Fishing Rod smacks Fisherman - Fishing Fail

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pro-sniper-ceb _optics
pro-sniper-ceb _optics - 2 days ago
He was almost dead if it was a bit under
A Stockslager
A Stockslager - 24 days ago
Josef Angeles
Josef Angeles - 24 days ago
can you do the swim and you see super duper giant shark
VelCroBomb 2.0
VelCroBomb 2.0 - Month ago
When I saw the cut from the thumbnail I thought that was his mouth
jason willy
jason willy - Month ago
Blood for Pro fisher
Jake C.
Jake C. - Month ago
Probably more worried about getting the stitches than just bleeding out for a while and continuing to fish. Big ol brass balls you got there Josh.
Sam kappa
Sam kappa - Month ago
This is why the rod doesn't touch the side of the boat@!
FBI - Month ago
Breaking your teeth id way worse than getting a cut because those puppies won't grow back.
EM Fishing
EM Fishing - Month ago
I would’ve beat the dude who was laughing’s ass
All Things M3
All Things M3 - Month ago
Damn lucky it didn’t get your juggler
LoganTHEpondther - Month ago
this is so bad
hays I think the saltwater help your wound to not bleeding too much
flame phoenix
flame phoenix - Month ago
ow hope that dude ok
Mmoshaya 4
Mmoshaya 4 - 2 months ago
You have to go hospital
seregant protogerus
seregant protogerus - 2 months ago
looks like a second mouth!
handyman 1031
handyman 1031 - 2 months ago
It's called drag
Jesse Rice
Jesse Rice - 2 months ago
He got a Bennett on
Secret Srzxt
Secret Srzxt - 2 months ago
stone heart2
stone heart2 - 2 months ago
Bat he is ok!
Soul Boi YT
Soul Boi YT - 2 months ago
The rod just smacked you like to undo
Mas Joran Studio
Mas Joran Studio - 2 months ago
The real man 👍👍👍👍.
Paypal Bank
Paypal Bank - 3 months ago
quite the smack bro
O G - 4 months ago
Not the first time that gay has taken a rod to the chin.
jared p
jared p - 4 months ago
Why is this labeled as a fail? Not only did he continue fishing but he landed a massive goliath also, thats a win to me
〰bunnies〰 love
〰bunnies〰 love - 5 months ago
Mens and boys don't cry
Mohammed Ali
Mohammed Ali - 5 months ago
are you OK man
nur ainah
nur ainah - 8 months ago
i have a questions .. what original rod and reel for fishing
Tak Yin Shek
Tak Yin Shek - 9 months ago
Its Ya Boy
Its Ya Boy - 9 months ago
That had to hurt like hell, took it the hit like a beast
Indian Fisher
Indian Fisher - 9 months ago
He never give up..
trey Stewart
trey Stewart - 9 months ago
That eye on the fishing rod tho,,,,
Tentacion MC
Tentacion MC - 10 months ago
YOU are brave
Fun family!
Fun family! - 11 months ago
Eastern Angling
Eastern Angling - 11 months ago
I like how you're so calm
Ross Best
Ross Best - 11 months ago
*0:04** Ouch! Let's gash our neck open then throw some fishy Saltwater inside of it!* Then at *0:17** Puts his hand on his chin smiles & puts up a Pose for the camera out of embarassment..* 🤦‍♂️
Ross Best
Ross Best - 11 months ago
Then scared to use the rod.. So has someone else use a rope, and stands back! He's obviously gun-shy & embarrassed for sure after that.
Jobanny Molina
Jobanny Molina - 11 months ago
no drag thats what u get lol😂👌👌👌👌💯
MR GUPPY 101 - Year ago
YOU SHOULD trow that BLODDY loser in the water ...! For chum
white Tiger official
Good thing it didn't hit your wind pip
Punisher SORIANO
Punisher SORIANO - Year ago
Beast mode
Dawn Gage
Dawn Gage - Year ago
Are you able to fish josh
Eli Martinez
Eli Martinez - Year ago
Riley P
Riley P - Year ago
Poor men
Sophie Adams
Sophie Adams - Year ago
I’m sorry but that needs stishes
Architeuthis Dux
Architeuthis Dux - Year ago
Was actually satisfying seeing this guy get smacked
SantaMuerte livE
SantaMuerte livE - Year ago
Lucky it didn't hit him in the eye
z hr
z hr - Year ago
he felt what the fish do
Bulle Pandore
Bulle Pandore - Year ago
Y a plus qu'à le balancer aux requins lol
Dylan Oliphant
Dylan Oliphant - Year ago
Can I have a shoutout in your next vid please I have watched you since you started your vlogs
JAY - Year ago
You got knocked the f out
Ellie's Sandwich Tribute
And thats how fish feel 😢
Austin Vicars
Austin Vicars - Year ago
Man your a trooper
Family Vlog with Lliam
Alex Mu
Alex Mu - Year ago
The worst fishing accident I had was when I was sitting on an Esky, when we went over a big wave the esky open up and slammed down on the back of my calf, it was all purple and red... Oww
daowei li
daowei li - Year ago
good man
Mooshie - Year ago
Oh my godddddd
coffeecakes tge kittydog
xxxsavage7 f
xxxsavage7 f - Year ago
he's tough
Nick Nicki
Nick Nicki - Year ago
ooo no scary..
Victor Margues
Victor Margues - Year ago
devio. aberle. dolido
mucho. verdad
Supreme - Year ago
I thought it was a mouth for a second lmao
Ian Mangham
Ian Mangham - Year ago
Oops, he's OK folks
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