Everything Wrong With Shazam! in 17 Minutes or Less

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Dick Dastardly
Dick Dastardly - 2 hours ago
Legend says that SinBad got so sick of people asking if he was in a movie called Shazam that he bankrolled this.
ImaginaryTails1 - 5 hours ago
the part where the monster demon dudes started killing everyone made me super uncomfortable.
Dora and the lost city should be done next
Williamwreckx - 7 hours ago
5:41 except this wasent shot in Philly is was shot in toronto. Witch is also the city i live in
Ben Moreno
Ben Moreno - 8 hours ago
Me: *whispers* yes
Pride: wtf is wrong with you man?...
Me: yes 😐
Roya. H
Roya. H - 9 hours ago
actually half this movie was filmed in Toronto so the transit system in TORONTO is “tough as balls”
Lark Yoder-Hall
Lark Yoder-Hall - 10 hours ago
Are we all gonna ignore the fact that 7 deadly sins is also an anime!!! FrEaKiNg
Joy Holmes
Joy Holmes - 14 hours ago
As a person who lives not far from Philadelphia and is subjected to their news, Philadelphia has A LOT of crime. So that sin was justified
RyNz _
RyNz _ - Day ago
I hate modern personalities in movies these days. Its like actors aren't even in character anymore. They are just acting like regular people now but they are dressed up. No character at all. just some regular guy who's pretending to be whoever he/she is supposed to be. its fucking lame, cheesy and weak as fuck. This gos for so many movies nowadays. Like, for example, you get a dude in a movie who is supposed to be say, "a hard badass" but no! thats not what you get anymore. these days you get a dressed up weak ass personality with a bunch real world problems acting like a complete idiot. How am I suppose to believe said dude is a bad ass when hes acting like a fucking panzy, emotional retard. WTF
Abigail B
Abigail B - Day ago
My only question after watching this movie... When did that Thad kid from the beginning turn white?
Harold Hart
Harold Hart - 2 days ago
Noah Ponch
Noah Ponch - 3 days ago
Nothing about billy snapping the staff in half? Now he can’t pass the power to someone else!!!
Daniel Abdol
Daniel Abdol - 3 days ago
Wait you mean the Last 20 minutes of Man of steel was a Bad thing?🤔🤔
AvangionQ - 3 days ago
6:00 Wounded pride is the revenge motive for so many villains ... so yeah, pride caused a lot of death.
As for lust, if you understand what NTR means, you should know how lust can turn deadly ...
PS, far as I'm concerned, sloth is the least sin ... accounting for the fewest murders.
Lightning4563 - 4 days ago
8:44- the dad hasn’t aged at all in 40 years.
carlindelco - 4 days ago
The train is the Broad Street Line .. which makes traveling into another dimension much more believable
Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor - 4 days ago
13:19 - I see what you just did there... haha!
Mr Murphy
Mr Murphy - 4 days ago
Stanley Tucci is discount Mark Strong.
Anthony Smith
Anthony Smith - 5 days ago
Does any movie make it past the opening titles without getting a sin?
m r
m r - 5 days ago
some of these sins arent cause they are sarcasic 4th wall comedy
PositivelyAwkwardMaisy - 5 days ago
Sees the title and thumbnail
*yeets cinemasins to mars and hugs my baby jack grazer*
Alexandria Burnett
Alexandria Burnett - 5 days ago
Never been to Philly, eh?
Dave Robson
Dave Robson - 5 days ago
Villain says that he has the most power( in the board room with his brother).
Sin Demon states that there is ONE with more power.
The movie admits that this is the DUE with Superman AND Wonder woman in it.Like Wonder woman wouldn't be bitch slapping the hell out of these demons if she knew about them.
Dave Robson
Dave Robson - 5 days ago
Jeremy" Are people extra-dickish in Philadelphia?"
Me" Yup!'
pennywise killer clowen
Every thightel
Koalapop8000 YT
Koalapop8000 YT - 6 days ago
**Hears X-Men**
tHeY cOpiEd x-MeN?? eSqUeEzE mE???
