Trying Different Face Masks - Part 2 w/ iJustine!

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Rosanna Pansino
Rosanna Pansino - 4 months ago
I hope you enjoy today's video! Would you try any of these face masks? 😂❤️
Lifehas Caitlin
Lifehas Caitlin - 6 days ago
Rosanna Pansino yes I would
DOUNUT GAMING YT - 13 days ago
@Dunia Lopez that's kinda weird? • [ •
Dunia Lopez
Dunia Lopez - 13 days ago
Ro ro ro ur boat Gently Down Justiiiiine Marley Marley Marley Marley U guys are a great team!
Ocy And Meggy
Ocy And Meggy - 14 days ago
Judith A. That’s so cool😎 nice
Kelsey Nguyen
Kelsey Nguyen - Day ago
The last one you didnt put enough of the product. It should be like jelly
Leen AlShaikha
Leen AlShaikha - Day ago
The last one kinda reminds me of when you came to nailed it (btw nailed it is a Netflix show that ro was a guest judge in)
rebecca xx
rebecca xx - 2 days ago
im wearing one sheet mask right now, and i had 2 masks before AND I LOVE IT
NiClaTs Vlogs
NiClaTs Vlogs - 2 days ago
That face at 11:11😂😂😂
Leen Khaled
Leen Khaled - 4 days ago
3:21 Justine said"I don’t look any different "
Leen Khaled
Leen Khaled - 4 days ago
Tasfia Hossain
Tasfia Hossain - 6 days ago
I don’t think any mask will make you beautiful become your already super beautiful 🙂
Chloe Sylvester
Chloe Sylvester - 6 days ago
Its how rosanna looks like a chipmunk dat cracks me up😂😂😂
Isabella Dougall
Isabella Dougall - 9 days ago
Do more face mask
Isabella Dougall
Isabella Dougall - 9 days ago
K8 was here
K8 was here - 11 days ago
My face mask: SeLf HeAtInG
Seriously I’m trying to distract myself rn like it is not the best feeling
Sonia Pumma
Sonia Pumma - 11 days ago
I love you 😘
Tyrex And Fozzy
Tyrex And Fozzy - 12 days ago
7:05 Justine - I'm same woman!!
-Nåłi Gåchå-
-Nåłi Gåchå- - 12 days ago
i love and laugh during all of Ro's and Justine's collabs, they need to collab even more...
Zin Zin Zinnia!
Zin Zin Zinnia! - 13 days ago
omg I loved this so much please do one more
rainbow lover
rainbow lover - 13 days ago
Ro: I’m gonna be a whole new woman
* takes off masks *
Justine: I’m same woman!
Ro: I’m reallyyyyyy shiny 😬
I laughed so hard 😂😂
Maria Elena Lopez
Maria Elena Lopez - 14 days ago
your videos are so good!
Erica Robertson
Erica Robertson - 14 days ago
Anyone else hear her say amnimal! Check at 3:10
Marina Sazonov
Marina Sazonov - 14 days ago
ro you look like a panda in a good way
Marcelle And Michelle
Marcelle And Michelle - 15 days ago
Part 3 pls
Amelia Stewart
Amelia Stewart - 15 days ago
Does anybody realize when they put on the rubber mask, ro said “Ucalyptus”, instead of “Eucalyptus” 😛
Sohail Chaudhary
Sohail Chaudhary - 15 days ago
So cool
Fwog The fwog
Fwog The fwog - 16 days ago
Omg ro always says aminal! It’s so funny 😂
tcharli taylor
tcharli taylor - 16 days ago
ur only supposed to do one facemask a week
Leah !!!
Leah !!! - 17 days ago
You're being sarcastic and it was funny.
Estefany Batz
Estefany Batz - 17 days ago
I think it's a bubble mask
Erica Villalpando
Erica Villalpando - 17 days ago
Rosana please do a Video using only spa products
Lacey Phillips
Lacey Phillips - 17 days ago
" I have no clue who would have made these but they have a big head" I had the same question in my head lol that part was hilarious
dina - 17 days ago
You guys put the first face mask the wrong side up 😂
Charity Martin
Charity Martin - 18 days ago
I love you💙 ... hope you like this message 😭
Stephanie Gochoel
Stephanie Gochoel - 18 days ago
Ro:im a chipmunk
Justine:do you want a nut
Holly Edmunds
Holly Edmunds - 18 days ago
Rosan should keep her hair up sometimes it’s beautiful
Llamax Panda
Llamax Panda - 18 days ago
6:21 my favorite part
baiq nayara
baiq nayara - 18 days ago
I heard Ro said aminal
Serena Reis
Serena Reis - 19 days ago
Lol at 1:38
Ro: here you be the volcano
Justine: okay! (does that mean I get to explode on people?)
