Thomas Rhett - Die A Happy Man

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m - Day ago
this song is so beautiful
Syed Munna
Syed Munna - Day ago
shes his real wife
atul true blue
atul true blue - 2 days ago
Still listening in november 2019
Heather Wright
Heather Wright - 4 days ago
Die a happy man
Addie Grace
Addie Grace - 4 days ago
Future Wedding Song........Kinda Late...But Thomas Rhetts Still Vibin..

I Love You TR !!!!
Julia Easterling
Julia Easterling - 4 days ago
Love Thomas Rett He so great hoep that I will get to meet him someday I his biggest fan
Ari - 5 days ago
I literally went searching "song name of a male artist love song on a beach with a girl" in the web for an hour.
And i'm grateful i got this song playing again.
Garrett New
Garrett New - 7 days ago
Love to close my eyes and sing this so peaceful ❤️
new found life
new found life - 7 days ago
u know what tom u and kane brown need to go make a band together that sucks azz
Cody Hanning
Cody Hanning - 7 days ago
Gemma this ain't hard
Your mom Likes me
Your mom Likes me - 7 days ago
300 likes and I'll sing this song to my girlfriend at our Assembly next week 😊😬🙈
Slime By phoebe
Slime By phoebe - 8 days ago
Who’s here before 201 million (I don’t need likes u can just comment)
Raider BEN
Raider BEN - 8 days ago
Dance and sing this song to to your beautiful wives!! Watch the look in her eyes and REACTION!!! WINTER 2019!!!
Kurtis Louscher
Kurtis Louscher - 9 days ago
My wife and I danced to this song as our first dance as a married couple. Everytime I hear this song it takes me right back seeing her glowing face and not thinking about anything other then her.
Callum Hanlon
Callum Hanlon - 9 days ago
Song about not needing material things while on an exotic island on an expensive fishing boat
Jay J
Jay J - 12 days ago
The love of my life and I have been threw hell in the past weeks,from losing our life savings in the fires in California.
But at the end of the day as long as we have each other, her love makes me the richest man in the world.
Grace im sure you will never see this post but I want the world to know I love you so much and I don't care about anything else but walking hand in hand with you for the rest of my life.
Princess im so excited to grow old with you and cherish every moment i have on earth with you
Jay J
Jay J - Day ago
Thank you bro
Tylek Entertainment!
Tylek Entertainment! - 10 days ago
God will replace what you have lost have faith my dear friend...
Jordan Masse PROJECT
Jordan Masse PROJECT - 12 days ago
Shes gone left me. 2 years later still im still singing this song what a joke
liz Starnes
liz Starnes - 13 days ago
This song was played at my cousin funnarul
Love Grows
Love Grows - 13 days ago
I'm 19 just met the girl of my dreams!! Been listening to a lot of this working saving up to buy a Toyota truck and hopefully gonna take her out so pray for me!! 😁
imnickdevine - 2 days ago
Wish u the best dude!!!!!
Jonathan Ramplin
Jonathan Ramplin - 14 days ago
Josh Mcdougall
Josh Mcdougall - 15 days ago
Im sitting here listing to it just to cheer up
Andrea Cadena
Andrea Cadena - 15 days ago
i will play this at my wedding
Kimbo Bing
Kimbo Bing - 15 days ago
Cool song
Adam King
Adam King - 16 days ago
This isn't even a country song stop acting like it is.
Erica Altabano
Erica Altabano - 16 days ago
Cara Partridge
Cara Partridge - 17 days ago
Angelina Lavere
Angelina Lavere - 18 days ago
Aww so cute I wish I could find that kindoof love
Boston Boston
Boston Boston - 19 days ago
Men only feel this way in the beginning and then it all goes down the tubes.
Boston Boston
Boston Boston - 15 days ago
@Uhh Huh thanks!
Uhh Huh
Uhh Huh - 17 days ago
😅😅 I apologize on behalf of all men
F.B.I - 19 days ago
Hey Brianna Lewis
Jeff Norman
Jeff Norman - 19 days ago
Let;s just Rewind Music to 40 yrs ago and start over...cuz even though I have this Cranked up on my Stereo I Still can't feel it, and I Love All kinds of music! SIGHHHHH Go Habs Go!
