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Joe Banks
Joe Banks - 7 days ago
Whatever, what a hater Jim Jeffries makes me laugh, you make me sick you are a remora trying to pick up the morsels left by people with talent. Give it up you lowlife loser!
rosscore - 2 months ago
Tommy Robinson is scum. If you disagree with that, you probably fingerbang your sister.
Susan Dale
Susan Dale - 2 months ago
I don’t understand how people like this get away with it!
Beige Devil
Beige Devil - 2 months ago
What was the name of the CBS twat that did the Netflix anti-gun documentary? The people she was interviewing recorded the interview, and were able to show just how badly she edited the interview to make them sound like they had no answers for gun control.
brice cate
brice cate - 2 months ago
I love this, truly shows what TV fame and money can do to people, jeffries used to be very edgy, offensive and brutal, any opie and Anthony fans remember him fondly, and he has become a little cunt, and I'm glad he was exposed. I dont want him cancelled, I just want people to see the truth, and let the market speak.
Milton Hunter
Milton Hunter - 2 months ago
For more on the after-story, check out Sydney Watson's channel. Just watched her explain how Jefferies (and comedy central) blocked Avi and Sydney when entering the US and sent him home due to "being afraid for their lives," or something like that. Disgusting.
Drea Martinez
Drea Martinez - 2 months ago
I had a feeling youtube would unsubscribe me from youtubers. Thought it was just me
Stacy #TheFancyBogan
Stacy #TheFancyBogan - 2 months ago
Not really got, more like swindled for fame. Thanks for reminding me to subscribe to Jim.
Unhumanized - 2 months ago
*i never look bad in my own interview*
Lord Megawin
Lord Megawin - 2 months ago
Only Weird Al can Parody interviews right
Jim Magnus
Jim Magnus - 2 months ago
Fuck you Jim Jeffries you leftist piece of shit
JG - 2 months ago
Awesome. Jim the Liar. Jim the douche bag.
Michael Walker
Michael Walker - 2 months ago
“Ya boy” repeatedly in the whitest voice ever, is like nails on a chalkboard... I’m waiting for when you scream “I hate you mom” and the sound of a door slamming and then some Katy Perry or some shit blasting from a stereo.
Michael Walker
Michael Walker - 2 months ago
Aw, poor baby got shown for the racist he is, and now is throwing tantrums because the truth hurt his fragile ego... hilarious!
Robert Tulibacki
Robert Tulibacki - 2 months ago
Jim Jefferies and the rest of lib leftists media out there are proving too be lairs and dishonest over and over again with CNN and MSNBC being the wrost of the bunch.
guyrami - 2 months ago
just bc you need the help... the rest of us are making fun with t series. fucking poser.
Michael Kikle
Michael Kikle - 2 months ago
That Zack hairstyle roast was hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
ZG Media
ZG Media - 2 months ago
Jim is lying sack of shit he makes fake news and loves to change his videos to work for his far left bull shit look just type his name into YouTube to see what he has done
Lucia Port
Lucia Port - 2 months ago
He will treat it as if nothing happened
M K - 2 months ago
Avi is a hater himself
JJ was baiting Avi and he didn't bite bc he knew he has a hidden camera.
If the hidden camera wasn't there you would have seen the REAL Avi
He hates Muslims and Black people
not to mention he calls himself a nazi Jew
Don't believe me? Google It
Avi is no friend or loyalty to the West
Momus Invictus
Momus Invictus - 2 months ago
What Jim's team did with the editing is despicable, BUT Jim, if you're not aware of his standup, was always an asshole and he always openly said that he's not a fan of muslims. He's one of the filthiest comedians out there. And he never was an SJW. That's a tag that got slapped onto him in the last year or so for no reason at all. He is a sellout though.
Michael Hoff
Michael Hoff - 2 months ago
How about you just show the good damn video?
Jim Wheeler
Jim Wheeler - 2 months ago
Jim Jefferies has done a Jim Carrey, went political and thinks they know better
Audard - 2 months ago
"PERMANENTLY"... fuck off. He got destroyed but it's not the end of his career. Stop pretending to be more important than you are.
Blogfly - 2 months ago
This is storm in a teacup junk
Big Idiot Dumb Stupid Guy
Big Idiot Dumb Stupid Guy - 2 months ago
I miss when TV stations "did what they said on the box". Like when MTV played music videos/TMZ style "news". When the History Channel played shows and series *about history,* how things work(ed), and how people historically did different jobs.
