$0.50 Dumpling Vs. $29 Dumplings • Taiwan

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Ylam Nguyen
Ylam Nguyen - 6 hours ago
Xiao long Bao is like russian pelmeni
Danny S
Danny S - 7 hours ago
Is Adam mute?
FeliciusDog - 14 hours ago
whenever I see Inga in the episodes I'm smiling. Is this love?
CocoLoops - 17 hours ago
I have to try Xiao Long Bao in my country!
aewtx - 19 hours ago
I KNEW they were going to go to Din Tai Fung. But you know there's one in Arcadia? Y'all could've just had it there.
General Dogsbody
General Dogsbody - 19 hours ago
Eats high standard delicious rare international cuisine
Steven & Andrew: we gon compare it to a bland over marketed American product😂
Dearth of Doohickey’s
I have an instant crush on that last waitress.
Officialbabyray - Day ago
Wtf is that gay ass “blues clues “ advertisement.
yu shuang
yu shuang - Day ago
Dintaifung for LIFEEEE
Fu JunYa
Fu JunYa - Day ago
It's been very long since I've been to Taiwan but the his video reminds me of when I was last in Taiwan!!!at Taipei
Enchanfinty - Day ago
am i the only one who watches Worth It for seeing Adam's reactions? LOL
Isaac Lo
Isaac Lo - Day ago
So glad they came to Taiwan, happy to see this as a Taiwanese person I've been waiting for this video for so long!
Superngaming 201
Superngaming 201 - 2 days ago
D-aniel M-ace
D-aniel M-ace - 2 days ago
People actually eat Century Eggs for the taste???? I thought the only people getting those were James Corden and iDubbbz
Yousuf Khan
Yousuf Khan - 2 days ago
Y'all need to come to Pakistan
Matthew Collins
Matthew Collins - 2 days ago
13:20 an Asian with a southern accent 💀 why is that a whole wife 😂
Capggrey - 2 days ago
really beautiful chinese waiter. what a great voice as well.
Angra Pan
Angra Pan - 2 days ago
i need that QQness to soften my relationship.
Соня Ковалёва
so funny to watch "HOW DO YOU PUT LIQUID IN IT" when u live in Russia and I mean every dumpling is a dumpling with broth inside and that's the point of them....
Vivian Shih
Vivian Shih - 2 days ago
you can get the dumplings and Soy milk at the first location at any Chinese grocery store in California lol. Just made some 2 days ago actually.
clones - 2 days ago
Steven looks like a BTS member
YuRong Ho
YuRong Ho - 2 days ago
Pork bun
Tiffany Chen
Tiffany Chen - 3 days ago
*who here is taiwanese?* 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️
Faze RuesKroos
Faze RuesKroos - 3 days ago
How comes he is the most Asian looking person there yet the absolute least Asian person there 😂
Victoria Tacia
Victoria Tacia - 3 days ago
I shouldn’t be hungry, but now I am!
hu tian
hu tian - 4 days ago
Dude,there are not called dumplings p.s I’m from Taiwan......
yien otaku
yien otaku - 4 days ago
I need like at least 10 replays of Adam's "OH!" reaction to Ms Liu's Soy milk at 2:55 before I can move on HAHAHA
Catherine Reed
Catherine Reed - 4 days ago
I almost told my son to change our 5 year goal from visiting New Zealand to visiting Taiwan. However, I'm sure NZ has just as many amazing foods that I haven't yet tried. I haven't seen you make a video there, either, but maybe you have?
Jason Huang
Jason Huang - 4 days ago
sorry, as soon as you guys have Inga in the video, she's taking all the attention~ xD
Khaleed Shaidi
Khaleed Shaidi - 4 days ago
14:24 Steven handle it like a Boss 🤣🔥🔥🔥
Phanh phanh
Phanh phanh - 4 days ago
idk why but i like hearing steve speaking chinese so badddddđ
Priscilla C
Priscilla C - 4 days ago
Lmao it's not like they can blatantly trash din tai fungs reputation as they're such a well known chain.
ndyx - 5 days ago
ok but the fact that they’re always open to new cultures,, literally my friend called me weird because i could eat century eggs 🤡
-Demondevil GT-
-Demondevil GT- - 5 days ago
I have the chinese of a 3-year-old
Antonis Tsikelas
Antonis Tsikelas - 5 days ago
Whenever Adam tries something he just smiles or laughs
I'm deadpool
I'm deadpool - 5 days ago
Why did the waitress have an Aussie-ish accent wtf—
•ᄉ• - 3 days ago
bro whys that weird to u
Amanda O'Rourke
Amanda O'Rourke - 5 days ago
I love eating at Din Tai Fung. The food is so good. I went there for my birthday this year.
kj trn
kj trn - 5 days ago
Who knows what Snowy Village is??
Max Hopkins
Max Hopkins - 5 days ago
That waitress has a voice of an angel
X.Y. Lin
X.Y. Lin - 5 days ago
Yay y'all finally know what proper soy milk is like
Momori ii
Momori ii - 5 days ago
should've brought tzuyu as a guest
outBound inBound
outBound inBound - 5 days ago
waitress' voice is like chocolate for my ears
outBound inBound
outBound inBound - 5 days ago
waitress' voice is like chocolate for my ears
Deetya Satyal
Deetya Satyal - 5 days ago
Dream job😍
DongJun Yoon
DongJun Yoon - 5 days ago
I just had dinner at Din tai Pung, South Korea. Greetings!
: ]
: ] - 3 days ago
@DongJun Yoon Yum!
Its Nyro
Its Nyro - 5 days ago
10:59 had me laughing so hard
ionWalrus - 5 days ago
The 2.5k dislikes is from Chinese people.
: ]
: ] - 3 days ago
@ionWalrus LOL so true
WhiteTowerFam Torreblanca
Liquid Portal
Liquid Portal - 6 days ago
This is the only $$$ item on this show that I could buy lmao
Smasherp Gaming
Smasherp Gaming - 6 days ago
i love this show
Krista Welch
Krista Welch - 6 days ago
They lost me at century egg...
Jericho Pascual
Jericho Pascual - 6 days ago
ony KAP
ony KAP - 6 days ago
Desirae Vang
Desirae Vang - 7 days ago
I felt that “this is .50 cents I don’t even have to be hungry” 😂🤣
ACe Stha
ACe Stha - 7 days ago
come to nepal for better version of dumpling..they are called Mo :Mo
Aliciainwonderland96 - 7 days ago
I tried the din tai Fung place great place great service but the food didnt wow me I was expecting a punch of flavor but nah unimpressed but I’m glad I tried it. Also the dumplings were like not even hot they were like room temp I think they were scared we would burn ourselves but i was so prepared to try it that I had seen so many vids so I was prepared. overall I was disappointed it was all on me though nothing to do with din tai Fung.
adrianlindsaylohan - 4 days ago
Depends on which location you go to, the ones in Taipei are definitely best!
dark_socerer - 7 days ago
Why didnt they order the chocolate dumpling from dim tai fung
Plummet - 7 days ago
Omg annie smiled
TheDIYChicken - 7 days ago
Googling "Chive Buns" did not give the results I was expecting
Talia - 7 days ago
All I want are dumplings
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