Slow Motion Camera INSIDE Giant 6ft Water Balloon - The Slow Mo Guys

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The Slow Mo Guys
The Slow Mo Guys - 21 day ago
A lot of comments giving us mad love for being “back in the back yard” as opposed to the YouTube original shows with higher production value. I think we’ll always be back yard boys at heart. We prefer shooting on our own but it is useful having a crew sometimes. For example, Dan couldn’t wear a mic for most of this video and we had no one to hold a boom. But it would have been useful. Instead I had to boost audio from the camera mic or my mic which means the background noise is constantly going up when he speaks which I don’t really like doing. There is certainly a middle ground in terms of production value that we should try and achieve. What is it that you dislike the most about the big YouTube original shows? I’d be curious to know. They are pretty useful for us to do occasionally because it gives us the funds to get better equipment for our regular videos. Let me know your thoughts. - Gav
EDIT - seems like people feel that the YTOs are more scripted even though none of the episodes have ever had a script. Maybe we need to do a better job and making it feel less scripted by being more comfortable?
Captain Legs
Captain Legs - 4 hours ago
It's obviously great that you're getting bigger and better opportunities, like, what's the point if it doesn't grow and improve? I think, for me at least, the fear is that you'll lose the casual, haphazard "two guys in a back garden" feel that makes the videos so friendly and likeable, but hearing you say you think that'll always be a part of your brand is reassuring. Like I said, change and improvement is always a plus, as long as the core is still there, and considering you two are the core (not the garden), I don't think you've got too much to worry about
Lazarus pit
Lazarus pit - 8 hours ago
Hey guys I usually love your videos but we are in a bit of a water crisis here at Chennai so seeing all those water getting wasted made me sad
Jonah E
Jonah E - 17 hours ago
The Slow Mo Guys don’t do the RUvideos originals jus go for it yourselves I’ve been a long time viewer
Jonah E
Jonah E - 17 hours ago
The Slow Mo Guys it’s way better seeing you guys do it without the youtube original.
MOLE - 2 days ago
The Slow Mo Guys just do both
Joe pat
Joe pat - 2 hours ago
U should drop one on dan but pop it before it hits him
Camasaurus Animation
Camasaurus Animation - 6 hours ago
13:02 when you show memes to your friends but they dont get them.
Seth Stuart
Seth Stuart - 8 hours ago
the anxiety i got was waking my dad up because i could not stop laughing
Lazarus pit
Lazarus pit - 8 hours ago
Hey guys I usually love your videos but we are in a bit of a water crisis here at Chennai so seeing all those water getting wasted made me sad
Quinold - 12 hours ago
I bet this made a lot of people cluster-phobic
damonator06 gaming
damonator06 gaming - 14 hours ago
They should try a ultrasonic cutter in slow motion
HunterLeaderPro - 16 hours ago
You should use real explosives to blow up a life-sized lego submarine/boat underwater
l33tm1g17 - 17 hours ago
You should do the next giant balloon pose off. You did say it would be doing it again on the Super Slow Show.
Shiznation - 19 hours ago
Gloves, Gav, gloves.
This is Tim Hugo
This is Tim Hugo - 20 hours ago
Imagine an even larger balloon next time
Banana Boy Bob
Banana Boy Bob - 23 hours ago
*My water broke*
Ibi C
Ibi C - 23 hours ago
3:35 worlds biggest water canteen lol
nazy patti
nazy patti - Day ago
0 start at 15:10
Arthur - Day ago
Could you do a car's wheels/wheel as it does a burnout??
Esben Rasmussen
Esben Rasmussen - Day ago
a snorkel must not contain more air than your lungs. If it does you will end up breathing the same air and depleting the oxygen and increasing the carbon dioxide. That snorkel would have killed you if you had stayed long enough
Jake From State Farm
"Take the leaf out! Take it out!" 🤣🤣🌱
Ryan - Day ago
Hey Gav and Dan you should do a video with the Sawstop table saw.
williejohn2003 - Day ago
1:21 was the mic clipped to his chest hair? 😂😂😂
timothy hiatt
timothy hiatt - Day ago
Have you guys ever thought about doing a weed weed wacker episode?
Andy Underhill
Andy Underhill - Day ago
Good on Dan for getting fat and still wrestling himself into a balloon.
JourneyExMachina - Day ago
Guys it is just an idea, what you think to get along with Tony Hawk and film some of skateboard tricks in high fps? Basic ones for kids to wrap their minds around how to learn those tricks. Like Ollie, KickFlip and so on... What you think?
parker britton
parker britton - Day ago
I bet this is what the aliens in Area 51 look like
Keiana Wong
Keiana Wong - Day ago
11:17 put ur hand up here
Sage Vetter
Sage Vetter - Day ago
Smack a giant gobstopper with a baseball bat!
4shared clips
4shared clips - Day ago
I'm just dying when hearing ther dry whistling sound out of an old sink tube
InfiniteGalaxy 2
InfiniteGalaxy 2 - 2 days ago
So thats what its like to be in the in the whome
Sammieantha - 2 days ago
I just saw a video of someone doing a liquid nitrogen bottle flip and it shoots like 70 feet in the air. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see that in slow motion.
GOW Kratos
GOW Kratos - 2 days ago
Can you please do a video of jumping spiders? That would be great we think. Thanks
chawin007 - 2 days ago
now 50fps video
A random Guy
A random Guy - 2 days ago
Dan looks like a baby in the womb
Random Guy
Random Guy - 2 days ago
So beautiful
XxalexxX Studios
XxalexxX Studios - 2 days ago
Is that a Linus tech tips shirt I see gav
MOLE - 2 days ago
This wasn’t my worst fap 😂😂😂
MIKS 28 - 2 days ago
Slow motion tattoo
Quen-10 - 2 days ago
Would love to see that sneeze in Slow Motion : 15:25
Grant Stinnett
Grant Stinnett - 2 days ago
"I took it in the bath, and I gave it a good talking to..." best quote of the day.
Grant Stinnett
Grant Stinnett - 2 days ago
You guys are insane... and I love it.
Yellow Lion
Yellow Lion - 3 days ago
Dan...flex tape...come on!
Padmesh P.M
Padmesh P.M - 3 days ago
You guys are like Phineas and Ferb Characters... Gav you are like Phineas... You guys are awesome. 🤩👌
Yellow Lion
Yellow Lion - 3 days ago
Upload more, you're really good!
1,000 subsrcibers without videos
Next light a nether portal un high speed
Tony Gallegos
Tony Gallegos - 3 days ago
Hey you guys you should slow mo speed clapping
Naz Nomad
Naz Nomad - 3 days ago
It's like a giant amniocentesis. :-D
Alexfrommd - 3 days ago
Eminem (The scientist) would be so happy to see how far you've come
mavenrichards - 3 days ago
Fill up the balloon but IN A POOL so Dan can swim while he swims.
Mark McCallum
Mark McCallum - 3 days ago
One of the strangest videos you've made! Couldn't stop laughing :D
HeyMika - 3 days ago
First Video not in 25 FPS?
ArrowEPIC - 3 days ago
Super Nova
Super Nova - 3 days ago
If you take a slow-mo video then record it again through another slow motion camera, see how slow it will get or if the frames just separate and it ruins the video?
Super Nova
Super Nova - 2 days ago
@calliph yeah I thought so, you'd end up just seeing it frame by frame
calliph - 2 days ago
Depending on the screen, you'd probable just see the refresh rate constantly. Like those lines on old monitors when you'd see them on camera.
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