And how Comedy Central played things with comedic value. South Park and Tosh.0 were/are CC's last pillars. I don't even remember the last time I saw someone's standup special on Comedy Central, which is pretty depressing lmao.
Josh Mazzanti
Josh Mazzanti - 2 months ago
6 minutes into a 15-minute video before you tell me you're not going to show me the actual video that I clicked on to see you piece of shit
Jeff H
Jeff H - 2 months ago
Jeffries is smelly steamy piece of chit....
Russell White
Russell White - 2 months ago
I think Islam is pretty messed up, but I don't hate Muslims, I think all religion is pretty messed up but I don't hate religious people. What I do hate is lying, hypocritical snivelling little toads like Jim.
Kim Garzon
Kim Garzon - 2 months ago
JJ is cat vomit
ande gallagher
ande gallagher - 2 months ago
Dude on one of his specials he says the mic is the Koran and hell stick it up his ass.
Shane lebrocq
Shane lebrocq - 2 months ago
Jim is not the editor ,,,
sandeep prasad
sandeep prasad - 2 months ago
Ladies and gentlemen! We got him!
Chris Welch
Chris Welch - 2 months ago put out a 15 minute video of something that you never even played for us. Do you have to give a citation or pay something to be able to hit play?
Fireman Tim
Fireman Tim - 2 months ago
Jim Jeffries is a fraud.
Badd Mouth
Badd Mouth - 2 months ago
OMFG its a show on Comedy Central. Of course its gonna be bullshit. Turn to Fox or NBC if you want "NEWS". LOL
1968lr - 2 months ago
I've known Jim jeffries is a steaming pile for a long time
Ego Sum
Ego Sum - 2 months ago
Why must people take offense
mario condello
mario condello - 2 months ago
I used to be a butt lickin' lefty loser but now i'm woke.
Roland's Durendal
Roland's Durendal - 2 months ago
LEFTIST = COMMUNIST. Cowards, liars and hypocrites
Kevin Pohlner
Kevin Pohlner - 2 months ago
This dude gained 30K in subscribers in 4 to 5 days. He is gaining some serious traction!
megamus - 2 months ago
Lefties really have to struggle to hold their shit together.
Amon Tis
Amon Tis - 3 months ago
Why don't Muslims want people to draw up what Mohammed looks like?

Because they don't want people to id a pedo.
Sinn0100 - 3 months ago
The only thing that is not leftist trash from Comedy Central is South Park. God bless Tray and Matt two of the coolest libertarian/conservatives on the fucking planet. A term was coined from their beluef system and I am proud to call myself a South Park Conservative. The rest of Comedy Central can burn to the ground fir all I care.
Jim Jeffries...this is the real hit piece you scumbag leftist. This right here is proof that the media by and large is creating their own false narrative. Fake news is fake news.
martin watvedt
martin watvedt - 3 months ago
What you do? What you are doing is juice up the idiocy and everything wrong with the left. All while forgetting that although the right has some god points. They are also guilty of alot of thr things you criticize the left for. You are just feeding the hate machine here dude. I am not going to say that is bad. But you are definentily not delivering unbiased news. I dont live in america but i have still voted far right my whole life. And alot of what you are talking about still sounds like bullshit to me.
Copee - 3 months ago
Jim Jeffries is just not funny.
We All So Bad
We All So Bad - 3 months ago
Liberals believe they are morally entitled to rule over the masses and when they break laws or act immorally they did it for the right reasons.
momo aus
momo aus - 3 months ago
Awesome video mate. Jim Jefferies is a dishonest scumbag and should be fired
Shawn R
Shawn R - 3 months ago
Comedy central is like SNL (Saturday Night Live) they use to be really good. Now they're socialist left puppets that are boring. Comedy central is the new line is CNN/MSNBC fake news.
SKPBoy - 3 months ago
Jefferies has no credibility. He is an Australian scumbag, and a lying prick.
FranktheTank70 - 3 months ago
Talked with a house cleaner in LA and she said that Jim Jefferies had the dirtiest house she had ever cleaned.
Jack Frost
Jack Frost - 3 months ago
The Cyberfrog artwork is phenomenal. Good luck with new publication.
Eileen Grieve
Eileen Grieve - 3 months ago
I don’t always agree with everything Avi says but he did such a good job exposing Jim Jefferies and his lies. He is a complete piece of shit good job Avi
colcot50 - 3 months ago
This fundamentally undermimes the publics trust with the media. Glad he exposed it, these guys from the media need to be purged and standards reinstalled
John Smith
John Smith - 3 months ago
I don't know who this is because I haven't watch Cable TV in over five years.
