Mr. "Beard Meat Food" is Every Buffet Owner's Nightmare | Britain's Buffet Hunters | Only Human

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Luna_Dei - 2 days ago
£10-£15 to frugally train? Just buy rice from tesco....
the extream g.o.a.t TV
the extream g.o.a.t TV - 2 days ago
He set a world record of pooping 50000 pounds
First world problems
First world problems - 2 days ago
I like Mr and Mrs beard but the narrators voice is really annoying ..
Mark Dunn
Mark Dunn - 4 days ago
No offense to Flames restaurant but this is how a buffet business shuts down and closes up shop but the Bombers actually eat what they get
Buffets close down cuz ppl get 3’s 4’s even 5’s and then see their eyes are bigger than their stomachs
B.F.G 72
B.F.G 72 - 5 days ago
Johnny Vegas
African Prince
African Prince - 6 days ago
Somebody call Matt Stonie to do this challenge in 54 secs
Turd throwing monkey
Turd throwing monkey - 6 days ago
imperial measurements are retarded
Carlos RC Guillen
Carlos RC Guillen - 6 days ago
Kevin talbot ??
Is that you man speaking
McFarvo - 8 days ago
This narrator is insufferable
sunnytea - 8 days ago
Where’s Matt Stonie lol
Anti - 9 days ago
3:15 using bare hands
Azazel Thorne
Azazel Thorne - 9 days ago
I'd like to see Adam head up against Randy Santel
Ryan Poeppel
Ryan Poeppel - 9 days ago
That beard is weak.
Chuck Wagon
Chuck Wagon - 9 days ago
If I ate that chili cheese dog, I’d get explosive diarrhea
Ma/ Co/
Ma/ Co/ - 10 days ago
this looks like the sorriest football team ever
Lenny Lehodn
Lenny Lehodn - 11 days ago
Adam is king. #beardarmy
mohammad hachem
mohammad hachem - 12 days ago
wow Adam is impressive
Banner_Tv - 13 days ago
They all have the same last name
z g
z g - 13 days ago
I’m sick
Aesthetic Trump
Aesthetic Trump - 15 days ago
I wonder what the feces to food ratio is with that chef
Darth Revan
Darth Revan - 15 days ago
I always find it amusing that buffets get irate about how much some people can chow down on. Buffets are advertised as all you can eat, so that should be exactly it. Suffer financial losses? You brought it on yourselves! You can't lie to people.
Psyrecx - 16 days ago
Is that why the US makes the world's best beer, wine, and a lot of other alcohols?
Arthur morgan
Arthur morgan - 16 days ago
toilets has left the chat
Sentient Curse
Sentient Curse - 16 days ago
The chili hitting the table is me after taco bell
Chronic Awareness
Chronic Awareness - 17 days ago
7:00 people in the corner booth are like "wow these people are so inconsiderate we just wanted to eat dinner in peace
Chronic Awareness
Chronic Awareness - 17 days ago
a grown man wiping his hands on his shirt? and if you cut his beard off he would look like a nobody.
zs freestyles
zs freestyles - 17 days ago
The restaurants require a diarrhea deposit
Killer Mode28
Killer Mode28 - 17 days ago
If people stops shouting at the person trying to eat and giving him anxiety, then he would have finished sooner
Kanochoo - 17 days ago
matt stonie
faraaz akhtar
faraaz akhtar - 17 days ago
T Lee Music
T Lee Music - 18 days ago
I know you stay on the toilet 🚽
Nazhif Tahsin
Nazhif Tahsin - 18 days ago
That's me under the mud right there
Lesyk Konecky
Lesyk Konecky - 18 days ago
The shrimp still had shells
magrinday - 18 days ago
can we have subtitles please? I can´t speak irish
Darth Revan
Darth Revan - 15 days ago
Irish? You're kidding?
Thomas Reyes
Thomas Reyes - 19 days ago
Give me Matt stonie of the bearded britt 😂😂
N G - 19 days ago
Love this guy! I wanna see him take on Matt Stonie and Joey Chestnut!
Lloyd Christmas
Lloyd Christmas - 19 days ago
Skip to 4:59 to see tomorrow’s bathroom aftermath
Andrey Sky
Andrey Sky - 19 days ago
hate this indian accent
Giannakis Xatzigiannis
Giannakis Xatzigiannis - 19 days ago
The narrator is so annoying
Karl mejia
Karl mejia - 19 days ago
That Chilli turned me off, it looked like diarrhea.
sandeep p
sandeep p - 19 days ago
obese high school boys dressed up as football players for halloween.
Gil Patrick Marquez
Gil Patrick Marquez - 20 days ago
You must put Furious Pete on this show 🔥
Jerry Shi
Jerry Shi - 20 days ago
strategy is go for the seafood
NinjaSquirrel - 20 days ago
its beardmeatsfood btw
Joaquin Au
Joaquin Au - 20 days ago
The narrator sounds a bit like jacksepticeye
ChaosCreationsTv - 20 days ago
Well it does kinda suck being on a strick diet and vegan at the sametime while watching this, oh well XD
heath taylor
heath taylor - 20 days ago
check out beard meets foods channel! quality content!
Marc-André Demers
Marc-André Demers - 20 days ago
It's "Beard *Meats* Food", can't your staff even get that right?? Incompetents
Sinto Derrick
Sinto Derrick - 21 day ago
The narrator sounds like he is sitting on a tub filled with army ants but it entertaining.
