House's Diagnoses For An Alien Abduction | House M.D.

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Zanodia - 17 hours ago
Is chimerism the final diagnoses? If it is, I actually got it right.
Eclipsol - 21 hour ago
Plan my funeral because i am NOT having a needle go through my eye
Olivia Edmundson
Olivia Edmundson - 22 hours ago
If you go into the mri or whatever that was headfirst then why do the images of your feet appear first someone help I’m so confused
Ayah Kline
Ayah Kline - 2 days ago
Ooooooof, the thumbnail tho....

It’s my worse nightmare
infinteuniverse - 2 days ago
So.. if you're sick don't go to this hospital. Chances of getting the 1 in a billion conditions are dime a dozen with House.
amhar FM
amhar FM - 2 days ago
Dwight schrute!
Aesthetic_Cat Anonymous
When Chase started his 'yo mama' joke i had to pause and sit here for a minute deciding whether to laugh or cringe
Edie Garrett
Edie Garrett - 3 days ago
Faith Zhao
Faith Zhao - 3 days ago
The mom is SUCH a Karen
Ella Lawson
Ella Lawson - 4 days ago
Omg Casey from Chicago fire
Ryan Gardiner
Ryan Gardiner - 4 days ago
Bastian Trauner
Bastian Trauner - 5 days ago
Great video!
Sophie Owen
Sophie Owen - 6 days ago
Chicago fire Checcckkk
The singer Vlogs
The singer Vlogs - 6 days ago
The Almighty Waist Line
"Weird things keep happening to me"
You'll get used to that, being laura palmer's offspring.
Escape Sen
Escape Sen - 7 days ago
Where's the rest of it?
TiHeich - 7 days ago
My Name Is My Name
My Name Is My Name - 7 days ago
When tv try and explain Aliens away to people who are gullible
smiley boy
smiley boy - 9 days ago
its eric from santa clarita diet
DJdevil319 - 9 days ago
That kid is brave af
I needle going in my eye
smurfyday - 10 days ago
This video gives me the creeps.
ბექა მჭედლიძე
What da faq is Area 51?
Orlando Rodríguez
Orlando Rodríguez - 16 days ago
0:59 wait !, Thats Laura Palmer :v
James Field
James Field - 19 days ago
Area 51 where the aliens invented LUPUS XD
TheArchetypes - 19 days ago
The mom looks eerily similar to Laura Palmer
Henrik - 22 days ago
Why did this show end? I miss this show so much :/
Ira Williams
Ira Williams - 25 days ago
7:08 - 7:09 reminds me why Chase took over House's position after he "died".
FuranDuron - 26 days ago
Bring house back dammit
Al - 27 days ago
When you were able to correctly diagnose the kid before House and the only medical information you have is from the internet and 7th and 8th grade health class
Nataša Lukić
Nataša Lukić - 27 days ago
*sees thumbnail* I can handle guts getting pulled out and all, but a needle in the eye. NOPE
Nat Pineapple
Nat Pineapple - 27 days ago
Something something area 51 something now i get a shit ton of like. Is that how it works ?
Gabriella Cobb
Gabriella Cobb - 27 days ago
Am I the only one who notices how caring chase is?
Wobby 1
Wobby 1 - 12 days ago
Chase was always great with kids.
Ryan J.
Ryan J. - 27 days ago
Is it just me or does the kid look exactly like Skyler Gisondo?
Doctorwe Official
Doctorwe Official - 28 days ago
NationalVideoWatcher - 28 days ago
So what is that metal stuff then?
NationalVideoWatcher - 25 days ago
@Hi i'm Euro? Much obliged!
Hi i'm Euro?
Hi i'm Euro? - 25 days ago
Some thing from an arm implant which never got removed apparently.
zwariowany lodzik
zwariowany lodzik - 28 days ago
Area 51 special edition
krix pop
krix pop - 28 days ago
just a break from Area 51:
Young woman: can I get pregnant while sitting on the toilet ?
House: Absolutely ! If between you and the toilet , is a man !
Shivam Kapoor
Shivam Kapoor - 29 days ago
i just discovered 'A bit of Fry and Laurie.' y'all gotta watch it! it's on Hulu and prime. Can't believe how talented these actors are.
Sami Aziz
Sami Aziz - Month ago
What was that metal chip that was in his neck?
Sami Aziz
Sami Aziz - 10 days ago
@Bilguun Nasanbat thank you. I was starting to think I need to watch the whole episode
Bilguun Nasanbat
Bilguun Nasanbat - 11 days ago
A broken peace of nail which was used to fixate his broken arm
Cilantro - Month ago
Haha and its monitized too lmao taking advantage of area 51 bs
Aditya Chatterjee
Aditya Chatterjee - Month ago
Rosetta Stoned
cenovio Pereira
cenovio Pereira - Month ago
Jus when i think im done with youtube videos i find another thing to binge on
XerxesGotAIDs - Month ago
Aria Yi
Aria Yi - Month ago
YOOOO. It's the boy from santa clarita diet. The fuccjjj Lol
Rowyn Olson
Rowyn Olson - Month ago
Can't stop us all.
Kittys cat
Kittys cat - Month ago
I dont remember this ep.
AlbertRutter - Month ago
Why are their voices so high
Ga55a 2003
Ga55a 2003 - Month ago
Is no one gonna talk about chase’s yo mama joke?
Valentino Popa
Valentino Popa - 28 days ago
Dude..50% of the comments is talking about yo mama joke
Jacob Tomlinson
Jacob Tomlinson - Month ago
Will Byers?
Christopher Marlowe
Christopher Marlowe - Month ago
Is that...Laura Palmer?
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha - Month ago
This kid should be our war chief during the Area 51 raid
Gavopian the great
Gavopian the great - Month ago
House: Chase you better come up with a witty rhetorical come back
Chase: Ni-
Paul Herrera
Paul Herrera - 22 days ago
Gariq Is Gaming
Gariq Is Gaming - Month ago
If house isn't on the battle field in that area 51 raid then I'm not going?
Shadow Flames
Shadow Flames - Month ago
I am a person who’s a chimerism
JACE1 - Month ago
yo mama
ta ta
ta ta - Month ago
İf you can solve this code you get nothing

