House's Diagnoses For An Alien Abduction | House M.D.

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Ryan Hunt
Ryan Hunt - 11 hours ago
"You're going home tomorrow"
*3 minutes left in the clip*
yeah, I think not
Mr. Gamer
Mr. Gamer - Day ago
You got the to mama joke from yo mama
AFriendlyBloke - 2 days ago
Not exactly the kind of joke that I expected from an Aussie..
AFriendlyBloke - 2 days ago
Que the Ancient Aliens meme.
J&A R - 3 days ago
What was that silver thing in his neck?
Yawzey - 3 days ago
Matt Cassey
Zerachiel van Mark
Zerachiel van Mark - 3 days ago
"Alien blood"
"listen here you clever little wanker..."
Randombloxplayz - 3 days ago
That thumbnail made me cringe
Barry Scott
Barry Scott - 4 days ago
‘My parents think I’m crazy’
*They’re not the only ones*
Invader Zim
Invader Zim - 3 days ago
*Ahaha, yup... the kid’s crazy.*
Mr. Pink Beard
Mr. Pink Beard - 4 days ago
Everyone be like area 51 but people ain’t complaining about chases totally amazing yo mama joke
Mark Christopher Doniza
Anybody notice when he just slapped the area where he takes his blood ive had blood labs you ain't supposed to slap it your supposed to basically just touch it and it feels different for some reason and thats where they take the blood
jahni lee
jahni lee - 5 days ago
Your being silly! Haha
jahni lee
jahni lee - 5 days ago
Maybe im missing somthing but... They never explained why he had that thing in his neck?........ Did they?
Graham Cracker 订阅
Graham Cracker 订阅 - 6 days ago
First the eye worms and now what..
Graham Cracker 订阅
Graham Cracker 订阅 - 6 days ago
Why did this show pop out of nowhere..
beyblader Alfred
beyblader Alfred - 7 days ago
What is 23x3
von erics
von erics - 10 days ago
0:36 Foreman & House's reactions to Chase's joke!! 🤣
Coffee Cat
Coffee Cat - 10 days ago
„Like 12 cells young“
That‘s a good comparison..
Deserve Not Desire
Deserve Not Desire - 11 days ago
I really appreciate the cringe in of Chase's Yo Mama joke, absolute awesome dude.
WalterLiddy - 11 days ago
Ah. Laura Palmer. Took me a while to place her.
Joshua Manriguez
Joshua Manriguez - 11 days ago
Chase: Sure yell at me. That'll fix your kid. I wonder if the actor playing Chase ad-libbed that line to sound a bit like Hugh Laurie as House.
Swrve™ - 11 days ago
Anyone else who’s a little Squamish (not a lot) but still watches these videos?
András Varga
András Varga - 12 days ago
But I forgot my pen. Shit my bed again. Typical...
Cassandra Belyeu
Cassandra Belyeu - 13 days ago
I don't think chimerism causes any issues, as long as you don't have an arm or leg sticking out in the wrong place.
Or two sexes.
Tawesome - 14 days ago
shubham modanwal
shubham modanwal - 17 days ago
any med school guy please explain..
Pøitre - 17 days ago
Poor Laura Palmer, she can't catch a break
avry 2
avry 2 - 18 days ago
These scare the shit out of me
Exotic Spudgun
Exotic Spudgun - 20 days ago
My question

Is it real?
Rob Nolan
Rob Nolan - 20 days ago
Is this an Halloween episode?
Aleena Asif
Aleena Asif - 21 day ago
So is kacey australian
Bella _Playz
Bella _Playz - 22 days ago
Oh wow he can fly
UmbreonMessiah - 22 days ago
It's funny. I knew about Chimerism before this...but looking back on it, I'm absolutely *stunned* that a bunch of highly trained doctors didn't immediately think Chimerism. Must have been that whole "writing for TV" thing.
Hypebeast cockroaches eating krabby Patty’s
My eyes hurting watching this video
NuncNuncNuncNunc - 23 days ago
...and House solves the question of brain vs mind
richard bearden
richard bearden - 23 days ago
There's nothing at area 51 except for.....
Unkown DOT
Unkown DOT - 24 days ago
Amnesia of aliens
EnderBorn - 24 days ago
house is one snappy fuckboy I LIKE IT
NightmareSoul0 1
NightmareSoul0 1 - 25 days ago
It’s not lupus
Bad Cattitude
Bad Cattitude - 25 days ago
I was abducted by illegal aliens and they probed me. But nobody believes me
Cole Booz
Cole Booz - 25 days ago
DooMFulleash91 - 25 days ago
0:39 Ok zoomer
Matteo Lugo
Matteo Lugo - 26 days ago
The kid from Santa Clarita Diet
Anthony pittman
Anthony pittman - 26 days ago
I am so sick that people question doctors as much as they do, like seriously! They went to MEDICAL SCHOOL u are some
Shumck parent/ normal person acting like they know MORE than the doctor.
The Ancient Lantern
The Ancient Lantern - 26 days ago
“We’re going to insert a needle through the pupi-“
EnderBorn - 24 days ago
deadspace flashbacks ahh
Jerry Serrato
Jerry Serrato - 27 days ago
Wait is House wearing a white coat
•Monica Sanchez•
•Monica Sanchez• - 28 days ago
0:40 wtf
gregistopal - 28 days ago
what was the shiny thing in his neck
Rei - 29 days ago
A Li e N D n A
Skilled Loaf
Skilled Loaf - Month ago
how come this kid is hallucinating in 1080p. It's 2019, He should be hallucinating in 8k.
Bat Wolf
Bat Wolf - Month ago
Creepy ass looking kid
Coffee addict Express
Coffee addict Express - Month ago
Pulse Lachlan
Pulse Lachlan - Month ago
0:15 he is from Chicago fire
Ash. Ⓥ
Ash. Ⓥ - Month ago
What was the chip in his neck?
Liliana Julian
Liliana Julian - Month ago
The kid looks like harry potter lol 😆
Retexid - Month ago
So..... Nobodys gonna talk about the lump on House's neck at 3:36?
I. Wynn Wynn
I. Wynn Wynn - Month ago
I think 🤔 your channel should be called spoilers
Daniel Stashevskyy
Daniel Stashevskyy - Month ago
Yeah I'm from the future and I'm telling u nothing happens
Vinnie Syarif
Vinnie Syarif - Month ago
Talking about the biggest zebra
Wgd Gsgs
Wgd Gsgs - Month ago
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