Janawolf - 19 days ago
Love you and ijustines collabs 🤗
Ellie Cuartas
Ellie Cuartas - 19 days ago
Love your hair
Sierra Grace
Sierra Grace - 20 days ago
Ro is so cute with her foam mask on ☺️
Faria Mahzabeen
Faria Mahzabeen - 20 days ago
3:20 Me after trying on just some lotion
Lori Saghdejian
Lori Saghdejian - 20 days ago
but what is the point for the foaming sheet mask
Amirah Butt
Amirah Butt - 21 day ago
Elise Cham
Elise Cham - 21 day ago
I heard that the foam from the face mask is actually the dirty things from ur face. So if u have a lot of foam, ur face is not that clean. L O V E Y O U ❤️🌊🌍☀️
Hermione Grainger
Hermione Grainger - 21 day ago
I love you guys
Ren Andrade
Ren Andrade - 22 days ago
Hi ro
Payton Lee
Payton Lee - 22 days ago
I love when ro said amnimal
Xx Nicki Minaj Fan xX
Xx Nicki Minaj Fan xX - 22 days ago
3:15 that look of disappointment 😂😂
Unknown Human
Unknown Human - 22 days ago
Who has a dirty mind 4:48-4:58 lol help me
Chetna Vohra
Chetna Vohra - 23 days ago
ro's laugh thou!!!! love it
julia vo
julia vo - 23 days ago
Content: Fire 🔥
Skin: Refreshed
Delivery: DiGiorno(it not delivery.... It's DiGiOrNo)
Hotel: Trivago
2019 back to school??
Parul Bhargava
Parul Bhargava - 23 days ago
Yeah but it's too painful for me
Hiddethju Wierda
Hiddethju Wierda - 24 days ago
No hate love you ro but dit you hear how she says aminal😊😝🤣❤😍☺
DestinyismePERIOD - 24 days ago
10:57 awwww that face she made was so cuteee
Vikki dale
Vikki dale - 25 days ago
I have your cook book I love you
Gracie Mayfield
Gracie Mayfield - 25 days ago
U looked like squidward in the rubber face mask
Kelsey E.
Kelsey E. - 25 days ago
oml 10:07 how nice lol "you do"
Unicorn lover Always
Unicorn lover Always - 26 days ago
Roses are red🌹
Apples are to 🍎
I got my first like👍🏻
Why is it blue💎
Taya and Fun
Taya and Fun - 26 days ago
Leslee Villavicencio
Leslee Villavicencio - 26 days ago
Gacha Riley
Gacha Riley - 27 days ago
Aminal chickmunk and skrl
Sophie Joyce
Sophie Joyce - 27 days ago
I feel like a little furry aminal I really do : thats what ro says these days
Aidan Vu
Aidan Vu - 27 days ago
I love it how they’re both in escape the night lmao
Aidan Vu
Aidan Vu - 27 days ago
Check it out in joey’s channel! Rosanna season 3 Justine season 1
Apy Pagadala
Apy Pagadala - 27 days ago
Imagine you are on the street and you see ro and Justine with the rubber face mask would you recognize them????
Nico DehKawaii
Nico DehKawaii - 28 days ago
Omg the music at 1:09 sounds like music from your music video!
Erin Comstock
Erin Comstock - 28 days ago
Wait a second hmmmm wasn’t Justine buried alive in escape the night how is she still alive
Amy Shamburger
Amy Shamburger - 29 days ago
Ro said amnimal
Justine Otto
Justine Otto - 29 days ago
My name is Justine
Sophia Kern
Sophia Kern - 29 days ago
Ro looked like a panda
Esha Patel
Esha Patel - 29 days ago
I love you because of your humor
Lloyd Tazan
Lloyd Tazan - Month ago
Ro's face is so funny
Alicia Robinson
Alicia Robinson - Month ago
Jaelyn Quaregna
Jaelyn Quaregna - Month ago
When Ro put her hair in a messy bun she kinda looked like Her sister Mo
W Ratna
W Ratna - Month ago
Ro: I feel like a aminal 😂😂😂!!! I think she meant 2 say animal.
Callie Martin
Callie Martin - Month ago
The Rosanna way to say things :
Animal- Ammimal
This- dis
Squirrel- sqworl
Eucalyptus- Oocalyptus
Woman- wooman
The Justine way to say things:
Animal- Animal
Squirrel- squirrel
Eucalyptus- Eucalyptus
Woman- woman
Callie Martin
Callie Martin - 12 days ago
Nico DehKawaii LOOK, I put that there because I do that too , you can’t assume that I’m a hater, I have watched Ro, since her Halloween videos, SO BACK OFF ASSUMER
Nico DehKawaii
Nico DehKawaii - 17 days ago
Callie Martin basically you just making fun of Ro back of hater
George Miller
George Miller - Month ago
You should 3-d your own face masks
TheScarletArrow - Month ago
"You're glowing!"
"YOU'RE glowing!"
"You're all breathtaking!" 😉
2 Girls & a Camera
2 Girls & a Camera - Month ago
Who else is watching this with a face mask on
Laranya satpathy
Laranya satpathy - Month ago
Ro:I feel like a furry aminal
Zoey Christensen
Zoey Christensen - Month ago
Both of there faces are glowing and clear
Lily Pavia
Lily Pavia - Month ago
“this looks beyond terrifying” “AAAAAAHHHH”
Maryam Danish
Maryam Danish - Month ago
Did anyone hear RO say animal instead of animal
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