Making The Nintendo Labo Toy-Con Fishing Rod! ⏩ 4X FASTER! ⏩

Splatoon 2 Games
Splatoon 2 Games - Year ago
It’s my birthday today 😍😍😍😍😍
Jaka Pratama
Jaka Pratama - Year ago
Di dalam kardus ada kardus
ShootPlayz - Year ago
Im subbing!
The Meme User
The Meme User - Year ago
I'm really excited because the fishing rod is so cool to build.
De Jesus Bruno
De Jesus Bruno - Year ago
Why on earth does the fishing rod real in the wrong way?!
I’m_Lonely You’re_Lonely
Yeah great job Nintendo copying google’s cardboard VR idea and turning it into your own.
nin tenzz
nin tenzz - Year ago
When I played with the fishing rod my mom wanted to play too and she got the shark on her second try no joke xD
Felix Does Stuff
Felix Does Stuff - Year ago
First speedrunning Mario 64
Then speedrunning Super mario Oddysey

Now speedrunning.... CARDBOARD
annie higashikata
annie higashikata - Year ago
Yay, more Nintendo Labo! I watched this while playing Fire Emblem Birthright, I reset my file for fun! ❤ It was you who inspired me to buy Fire Emblem Warriors, and the season pass too! Keep it up! :)
RJ - Year ago
luigi's mansion 3?! google says it might be on the switch.
Pizza Dino
Pizza Dino - Year ago
Your Videos are great keep it up!👍
morten steen
morten steen - Year ago
remember to trash the sound piece.
AbdallahSmash026 - Year ago
So true. Pro tip right there! 🤣
Eric Peterson
Eric Peterson - Year ago
Another great video Abdallah. If you have not seen it yet,check out the UPS ad for the Toy-Con-tainer. It’s really quite clever. I am surprised Nintendo has not thought of it yet.
HazelWolf - Year ago
I'm most excited to watch and learn as the video goes on,the process,and how you can make many creations with simply a piece of cardboard and of course the Nintendo Switch and software!!
ErinKelly 18
ErinKelly 18 - Year ago
Really cool video!. Question how do you make the video up to 4X faster and with the RC car? Just wondering.
Saba 1234
Saba 1234 - Year ago
I did't look there
Saba 1234
Saba 1234 - Year ago
thanks your awesome
Wayman cool
Wayman cool - Year ago
cool video
kiraaa uwu
kiraaa uwu - Year ago
I finished making all the variety kit toy con today, don’t plan on getting the robot kit (unless I somehow win the giveaway ^-^)
Saba 1234
Saba 1234 - Year ago
hay Abdullah when you buy the kit do you have to download the game from e shop or dose it come with the kit
AbdallahSmash026 - Year ago
It comes with the game. Watch the beginning of my build video and see. 👍
JustRandom Productions
29th comment
emily - Year ago
notification squad and great vids
recorder-ometer - Year ago
you got a new sub! lovin the labo videos :D
Omeiza Abdul
Omeiza Abdul - 3 months ago
Send me the materials please
AbdallahSmash026 - Year ago
Philip Cheung
Philip Cheung - Year ago
That fishing rod looks so awesome, you could catch a shiny Magikarp with it!
TheThunderGuardian - Year ago
You can even go as far as to catch Kyogre with it
Brian Regencia
Brian Regencia - Year ago
Your videos are awesome, Abdallah! This is why I had to sub to your channel and like your videos!
kool_john 10
kool_john 10 - Year ago
btw I love your videos keep it up 👍😆
Omeiza Abdul
Omeiza Abdul - 3 months ago
kool_john 10
kool_john 10 - Year ago
I wish I could build with you but I don't have Nintendo labo 😭
ShootPlayz - Year ago
kool_john 10 Stop crying. you are acting like your 5.
Star_Pichu - Year ago
I might buy labo soon it seems fun
G1yph Lé King
G1yph Lé King - Year ago
Woah that’s fassssst
Pig MC
Pig MC - Year ago
100th view! wooohoo
Daniel Kalinsky
Daniel Kalinsky - Year ago
Great video abdallah love them all keep it up dude i drooped a like and I hope you had a good weekend
AbdallahSmash026 - Year ago
You too!
Bonneter & Penguin Red Stinger
Abdallah's new creation.Nice job AbdallahSmash.
Joshua Woods
Joshua Woods - Year ago
Emberru - Year ago
Z - Year ago
You make gr8 videos. Keep it up man!
Emberru - Year ago
I mea 1st
tBm - Year ago
Jimjim Bergsten
Jimjim Bergsten - Year ago
Fishy fishy bloob bloob
Emberru - Year ago
Garrett Barton
Garrett Barton - Year ago
john knee
john knee - Year ago
first comment
Bryan Jimenez Ness Main
Zazipou Z who me
Zazipou ZTM
Zazipou ZTM - Year ago
No one cares that you got first either.
Bryan Jimenez Ness Main
Garrett Barton I was first
Bryan Jimenez Ness Main
I was first
john knee
john knee - Year ago
+Garrett Barton plus WHO FU**ING CARES
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