Jared Creestensen
Jared Creestensen - 3 months ago
He commits suicide within 6 months.
Lye Zaard
Lye Zaard - 3 months ago
He was always a douche in my eyes.
LMcrail - 3 months ago
Just bc people don’t want you to draw their made up person that doesn’t mean you can’t and your not a trusted media outlet
Jacob Shea
Jacob Shea - 3 months ago
Can't fucking staaaand this idiotic fat fuck. Good stuff.
SatanAf Norge
SatanAf Norge - 3 months ago
A cartoon is not fucking "islamophobic" - nor is joking about a sick dysfunctional religion/ideology! What on the other hand is wrong - is this Jefferies did try to make the other guy look like an asshole - while he was the true asshole. But "islamophopic"? Ha ha - give me a break! The over usage of words like racism, hate and people who feel sooooo offended? Come on!
Btw: Ever seen any talk about other religions or ideologies been target at phobic when people do not embrace or bow down? No? Why? Oh, yes - islam is always the victim ... "the religion of peace" - filled with millions upon millions who have been slaughtered and massacred .... fuck islam!!
San Handles
San Handles - 3 months ago
YOU CAN DRAW MOHAMMAD JUST AS YOU CAN DRAW JESUS, BUDHA AND EVERY OTHER RELIGIOUS ENTITY THERE IS NO SHARIA LAW IN AUSTRALIA ,,,Avi Yamini is not a racist, never disrespects Moslems but does critique ISLAM and how it has trouble assimilating with western cultures.
Kev - 3 months ago
Free Jim Jeffries
San Handles
San Handles - 3 months ago
Avi Yamini is from Australia and is a friend of Tommy Robinson, he has a mass fan base in Australia and around the world, he's an advocate for free speech and government transparency... and we here in Australia love him ♥️♥️♥️🇦🇺✌🏻
Goony Gaming
Goony Gaming - 2 months ago
Don't speak for Australia cunt and he isn't Australian he's a terrorist dog that needs a bullet
Knights Templar
Knights Templar - 3 months ago
What a sneaky lying bastard , jim Jefferies you need a good slap .Avi stitched you up big time dumb fuck
nothing but the truth
nothing but the truth - 3 months ago
Sack him
frenk kersnik
frenk kersnik - 3 months ago
Avi said that you can share the video so why don't you do that AND J, J, IS AN IDIOT
Puppet Yoda
Puppet Yoda - 3 months ago
I'll be honest, his latest stand up material is what had me looking the other way. He's just a hack.
KEK Freedom Heritage
KEK Freedom Heritage - 3 months ago
Wow, so many bizarre propagandists being recruited on a regular basis, and so many false accusers getting away. Time to make some decent music and good comedy based on freedom, rights, and living very well.
Tony Charlton
Tony Charlton - 3 months ago
Exposed as the slime ball he is by AVI well done 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍
Zechs M
Zechs M - 3 months ago
Man the Left keeps getting exposed and exposed ,debunked , come out looking stupid and they just keep on trucking stupidly down their trail of stupid like it never happened
Steven Jobe
Steven Jobe - 3 months ago
Whatever do you mean, “you’re not supposed to draw Muhammad“? According to whom? According to Muslims? Fuck Muslims! As free beings in the universe, we can draw cartoons of whomever we like, yo! If Muslim feelings are hurt by a cartoon of Mohammed they need to get a life!
Speak - 3 months ago
He has yet to be destroyed if he still has his job...
Saul Goodman
Saul Goodman - 3 months ago
Momentum is building, Jim is going down 👍👍👍
Ks Knight
Ks Knight - 3 months ago
you only had to listen to his act to know that jim jeffries was a lying leftist scumbag
Svetka Aleshenka
Svetka Aleshenka - 3 months ago
The people are still waiting for an apology! Ban Jim Jefferies!
john smith
john smith - 3 months ago
Jeffries is an absolute cunt
Michael Strunk
Michael Strunk - 3 months ago
Poisonedblade, those are the next people we should be going after about their hypocrisy.