Randy Marsh
Randy Marsh - 21 day ago
That food looks absolutely delicious
Sennacherib Bet Sargīs
Sennacherib Bet Sargīs - 22 days ago
The narrator sounds like an alien trying it's hardest to sound like a human
Ur anium
Ur anium - 22 days ago
2+4+4+1 by my math equals 11lbs, not 10. 😂
Nicola Is my drug
Nicola Is my drug - 22 days ago
It's also known that Buffet places like "adding" a lil bit of laxative to some of the dishes, but you probably know this
Kara Zor-El
Kara Zor-El - 22 days ago
where's Mattie Stonie when you need him
Sck_trickz - 22 days ago
I want to see Adams workout regimen
makfro123 - 22 days ago
The blonde tart is a tad rude 😂😂😂😂
Meh Taylor
Meh Taylor - 22 days ago
Meanwhile in some countries in Africa people have contest about surviving with less than 1 meal a day.
Hidethecheesecake - 22 days ago
Cant believe the bearded guy ate all that, and still looks slim..where did it go?
Hopewell Mbuli
Hopewell Mbuli - 22 days ago
I'm getting sick just looking at all this food 😷😷😷
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn - 23 days ago
But doing challenges at places that do them is way better since most of the rules are if you finish it it’s free plus bonus money sometimes with T-shirt’s!
Connor Rule
Connor Rule - 23 days ago
What kind of English accent is this? Can barely understand the guy
Aaron Sager
Aaron Sager - 23 days ago
Thats one ugly beard
Roku - 24 days ago
That Narrator Makes me want to tell him he Needs to take a breath.
Royal High
Royal High - 24 days ago
Imagine him high
SpoungeCrack SquareBong
SpoungeCrack SquareBong - 24 days ago
I hate how the employer and the employees are talking about customers like that, if they were worried about people eating like that, then they shouldn't have opened a all you can eat
Daniel Horton
Daniel Horton - 25 days ago
Adams probably eaten more food in a year than I'll ever eat in my life
Killerinstinct Killerinstinct
Wtf kind of football team is the bombers??
Ben Langley
Ben Langley - 25 days ago
How many bacons you are wanting sir?!? We are not having that many bacons!
Tahmeed Mazumder
Tahmeed Mazumder - 25 days ago
put matt stonie on or that one japanese kid with a demon for a belly
Artistica36 - 25 days ago
Wtf is this... why am i watching degenerates eat food...
nflke gd
nflke gd - 26 days ago
Just watch matt stonie
dan r
dan r - 26 days ago
How can that beard guy eat so much and be skinny? Lucky bastard!
Elise Jackson
Elise Jackson - 26 days ago
he has pretty nice skin.
Mike - 26 days ago
What a disgusting display of gluttony and processed garbage food. This made me want to shave my beard off. Damn youtube and their recommendations
Yornan Ortez
Yornan Ortez - 27 days ago
My friend matt stoine can accept that challenge .
Shashank Pv
Shashank Pv - 27 days ago
Matt stoni,Nela zisser,Furious pete, Adam comes to a buffet for lunch... and the rest is history
Gokuandy900 - 26 days ago
I saw and like first
E S - 27 days ago
Oh they have to talk like you for you not to hate them? He sounds Scottish. Haven't travelled much have you?
Alex - 27 days ago
That chili legit looks like diarrhea
Elliott Harrison
Elliott Harrison - 28 days ago
The guy speaking sounds like the PG tips man
Wulla Balloo
Wulla Balloo - 23 days ago
It is it's the comedian Johnny Vegas
Vallina Moreno
Vallina Moreno - 29 days ago
Dude with the beard foiiine!!
BYBD Gaming
BYBD Gaming - 29 days ago
stupid for picking this guy as narrator
Chaolence Draendow
Chaolence Draendow - Month ago
panshula gunasekaran
panshula gunasekaran - Month ago
the narrator almost sounds like grade a under a...
masterrob321 - Month ago
Everyone to point and laugh at? The dude looks decently buff and gets paid to eat amazing tasting food ...
Jenekins - Month ago
I think that was a Nerf football team...the only muscles they had were in their jaws😂😂
Cool boy PlaysH
Cool boy PlaysH - Month ago
Wait are they form the docks? They speak different
Melvin Bellerose
Melvin Bellerose - Month ago
that dude looks fit as hell for someone who eats a shit ton...meanwhile i gain 10 lbs just looking at a small fries lmao
Mason Carratt
Mason Carratt - Month ago
America can out drink England anyday.
Keith Bardwell
Keith Bardwell - Month ago
They look absolutely ridiculous with those shoulder pads on........

Without their helmets!
Rolando B. Gabonada Jr.
Eagleoneradiogod - Month ago
Quickest way to diabeties.!
Precious life
Precious life - Month ago
I hope he doesn't end up on fat doctor's documentary😬🛑
fightlikesani mk
fightlikesani mk - Month ago
17 BigMacs? I can eat one and I'm full.
CHAKMACK Ab - Month ago
The bearded guy has to be shittin him self while eatin
UDS _AA35DASH - Month ago
Matt stonie
Larrenzzo Amos
Larrenzzo Amos - Month ago
Those footballer players are the most gumpy players I’ve seen in a Long time
Adam - Month ago
As a Brit, this is embarrassing and cringe-inducing to watch.
namaisluv - Month ago
The customers look very uncomfortable 😂
itzdjderpy - Month ago
Beard meats food?
How about Matt stonie
Stephen Davies
Stephen Davies - Month ago
fucking pathetic, what has this world become, when this is entertainment?
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