Strange Video Games I Played as a Kid

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Michael The cat
Michael The cat - Hour ago
Who here recommendations
Lucas Wilson
Lucas Wilson - Hour ago
Kim Jongwoo
Kim Jongwoo - 3 hours ago
I can't wait for this generation of kids to grow up and make videos about how Minecraft and fortnite played
KeithlozanoYT - 4 hours ago
Ah and this is just a Bazooka
Kedai Oma
Kedai Oma - 6 hours ago
Is that a jojo refrence
Saul Orlando
Saul Orlando - 8 hours ago
Game boy?
More like
Coll Coll ROCKS Official
Coll Coll ROCKS Official - 9 hours ago
Would you only have to go under the lamp during night?
adolfo vega
adolfo vega - 10 hours ago
Maybe the game boy color has better controls
Me A dogoo
Me A dogoo - 10 hours ago
Juan Baez
Juan Baez - 10 hours ago
Let me in right now I am one of the Powerpuff girl I can leave it be in your house that burned it
Day R
Day R - 11 hours ago
I'm probably younger than Jaiden yet I played the old fashioned Gameboy original, get with the times Jaiden, we all played pokemon yellow like as if we were born 10 years earlier
Memes make me UWU
Memes make me UWU - 12 hours ago
I was a moth
Pre-Packaged _
Pre-Packaged _ - 12 hours ago
Memes make me UWU
Memes make me UWU - 12 hours ago
Liam Sull
Liam Sull - 12 hours ago
kate woodbury
kate woodbury - 13 hours ago
hmm have you ever heard of jellyjess? they're another youtuber and they're literally the same person as jaden,,, like,,,, they have a bird, they wear all purple and it's kinda sketchy not gonna lie
Ken Pyette
Ken Pyette - 13 hours ago
Anyone else think the thing on that looks like BMO from adventure time?

Just me?

Oh.... Ok..
Shaggy Rodgers
Shaggy Rodgers - 14 hours ago
Jaiden the kid you shot down in the spongebob game is underwater
JQN d-_-b
JQN d-_-b - 16 hours ago
I just watched a Russian version of this vid
Um_Otario_Qualquer - 17 hours ago
''Esses jogos me deram um aneurisma nostalgico''
R3SPAWN - 18 hours ago
Bubbles more like buffles
Alew Nicks
Alew Nicks - 18 hours ago
Alright who gave the nerd a gun
Nerd: - puts up gun to her face-
Her: let's go uh go to sponge bob now
Evil robot: - shoots big bullets -
Valentin Lopez
Valentin Lopez - 18 hours ago
I was born in the early 2000s but lived as a 90s kid I had Nintendo 64 and a gameboy color
CreenelMC - 19 hours ago
Curse word on screen
It’s Evie
It’s Evie - 20 hours ago
Jaiden talking about spongebob 2: 15 feet in the air
Me: but it’s spongebob it’s in water!!
Faze Plays
Faze Plays - 21 hour ago
Is that a game boy advance sp I have one
Edit if you need a better spongebob play it on the game cube
Anthony Selvaggi
Anthony Selvaggi - 21 hour ago
This game can die in a hole
Been there done that
Rex Avery
Rex Avery - 21 hour ago
Ya jaiden
Brandon Elijah Hill
Brandon Elijah Hill - 22 hours ago
1:01 whoop ass owo (Btw I used to have a Spongebob Plug-n'-Play game as a kid called Bikini Bottom 500)
Epic_ Kid
Epic_ Kid - 23 hours ago
I just realized,the spongebob hair is your hair🤣
Nicholas Gregoire
Nicholas Gregoire - 23 hours ago
When I had a DS Library of approximately 50% Movie Licensed Tie In Games That Were Mostly Not Good that included like EVERY animated film movie tie in from 2009 (I'm sure) which included Disney's A Christmas Carol (I'm as surprised as u are tbh) and like every Pixar movie between 2008-11 and Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs made by Ubisoft of all companies.
Captain Seel
Captain Seel - 23 hours ago
KateandFate Kakashka
KateandFate Kakashka - 23 hours ago
I hear ari at the end XD
Kenyon Rutledge
Kenyon Rutledge - Day ago
Michele Kushyk
Michele Kushyk - Day ago
Play are you smarter than Patrick game!;)
Rexory AJ
Rexory AJ - Day ago
90's kids
and I'm 2010's
Steve Harvey Shrek
Steve Harvey Shrek - Day ago
Her spongebob animation was pretty good
R O S E E L L E - Day ago
Actually my name is Teresa UwUs
Filmsparks - Day ago
Battle for bikini bottom is a better console game
Taylor Sochocki
Taylor Sochocki - Day ago
Jaiden played the skateboard game the exact same way I played burnout.
Nana_ Potato
Nana_ Potato - Day ago
Her: I liked this part
me: *Ad pops out*

Also me:Ohh so she liked that part.
Dbz Fan
Dbz Fan - Day ago
I had the spider man and rocket power spongebob plug and play when I was 4 I’m 11 now
Radialz Gaming
Radialz Gaming - Day ago
Name : Game Boy
Me. : Gay Boi
Aiden-Roblox - Day ago
game boi game gurl
Liv_ Sammy
Liv_ Sammy - Day ago
It was boring!!!!!!’
Liv_ Sammy
Liv_ Sammy - Day ago
Did you know that my parents made that game sponge bod game?I got to play the game first to see if it was good... ya, I chills not finish the game but my parents did make LOTS of more game it was fun
Zoe Ath
Zoe Ath - Day ago
Who's him?
Elite mystery Jake
Elite mystery Jake - Day ago
In the pokemon game part : you restarted and you haven’t done SHI- plays music
Brandy Reynolds
Brandy Reynolds - Day ago
You inspire me so much.
Jay Udell
Jay Udell - Day ago
Jaden: this game is bullcrap
Best thing I’ve heard all day
Nate Borrowman
Nate Borrowman - Day ago
There making a remake for the spungebob battle for bikini bottom one
Jobins John Cheria
Jobins John Cheria - 2 days ago
What a lucky girl with parents willing to buy any game.
uwu - 2 days ago
Battle for Bikini Bottom is my entire childhood. But not the Gameboy one,it looks like shit
Blonde Loser
Blonde Loser - 2 days ago
Battle for bikini bottom is awesome but also horrible at the same time XD
The remake is gonna be good tho
*realized you meant the gameboy game*
Oh. I’ve never played that one lol
Invader_Zimako /daughter-of -invader-zim
8:29 4:36
Rip random fish boi and sponge J
corauma nasku
corauma nasku - 2 days ago
I had that's so ravan 2 on the gba it sucked
///GachaChloe\\\ UwU
///GachaChloe\\\ UwU - 2 days ago
Instead of saying wierd game lane why not wierda-game lane
PhantomSFM - 2 days ago
The NEW game boy, game BOIIIIIIIIII
RGB [Official]
RGB [Official] - 2 days ago
Jaiden should be an SpongeBob artist
Pratishtha Upadhyay
Pratishtha Upadhyay - 2 days ago
I love Ari, and also I love green cheeks and ur YouTube videos
DePurple_Pancake - 2 days ago
Hol up, did you play Zelda as a kid?
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