GO.PIGGY.GO - 3 months ago
Just subscribed.. thanks for your video
Mortimer Duke
Mortimer Duke - 3 months ago
Had the fucks who did Charlie Hebdo known about Jeffries, they may have shuffled their batting order, just for being such a hypocritical piece of shit.
megadethmofo - 3 months ago
Commie Central
C Lee
C Lee - 3 months ago
Dems all need to drop dead
E E - 3 months ago
Back in the old O&A days, he was being himself. This guy is the textbook definition of a sellout and deserves all the fallout from this. Having his opinion isn't the problem, it's the lie he tried to perpetrate. Cashing in for a job pretending to be liberal telling us stupid Americans just how stupid we are. Fuck him.
eggs benedict
eggs benedict - 3 months ago
Jim Jefferies is a sack of .....
Tyler Hart
Tyler Hart - 3 months ago
Far left, far right, they're all the same. Extremist feeding on fear, and naivete, just to make themselves look better in the eyes of people that already agree. I'm tired of the wall talk, and fear of an "imminent invasion" from the south, and I'm tired of all the same anti-Trump speach. I'm tired of people arguing against people trying to stand up for the voiceless, and I'm sick of all the petty BS coming from comedy central, SNL/NBC, CNN, CSpan, etc. No one is going to change anyone's mind, it's just creating more hostility on both sides. The left is wrong for policing people, and the right is immature for finding clever ways, like name calling, to pick at people and belittle them. Both sides are fearmongers, and here I am stuck in the middle, trying to ignore all of the things out of my hands, and capabilities, in order to not be stressed out for being a white Male, or that Mexico is stealing mir jirbs. I just want to raise my children without either one of them feeling beat down and oppressed, but both sides are telling me I'm wrong. Maybe it's time to let the politicians duke it out, and leave the people in the middle alone long enough to enjoy life for a bit.
Mr. Bojangles
Mr. Bojangles - 3 months ago
Far from destroying Jim, clearly youve never watch his comedy lol. Pathetic
AndrewF - 3 months ago
This guy has so much old content that is blatantly racist and completely hateful against Muslims and now he's being praised and supported by the left. How does anyone take this guy seriously?! Hes a bald face liar virtue signalling do anything step on anyone for success type of disgusting person.
Jo Bob
Jo Bob - 3 months ago
PBUH Jim jeffery's wobbly gohst drawing..
Stephen Southwell
Stephen Southwell - 3 months ago
My boy Sargon in the feed yeah buddy!!
DaddyBadBad - 3 months ago
dont do interviews with comedy central.
Steven Gordon
Steven Gordon - 3 months ago
This is dumb. It doesn’t reveal anything that a reasonably astute person didn’t already know. Goddamn, the internet has turned you all into fuckin dingbats.
John GB
John GB - 3 months ago
John Sweeney is the same kind of bigot in hiding as this Jim Jefferies is, go check out panodrama for the proof.
joe Schroeder
joe Schroeder - 3 months ago
Jim Jefferies is the fucking man. Who fucking cares
Truck Boat
Truck Boat - 3 months ago
Jim Jeffries is a total Loser
Boozy Dovah
Boozy Dovah - 3 months ago
May sound cliche, but I grew suspicious of Jim the more anti gun he became publicly. This confirms my suspicion.
Titsbitch McGee
Titsbitch McGee - 3 months ago
Was this the guy the pulled strings to get World Peace pulled off the air, or am I thinking of someone else?
Brian Asklund
Brian Asklund - 3 months ago
Anyone that didn't know that Jim Jeffries is an avowed atheist and vehemently anti-religion has never seen any of his material. To think his opinions wouldn't extend to Islam and he wouldn't have contempt for Muslims is ridiculous. He just doesn't air his thoughts on Muslims publicly these days because he knows that it would be ratings suicide with the crowd he panders to on "Comedy" Central. It's only acceptable to shit on Christianity if you want to be one of the cool kids on the left.
It's too bad. His earlier stuff was genuinely funny and edgy, but it's obvious he drank long and deep from the Hollywood Kool-aid bucket when he started working for "Comedy" Central.
Oh, and fuck what he did to our boy Zack. That was when I wrote him off.
MrJazzyjay123 - 3 months ago
Blah blah blah....100 years no one will give a toss!!!!
If you love religion so much....go live it !!!!
Stop jumping on the band wagon you Crettts!!!!
Pete Wadsworth
Pete Wadsworth - 3 months ago
Jim Jefferies should get a job with John Sweeney on BBC Panorama
LM H - 3 months ago
Avi is jewish, he lives in Australia.
your1emperor - 3 months ago
He is not a much bigger channel than yours. Only slightly bigger. And that difference is dwindling day by day.
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