Orangely ASMR
Orangely ASMR - 19 days ago
This is good to listen to while joyriding. :)
Cartel King
Cartel King - 20 days ago
are the sonic commercial guys gay?
Rhonda Boncutter
Rhonda Boncutter - 20 days ago
Thomas Rhett has come so far! Love him! Beautiful song!
Lisa Christina
Lisa Christina - 25 days ago
This video reminds me that true love exists. 💚😎
sell my house fast
sell my house fast - 26 days ago
classic feel good country
Kyle Boise
Kyle Boise - 26 days ago
Look at her! No shit you could die a happy man.
Exploring With Lagz
Exploring With Lagz - 26 days ago
He looks like Logan (Wolverine)
Isaac Benson
Isaac Benson - 27 days ago
I will never forget when we walked under the Kauai stars. Baby I love you and will always your truly undoubtedly the one and only
Rob Arbuckle
Rob Arbuckle - 28 days ago
As Long as I Have My Wife & Daughter. I'm The Happiest Man on Earth. I Love U Liz & Sarah Daddy Loves U Princess 👨‍👩‍👧
brae_24_den - 28 days ago
yo honestly how does thomas or whoever does this videos find girls with such beautiful eyes also in marry me
Armando Sanchez
Armando Sanchez - 28 days ago
Skylor Greene
Skylor Greene - 28 days ago
Who is here in 2019 or 2020
MobileGamingGod - 27 days ago
Im here in 2069
Lee Moika
Lee Moika - 28 days ago
Sounds pretty much like "Thinking out loud" by Ed s
Rhonda Boncutter
Rhonda Boncutter - Month ago
Thomas Rhett has come a long way since I first heard this song! I love it, still!
John Gorup
John Gorup - Month ago
A great song.... Wish I had that.. I did ... And lost her... To someone else...... My loss
Calli B.
Calli B. - Month ago
Alcohol is a drug like if u agree
Coldcuts - Month ago
Imagine disliking
Selena Productions
Selena Productions - Month ago
I sung this to my girlfriend in 8th grade for my solo in choir. We are still together and Im planning to propose to her at graduation at the end of this school year.
Riley B
Riley B - Month ago
I put a thumbs up on ALL the thomas rhett dong i love this song
Zeke and Ella
Zeke and Ella - Month ago
This song songs alot like thinking out loud but contry
Gaming of Zach
Gaming of Zach - Month ago
This song reminds me of this girl her name was Lauryn it was love at first sight we met on a game called fortnite we fell in love we started talking night and day but then a couple weeks ago she decided to commit suicide and I had very strong feelings for her i loved her with all my heart she commit suicide because her dad was abusive he hit his wife and Lauryns sister in front of her later she was sent to foster care and her moms dumb friend called and her aunt took care of her the aunt always tried to one up her mom one time she had a chance to go visit her dad she said yes they met at a parking lot for only 10 minutes she said it was the best 10 minutes of my life she was always happy and playful why do the good ones die young r.i.p Lauryn my little angel that’s watching over me😭😭🙏🏻🙏🏻 I will never die a happy man after this tragic moment
Jalen Rose
Jalen Rose - Month ago
The ranch when colt got sucker punch in the eye.
Patricians Pattenaude
Patricians Pattenaude - Month ago
I love u and yo music
AirWalker Sr.
AirWalker Sr. - Month ago
So Peaceful, Love it!
Stacey Sanders
Stacey Sanders - Month ago
I love the way my man sing's this to me
Paul Felix
Paul Felix - Month ago
Think about my baby’s mother every time I listen to this song . Wish I never messed up our relationship
Heather Pratt
Heather Pratt - Month ago
Man 2 women
Heather Pratt
Heather Pratt - Month ago
Women 3 men
Robin Callahan
Robin Callahan - Month ago
I would die a happy women with my husband
Anthony Iawbor
Anthony Iawbor - Month ago
I will die a happy man listening to this song
Moba GG
Moba GG - Month ago
best song evr
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