the fuck.
WH&T EVER - 13 days ago
Who else came here after wishing matt stonie into a buffet
Mirko Eusebi Riso
Mirko Eusebi Riso - 13 days ago
I'm ready to challenge this guy , but i don't know where meet him to participate
Kevin Löffler
Kevin Löffler - 14 days ago
seriously i do not understand that speaker..what dialect is it?

it is just horrible
LULLU BHOOT - 15 days ago
Asli tandav to wo beard wale ne macha rakha hai..bsdk..pait hai ya kua.😂😂😂
Brenda Power
Brenda Power - 15 days ago
If you eat there, you should NOT get NHS treatment..
Brenda Power
Brenda Power - 15 days ago
There not exactly healthy looking athletes.
corey gifford
corey gifford - 16 days ago
if its a burger challenge i can smash it no problem lol #hornyforbeef
Marilyn Willett
Marilyn Willett - 16 days ago
revolting eats like an animal.
Shaun Clubb
Shaun Clubb - 17 days ago
It’s Johnny Vegas that is talkin through the video
Coq de France
Coq de France - 21 day ago
A vomir !!
Aaron Moura
Aaron Moura - 22 days ago
Mf was nasty like bruh calm down you shakin yah body doesn’t make good go down any faster or make you look cool idk how people were still eating watching this caveman eat like wtf
Dallas Stack
Dallas Stack - 26 days ago
Commit the sin of Gluttony much?
BBF 89
BBF 89 - 26 days ago
Americans: "Drink rubbish, but eat phenomenally"...
Shit Bags
Shit Bags - 27 days ago
Buffet cuss me out in mandarin when I walk in, I smash out the crawfish as soon as it hits the buffet, then I smash the fresh sushi, all for 10$. Lol
Maria - 27 days ago
That guy with the beard is fine! 😍 LOL
Jelynn Harding
Jelynn Harding - 28 days ago
I love that Beardmeatsfood was featured in this video!
Lazygirl 22
Lazygirl 22 - 28 days ago
I love the Chinese buffet it’s the same one Adam went to it’s the bestttt😂😂😂
raghuveer cm
raghuveer cm - 29 days ago
When there's one part of the world that's just hoping for just one meal a day, and look what's going on here
Robert Tulibacki
Robert Tulibacki - Month ago
I can't believe any human could eat that much at once 100% best mode.
Sara Hernandez
Sara Hernandez - Month ago
Oh,not good,guy.Not good at all.
Jay - Month ago
Combination of beard and the football men = buffet being bankrupt
Pena A John
Pena A John - Month ago
He’s cute!
Sebastien Finlan
Sebastien Finlan - Month ago
Ever met Matt stonie?
Isaac Ibnoumaryama
Isaac Ibnoumaryama - Month ago
What's up with all that sausages in mouth 😂 lol
Retarded N.
Retarded N. - Month ago
I bet the bearded man sleep while running
brayden anderson
brayden anderson - Month ago
The beard brought me here.
World of AMEISO
World of AMEISO - Month ago
Here comes diabetes... half the world doesn't have enough to eat and these idiots think it's good to eat until you make yourself ill. With people like this the world is doomed - reminds me of the Roman empire where they ate until they vomited and then ate some more...and we all know what happened to the Roman empire.
World of AMEISO
World of AMEISO - Month ago
look like a bunch of lard arses.
Mohammad Hussain
Mohammad Hussain - Month ago
This commentator is so freakin hard to understand.
Gamemonster90 - Month ago
Commentary by a Dwarf from World of Warcraft.
rodrigoquiroz - Month ago
"drinking rubbish, but eating phenomenal"
Nice XD
Darken Legacy
Darken Legacy - Month ago
Coughs Molly Schuyler
Fayed Wicked
Fayed Wicked - Month ago
I thought you were supposed to pay for every plate u use
der vigus
der vigus - Month ago
Matt stonie laughing at you
Yazul - Month ago
If you're American

Get out! This is England - Nick Crompton
nathaniel watson
nathaniel watson - Month ago
Food looked awful.
Bob REje
Bob REje - Month ago
2 k dislikes from vegans
POLA - Month ago
Skinny as a french fry are u joking ahaha he is bench
MacKinley - Month ago
If you do that in Mandarin buffet they tell you to stop eating...seriously it happened to someone I know of.
MacKinley - Month ago
sajib sjb Yes! A few years back my Grandfather went out with friends and one of them ate a few plates too many...the staff came out and told him to stop eating.
sajib sjb
sajib sjb - Month ago
Are you serious
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