**Takes out minigun**
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr - 7 days ago
THIS MOVIE WAS SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr - 7 days ago
Briana Williams
Briana Williams - 8 days ago
Of course for non Game of thrones fans they don't understand that joke. *ding*
Billy should of call the principal because duh every school kid does that now. *ding*
PSYCHRONIC - 8 days ago
Remember when superman killed his wife and a kid ..... Just me ?
Nicole Raheem
Nicole Raheem - 8 days ago
Does anyone know where I can
find Kazaam with Shaq
uille O me'Neal???(1996 movie)
Farhat farsath
Farhat farsath - 8 days ago
y does this guy think that hes so smart
Ace Nunez
Ace Nunez - 9 days ago
13:14 umm what's with it becoming fail counter all of the sudden?
harrison kloss
harrison kloss - 9 days ago
I watched the movie before it was ok some parts are funny some parts are just stupid
Sparkleberry - 9 days ago
Why. Why didn't you sin the 7 realms. Like really, 7 sins, 7 realms, what's movie no.3 gonna be? 7 galaxies?
I’m FINE - 9 days ago
I loved dis movie doe
Dr. Hugo Strange
Dr. Hugo Strange - 9 days ago
A million sins on Cinemasins for even considering making this video.
Aleezah - 10 days ago
i'm surprised at how much i enjoyed this movie. seems Jeremy liked it too
Chilly Phil
Chilly Phil - 10 days ago
How woke is this channel
Jesus Rod
Jesus Rod - 10 days ago
Are we juss gon ignore the fact they got seven deadly sins from anime show 💩
tanathosXX - 10 days ago
Loved the Kite-man reference! Hell Yeah!!!
Hunter Hunter
Hunter Hunter - 10 days ago
Haha I'm bulletproof...
Your tucked
Best line ever
Hunter Hunter
Hunter Hunter - 10 days ago
Everything wrong with: my life.
The fact it exists=135sins
Violet - 11 days ago
When a cinema sins video makes you like the movie more, you need to stop watching cinema sins
Chris G
Chris G - 11 days ago
I must add an extra sin for so much Toronto in their Philly. They definitely went to my high school and that looked a lot like the Toronto subway (Bay station I think).
Ian Dittrich
Ian Dittrich - 11 days ago
Can you do Avengers Endgame please
Maddie’s World
Maddie’s World - 11 days ago
This is the only good DC movie
Eyem Dunn
Eyem Dunn - 11 days ago
Maddie’s World for you
Ena Cvoro
Ena Cvoro - 12 days ago
I'll even include broomsticks
Mr Funnyman
Mr Funnyman - 12 days ago
Shazam! is so bad, my god. There some cool things here and there, and the casting is great, but for me, the most important thing in a superhero movie is the action, and this movie has none of it. The action is so fucking TERRIBLE, there are no actual fights, not 3 consecutive punches without some shitty dialogue or jokes. The pacing keeps ruining the already awful fight scenes, this movie is almost pure garbage.
Slightly Irish
Slightly Irish - 13 days ago
You didn’t say that the girl Shazam didn’t do anything
ahdvd - 13 days ago
Deserved to have at least one sin taken off for the scene where Billy finds his mother - genuinely emotional and gut wrenching scene in a DC movie which is also damned funny at times too. That's impressive!
Dorito Weekly
Dorito Weekly - 13 days ago
Face reveal
Jay - 13 days ago
LOL the integrity of Nixon. Such a power!
Stella Maris
Stella Maris - 11 days ago
Whiplash - 13 days ago
this movie sucked ass
Jade Shadowsong
Jade Shadowsong - 13 days ago
Is it weird that whenever I read comments on this channel I read them in the CinemaSins narrators voice?
Demure Slayer
Demure Slayer - 14 days ago
Sin for Galaxy news network
Demure Slayer
Demure Slayer - 14 days ago
3 more sins for not using a Septa 🚌
Demure Slayer
Demure Slayer - 14 days ago
This movie needs 10 more sins for not being @ 30th st station. @ least not the EL train which it clearly portrays. Also using a really old BSL train @ a 30th st EL stop station😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Steve Kent
Steve Kent - 14 days ago
You don't have any reasonable words to find mistakes in this movie. But, you tried. Why? Is that necessary to find mistakes in every good movie?
Ekkerrr - 14 days ago
First sin in and I realize this vid isn't for me.
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