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Luis Carlos Moyano Medina
We want House back! :D
Luis Carlos Moyano Medina
Also, like if you want House and the gang back on TV just like me!
eL Champorado
eL Champorado - Month ago
This show is horseshit! Doctors don't draw blood or do CT of their own! 😄
Emma - 28 days ago
@eL Champorado And I'm explaining why the doctors in this scene are doing things differently to an actual hospital. It isn't just the showrunners being uninformed, there's an in-universe reason for it.
eL Champorado
eL Champorado - 29 days ago
@Deaththecat8 I am talking about actual hospital setting.
Deaththecat8 - 29 days ago
House doesn't trust nurses or lab technicians so he requires his team to do all the tests themselves
Isabelle Gatenby
Isabelle Gatenby - Month ago
Why he sticking a wire in his eye
Play games
Play games - Month ago
House acts like a alien knows everything
janning schrotter
janning schrotter - Month ago
I found an alien tracking device in my butt one night shit... I got to stop hanging out with Mexicans.
Fiona Green
Fiona Green - Month ago
When the DNA results showed two different DNA sets I thought "Oh, he must be a chimera"
Where is my Medical Degree??
Soul Alpha
Soul Alpha - 3 hours ago
Everyone in this comment section gets a Medical Degree from the University of RUvideos, congratulations!
SardonicHarlequin - 2 days ago
Yep. Chimerism is waaaay more common nowadays, as in-vitro fertilization got popular. Sad cases includes that one woman which was a chimera on her ovaries and all her children were, actually notc"'hers" but her "sister's"
Eddie Valdi
Eddie Valdi - 26 days ago
Are DNA already contained elements that are out of this world
Fiona Green
Fiona Green - 27 days ago
@Fried Rice thanks ^^
Alexandra Pelaez
Alexandra Pelaez - 28 days ago
There is a lady that says she has this condition, see RUvideos
BigRatJoe - Month ago
Oh no he raided area 51 without us and now he's sick
Rainy Le
Rainy Le - Month ago
Why did that kid go to Area 51 without us????
Mr. Scoot Scooter
Mr. Scoot Scooter - Month ago
Three most talked about aliens?
Reptillian/lizard person
Tall white/pleiadian
Now whats that tv show "People of Earth" about again?
Volkier Neigh
Volkier Neigh - Month ago
1:50 So what the hell was that metal thing in the back of his neck?
Bilguun Nasanbat
Bilguun Nasanbat - 11 days ago
It was a broken peace of nail, which used to fixate his broken arm bone.
Brandon Veltri
Brandon Veltri - 28 days ago
Volkier Neigh I can't remember what device was in there, but I think they said near the end of the episode that it was titanium
Stormy Davis
Stormy Davis - Month ago
So Foreman used to be Taub, bitchy, whiny, self centered.....
Mike Hamson
Mike Hamson - Month ago
Give the taxpayers our look! If you nothing to hide?¡
Peachfuzz - Month ago
Johny40Se7en - Month ago
Is it just me or does Chase's voice go quite high pitched throughout this whole episode? =P
Edward Terry
Edward Terry - 25 days ago
It's the audio. It's slightly higher pitch than normal. Probably slightly sped up to avoid a copyright strike.
shogrran - Month ago
Foreman is a jackass. The lady is trying to do a proper MRI an he's just gossiping.
Fish buddy
Fish buddy - Month ago
Let's see them aliens.
ThaNightGamer #
ThaNightGamer # - Month ago
Area 51 aids
Debraj Rudra
Debraj Rudra - Month ago
Yo forman! Yo mama so fat, when her BP goes off, people think she is backing up!
relog - Month ago
Storm Area 51 anyone?
MarcusEvonblade !
MarcusEvonblade ! - Month ago
So what was the metal thing chase saw
Wobby 1
Wobby 1 - Month ago
A piece of a titanium pin they put in the kid's broken arm when he was younger.
Aki Greus
Aki Greus - Month ago
I wonder what medicines the shamans of the americas tried to give the first indians who claimed to see europeans.
jbot91 - Month ago
This reminds me of that area in the desert
hippy dude
hippy dude - 26 days ago
Oh, Florida?
Yaroslav L
Yaroslav L - Month ago
Tattoine in north Africa?
Jason Chen
Jason Chen - Month ago
Episode is cool and all but are they not gunna explain what Chase saw in the kids neck???
Michael Talley
Michael Talley - Month ago
And Clancy's mother is Laura Palmer, perfect!
Dania Bessila
Dania Bessila - Month ago
Can someone help me remember who this kid is , he looks like an actor in a movie or a series but i cant remember who exactly but am sure ive seen him
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